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(1733) Presseclub live: „Tiefschläge & ein Rücktritt – Wie weit geht‘s mit SPD & Union noch bergab?" - YouTube
CDU kann SPD erpressen, weil Umfragewerte schlecht sind. und schlechter geworden sind.
SPD braucht klaren bruch, neues, scharfes Profil.
GroKo  Angela  Merkel  SPD  CDU  German  European  Election  2019  Klimakatastrophe 
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(13428) Die Story im Ersten: Am rechten Rand - YouTube
und ruft zum Aufstand auf, rief zum zivilen ungehoersamen aufstand auf gegen den Staat.

&! =- Radical Right-wing in Germany in 2018 - Docu - 2018

&! - AfD-Aussteigerin | Franziska Schreiber | SWR1 Leute

&! - Gefühlte Angst: Wie die AfD im bayerischen Deggendorf den Fremdenhass schürt

& Tommy Robinson and the far right’s new playbook
Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson. Photograph: Jack Taylor/Getty
The former EDL leader is one of a new breed of entrepreneurial activists who are bringing extremist myths into the mainstream – while also claiming they are being silenced. -

* - Extrem gewaltbereit: Kampfsport in der rechten Szene | Monitor | Das Erste | WDR
Germany  alt-right  far-right  right-wing  CDU  CSU  Rechtsruck  Naziproblem  AfD  PEGIDA  Xenophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  Nationalism  Volk  Saxony  Merkel  History  Brexit  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Bolsonaro  Salvini  Identitäre  Identitarian  Kultur  culture  war  multiculturalism  Identity  Identität  LGBT  White  ethnostate  USA  UK  post-racial  Richard  Spencer  Steve  Bannon  neo-nazi  neonazi  Nazi  Rechtsextremismus  Chemnitz  Neofascism  Fascism 
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Doubted at home, bypassed abroad: is Merkel’s reign nearing a frustrated end? | World news | The Guardian
As the row in her coalition deepens over migration, a once dominant figure is starting to look forlorn
Angela  Merkel 
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(5791) Reaktion von Kevin Kühnert zum Verzicht von Martin Schulz auf den Außenministerposten am 09.02.2018 - YouTube - SPD-Bundesparteitag: Rede von Kevin Kühnert am 21.01.2018 // nichts fuer die 20% armutsgefaehrdent, weiterhin 2 klassen medizin. kompromiss bei befristung von arbeitsvertraegen. kein familien nachzug. &! //&! KEIN KOALITIONSVERTRAG. EIN FUSIONSVERTRAG! //&! &! - Prof. Volker Kronenberg zum Verzicht von Martin Schulz auf den Außenministerposten am 09.02.18
GroKo  Martin  Schulz  JuSo  Angela  Merkel  Germany  Politics  history  SPD  CDU  CSU  refugee  crisis  btw17  AfD  trust  trustagent  No  Representation  European  Union  Brexit 
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How Europe's far right fell in love with Australia's immigration policy | World news | The Guardian
Espersen has studied Australia’s Pacific solution in detail, so I pushed him: where would your Nauru be? “Morocco is a very good example of a country that would possibly do it for an amount of money,” he claims. And Danish staff could run the camps. “We would run the things ourselves and pay the Moroccan authority a fee. We would also make it possible for their local grocers or butchers to come and deliver goods … There will be excellent service, I can assure you.” In the Danish right’s offshore paradise, there would be education, too. Nobody will be “living in ratholes”, he promises. [...] As with Australia and its offshore centres, what happens in Libya stays in Libya while Europe washes its hands of responsibility. If the flow of migrants surges again during the next war or climate crisis, the clamour for offshoring will only grow louder. And if the Australian model is adopted more fully in Europe, then there will be no hope for legitimate refugees to claim asylum through legal channels, and more of them will seek illegal paths to Europe.
European  Union  refugee  war  crisis  Africa  Libya  Lybien  Auffanglager  human  rights  Germany  quota  btw17  AfD  Brexit  immigration  Australia  KZ  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  neoliberalism  corporate  totalitarianism  FDP  Austria  policy  capitalism  Exploitation  Foreign  Aid  Syria  Iraq  Afghanistan  Islamophobia  Turkey  Erdogan  Merkel  UN  Asylum  Asylbewerber  book  Klimakatastrophe  Climatecatastrophe  national  security  food 
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Israeli spies 'watched Russian agents breach Kaspersky software' - BBC News
Israeli spies looked on as Russian hackers breached Kaspersky cyber-security software two years ago, US media report.
The Russians were allegedly attempting to gather data on US intelligence programs, according to the New York Times and Washington Post.
Israeli agents made the discovery after breaching the software themselves.
Kaspersky has said it was neither involved in nor aware of the situation and denies collusion with authorities.
Last month, the US government decided to stop using the Russian firm's software on its computers.
The Israelis are said to have notified the US, which led to the ban on Kaspersky programs.
coldwar  cyber  cold  war  hacking  coldwar20  cyberwar  leak  Wikileaks  Israel  Iran  Russia  USA  European  Union  cable  EU  Germany  spying  Lauschangriff  Angela  Merkel  AngelaMerkel  Security  IT  economic  damage 
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German election: A hollow victory for Angela Merkel - BBC News
This election will go down in the history books for two reasons. Angela Merkel may have won a fourth term but it is her worst-ever general election result. And right-wing nationalists are now part of the German establishment.
