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Are cities the new countries? - BBC News
Do big cities have more in common with each other than with the rest of their own countries? Are there meaningful comparisons between cities such as New York, London and Shanghai, rather than between nation states? That is the suggestion of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Such mega-conurbations have bigger populations and economies than many individual countries - and the think tank argues that they face many similar challenges, whether it is in transport, housing, security, jobs, migration or education.
urbanisation  mega  city  London  NYC  public  transportation  transportation  Westminster 
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Buddy can you spare $2m? New York's housing crisis - BBC News
Like London, property prices in New York have gone turbo-ballistic, as global capital in search of a safe haven has rocketed in. Property has ceased to be somewhere you live, and become a commodity. Apartment blocks are the new safety deposit boxes - often standing owned but empty. Handy for the portfolios of the super-rich, but for the rest, whose wages have stagnated while rents have risen, it's a disaster.
property  bubble  speculative  bubbles  asset  bubble  hot-money  asset  allocation  Super  Rich  1%  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  credit  bubble  2015  China  BRIC  western  world  NYC  London 
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A Billion Gallons a Day | Living City | The New York Times - YouTube
"without water, a city doesn't exist." &! less chlorine via UV light treatment. is also cheaper long-term
NYC  New  York  water  security  water  scarcity  water  supply  water  rights  drinking  water  Aquifer  Aqueduct  infrastructure  investment  urban  planning  urbanisation 
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A Conversation on Future Urbanism, Tech Hubs | TechCrunch
I think in summary, neither system is able to stop gentrification or displacement. But New York’s regional integration and better transit make for a more dynamically adjusting system where residents have to continuously (or constantly) re-evaluate their cost of living. In contrast, San Francisco’s orientation of growth control might help it a smaller-town feel. But market-rate rents can climb dramatically with even a modest amount of population growth, while elderly and longstanding tenants can end up in a pretty jarring and tragic situation if they face an owner move-in or Ellis Act eviction. If they are displaced, the San Francisco Bay Area has a weaker and less integrated transit system. That means displaced tenants can end up with a multi-hour commute, which is deeply disruptive to family and community life and on access to jobs.
urbanisation  urban  planning  city  living  transportation  public  transportation  quality  of  life  living  standard  living  spaces  cost  of  living  NYC  Berlin  San  Francisco  Gentrified  gentrification  long-term  thinking  long-term  view  infrastructure  investment  affordable  housing 
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Listen up, America: It’s time to start making mass transit free! -
But where do the benefits of free ridership accrue, if not to riders themselves? To drivers, who enjoy less congested roads and free parking spaces? To local businesses, who reap the benefits of increased mobility and local spending power? To everyone, in the form of clean air? It’s not an abstract question when the bill comes due, and answering it has proven a formidable obstacle to cities, like San Francisco and Portland, that have studied the possibility of making transit free.
public  transportation  city  living  urban  planning  urbanisation  quality  of  life  frictionless  friction  Uber  service  economy  service  industry  convenience  unintended  consequences  complexity  incomplete  information  courage  Career  Politicians  Leadership  Vision  congestion  charge  London  NYC  New  York  Berlin  commuting  air  pollution 
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Report: San Francisco has worse income inequality than Rwanda | PandoDaily
It’s not difficult to see evidence of income disparity in San Francisco. The headquarters of Twitter, now valued at around $20 billion, looms massively over a neighborhood plagued by homelessness, drug addiction, and prostitution. Median rents continue to hit record highs, and despite the wealth that continues to pour into San Francisco thanks to the tech boom, the number of homeless individuals has remained more-or-less the same since 2005. The gap between rich and poor is widening across the country, but according to a new study, San Francisco income inequality was found to be not only above the US national average – it was even slightly worse than that of Rwanda, which is among the most unequal countries in the world. +++ See "Gender (+ Race) + Class" paragraph.
NYC  Manhatten  San  Francisco  Los  Angeles  Silicon  Valley  Gini  coefficient  income  inequality  tax  code  tax  avoidance  social  safety  net  California  Career  Politicians  corporate  culture  corporate  governance  public  policy  social  society  income  mobility  social  mobility  working  poor  standard  of  living  cost  of  living  livingspaces  living  wage  living  standard  living  environment  city  living  income  distribution  income  redistribution  corporatism  philanthropy  squeezed  middle  class  Sector  Workers  economic  history  short-term  thinking  long-term  thinking  quality  of  life  inequality  equality  Super  Rich  democracy  society  sustainability  sustainable  urbanisation  urban  planning  skill-biased  technological  change  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  capital  skills  skills  skill 
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HBO VICE: The World Is Sinking - YouTube
currently there is no plan b, bc there is no planet b. how do you adapt to rapid change. Hurricane Sandy - was only a tropical storm, 13ft storm surge "Climate Change is here." Storm Surge - 2013/14 UK has been a victim too. >> Climate change deniers are sponsored and supported by the lobby of the Fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel industry is the strongest most powerful political lobby industry in history, followed by Wall Street and big Pharma. *Christian Parenti // Koch Industries - Koch Brothers have huge interest in keeping the petrochemical industries they own, running. Thus fund climate change denier campaigns massively. + + +
Maldives  rising  sea  levels  NYC  Miami  Florida  climate  change  Washington  D.C.  weather  extreme  extreme  weather  drought  California  Dust  Bowl  USA  Europe  Hurricane  Sandy  climate  science  weather  system  weather  patterns  Storm  Surge  global  warming  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  Fossil  fuel  industry  Oil  WallStreet  pharmaceutical  industry  big  pharma  coastline  erosion  human  tragedy  public  policy  evolution  Christian  Parenti  Koch  Industries  Koch  Brothers  CO2  emissions  carbonfootprint  carbonemission 
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23 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To NYC "For most Americans, “commute” refers to the physical act of traveling to and from work. In L.A., it refers to the soul-sucking, morale-crushing physical act of traveling to and from work."
London  NYC  NewYorkCity  NewYork  urbanisation  urban  planning  quality  of  life  LA  California  Los  Angeles  San  Francisco  workplace 
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BBC Two - Mind the Gap: London v the Rest
Polarising UK. (1) (Port is a 50 year bet that London and surroundings will thrive further. Keeping Supply chains as tight as possible.) Most great careers are in the City. 58% of jobs need/have graduate qualification. City/London networking economics. Economies of Agglomeration. Proximity fuels productivity. + Connection to the world of business. Once you've attracted good neighbours, it attracts more people and more businesses to be there too. Self-fulfilling, once you reach critical mass, Tipping Point. Cotton Mills in the 19th century were build where the cotton planted. Corporations want to locate parts of their business were the resources are - the talent pool. And for data centres, where cheap energy is. // UK is now a two speed economy. London followed by the other big cities, followed by the rest of UK, rural UK. // There is no formula of success that other cities less prosperous could copy from London. It evolves. Bottom up growth.
urbanisation  urban  planning  London  Aberdeen  Glasgow  Edinburgh  Manchester  London  Gateway  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  war  for  talent  war-for-talent  Top  commuting  Birmingham  Productivity  Networking  Economies  of  Agglomeration  Economics  Collaborative  collaboration  Competition  competitiveness  competitive  competitive  advantage  creative  job  creation  value  creation  NYC  Silicon  Valley  innovation  critical  mass  Tipping  Point  Pool  natural  resources  economic  history  ecosystem  creativity  face  to  face  interaction  creative  destruction  Battersea  Power  Station  Foreign  vehicle  Betongold  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur 
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Wlada in New York: Die Adresse ist das wichtigste Accessoire - SPIEGEL ONLINE
In New York ist die Adresse dein wichtigstes Accessoire. Deine Postleitzahl ist wie ein Barcode, anhand dessen deine Identität gescannt und schubladisiert wird.


