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Why is the pound falling so sharply? - BBC News
Weak economic data is casting doubt on the future performance of the UK economy, with inflation persistently well below the Bank of England's 2% target and earnings growth slowing down from a six-year high. Earlier this month, figures for November showed that UK industrial output had suffered its sharpest decline since 2013. Looking further ahead, investors are worried about the outcome of a referendum on the UK's continued membership of the EU. As Andy Scott of foreign exchange services firm HiFX put it: "Concerns over the UK economy and the risk of a Brexit look likely to continue to haunt sterling." Traders are also generally more risk-averse in the light of the global turmoil caused by Chinese market problems and falling oil prices, which makes them reluctant to buck sterling's downward trend.
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UK interest rates held at 0.5% after 8-1 Bank vote - BBC News
The central bank said cost pressures in the UK's labour market were rising too slowly for inflation to return to the Bank's 2% target, and that inflation would stay below 1% until spring 2016. Inflation has been hovering around 0% for the past few months, but the Bank had indicated that robust domestic growth and the fading effect of last year's big oil price falls would cause it to bounce back towards 2% next year. Although UK consumer spending had remained resilient, bolstered by wage growth, attempts to reduce the UK budget deficit had restrained activity and global growth had been below average.
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Nomi Prins-Federal Reserve Transition to Destruction - YouTube
via - ||&! QE and ZIRP bad policy, bank and market cuddeling. no mainstreet recovery! trickle-down failed. Private sector can not carry existing minimal momentum forward. policy has not helped people on the ground. // many bubbles created: junk bond/zombie corps, car loans, student loans, property, ... // transition to destruction, volatility is first sign. // market manipulation! // inflated financial system // rise in NPL! where how will they cover that? another bailout? or bail-in. taking depositors haircut. FDIC can't cover that all.
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Silly Season news | ForexLive
Put bluntly, we now have a potentially dangerous financial structure which encourages borrowing, and discourages saving. The rush to create growth has thrown to one side any inflation concerns - for now. BUT there will be an election in 2015 – at the latest. Should the forward guidance prove accurate, we will enter the build up to that election with continued low interest rates, rising house prices and a positive growth outlook – fertile ground for a Conservative Party overall majority. HOWEVER, should inflation or employment become at odds with the strategy, Mr Carney may be under a lot of pressure to prove his neutrality by tightening in the run up to that election – and as I know, what is least convenient is likely to happen…. + - Debt Fueled Recovery.
QE  NIRP  unemployment  monetary  policy  Mark  Carney  Debt  Super  Cycle  property  bubble  stagflation  UK  unintended  consequences  Help  to  Buy  Scheme  ZIRP  austerity  davidcameron  BOE  greatdepression  MPC  zombie  consumer  inflation  Funding  for  Lending  Scheme  GeorgeOsborne  greatrecession 
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Dovish Bank of England MPC minutes-dismal unemployment figures |
no second round effects of inflation
growth remains depressed
austerity will be continued

‘there remained little evidence that above-target CPI inflation had begun to feed through to wages’.

 September’s meeting will be dovish in the extreme - with the reintroduction of QE a fifty/fifty chance-if it doesn’t come then, it will before Christmas.

Today also saw the release of U.K. unemployment figures, which were universally dismal
BOE  August  MPC  minutes  2011  MervynKing  UK  inflation  wages  disposable  income  austerity  economy  unemployment 
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