AfD  btw17  AngelaMerkel  Angela  Merkel  SPD  Martin  Schulz  MartinSchulz 
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German Election 2017: Angela Merkel's Bitter Victory - Full English Analysis - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Jamaika  btw17  AfD  AngelaMerkel  Angela  Merkel  Germany  FDP  European  Union  Retrotopia  refugee  Protest  Saxony  Rentnerrepublik  PEGIDA  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  social  income  mobility  Agenda2010  job  insecurity  welfare  state  Austerity  bank  bailout  Identity  Politics  recovery  economic  history  Rechtsruck  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  Identitäre  Bewegung  reform  neoliberal  Capitalism  diversity  LEGIDA  NPD  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  neo-Nazi  Nazi  neoNazi  immigration  No  Representation 
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Germany's AfD: how to understand the rise of the right-wing populists
Indeed, the party’s name stems from Angela Merkel’s now famous observation that there was no alternative to the policies her government put in place in a bid to save the euro at the height of the financial crisis. [...] The AfD is, however, a rather more complicated beast than that. Although many of the Eurosceptics who founded the party have long since left, their influence has not vanished completely. One of the AfD’s two "leading candidates" for the 2017 election, Alice Weidel, for example, is a 38-year-old lesbian who used to work for Goldman Sachs. She speaks fluent Mandarin and spent six years in China writing a PhD on the Chinese pension system. She is certainly not the archetypal leader of a far-right party.
TINA  Alternativlos  AngelaMerkel  Angela  Merkel  AfD  btw17  Austerity  bank  bailout  GFC  recovery  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  Abstiegsangst  refugee  FDP  European  Union 
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Bundeskanzlerin: Merkel ohne Land | ZEIT ONLINE
Die Kanzlerin kann ihr Amt nach ihrem Wahldebakel nur in einem schwierigen Viererbündnis behalten. Besser wäre, sie ginge. Dann würde Deutschland nicht wie Österreich.
AfD  btw17  AngelaMerkel  Angela  Merkel 
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Angela Merkel nach der Bundestagswahl 2017: Klatsche, aber Kanzlerin - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Angela Merkel kann Kanzlerin bleiben, das "strategische Ziel" ist erreicht, wie es Merkel nennt. Aber sie zahlt einen hohen Preis dafür. Die Regierungskoalition wurde dramatisch abgestraft, allein die Union verliert Dutzende Abgeordnete. Die AfD zieht mit einem starken zweistelligen Ergebnis in den Bundestag ein. Und es wird äußerst kompliziert, ein stabiles Regierungsbündnis für die nächsten vier Jahre zu bilde
GroKo  MartinSchulz  Martin  Schulz  Angela  Merkel  AngelaMerkel  btw17  AfD  Rechtsruck  European  Union  EU  FDP 
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(2195) Mark Blyth Telling The US Senate That Austerity Policy Is Wrong - YouTube
Mark Blyth & Makers v Takers & Erbschaft & asset & capital tax // wolfgang schäuble George Osborne David Cameron // >> Growth cures debt, cuts / austerity causes debt!!!
Mark  Blyth  UK  USA  Austerity  taxation  corporate  corporatism  welfare  state  NHS  income  tax  GFC  asset  capital  recovery  underinvestment  secular  stagnation  bond  bubble  economic  history  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  BOE  productivity  budget  Super  Rich  Plutocracy  trickle-down  Oligarchy  1%  10%  profit  maximisation  shareholder  immigration  gini  Coefficient  FX  Forex  confidence  fairy  globalisation  evasion  avoidance  HMRC  bank  bailout  badbank  bad  Schuldenbremse  Fiscal  Pact  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  PIGS  Policy  IMF  BIS  ECB  Fed 
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Peter Tauber und die Mini-Jobber : Voll vertwittert - Kommentar - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Angela Merkel wird der Ausfall maßlos ärgern. Es lief ja alles rund bis hierher, nun aber muss sich die Union mit dem Vorwurf der sozialen Kälte herumschlagen. Dass die CDU-Chefin jetzt rasch öffentlich und offensiv auf Distanz zu ihrem schon länger in der Kritik stehenden Generalsekretär geht, damit ist allerdings nicht zu rechnen. Merkel wird die Sache nicht noch größer machen wollen und hoffen, dass der Sturm schnell vorüberzieht.
BTW17  working  poor  Precariat  Minijob  Teilzeit  Werkvertrag  Zeitarbeit  education  policy  welfare  state  social  income  mobility  ladder  inequality  upward  Germany  Angela  Merkel  CDU  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Agenda2010  poverty  trap  Armut  Aufstocker  ALG2  minimum  wage  mindestlohn  Austerity 
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Angela Merkel: Ja zur Ehe für alle nicht aus Überzeugung - SPIEGEL ONLINE
bei brigitte interview verglich sie gewalt im haus was kind der erleben muessen, was kinder erleben muessen wenn man zwei mamas hat. oder zwei papas.
Angela  Merkel  Ehefueralle  homo-ehe  homoehe  gay  marriage  Germany  Homophobia  homophobic  stigma  prejudice  LGBT  discrimination  hate  speech  crime  Religion  BTW17  transphobia  Transphobic 
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Linken-Wahlkampf: Wagenknechts Attacke auf Rot-Rot-Grün | ZEIT ONLINE
Ein Fünftel der Menschen arbeite im Niedriglohnsektor, Millionen Rentner seien von Armut bedroht, rechnet Wagenknecht vor und zitiert Wirtschaftsforscher, denen zufolge 40 Prozent der Erwerbstätigen heute weniger als Ende der 1990er Jahre verdienen würden. "Das ist doch ein Armutszeugnis für die ganze Politik", sagt die Spitzenkandidatin. Wenn Kanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) behaupte, Deutschland gehe es gut, kenne sie die Lebensrealität nicht.