Der Journalist Simon Hoggart sagte einst: "Das Erste, das du von Menschen in Washington D.C. erfährst, ist ihr Job. In Los Angeles erzählen sie dir zuerst ihr Sternzeichen. In Houston, wie reich sie sind. Und in New York, wie teuer ihre Miete ist." Und außerdem erzählen New Yorker gern und ausführlich, welche Gegend am besten für dich ist. Also ihre eigene. Insgesamt gibt es zwischen 250 und 300 Viertel in der Stadt. Die Menge, die Auswahl und die Preise paralysieren. Also überließ ich dem Schicksal die Entscheidung. Und das hat ganze Arbeit geleistet: Eine gute Seele leitete meine hilfesuchende Rundmail weiter, ein kleines Wunder geschah, ein paar Stunden später hatte ich ein Zimmer in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.
society  culture  shock  culture  NewYorkCity  NYC 
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A Vote for a President to Lead on Climate Change - Bloomberg
After Hurricane Sandy and Irene ... NY felt the brunt too ... people now realize first hand ... things have to change, for real. Nationwide. Worldwide.
presidency  election2012  barackobama  extreme  weather  Hurricane  Sandy  globalwarming  climatechange  michaelbloomberg  nyc 
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It's Global Warming, Stupid - Businessweek
Rising temperatures. Oceans heating up, more moisture in air. More energy for storms and hurricanes and general extreme weather events like torrential rain, blizzards, and prolonged droughts.


the nature of the thought of the problems is, that not just one making change, making sacrifice etc - is making an impacts - it is when everyone is doing it.
but game theory, capitalism, short-term thinking, nature of our culture is preventing us from doing the long-term good ... just look at the current sovereign debt crisis, pension obligations, public health crisis or obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. just look at the destruction of the planet, of the environment, deforestation, pollution, toxic rain, ...


we need to address the issue, need to start pay for it now, because the damage will be beyond repair.


after sandy, public transport came to a standstill; you have to question - where are the cycling lanes???
nyc  NY  culture  shock  culture  carbon  tax  economics  philosophy  economic-thought  game  theory  society  rising  sea  levels  environment  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  CO2  extreme  weather  climatechange  climate  science  globalwarming  Hurricane  Sandy 
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The Empire of Dreams
“Raising Seed-Stage Capital” featuring Dave McClure
Key message: Ideal angel investment process—a) get customers, b) get initial lead investor (start with low valuation), c) get more significant investor involved, d) now drive up demand by getting more investors involved, leads to more favorable terms (like higher valuation), e) close
startup  advice  funding  raising  venturecapital  newyork  nyc  startups 
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