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In the loop August 28: Google, Brexit lobby and Uber's expansion by POLITICO Europe
[My take, for EU to thrive, it needs 2 develop & integrate further the 6 killer apps of western nations history, but they dont do that. quite the opposite especially under pressure situations (refugee crisis response: Merkel 'this is EU wide problem, not just Germanys') & that is very much something that speaks 4 Brexit as UK has 2 give up further powers & further struggle 2 be just a prosthetics (not even appendage like science can grow an ear on someones arm) 2 Europe, which gives other countries internal nationalism leverage 2 put barriers in way of really putting Europe on the map of the "world economy," developing/advancing the 6 killer apps 4 Europe. Brexit will be part of Merkel's legacy! Verwalten of status quo. No principles. No vision. No mission. No future.] // European integration itself is a Moonshot project & it looks like that crisis management leading to political crisis, doesnt help at all putting the rocket together in the first place.
Brexit  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Peter  Mandelson  European  Commission  UK  European  Union  vested  interest  interest  groups  Career  Politicians  Politics  reframing  framing  geopolitics  Tories  Conservative  Party  London  Westminster  constituency  UKIP  general  election  2015  election  campaign  promises  Freedom  of  Information  Act  transparency  democracy  referendum  SNP  Labour  Party  ideology  dogma  austerity  Brussels  Polarisation  manufactured  consent  propaganda  populism  migration  immigration  Scottish  Independence  Scottish  referendum  newscorp  News  Corp.  News  Corporation  No  Representation  social  contract  political  economy  Policy  Makers  Niall  Ferguson  NiallFerguson  European  History  fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Angela  Merkel  status  quo  Eurobond  transferunion  European  Integration  Lisbon  Treaty  Crisis  Rechtsruck  Rechtsextremismus  political  folly  political  theory  political  science  political  error  short-term  view  short-term  thinking 
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Brazil's downgrade | Authers' Note - YouTube
- 6 killer apps not yet properly installed. - // and still dependent on western world demand! aggregate demand via western consumer. // credit bubble and ZIRP/NIRP/QE has run its way largely // private sector could not pick up recovery. no appetite. same for SME SMB mittelstand. excess reserves not lend out because the horse has to drink by itself, can't make the drink. // especially when it has no means to served future credit interest payment coupons and principal repayment with no income growth! for decades. // inequality huts, middle class destoryed. - Career Politicans, Fear, polarisation, inequality, gini coefficient, zeit arbeit, leiharbeit, self-employment, working conditions, ...sozialer abstieg, squeezed middle class, ... insecurity, cloudy future, richard koo: austerity isn't helping!
Brazil  BRIC  Developing  World  China  credit  bubble  Latin  America  India  Russia  South  Africa  2015  Niall  Ferguson  NiallFerguson  recovery  GFC  QE  ZIRP  NIRP  distortion  emerging  middle  class  western  aggregate  demand  Supply  and  and  Supply  economic  history  Richard  Koo  monetary  policy  monetary  stimulus  monetary  transmission  mechanism  monetary  theory  globalization  globalisation  hunt  for  yield  FOMO  frothy  correction  equity  bubble  speculative  bubbles  speculative  speculation  property  bubble  asset  allocation  capital  allocation  hot-money  currency-war  currency  debasement  currency  war  Fed  BOE  BOJ  Abenomics  ECB  PBOC  banking  crisis  bank  bailout  austerity  UK  USA  Europe  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  policy  consolidation  trickle-down  economics  neoliberalism  neoliberal  income  growth  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  low  income  job  creation  labour  market  wage  growth  secular  stagnation  wage  stagnation  income  distribution  Super  Rich  1%  marginal  propensity  to  consume  consumer  debt  household  debt  business  investment  business  confidence  global  trade  global  economy  global  imbalances  Structural  Impediments  imbalance  underemployed  participation  rate  productivity  output  gap  macroeconomic  policy  policy  job  microeconomi 
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Public Lecture by Professor Niall Ferguson 2013-04-09 - YouTube
[6 Killer Apps - ] Degeneration and Regeneration after the GFC // interlude: Margaret Thatcher, the power of ideas in public office, in politics: Nature of freedom, economic freedom & other freedoms. Hayek & Adam Smith // The Great Degeneration (new Book 2013). Theme: The role of institutions in the creation and preservation of freedom. // GFC = "The slight depression." Avoided Great Depression like scenario by policy response (reflation) different to previous history. Talks abt equity market levels back 2 pre-2007 levels. EQUITY/(financial) ASSET PRICES. Bank Bailout! But NOT reached (real economy) escape velocity! Proper recovery! Under Keynes it should be an admission of defeat (bc lack of fiscal stimulus)! Is a sub-plot in the story of western decline! Great reconvergence of west & the rest of the world. // &! &! importance of civil institutions - &! &!
NiallFerguson  Niall  Ferguson  Margaret  Thatcher  economic  history  political  economy  GFC  recovery  credit  bubble  book  Adam  Smith  adamsmith  austerity  ideology  dogma  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  USA  UK  China  history  social  contract  social  cohesion  social  tension  socialism  capitalism  crony  capitalism  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Privatisation  monetary  policy  fiscal  policy  hayek  reflate  reflation  Fed  ECB  BOJ  BOE  Makers  BIS  QE  ZIRP  NIRP  bank  bailout  sovereign  debt  crisis  banking  crisis  zombie  banks  excess  reserves  liquidity  trap  monetary  transmission  mechanism  M3  business  confidence  Taper  2015  secular  stagnation  stagnation  wage  growth  income  growth  economic  growth  global  trade  global  economy  globalization  global  imbalances  globalisation  flat  world  borderless  liquidity  JohnMaynardKeynes  keynes  Keynesianism  fiscal  stimulus  aggregate  demand  marginal  propensity  to  consume  zombie  consumer  consumer  debt  Richard  Koo  private  debt  debtoverhang  deleveraging  household  debt  debt  monetisation  debt  monetization  developed  world  western  world  squeezed  middle  class  disposable  income  income  distribution  inequality  Gini  coefficient  BRIC  emerging  middle  class  emerging  market  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Developing  Frontier  Markets  inflation  inflation  business  targetin 
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Saxo Bank CEO On The 'Eurozone Minefield': "This Crisis Will Not Pass" | Zero Hedge
Cyprus was indeed a template for bail ins and that outright confiscatory wealth taxes, disguised as solidarity payments, could be used to raise funds. "The governments of Europe need money, and the private sector has it. It is as simple as that. Be very paranoid," he said, warning investors that the mattress may be a safer place to deposit money over the weekend than their bank accounts. "Frankly, it is a complete mess. And it is a mess that gets worse and worse every day," is how the outspoken truthiness begins, adding, "anyone with a rational view of the world now sees the currency collaboration as a historic failure that can lead to even further fatal consequences for Europe and the continent’s competitiveness vis-à-vis the rest of the world."
currency  union  2013  Politics  lostgeneration  economic  history  Europe  Saxo  Bank  unintended  consequences  Political  error  Lars  Seier  Christensen  Euro  Policy  bail-in  europeanunion  Troika  greatdepression  folly  Cyprus  NiallFerguson  greatrecession  lostdecade  folly 
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Ökonomen und Sozialwissenschaftler zweifeln an der Demokratie - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Demokratien haben einen zu kurzen Zeithorizont." [...] Je höher das Wohlstandsniveau, desto wichtiger werden den Bürgern immaterielle Werte wie Freiheit, Rechtssicherheit oder demokratische Teilhabe.
property  law  Politics  INET  short-term  thinking  GFC  humanrights  philosophy  economic  history  freedom  of  press  intellectualproperty  academia  georgesoros  liberal  democracy  greatdepression  economic-thought  NiallFerguson  Russia  democracy  China  greatrecession  lostdecade 
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Bundestag: Fraktionen wollen Rederecht der Parlamentarier einschränken - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Politik
German Bundestag, current coalition under Merkel, plans to limit speeches @Bundestag; those who are not in line with their parties are not allowed to speak in front of the Bundestag.