BTW2017  Die  Linke  Germany  Precariat  working  poor  minimum  wage  Mindestlohn  inflation  living  standard  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  Agenda2010  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Leiharbeit  Zeitarbeit  zero  hour  contract  ZHC  poverty  trap  Kinderarmut  Altersarmut  Angela  Merkel  GroKo 
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Martin Schulz: Mehrheit hält den SPD-Kanzlerkandidaten für unglaubwürdig - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Was!? Man glaubt Politikern ihre Wahlversprechen vom Herzen und mit Emotionen nicht? // Die Mehrheit nimmt Schulz auch nicht seine Ankündigung ab, sich besonders für "hart arbeitende Menschen" einzusetzen. 57 Prozent halten das für "unglaubwürdig", 36 Prozent für "glaubwürdig". //&! Labour’s collapse among working-class voters is catastrophic – according to YouGov, only 16% would vote Labour now. That’s troubling enough for “the party of working people”, but it is made doubly damaging because, contrary to expectations, Ukip is not proving the main beneficiary. - &! &! &! &!
MatinSchulz  Martin  Schulz  Fatalism  voterturnout  voter  turnout  Bundestagswahl  2017  Angela  Merkel  SPD  CDU  Wahlbeteiligung  AfD  protest  vote  Brexit  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  resentment  Agenda2010  refugee  crisis  Precariat  working  poor  squeezed  middle  class  Labour  Jeremy  Corbyn  Ed  Miliband  HRC  Hillary  Clinton  Democrats  DNC  Bill 
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Richard David Precht Denken als Experiment - YouTube
staat vs ethics & moral of humanity. // public intellectuals // philosophy steht ueber den disziplinen und nutzt alle fakultaeten - sciology, science, politics, ...
refugee  crisis  Germany  Richard  David  Precht  Career  Politicians  Angela  Merkel  Middle  East  history  Philosophy  European  Union  book 
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Steve Keen: Avoid the next financial crisis with People’s QE and a debt jubilee - YouTube
Steve Keen [...] service led economy *uk is bad/not sustainable can not go on forever. [...] Osborne plan could have worked if he would have not cut that much and more invested in skills (higher skills, better jobs, better income, more tax rev, debt can be served more leisurely). ... QE bonkers.bc it includes trickle down via 20% who own reflated assets. trickle down dos not work. [...] no wealth effect from shares. [...] prices in london might not have peaked bc of foreign demand! rest of uk, chinese down want to buy! [...] QE for people is partial debt jubilee bc people could use to spend or use to serve debt. [...] retail banks dont lend to entrepreneur bc of math! thus you need national investment bank! or change banking landscape. Germany has national investment bank. //&! - EU status quo can not work long-term. //&! detailed presentation -
Steve  Keen  Brexit  EEA  Austerity  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  immigration  Freedom  of  Movement  monetary  union  Germany  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  refugee  crisis  Brussels  UK  GFC  QE  recovery  Book  Trickle-down  reflate  reflation  ZIRP  NIRP 
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The Deutsche Bank crisis could take Angela Merkel down – and the Euro
Over the weekend, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel waded into the mess, briefing that there could be no government bail-out of the bank. [...] If it was in trouble, it was on its own. [... would be another example of socialism for the rich, and the poor must suffer waht they must - varoufakis ]

But hold on. Surely that is an extra-ordinary decision? If the German government does not stand behind the bank, then inevitably all its counter-parties – the other banks and institutions it deals with – are going to start feeling very nervous about trading with it.
Angela  Merkel  bailout  Deutsche  Bank  Italy  contagion  TBTF  systemic  risk  investment  banking  Germany  Bundesbank  ECB  AfD  CDU  CSU  SPD  far-right  right-wing  austerity  Commerzbank  bail-in  bailin 
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Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: SPD gewinnt, AfD vor CDU, Grüne, FDP und NPD draußen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Mit 30,6 Prozent hat die SPD die Wahl in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern gewonnen. Die AfD zieht mit 20,8 Prozent als zweitstärkste Kraft ins Landesparlament. Grüne, FDP und NPD scheitern an der Fünfprozenthürde. //&! Das war mehr als eine kleine Landtagswahl, das war eine Merkel-Wahl: Ein Proteststurm hat die CDU im Nordosten hinter die AfD abrutschen lassen. Ein Debakel für die Kanzlerin. - & & mehr voter turnout - & & &
AfD  Angela  Merkel  Centrist  Centrists  CDU  CSU  SPD  protest  vote  Brexit  Donald  Trump  Front  National  Germany  European  Union  far-right  Rechtsruck  right-wing  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  squeezed  middle  class  Agenda  2010  neoliberal  neoliberalism  bank  bailout  GFC  PIGS  sovereign  debt  crisis 
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Angela Merkel's CDU 'suffers Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania poll blow' - BBC News
The Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party took 21% of the vote behind the centre-left SPD's 30.5%.
The German chancellor's CDU was supported by only 19% of those who voted, according to the exit polls.
