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800-Pound Publishing Gorilla Facebook Barges Back Into Blogging With “Notes” | TechCrunch
Facebook’s advantage is its distribution. The same weapon it’s used to barge into web publishing with Instant Articles and video hosting with its auto-play clips could help it invade blogging. It’s similar to how LinkedIn used its natural traffic to launch a professional-minded publishing network. People will write where they get an audience. If that’s Facebook, they’ll publish there. And while Twitter doesn’t discriminate, showing every post to everyone, Facebook’s filtered feed shows you what it thinks you’ll actually consume [and what's in their best own interest, keeping you on FB, favouring native content of link-out content]. [ step by step, FB is productizing - offering more to advertisers how to reach their user base, leverage its huge user base, Big Data, users data, the ceiling for FB earnings is far off! and thus its market cap (valuation). could nearly double again from its 250bn. it doubled in 5 years from IPO slump. ] // &!
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LadyBits’ First and Last Year on Medium — LadyBits on Medium — Medium || Ev & Biz bankrolling writers. ""A rare insight into Medium-the-terribly-run-magazine as opposed to Medium-the-impressive-publishing-platform + ""The most surprising part of the Ladybits story about working with Medium is that Medium offered terrible analytics + """Nobody knew where the money was coming from to pay writers." On working as an editor at Medium. + ""If you're wondering about the @Medium biz model, LadyBits' @arikia explains — just as she's walking out the door. + ""The best sign Medium is YouTube for text: contributors quitting over discovery and rev share! || +++ ppl talk about going so fast that you think you have nearly no control. otherwise you are not moving fast enough.  Ev  Williams  Biz  Stone  Wordpress  publishing  2.0  self-publishing  business  model  execution  project  management  YouTube  Revenue  Share  content  creator  digital  content  digital  artist  digital  economy  digital  natives  Women  in  Tech  communication  management  Start-Up  Playbook 
june 2014 by asterisk2a Parent Automattic Has Raised $160 Million, Now Valued at $1.16 Billion Post-Money | Re/code
Wordpress - democratising publishing. Wordpress VIP plus its new corporate communication platform - will compete with the likes of Yammer (MSFT owned) and Slack, atlassian's platforms as well as Salesforce's platform. smart raising a round when money is flushing around - hunt for yield. taking the money for the long-term. likely giving them +5 years runway and solidifying their publishing platform might. there will be acqui-hires along the way I guess. + Automattic’s competitors have certainly been investing, noted Mullenweg. In their last rounds, Weebly raised $35 million, Squarespace $40 million and Medium $25 million. In addition, Wix is currently valued at around $730 million, raising $127 million, in an IPO. ... Automattic's aim is, to become cash-flow positive - I guess. Not in a hurry but naturally with pushing mobile, e-commerce and the Freemium model (driving up conversion) on
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Silicon Valley's Esteemed CEO Coach Comes Out Looking Pretty Bad In The Twitter Book - Business Insider
Twitter was in upheaval. The CEO at the time, Ev Williams, was about to be fired by the board for bad, and slow, decision making. || It came even to light at that Ev Williams is slow to lead product development and release ( ... in todays time of viral apps that can slip under your radar like WhatsApp, Snapchat & Co. ... it is all about ""EXECUTION !!! and quick product turnaround - ~90 days max step by step - while the head of product still got to be focused and have the big picture and have to drive the ship towards the big picture, keeping all on board on the same page.
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