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Michael Moore joins wide-ranging election talk | MSNBC
Trump spend more money on baseball hats than polls. polls to refine message. // trump refines his message on stage like the sales man he is. // Bernie won Michigan and Wisconsin. // Sanders win 22 states, ppl want change. ppl did not care about lable (socialist). // African American vote in Detroit and Michigan was down! Bc of 8 years of Obama did not trickle down onto Main Street! Pipes in Flint Michigan still not replaced! // DNC leaked debate questions to Hillary // "I was used." Not again. // lots of ppl did not check boxes for president but voted for everything else. happened in all states!!! // Authoritarian and Populist. // Fascism in 20th century will come w TV Show [... 21st w FB Newsfeed ] // Flint vs Manhatten ... dont blame the victim (voting for Trump), Manhatten where are dreams growth jobs and plenty. And journalistic coverage lokal and national! Flint? 90% ppl dont have philosophical luxury (Hillary, Trump, Stein, other) but have to survive and grasp for every straw; Donald J Trump. // America still racial. No post-racial America. // Pollsters live by data and died by data. // Progressives (Bernie alike) have to take over DNC/Democrats to have a chance in 2020!!! // Donald J Trump destroyed both (rigged) parties. // Elizabeth Warren might run 2020 and might be backed by DNC // Why not Tom Hanks. Oprah Winfrey? USA is celebrity-based culture. // Bernie and Trump spoke to same community, but w different answers. //
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Pandoras Promise - YouTube
+ Q&A - + final remarks - + + Michael Moore & Robert Stone discuss Pandora's Promise + + + till 2050 at current growth projection, world needs 3 times more energy - this can not be achieved with energy efficiency (energy austerity), and conventional/current renewable - even at scale - as at the same time we close down coal, oil and gas power stations to reduce emissions to 'slow' climate change. only achievable if we include a honest holistic mix that include nuclear '4th generation generators' power. + + + Bill Gates
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