Angela  Merkel  AfD  Centrist  Centrists  Germany  refugee  crisis  GFC  recovery  inequality  Poverty  social  mobility  gini  Coefficient  squeezed  middle  class  Precariat 
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Jung & Naiv - Folge 55: Die (Nicht-)Wähler - Politik für Desinteressierte - YouTube
>> 2013 << // out SPDing the SPD and stealing here and there from the Greens and the Left selectively (ie mindestlohn / minimumwage ) //&! (2013) Peer Steinbrück - Jung & Naiv: Folge 77
GFC  recovery  Angela  Merkel  Centrist  AfD  SPD  CDU  CSU  Career  Politicians  Piraten  Partei  PEGIDA  refugee  crisis  secular  stagnation  Brexit  Donald  Trump  European  Union  Greece  bank  bailout  tax  evasion  avoidance  Agenda  2010  Hartz-iv 
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Mark Blyth at E.Y.W.T.K.B.N.H.D.T.A. By ThePressProject - YouTube
from this point on, summer 2016, hope is that it can get only better. // it is remarkable Greece is still alive // problem is, that banks were only bailed out to a level of zombie banks. see non-performing loans. zombie banks in PIGS country and Deutsche Bank. Contagion. ... banks will languish on as long as economy languishes on;
Mark  Blyth  Greece  PIGS  sovereign  debt  crisis  bank  bailout  GFC  Political  Class  Centrist  Centrists  Austerity  leverage  ESM  secular  stagnation  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel 
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IMF's own watchdog criticises its handling of eurozone crisis
Fund was over-optimistic, failed to spot scale of problem and gave impression it was treating Europe differently, says report
Troika  PIGS  Greece  Grexit  Yanis  Varoufakis  IMF  austerity  economic  history  Germany  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  liberal  economic  reform  ChristineLagarde  zombie  bank  zombie  banks  contagion  bank  bailout  sovereign  debt  crisis  European  Union 
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The Puzzling Vilification of Hillary, A Psychoanalyst's Perspective
she has been portrayed as a witch, a Lady Macbeth, a ruthlessly ambitious, egocentric woman who considers herself above the law to achieve her exploitative goals. Some see her as a shrieking harpy. As a psychoanalyst, I believe that the intensity of this character assassination is motivated by a largely unconscious misogyny that is deeply rooted in the human (male and female) psyche. It is often triggered in response to a strong, independent woman. But this enmity is especially intense for Hillary, who is emotionally reserved and aggressive in her pursuit of the presidency.
Hillary  Clinton  presidential  election  2016  Angela  Merkel 
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Brexit: Theresa May says talks won't start in 2016 - BBC News
The process of preparing the UK for Brexit would require "serious and detailed work" [... article 50 not being triggered this year, hiring for brexit ministry 5k£/day lawyers ... triggered early next year ]
Brexit  Article  50  Theresa  May  Angela  Merkel  Germany  UK  European  Union  business  confidence 
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UN criticises UK and Germany for betraying Paris climate deal
Climate change envoy singles out both countries for subsidising the fossil fuel industry and says the UK has lost its position as a climate leader
COP21  UK  Germany  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  corporate  welfare  subsidies  subsidizing  Fossil  fuel  industry  fuel  climate  change  global  warming 
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Deutsche Bank Loves Helicopter Money: Why "Big Inflation Is Coming... But Will First Require A Crisis"
[NEED FOR CHANGE OF WIND - deflationary pressures ] Europe is another story. Germany must let their southern neighbors cheat on deficits and bank recapitalizations. “Spanish election showed if you let them cheat and growth surprises positively then extremists don’t do so well. Europe can only survive as an inflation zone. Will it be formally tolerated? Probably not. Will governments cheat anyway with ECB support?” Probably.
Deutsche  Bank  Italy  PIGS  sovereign  debt  crisis  austerity  Germany  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  ECB  MarioDraghi  BuBa  Jens  Weidmann  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  zombie  zombie  banks  Richard  Koo  Helicopter  Money  monetary  policy  monetary  stimulus  policy  monetary  theory  deflation  deflationary  Brexit  European  Bank  Supervision  BaFin  BOE  BOJ  Abenomics  right-wing  far  right  far-right  Front  National  AfD  UKIP  Centrist  recovery  income  distribution  income  inequality  Gini  coefficient  squeezed  middle  class  Precariat  working  poor  globalisation  globalization  Paul  Mason  crony  capitalism  capitalism  in  crisis  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  poverty  poverty  trap  social  mobility  income  mobility  wage  stagnation  wage  growth  wage  pressure  income  growth  GFC  economic  history  liquidity  trap  balance  sheet  recession  debt  overhang  household  debt  consumer  debt  credit  card  credit  card  debt  western  world  secular  stagnation  non-performing  loan  bail-in  bailout  recapitalization  recapitalisation  UK  Japan 
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EU finance ministers get tough with Italian bank trying for third bailout
EU rules forbid troubled Tuscan bank Monte dei Paschi from receiving state aid, but its collapse would cause a political crisis for prime minister Matteo Renzi [...] a move that would need Brussels to break new rules designed to prevent such taxpayer bailouts after the 2008 global financial crisis. [... italy had a triple dip recession from 2008/9 counting ] //&! //&! Banks missold products again, in part - //&! 360mrdEuro NPL &! &! &! Bad Bank #2 to be set-up - [...] technical analysis -
Matteo  Renzi  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  European  Bank  Supervision  bailout  bailin  Italy  zombie  zombie  banks  non-performing  loan  austerity  recession  Germany  Deutsche  Bank  contagion  contamination  systemic  risk  systemicrisk  systemrelevant  systemrelevanz  BaFin  ECB  Basel  III  Basel3  stresstest  Jeroen  Dijsselbloem  sovereign  debt  crisis  economic  history 
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EU officials finalise common asylum system to resettle refugees | World news | The Guardian
Advocates say people can expect similar treatment wherever they settle, but critics say scheme is betrayal of refugee rights
refugee  crisis  Germany  Angela  Merkel  Turkey  Erdogan  Syria  Syrien 
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Bancopalypse 2.0 - Some Disturbing Figures From The Looming Financial Crisis | Zero Hedge
Well-capitalized banks are supposed to have double-digit capital levels while making low risk investments.

