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Oscars und der Boykott schwarzer Künstler: Hollywoods wahres Problem - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Oscar-Academy ändert ihr Reglement: Künftig sollen nicht nur weiße Männer über 60 entscheiden, wer die Auszeichnung bekommt. Ein wichtiger Schritt. Doch Hollywoods Problem sitzt tiefer. [...] Eine echte Debatte über mangelnde Diversität in Hollywood muss sich also um die Frage drehen, wie viel Zugang ethnische Minderheiten zu Macht- und Prestige-Positionen innerhalb der amerikanischen Filmindustrie bekommen und wie sich auch dort, wo die Filme erdacht, in Auftrag gegeben und produziert werden, die Demographie der USA angemessen widerspiegelt. Die Oscars, die sich nun auf berechtigten Druck verändern wollen, sind tatsächlich nur Seismograph einer an ethnischer Hermetik und Verkrustung leidenden Branche.
Hollywood  Patriarchy  straight  white  male  male  privilege  white  male  privilege  Entertainment  Industry  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  gender  policing  gender  politics  gender  pay  gap  governance  boys  club  glass  ceiling  feminism  feminist  racial  discrimination  racism  gender  role  profit  maximisation  meritocracy  meritocratic  subjective  objective  confirmation  bias  bias  risk  aversion  No  Representation 
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Nice try, David Cameron, but sickness can't just be rebranded into unemployment
[nasty party. no representation 4 sick, vulnerable *disabled. minority of society. dont cut @ur constituency; babyboomers, middle class, pensioners, Establishment, Privileged, corp, tax avoiders, oligarchs, ... ] IDS can talk of supporting people in their returns to employment, but the system his department has created is anything but supportive. It is frightening, punitive and messy. If we really want to support people to get better both through work and in order to work, ESA should be in the care of the Department of Health, not Work and Pensions. Illness and disability are not matters of employment, but of health. We have created a society where we can only see disabled people as non-functioning economic units, at the expense of their wellbeing. We cannot rename benefits to hide ill and disabled people. We cannot be rebranded into unsuitable work. // &! - "Based on the fact we are seen as 'disabled' infers we are not as able as the majority,"
Iain  Duncan  Smith  ESA  JSA  DWP  austerity  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  dogma  ideology  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Conservative  Party  Tories  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  bank  bailout  Generationengerechtigkeit  fairness  banking  crisis  Westminster  budget2015  poverty  trap  food  poverty  poverty  social  mobility  income  mobility  Gini  coefficient  Disabled  vulnerable  NHS  mental  health  mental  illness  stigma  structural  unemployment  minority  Equality  Act  2010  HR  human  resources  recruiting  recruitment  hiring  CV  Resume  discrimination  social  discrimination  objective  subjective  snap  judgement  prejudice  pattern  matching  subconscious  diversity  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  capitalism 
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Peer Review Feedback: The Good, The Bad, The Really Ugly : NPR
A lens to find the fuller picture of an employee's performance, or just an open call for petty grievances? Well, that depends on whom you ask.
Amazon  people  management  team  management  HR  human  resources  performance  review  OKR  Google  Facebook  peer  pressure  knowledge  worker  Mobile  Creatives  Mobile  Creative  Future  of  Work  KPI  360  review  emotion  objective  bias  prejudice  human  nature 
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My Computer Language is Better than Yours — Backchannel — Medium
&! - Xamarin vs Appmethod vs Parse [(Facebook), iOS centric, and hosting service] &! "Anyway, it takes patience and effort to learn a new coding language; developers choose carefully. Says Payne: “What I look for more when picking a new language is the other people who are flocking to that language — because those are the people you’re going to be dependent on for libraries, for documentation. You want to know if you’re moving into the right town, I guess.”"
Swift  Hack  PHP  Python  Go  Google  Facebook  Apple  Year  of  Code  practical  skills  practical  skill  set  education  policy  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  Problem  Solving  Objective  C  iOS  FORTRAN  COBOL  programming  programming  languages  Java  javascript  C# 
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Algorithms Are Great and All, But They Can Also Ruin Lives | WIRED
Excerpted from The Formula: How Algorithms Solve All Our Problems—and Create More [...] Many of these problems are the result of the new roles algorithms play in law enforcement. As slashed budgets lead to increased staff cuts, automated systems have moved from simple administrative tools to become primary decision-makers. In a number of cases, the problem is about more than simply finding the right algorithm for the job, but about the problematic nature of believing that any and all tasks can be automated to begin with. [...] The mistake, Citron suggests, is that we “trust algorithms, because we think of them as objective, whereas the reality is that humans craft those algorithms and can embed in them all sorts of biases and perspectives.” To put it another way, a computer algorithm might be unbiased in its execution, but, as noted, this does not mean that there is not bias encoded within it.
algorithm  facial  recognition  error  rate  A.I.  artificial  intelligence  ethical  machine  accountability  book  governance  Political  automation  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Philosophy  Vernunft  objective  bias  Big  Data  metadata 
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