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Libya crisis: UK officials anxious as blame is laid at doors of Gulf allies | World news | The Guardian
Blame for the renewed Libyan crisis has been laid at the doors of some of Britain’s closest allies in the Gulf, highlighting again how the UK’s commercial interests so often trump its political priorities in the Middle East.
Libya  UAE  Saudia  Arabia  Middle-East  foreign  affairs  UK  NATO  France 
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How Europe's far right fell in love with Australia's immigration policy | World news | The Guardian
Espersen has studied Australia’s Pacific solution in detail, so I pushed him: where would your Nauru be? “Morocco is a very good example of a country that would possibly do it for an amount of money,” he claims. And Danish staff could run the camps. “We would run the things ourselves and pay the Moroccan authority a fee. We would also make it possible for their local grocers or butchers to come and deliver goods … There will be excellent service, I can assure you.” In the Danish right’s offshore paradise, there would be education, too. Nobody will be “living in ratholes”, he promises. [...] As with Australia and its offshore centres, what happens in Libya stays in Libya while Europe washes its hands of responsibility. If the flow of migrants surges again during the next war or climate crisis, the clamour for offshoring will only grow louder. And if the Australian model is adopted more fully in Europe, then there will be no hope for legitimate refugees to claim asylum through legal channels, and more of them will seek illegal paths to Europe.
European  Union  refugee  war  crisis  Africa  Libya  Lybien  Auffanglager  human  rights  Germany  quota  btw17  AfD  Brexit  immigration  Australia  KZ  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  neoliberalism  corporate  totalitarianism  FDP  Austria  policy  capitalism  Exploitation  Foreign  Aid  Syria  Iraq  Afghanistan  Islamophobia  Turkey  Erdogan  Merkel  UN  Asylum  Asylbewerber  book  Klimakatastrophe  Climatecatastrophe  national  security  food 
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Auswärtiges Amt: Bericht zu „KZ-ähnlichen Zuständen“ in libyschen Lagern bleibt geheim –
Im Januar veröffentlichte die Welt Zitate aus einem Drahtbericht der deutschen Botschaft in Niger zum Zustand von Flüchtlingslagern in Libyen. Die Diplomaten berichteten darin von „allerschwersten, systematischen Menschenrechtsverletzungen in Libyen“. Interviews mit Flüchtlingen sowie „authentische Handyfotos und -videos“ belegten nach Aussage von Botschaftsmitarbeitern „die KZ-ähnlichen Verhältnisse in den sogenannten Privatgefängnissen“.
Libyen  Libya  refugee  crisis  human  rights  European  Union  corruption  bribery  EU  Africa  Warlord  Syria  Iraq  Yemen  UN  Nigeria  Afghanistan 
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(1487) Blaming Russia Goes Deeper Than Hillary Clinton & the Democrats - YouTube
keeping in a permanent state of alarmingness/ "permanent war footing" / readiness preparedness: China South Sea (China) w Japan as Allie. // vs Russia. // Middle East. // Kovalik's new book is "The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Russia." --- MANUFACTURING CONSENT - PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT HYPERNORMALISATION
USA  War  Military–industrial  complex  Russia  China  Japan  Middle  East  ISIS  Saudi  Arabia  Yemen  Iraq  Afghanistan  Putin  Syria  Ukraine  Libya  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  BarackObama  book  conflict  humanity  Chomsky  Manufacturing  Consent  Hypernormalisation  NATO  Crimea  Perception  Management  foreignaffairs  foreign  affairs  North  Korea  policy  cyberwar  Cold  2.0  ColdWar  history  west  UN  cyberattack  Nuclear  Arms 
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Überraschungsbesuch in Libyen: Steinmeier und Ayrault treffen neue Regierung
Mit einem Kurzbesuch in Libyen wollen Außenminister Steinmeier und sein französischer Kollege Ayrault die neue Einheitsregierung unterstützen. Das kommt der faktischen Anerkennung der neuen Machtinhaber gleich. //&! - David Cameron under pressure to come clean over plans to send British troops to Libya. As EU ministers meet to find way forward for war-torn state, MPs demand truth about reports of UK deployments.
refugee  crisis  European  Union  Brussels  Lybia  Libya  Libyen  Turkey  Erdogan  geopolitics  foreign  policy  domestic  affairs  UK  USA  ISIS 
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The Middle East is now Europe's backyard
We are accustomed to thinking about policy in binary terms - domestic politics on the one hand, foreign affairs on the other.
But as the tragic events in Brussels demonstrate once again, home and away are not so easily separated.
Indeed, in a fundamental sense, the problems of a fragmenting Middle East are fast-becoming Europe's problems too.
ISIS  Middle  East  history  Iraq  War  Afghanistan  Syria  Syrien  civil  War  on  Terror  military  intervention  foreign  policy  domestic  affairs  European  Union  Boko  Haram  al-Qaeda  al-Qaida  Taliban  Lybia  Libya  Libyen  Turkey  refugee  crisis 
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Is public support for refugees in the UK dropping? - BBC News
A new poll indicates that support in Britain for taking in more refugees may be sliding. [...] bc people can't personalise the facts and figures. talk is only about numbers. not individual stories! the voices of refugees are not heard proportionately to what is written about "the crisis." ... rather than a task to do because the west has meddled in the middle east since WW1 in its own interest. the west supported the fall of lybian leader gaddafi, the west supported a regime change in egypt. the west looked away in Syria.