Deutsche Bank, on the other hand, has a capital level of less that 3% (just like Lehman), and an incredibly risky asset base that boasts notional derivatives exposure of more than $70 trillion, roughly the size of world GDP.

Even the IMF has stated unequivocally that Deutsche Bank poses the greatest risk to global financial stability.

And the IMF would be right… except for all the other banks.

Because, meanwhile in Italy, nearly the entire Italian banking system is rapidly sliding into insolvency.

Italian banks are sitting on over 360 billion euros in bad loans right now and are in desperate need of a massive bailout.

IMF calculations show that Italian banks’ capital levels are among the lowest in the world, just ahead of Bangladesh.
Deutsche  Bank  derivatives  financial  instruments  BaFin  BuBa  European  Bank  Supervision  Italy  Spain  stresstest  PIGS  zombie  zombie  banks  non-performing  loan  capital  reserves  ECB  MarioDraghi  sovereign  debt  crisis  economic  history  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  banking  union  systemic  risk  systemicrisk  systemrelevant  systemrelevanz  TBTF  toobigtofail  too  big  to  bail  too  big  to  fail 
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"Deutsche Bank Poses The Greatest Risk To The Global Financial System": IMF
via Keister Report - // a Italian banking crisis could topple them. that is why they (their economist) called for a EU bank bailout (shore up). //&! IMF Warns Of "Global Contagion" From Italy's Bank Crisis; Forecasts Two-Decade Long Recession - - [...] "Unless asset quality and profitability problems are addressed in a timely manner, lingering problems of weaker banks can eventually weigh on the rest of the system," //&! //&! Analyst Warns Deutsche Bank's Problems May Now Be "Insurmountable" - - [...] we believe DBK is still over 40x levered. [...] Seeking outside capital is also likely to be difficult as management would likely find it hard to offer any type of return on new capital invested. //&! its known balance sheet - - 1.74 trillion balance sheet!
Italy  Germany  derivatives  Deutsche  Bank  BuBa  BaFin  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  investment  banking  systemic  risk  systemicrisk  systemrelevant  systemrelevanz  European  Bank  Supervision  stresstest  contagion  repo  trust  sovereign  debt  crisis  PIGS  Greece  Brexit  non-performing  loan  zombie  banks  zombie  austerity  secular  stagnation  recession  ECB  MarioDraghi  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  hunt  for  yield  asset  allocation  distortion  OMT  LTRO  Basel  III  Basel3  leverage  banking  union  Bank  Oversight  banking  crisis  banking  system  interbank  lending  overnight  deposit  facility 
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After Brexit, should the Eurozone pursue full political union?
Is full political union of the eurozone the only way to stop the disintegration of Europe after Brexit?
Brexit  European  Union  Political  Union  fiscal  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Germany  Maastricht  Treaty  austerity  Pact  fiscal  policy  Schuldenbremse  Schwarze  Null 
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Brexit und Italien-Krise: Euro-Gruppen-Chef schließt neue Bankenrettung aus
[ EXPOSURE TO ITALY BANKS ] Euro-Gruppen-Chef Jeroen Dijsselbloem lehnt ein neues Bankenrettungsprogramm ab. "Die Probleme müssen in den Banken geregelt werden", sagte der Niederländer beim Treffen der Eurofinanzminister am Montag in Brüssel. Die Einfachheit, mit der einige Banker mehr öffentliche Gelder forderten, um ihre Probleme zu lösen, sei problematisch. "Das muss ein Ende haben." // - Der Kursrückgang bei Bankaktien sei nur das Symptom eines viel größeren Problems, nämlich einer fatalen Kombination aus schwachem Wachstum, hohen Staatsschulden und einer Nähe zur gefährlichen Deflation.
contagion  European  integration  banking  union  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Italy  Germany  repo  Brexit  secular  stagnation  austerity  ECB  European  bank  bailout  systemic  risk  systemicrisk  systemrelevant  systemrelevanz  European  Supervision  reflate  reflation  bank  restructuring  Oversight  MarioDraghi  Mark  Carney  trust  interbank  lending  interbank  market  overnight  deposit  facility  deflation  deflationary  sovereign  debt  crisis  PIGS  Greece  Angela  Merkel  UK  economic  history 
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Germany's Angel Merkel Faces a Lose-Lose Situation With Brexit - YouTube
- we are now in the long game for the eu. what happens now will cast either the success or the failure of the eu project.
- the card are on the table ...
