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In the loop August 28: Google, Brexit lobby and Uber's expansion by POLITICO Europe
[My take, for EU to thrive, it needs 2 develop & integrate further the 6 killer apps of western nations history, but they dont do that. quite the opposite especially under pressure situations (refugee crisis response: Merkel 'this is EU wide problem, not just Germanys') & that is very much something that speaks 4 Brexit as UK has 2 give up further powers & further struggle 2 be just a prosthetics (not even appendage like science can grow an ear on someones arm) 2 Europe, which gives other countries internal nationalism leverage 2 put barriers in way of really putting Europe on the map of the "world economy," developing/advancing the 6 killer apps 4 Europe. Brexit will be part of Merkel's legacy! Verwalten of status quo. No principles. No vision. No mission. No future.] // European integration itself is a Moonshot project & it looks like that crisis management leading to political crisis, doesnt help at all putting the rocket together in the first place.
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