jasminrevolution  Arab-Spring  refugee  crisis  Middle  East  geopolitics  politics  Syrien  Syria  Egypt  Lybia  Libya  Muammar  Gaddafi  public  sentiment  Germany  UK  austerity  Fiscal  Pact  social  safety  net  welfare  state  Schuldenbremse 
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Syria conflict: Jordanians 'at boiling point' over refugees - BBC News
Syria conflict: Jordan facing refugee dilemma. - Jordan is facing pressure to help more refugees, despite the possible risk to its security. King Abdullah says his country is at "boiling point" because of an influx of hundreds of thousands of Syrian - //&! - Cuts to food aid 'forcing refugees to flee Jordan' (Sep 2015) - As European governments struggle with the migrant crisis, the World Food Programme is being forced to cut aid to vulnerable Syrian refugees in the Middle East. Some say they will now have to try to reach Europe. //&! Can Syrian refugees live on $13.50 a month? - //&! Syrian businesses operate out of Jordan's largest refugee camp. Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is home to more than 120,000 -
Jordan  refugee  crisis  Turkey  Germany  Angela  Merkel  UNHCR  WHO  civil  war  ISIS  Russia  islamic  extremism  islamic  radicalism  Assad  USA  NATO  Lybia  Libya  migration  Middle  East  Lebanon 
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‘Britain made same mistakes in Libya as it did in Iraq’ | World news | The Guardian
However, despite claims by Hague last week that the UK had not repeated the mistakes made after the Iraq war, Maiteeg said that, following the initial military intervention, the “help did not continue”.
Iraq  War  Afghanistan  Libya  Lybia  military  intervention  military–industrial  complex  democracy  Middle  East  history  western  world  UK  USA  France  NATO  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy  foreign  relations  ISIS  radicalization  radicalisation  islamic  radicalism  islamic  extremism  War  on  Terror 
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Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos: Die Welt bangt um Europa - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wie steht es um Europa? Schlimm, wenn man der Stimmung beim Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos glaubt. In den Augen vieler droht der Kontinent auseinanderzudriften. Die letzte Hoffnung ruht auf Angela Merkel. [...] Schäubles Andeutung wird zum "Marshall-Plan" Wie groß die Erwartungen sind, die auf Deutschland ruhen, zeigen auch die Reaktionen auf den Vorstoß von Finanzminister Schäuble, "viele Milliarden Euro" in die Nachbarländer Syriens zu investieren, um diese zu stabilisieren und zu verhindern, dass die Flüchtlinge weiter nach Europa drängen. So vage Schäubles Worte waren, so begehrlich wurden sie aufgenommen. Von einem "neuen Marshallplan" war gleich die Rede. "Ich bin begeistert von dieser Idee", jubelte sogar Milliardär Soros - ansonsten nicht unbedingt ein Freund Schäubles.
European  Union  Europe  monetary  ECB  monetary  policy  refugee  crisis  secular  stagnation  deflationary  deflation  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  fiscal  policy  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Germany  faultlines  global  imbalances  PIGS  sovereign  debt  crisis  bank  bailout  GFC  recovery  structural  unemployment  economic  history  fiscal  Euro  Brexit  civil  war  ISIS  Middle  East  Iraq  Afghanistan  Libya  Lybia  National  Security  Schengen  Agreement 
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"After Me, The Jihad," Gaddafi Tried To Warn The West, But Nobody Listened | Zero Hedge
Before the French Revolution and its Reign of Terror, Louis XV predicted, “After me, the Deluge.” Before being overthrown, Libya’s secular dictator tried to warn the West of a new Reign of Terror, essentially foretelling, “After me, the Jihad.” This was disclosed with the recent release of phone conversations from early 2011 between Muammar Gaddafi and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Muammar  Gaddafi  jihadist  Middle  East  Libya  Lybia  ISIS  refugee  crisis  Egypt  jasminrevolution  Arab-Spring  history 
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UN support of Libyan government set to open door for potential UK airstrikes | World news | The Guardian
UK-sponsored resolution, expected to be approved on Wednesday, will allow Libya to invite foreign countries in to fight Isis
Libya  Lybia  ISIS 
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Warplanes in Libyan skies may signal next major battle in fight to contain Islamic State | World news | The Guardian
Jihadis in Libya are seizing control of greater chunks of the fractured nation’s territory and imposing a rule of terror. As another strategic city, Ajdabiya, comes under Isis attack, military planners across Europe are preparing the way for Nato forces to intervene
ISIS  Libya  Lybia 
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Plötzlich will Amerika in den Syrien-Konflikt eingreifen, aber das Vorhaben wirkt wenig durchdacht: Wie die Strafaktion ablaufen wird und welche Ziele dahinter stehen, bleibt unklar. Das passt zum diffusen Umgang des US-Präsidenten mit den Konflikten in Nahost. +
Egypt  barackobama  Nahost  oil  price  shock  Syria  foreign  policy  Libya  middle-east  foreignaffairs  geopolitics  presidency 
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▶ Breakingviews: Fracking foreign policy - YouTube
Aug. 28 - Rob Cox and Christopher Swann discuss how hydraulic fracturing in America may alter the country's approach to the Middle East.
Politics  energy  security  Syria  economic  history  foreign  policy  Libya  foreignaffairs  middle-east  geopolitics  history  USA  OPEC  energy  dependency  petrodollar  petrodollars  fracking 
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BBC News - US confirms ambassador killed in Benghazi Libya
More broadly the ambassador's death highlights the continuing instability in Libya as the country struggles to establish security and the rule of law.