Brexit  Angela  Merkel  European  Union  Wolfgang  Schäuble 
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Geographies of Austerity: Mark Blyth
EU bank bailout (incl Britain) = 40% of EU GDP (incl Britain) = 5 trillion Euros. AUSTERITY FOR WHOM?! // secular stagnation - ZIRP, NIRP, QE, austerity, liquidity trap, aggregate demand short-fall = creditors paradise. their debt will not be inflated away. deflation - deflationary environment. for the next 2-3 decades. = NO DRIVE TO INVEST IN PRODUCTIVE ASSETS! = productivity gap. [...] rentier paradise. [...] = interest formation (those who have, call the shots, status quo). [...] deflationary spiral (PIGS & Germany) exporting deflation ... getting more competitive [EU has 2015 a current account surplus, bought my USA] = Dr Wolfgang Schaeuble. [...] Fall of Centrists, rise of the SNP & UKIP (reactionary) ... Trump. [...] as investment rate (ie SME/SMB lending) stays same, does not grow = DEAD. Eurobonds/Investment Fund(UK, 5bn 5 years). [...] min 55 - deflationary politics (policy for 1-10-20% of society) is one way train. DEATH. especially w austerity and low wages/secular stagnation.
austerity  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  general  election  2010  general  election  2015  George  Osborne  Iain  Duncan  Smith  David  Cameron  Ed  Miliband  economic  history  Mark  Blyth  book  Richard  Koo  welfare  state  welfare  reform  bank  bailout  GFC  recovery  secular  stagnation  IMF  ChristineLagarde  Salami  Tactics  aggregate  demand  aggregate  demand  short-fall  liquidity  trap  fiscal  policy  Confidence  Fairy  monetary  policy  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  Tony  Blair  Gordon  Brown  European  Union  Euro  ECB  BOJ  PIGS  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  Career  Politicians  politician  zombie  bank  zombie  banks  banking  systemic  risk  OMT  LTRO  MarioDraghi  trichet  BOE  deflation  deflationary  productivity  productivity  gap  productive  investment  underinvestment  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  rentier  rent-seeking  Mark  Carney  Donald  Trump  business  consumer  TLTRO  non-performing  loan  NPL  Jens  Weidmann 
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Mark Blyth explains the U.K.'s decision to leave the E.U. - YouTube
Yanis Varoufakis & Mark Blyth - - Scotland (joining the EU) will not have a welfare state as long as Wolfgang Schaeuble is at the helm), Secular Stagnation = feels like permanent recession. especially w austerity. squeezed middle class, working poor, Precariat. [...] the only thing that is keeping things alive and somewhat steady is monetary policy (ZIRP, NIRP, QE) & triple-lock pensions (ie in UK). [...] Status Quo is extend and pretend (ie in EU) [...] Centrists lost the plot, all under 50% of vote share. some places just 25% (ie Tories 2015). [...] [min 20 #Brexit] [...] EU and ASIA running trade surplus against the world. "be more competitive" = exporting deflation. is not same as productivity. [...] Q&A session: you can not reform a country (structural reforms) under dark cloud of debt deflation. no shared dream of prosperity. //&!
Nigel  Farage  Brexit  deflation  deflationary  IMF  Richard  Koo  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  monetary  policy  fiscal  policy  secular  stagnation  Donald  Trump  western  world  ECB  Yanis  Varoufakis  democracy  Mark  Blyth  Brexit  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  politician  1%  10%  GFC  austerity  bank  bailout  corporate  welfare  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Westminster  Whitehall  nasty  party  Centrist  Tony  Blair  Gordon  Brown  Jeremy  Corbyn  Tories  Conservative  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  European  Union  PIGS  economic  history  globalisation  globalization  AI  Robotics  Robots  autonomous  car  autonomous  cars  self-driving  cars  augmented  intelligence  automation  Precariat  populism  Polarisation  demagogue  demagogy  Nigel  Farage  Front  National  AfD  Fear  mongering  immigration  Nationalism  Nationalismus  Privatisation  UK  Germany  France  far-right  right-wing  UKIP  recovery  Refugee  Crisis 
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Bundesbank head Jens Weidmann - Brexit is no excuse to loosen EU budget rules
Reuters report that this puts Weidmann at odds with German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, who has called for Europe's "Stability and Growth Pact" to be boosted for more growth.
So, we've got a politician wanting to spend more.
And the head of the Buba saying "No!"

Same old :-D //&!!/germany-will-stick-to-balanced-budget-report-20160701
lost  decade  Brexit  fiscal  stimulus  fiscal  policy  BuBa  Bundesbank  ECB  MarioDraghi  trichet  Angela  Merkel  austerity  budget  deficit  Germany  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Wolfgang  Schäuble  liquidity  trap  Mark  Blyth  economic  history  inflation  targeting  inflation  expectation  inflation  expectations  recovery  Jens  Weidmann  monetary  policy  global  economy  Schwarze  Null  Exportweltmeister  Beton  Gold  Betongold  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  distortion  Richard  Koo  European  Union  zombie  bank  zombie  banks  NPL  PIGS  non-performing  loan  underinvestment 
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Putin beklagt ″wahnsinnigen″ Rüstungswettlauf | Aktuell Europa | DW.COM | 30.06.2016
Die NATO hat ihre Aufrüstung damit begründet, dass es im Zusammenhang mit der Ukraine-Krise im Baltikum und in Polen zunehmende Befürchtungen vor russischen Expansionsbestrebungen gibt. Auf ihrem Warschauer Gipfeltreffen am 8. und 9. Juli will die westliche Allianz die Entsendung von je einem Bataillon in vier Nachbarländer Russlands beschließen: Estland, Lettland, Litauen und Polen.
