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Unge & die YouTuber Szene: Jan Böhmermann im Interview bei Visa Vie (zqnce) - YouTube
Laesst sich auch ab (kulturkritik) ueber Sami Slimany (HerrTutorial) und persoehnliche aeusserungen ie ueber Politik (AfD, PEGIDA).
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Ungespielts Freiheit & Mediakraft zerstört?! || Realtalk - YouTube
LeFloid &! Simon Unge = Ungespielt leaves Mediakraft - RE: Gronkh &! via Videoamt - &! &! // ApeCrime - Content Quality - (& Trend of YouTube "Stars") - &! &! - Das komplette Interview: Simon Unge und der Streit mit Mediakraft | WDR &! Simon Unge verlässt Mediakraft - RA Solmecke analysiert den Fall und erklärt YouTube Netzwerke - &! &! Interview - &! Interview mit DASDING -
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RocketBeansTV. Der YouTube Bankrott. - Videoamt - YouTube
Support Rocket Beans (3min) & Support Rocket Beans - Almost Daily #117 (30min) - Rocket Beans TV financed through Rocket Beans Entertainment production company income out of "Game One" for Viacom/MTV. Rocket Beans TV loss leader 2 years. & - no democracy, beneficial treatment, divide between haves and have nots. & Jason Calacanis - & & "YouTube Star / YouTube als alleinige Einkommensquelle" & Follow-up "Youtube, was passiert gerade mit dir?" & "Don't build your business on other peoples (businesses) platform." & via BeHaind - Was auf YT works & what not & was man machen kann, ie paywall mit homepage, prerolls, werbung (yt freemium bits and pieces); alternative media. &
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YouTube's Secret Algorithm - Computerphile - YouTube
engineering ... iteration, iteration, a/b testing, ... and sometimes you have to experiment with a small user base sample, to discover something new - not so obvious user behaviour. ala Occrams Razor theory, sometimes the simplest thing is the best and most elegant solution. ... only hands on experience and mentorship can teach you such things. not college degree. no masters degree. only real world application.
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The Bouncevlog (Castles, Friendly Security, and Shay's Interview) - YouTube
The cool kids in high school are now the cool kids on YouTube. ... Twitter, Fb, and YT and Google are internet commodities. Instagram, Gifs, Vine, ... are the new hip stuff to be on to create for. Tumblr seems to be in the middle. as does foursquare. ....
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