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Udacity Marks 1,000 Graduates from Online Education ‘Nanodegrees’ | Re/code
“I direct my work not towards what I’m best at, but where there’s impact,” Thrun said. “If you can build a self-driving car, that’s great. But if you can teach people to build a self-driving car, that’s even better.” // along the lines of great minds with small ideas (yet another consumer-entertainment-escapism product).
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The Information's 411-10/23 "Blood Feuds" by The Information Podcasts | Free Listening on SoundCloud
11:30 // science is hard. stupid. and a non-consumer product. duh. //&! HYPE CYLCE - on 5 magazine covers and not even public! because she is, as female science-based founder/ceo a rarity and it sells papers >> - Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes’s Five Best Cover Story Appearances, Ranked
Theranos  Hype  Cycle  Silicon  Valley  Elizabeth  Holmes  Steve  Jobs  Leadership  vision  visionary  missionary  Trope  messaging  message  PR  spin  doctor  Mark  Zuckerberg  credibility  glass  cliff  glass  ceiling  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  Venture  Capital  B2B  Box  Aaron  Levie  B2C  Google  Inc.  Google  Search  communication  TOS  EULA  consumer  product  Protection  23andme  Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  journalismus  journalism  investigative  journalism  Amazon  disruption  disrupting  markets  Uber  Travis  Kalanick  Jeff  Bezos 
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Martin Winterkorn: Unersättlich, unverantwortlich - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Der Abgas-Betrug könnte VW Milliarden kosten. Aber Ex-Chef Winterkorn will sich noch die Taschen vollmachen. Die Justiz lässt solche Leute zu oft billig davonkommen.
accountability  oversight  transparency  corporate  governance  Wall  Street  CEO  pay  Justice  System  fairness  too  big  to  jail  corporate  values  corporate  culture  Martin  Winterkorn  Leadership  true  north  Mercenary  Missionary  sustainability  sustainable  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  crony  capitalism  capitalism  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying 
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