NATO  Germany  Angela  Merkel  European  Union  Russia  Ukrain  Ukraine  Crimea  Crisis  Crimea  Baltic  States  vladimirputin  Putin  Cold  War  2.0  Cold  War  cyber  Cold  War  cyber  attack  cyber  espionage  cyber  crime 
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Why Brexit Is Good For Working People In Clear, Simple Terms - YouTube
Mark Blyth // + centrists lost the plot (leaders from 95 to today in western world - tony blair, clinton, cameron, schroeder, merkel, sarkozy, hollande, gordon brown ... IMF and OECD! and the central bankers. christine lagarde) // global trumpism // trickle down never worked! // Mark Blyth: The Why of Brexit - MR LIVE - 6/28/16 - //&! Bhaskar Sunkara: A Marxist Perspective on Current Crises - MR Live - 6/27/16 -
Mark  Blyth  Brexit  neoliberal  neoliberalism  trickle-down  economics  inequality  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  Tony  Blair  David  Cameron  Angela  Merkel  Gerhard  Schroeder  Gerhard  Schröder  austerity  GFC  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  recovery  Precariat  working  poor  immigration  poverty  child  poverty  student  debt  Donald  Trump  far-right  right-wing  TPP  TTIP  CETA  free  trade  Protest  Vote  10%  1%  Super  Rich  Establishment  Toff  Privileged  No  Representation  Westminster  Whitehall  Career  Politicians  politician  George  Osborne  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Schuldenbremse  Fiscal  Pact  economic  history  squeezed  middle  class  PIGS  Greece  technocrat  Yanis  Varoufakis  Nigel  Farage  AfD  UKIP  Greed  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  economic  insecurity  structural  unemployment  youth  unemployment  long-term  unemployment  Elite  elitism  England  UK  USA  European  Union  Germany  policy  monetary  policy  Centrist  IMF  OECD 
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Alan Greenspan on Brexit, U.S. Economy, and Inflation (Full Interview) - YouTube
UK out of Euro Currency but part of free trade single market was best option on table. // lack of leadership for political union and fiscal union aka ever closer union. not just currency and trade union (free trade). // GET AT THE ROOT ISSUE; productivity, ageing population (entitlement crisis), stagnant wages, secular stagnation = desperate population // European banks some still burdened by sov debt crisis/NPL (= zombie banks) & NIRP & QE & lack of uptake in business & consumer loans. // no back-up to the ECB (balance sheet) yet. what happens if the EURO stops being a hard currency? get Greece out, is a liability. // EU can not go on in Status Quo indefinitely. ie funding southern states. States have to get on course of economic harmony! everyone has to give up something! // Precariat/Squeezed Middle Class/Social Mobility = creates desperate people. // Entitlements are a legal issues. Productivity and Growth Rates can't fund entitlements. = There will be a crisis. // Career Politicians won't touch it. // History (look at M2) this environment ends up in inflation. not time or data.
European  Union  Brexit  fiscal  Political  Union  ECB  Alan  Greenspan  Fed  Yanis  Varoufakis  Janet  Yellen  PIGS  sovereign  debt  crisis  secular  stagnation  productivity  gap  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  ageing  population  current  account  deficit  budget  deficit  GFC  entitlement  spending  Abenomics  monetary  policy  fiscal  policy  pension  obligation  babyboomers  Baby  Boomers  immigration  NIRP  ZIRP  QE  economic  history  Germany  Angela  Merkel  BOE  Mark  Carney  rising  middleclass  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Precariat  populism  demagogue  demagogy  Donald  Trump  western  world  savings  rate  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  triple-lock  pension  pension  fund  pension  scheme  democracy  Career  Politicians  politician  output  gap  M2  inflation  targeting  M3  commodity  prices  global  economy 
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Brexit: Angela Merkel sieht kein Zurück für Großbritannien - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) hat die Hoffnungen gedämpft, dass die britische Austrittsentscheidung korrigiert werden könnte. "Ich sehe keinen Weg, das wieder umzukehren", sagte sie am späten Abend nach dem Gipfeltreffen der EU-Staats- und Regierungschefs in Brüssel. //&! Angela Merkels Regierungserklärung: Absage an britische Sonderwünsche, Selbstkritik und ein Ausblick auf die Zukunft Europas. "KEINE RONINENPICKEREI" [ Keine Rosinenpickerei fuer Grossbritannien. Das hoert jetzt auf!
D.h. das Grossbritannien bare Muenze bezahlen muss, fuer den Zugang des Binnenmarktes (Single Market) und gleichzeitig aber strenge Einwanderungsregeln und Quota haben will. Quasi sich den Arm abschneiden. ] -
Angela  Merkel  Brexit 
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Angela Merkel zum Brexit: Großbritannien bleibt Partner -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ Angela Merkel - 'Europa nicht weiter spalten!' ] 24.06.2016 - Kanzlerin Angela Merkel rät nach der Brexit-Entscheidung zu Ruhe und Besonnenheit. Das Votum der Briten habe sie "mit Bedauern" zur Kenntnis genommen -
Brexit  Angela  Merkel 
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Pre-Brexit mittagsmagazin-vom-23-Juni-2016
Berichterstattung aus Deutschland. [...] Wenn es denn so kommt, ruhe bewahren.
Brexit  Angela  Merkel 
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A!104 – Panama Freaks
58:26 - spin doctor and positioning, PR. // es ist ja bekannt das intendanten des fernsehen mal einen anruf bekommen und es richtig stellen sollen, so wie inter BPK: illegal eingewanderte fluechtlinge. was ein oxymoron. ein fluechtling zu sein ist keine illegale sache! // + 10.000 kids missing! // 1:45:54 - Panama Papers. Journalists have for years papers. And don't use them to shine light on the organised system in the western world of tax evasion/avoidance! Wie fatal.
