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(11309) Everyone Should Read Randy Moss' Hall Of Fame Tie - YouTube - Beto O’Rourke, who is running to unseat Ted Cruz, was asked if kneeling NFL players are disrespectful. This is his reply
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Cam Newton's sexism controversy is the perfect parable for our time | Sport | The Guardian
How is this story – a workplace matter that really should’ve been resolved privately – even a thing, you ask? Because conflict, in black and white, still makes the most compelling spectacle. Sports have promoted them so well over the years that, well, it was just a matter of time before the less entertaining areas of life got in the game. And so people like CNBC’s Jim Cramer further divided stocks and bonds into winners and losers. Politics are less about issues than optics, as much for the newsmakers as the networks vying to see how many pundits they can cram onto their pre- and post-game show desks. Outrage culture is all the rage, and so the news never rests. No story, however false the premise or equivalency, is too small. This story, suddenly the week’s biggest NFL headline, is proof.
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Joe Rogan & Brendan Schaub Discuss Conor McGregor, GSP, Nate Diaz & UFC 200
deaths in MMA ... MMA is Extreme Sport. Direct, unprotected contact. NFL w neurological consequences (, same.
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Iron Mike Webster: Patient Zero in the NFL's "League of Denial" (Part 1 of 9) | FRONTLINE - YouTube
Film review-Concussion. Will Smith great but too much distraction from story. Watch PBS "League of Denial" instead:
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BBC Sport - Leaked IAAF doping files: Wada 'very alarmed' by allegations
The business of (elite) sport $$$ over legacy. Needs legislation as well as regulation of compensation because of (1) lost income & (2) lost business by sponsors. // "Wada [...] was "very disturbed by these new allegations... which will, once again, shake the foundation of clean athletes worldwide". The files belong to world governing body the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), but have been leaked by a whistle-blower. The Sunday Times and ARD/WRD used two of the world's "foremost anti-doping experts", scientists Robin Parisotto and Michael Ashenden, to review the data. [...] Athletes are increasingly using blood transfusions and EPO micro-doses to boost the red cell count. [...] the files show that athletics is now in the same "diabolical position" as cycling during the Lance Armstrong era. He said it was "a shameful betrayal of [the IAAF's] primary duty to police their sport ..." &! &! 'there are no amateur dopers at work'
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The NFL’s Uneven History Of Punishing Domestic Violence | FiveThirtyEight
On Thursday, Goodell announced a new discipline policy. In a letter to all 32 team owners obtained by ESPN, Goodell wrote that the league fell short in its treatment of the Rice case. “Effective immediately, violations of the Personal Conduct Policy regarding assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault that involve physical force will be subject to a suspension without pay of six games for a first offense, with consideration given to mitigating factors, as well as a longer suspension when circumstances warrant.” (This will not affect Rice’s current suspension.) A second offense will result in a ban from the league, with the opportunity to apply for reinstatement after one year. // for too long, officials looked away - on purpose.
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IOC-Präsident Rogge vor Abschied in Buenos Aires - SPIEGEL ONLINE
2001 wurde der Belgier in der Schweiz zum Präsidenten des bedeutendsten internationalen Sportverbands gewählt. Rogge kündigte Großes an: Kampf gegen Doping, Kampf gegen Gewalt, Kampf gegen Korruption, Kampf gegen Gigantismus. Der damals 58-Jährige wollte den Sport wieder glaubwürdiger machen.
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