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Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue and Traffic
[lots more competition for people's attention] The trouble, the publishers say, is twofold. The web advertising business, always unpredictable, became more treacherous. And website traffic plateaued at many large sites, in some cases falling — a new and troubling experience after a decade of exuberant growth. Online publishers have faced numerous financial challenges in recent years, including automated advertising and ad-blocking tools. But now, there is a realization that something more profound has happened: The transition from an Internet of websites to an Internet of mobile apps and social platforms, and Facebook in particular, is no longer coming — it is here. [...] “How do I monetize [content]?” he asked. “Still not clear.” //&! - if buzzfeed is hurting, everyone else is screwed. //&!
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On Google's new Search Algo Push/Update - Called Panda.
Lesson Learned. Don't build your business on other peoples platform. Even if it is search. Meaning if your business is primarily impressions/unique visitors coming in via search, or even Social Media (FB - newsfeed algo, Twitter - noise + search algo, Pinterest - search algo, Amazon - product search) ... then you have one more thing to worry about every day - because you can't fix it if they break it for you. +++
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