Panama  Papers  investigative  journalism  journalism  journalismus  tax  evasion  tax  amnesty  tax  avoidance  Turkey  International  spin  doctor  Positioning  PR  manufactured  consent  corporate  media  BPK  refugee  crisis  Greece  Brussels  Rechtsradikalismus  Rechtsextremismus  Rechtsradikale  Gewalt  Rechtsruck  Germany  Angela  Merkel  Asylbewerber  Völkerrecht  European  Union  Schengen  Agreement  political  refugee  war  refugee  Human  Rights  Act  Human  Rights  Watch  Human  Trafficking  sex  condition  decency  dignity  humanitarian  crisis  humanitarian  tragedy  Erdogan  Kurds  Middle  East  sex  trade  tax  loopholes  tax  loopoles  Career  Politicians  AfD  NPD  Agenda  2010  ALG2  neoliberal  neoliberalism  liberal  economic  reform  hartz-iv  squeezed  class  job  insecurity  working  poor  Precariat  Zeitarbeit  Leiharbeit  Minijob  1  Euro  Aufstocker  low  pay  low  income  minimum  wage  Soziale  Marktwirtschaft  bank  bailout  sovereign  debt  crisis  austerity  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  recovery  GFC  economic  history  Super  Rich  1%  oligarchy  plutocracy  European  Election  2014  rechtsradikal  Fremdenfeindlichkeit  Ausländerfeindlichkeit  Xenophobia  Xenophobic  PEGIDA  Altersarmut  poverty  poverty  trap  poverty  in  old  age  poverty  c 
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IMF urges more spending to boost growth
Fund’s steering committee calls for more forceful stimulus and warns monetary policy alone is not enough //&! //&! - IMF chief: regulators long 'alarmed' over Panama's handling of taxation. Christine Lagarde responds to Panama Papers revelations, noting that authorities were concerned but did not take ‘expected’ action.
secular  stagnation  Panama  Papers  tax  evasion  tax  amnesty  tax  avoidance  corporate  tax  rate  labour  market  job  market  Service  Sector  Jobs  income  tax  receipts  budget2016  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  general  election  2015  general  election  2020  election  campaign  promises  Party  Funding  Richard  Koo  Confidence  Fairy  austerity  underinvestment  Generationengerechtigkeit  triple-lock  pension  fairness  Generation  Rent  Housing  Crisis  property  bubble  USA  UK  reflation  reflate  fiscal  policy  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  GFC  sovereign  debt  banking  bank  bailout  job  creation  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  IMF  OECD  credit  bubble  China  BRIC  recovery  Germany  economic  history  2016  Niall  Ferguson  budget  deficit  offshore  banking  investment  banking  TBTF  self-regulation  Greed  crony  capitalism  shareholder  capitalism  globalisation  globalization  global  economy  Oil  price  commodity  prices  ChristineLagarde  inequality  Gini  coefficient  income  mobility  social  mobility  low  pay  low  income  tax  credit  child  poverty  food  poverty  health  care  cost  health  care  demand  western  world  European  Union  Brussels  Brexit  Grexit  sick  population  health  economic  Union  Union  investment  policy  fiscal  me 
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What Happens Next (In Europe)?
the odds of another crisis are higher than a rally to fresh records. [...]
“The 2009-2015 rally originated from two main drivers: a massive stimulus, and credit expansion in China,” said Goette, who’s a partner at his firm in Zug, Switzerland and helps oversee 1 billion Swiss francs ($1 billion).

“European earnings have not followed suit so far. Skepticism regarding central-bank operations has started to emerge.”
ECB  Brussels  recovery  reflate  reflation  China  credit  bubble  Germany  PIGS  zombie  banks  European  Bank  Supervision  European  Economic  Area  European  Election  2014  working  poor  squeezed  middle  class  Soziale  Marktwirtschaft  MarioDraghi  OMT  LTRO  monetary  policy  monetary  stimulus  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  sovereign  debt  crisis  France  Brexit  Grexit  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  history  underinvestment  Richard  Koo  Yanis  Varoufakis  liquidity  trap  zombie  corporations  youth  unemployment  demographic  bubble  OAP  discretionary  spending  disposable  income  liberal  reform  Precariat  precarious  employment  low  pay  low  income  Minijob  Zeitarbeit  Leiharbeit  1  Euro  Job  Structural  Impediments  imbalance  unemployment  monetary  transmission  mechanism  monetary  union  union  Rechtsruck  Bundesbank  fault  lines  shareholder  capitalism  bailout  GFC  2016  PBOC  Exportweltmeister  zombie  Financial  Stability  Board  crony  capitalism  Deutsche  Bank  infrastructure  investment  competitiveness  Beton  Gold  Betongold  asset  allocation  Super  Rich  1%  oligarchy  plutocracy  democracy  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  Russia  Crimea  Ukraine  U 
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50 Jahre nach dem Beginn der Einwanderung bekommt Deutschland jetzt ein #Integrationsgesetz.
Einzelheiten wurden zunächst nicht bekannt. Innenminister de Maizière hatte kürzlich einen Vorschlag vorgelegt, nachdem Flüchtlinge, die Integrationskurse verweigern und Arbeitsangebote ausschlagen, mit Sanktionen belegt werden können. In einem Integrationsgesetz dürfte es auch um Wohnsitzauflagen für Flüchtlinge gehen.
Integrationspolitik  Sozialpolitik  Germany  Deutschland  refugee  crisis  Turkish  immigration  migration  Banlieue  Angela  Merkel  Schuldenbremse  Fiscal  Pact  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Soziale  Marktwirtschaft  ALG2  hartz-iv  Sozialkassen  Sozialstaat  Sozialtourismus  Sozialmissbrauch  Aufstocker  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Agenda  2010 
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