The country is awash with weapons and armed militias - some of a salafist or extreme Islamic fundamentalist outlook - hold sway in many areas.
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BBC News - A Point Of View: The trouble with freedom
We've come to believe that freedom is the natural human condition, which only tyrants prevent everyone from enjoying - but when a tyrant is toppled, we can't know what will come next, says John Gray.


For Russell, as for Mill, liberty was one thing, democracy another. It's a deeply unfashionable view, but I think essentially correct.


We need freedom because our goals and values are highly diverse and often quite different from those of the people around us. Having a voice in collective decisions - the basis of democracy - is a fine thing, but it won't protect your freedom if the majority is hostile to the way you choose to live.

[...] threats to freedom [can come from many different angles.]

[...] we've forgotten our own history and neglect the dangers we currently face. [...] liberty is a fragile achievement.
Russia  UK  Politics  USA  Europe  culture  government  homophobia  xenophobia  nationalism  minority  John  Gray  book  society  Bertrand  Russell  J  S  Mill  John  Stuart  Mill  Libya  Afghanistan  Iraq  history  freedom  liberty  democracy  Isaiah  Berlin 
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Libyen-Politikfiasko: Fischer rechnet mit Nachfolger Westerwelle ab - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Politik
Hamburg - Jetzt greift auch noch Joschka Fischer (Grüne) Außenminister Guido Westerwelle (FDP) scharf an. "Das Verhalten der Bundesregierung im Libyen-Konflikt mit der Enthaltung im Uno-Sicherheitsrat ist ein einziges Debakel", sagte Fischer im Gespräch mit dem SPIEGEL. "Vielleicht das größte außenpolitische Debakel seit Gründung der Bundesrepublik."
libya  westerwelle  germany  2011 
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Bundesbank-Hilfe bei lgeschft: Das Rtsel um dendeutschen Iran-Deal - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Politik
Berlin - Das umstrittene Engagement der Bundesbank bei einem Ölgeschäft zwischen Iran und Indien hat womöglich eine größere politische Brisanz als bisher bekannt. Wie es in Regierungskreisen in Berlin heißt, soll der Deal im Zusammenhang mit der Freilassung zweier Reporter der "Bild am Sonntag" aus iranischer Haft im Februar dieses Jahres stehen. Demnach soll die Bundesregierung die Hilfe der deutschen Zentralbank bei der iranisch-indischen Transaktion im Gegenzug für die Freilassung der beiden Deutschen gebilligt haben.
hypocrisy  germany  westerwelle  2011  Iran  politics  money  west  sanctions  Libya 
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Obama Has Signed Secret Order Authorizing Covert US Support For Libyan Rebel Forces | zero hedge
President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing covert U.S. government support for rebel forces seeking to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, government officials told Reuters on Wednesday.
Obama signed the order, known as a presidential "finding", within the last two or three weeks, according to four U.S. government sources familiar with the matter.
Such findings are a principal form of presidential directive used to authorize secret operations by the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA and the White House declined immediate comment.
Libya  2011  presidency  barackobama  CIA 
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Losing Our Way -
Welcome to America in the second decade of the 21st century. An army of long-term unemployed workers is spread across the land, the human fallout from the Great Recession and long years of misguided economic policies. Optimism is in short supply. The few jobs now being created too often pay a pittance, not nearly enough to pry open the doors to a middle-class standard of living.

The U.S. has not just misplaced its priorities. When the most powerful country ever to inhabit the earth finds it so easy to plunge into the horror of warfare but almost impossible to find adequate work for its people or to properly educate its young, it has lost its way entirely.

The current maldistribution of wealth is also scandalous. In 2009, the richest 5 percent claimed 63.5 percent of the nation’s wealth. The overwhelming majority, the bottom 80 percent, collectively held just 12.8 percent.
USA  lostdecade  middleclass  decade  greatrecession  monetary  fiscal  policy  presidency  barackobama  war  Iraq  Afghanistan  Libya  Fed  society  culture  inequality  poor  rich  politics  leadership  GE  jeffreyimmelt  tax  taxevasion 
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