... Ian Bremmer, Niall Fergueson, et al are right - this is a Political Crisis.

Political Turmoil ...

But this time around, it's not just Japan that is in turmoil — it's all over the world. Italy and Greece are controlled by technocrats. Look at Britain ... that young boy (Prime Minister David Cameron) can't handle it, (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel can't put things together, and even (U.S. President Barack) Obama is failing — though Obama might be in a relatively good mood because the Republicans are worse (laugh). So there is political turmoil all over the place."
davidcameron  UK  barackobama  USA  Japan  NiallFerguson  IanBremmer  politics  2012  Europe  sovereign  debt  crisis  germany  democracy  freespeech 
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Ferguson Discusses His New Book, 'Civilization' (Audio)

Nov 9, 2011

Niall Ferguson, professor of history at Harvard University, discusses his new book, "Civilization: The West and the Rest." He says "western dominance is coming to an end under our watch." Ferguson speaks with Bloomberg's Sara Eisen and Michael McKee on "Bloomberg On the Economy" on Bloomberg Radio.

- not knowing history invites dangerous ignorance
NiallFerguson  history  Imperialism  China  USA  Empire  Europe 
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Niall Ferguson Discusses U.S. Debt, `Bond Vigilantes' - Bloomberg
Niall Ferguson Discusses U.S. Debt, `Bond Vigilantes'

July 6 (Bloomberg) -- Niall Ferguson, a professor at Harvard University, talks about so-called bond vigilantes and the U.S.'s debt position and fiscal policy. Ferguson talks with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's "InsideTrack." (This is an excerpt. Source: Bloomberg)
NiallFerguson  USA  default  bonds  sovereign  debt  2010 
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Why Niall Ferguson is still bearish - The Globe and Mail
The stock market rally has been largely due to near-zero interest rates and a weaker dollar. In foreign currency terms there's been no rally.

Excessively loose monetary policy causes asset bubbles and excessively loose monetary policy is what we have now. It's a little early to start pointing figures and calling things ‘bubbles,' however. Many prices are simply returning to their trend growth line after the collapse that occurred a year ago.
NiallFerguson  VAT  USA  2010  2011  2012  debt  economy  outlook  forecast  ZIRP  bubble  dollar  DOW  rally 
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