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One Map Shows Just How Expensive College Can Be for Students Making Minimum Wage
[S]ubstantial evidence that lack of information plays a critical role in shaping the financial decisions people make. Consider how a vast majority of people who are currently defaulting on their student loans in the U.S. would be able to halt their financial suffering if they knew they could enroll in an income-based repayment plan that would shrink or eliminate their monthly payments. This map goes some way toward explaining why low-income students are less likely to enroll in college. If the idea that college is a risky investment is something thats gaining traction in well-to-do circles, then surely people who hail from less fortunate backgrounds are even more inclined to think the potential price is too high. // could be seen as balance sheet recession: rising cost of education - & on other side - unable 2 pay w job u can get (asset value). Education is mispriced in UK/USA in a new world going forward! >>
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Lawrence Lessig: Bernie Sanders CAN’T End Political Corruption - Interview w/ Cenk Uygur (edited) - YouTube
Lessig 2016 - A Referendum to Restore Democracy - - some are now more equal than others, in 'Democracy' of America. The system is rigged. - Elizabeth Warren. // democracy mus respect us all as equal, this is about principle. not politics nor campaigning. // Lawrence Lessig on Why Elizabeth Warren Needs to Run for President - &! // &! Elizabeth Warren Asked About Hillary Clinton & It's Devastating - // &! Warren Buffet Warns Elizabeth Warren - - less angry!? wait a sec! - Public Frustration Still Fuels Banking Debate [& part of debates in presidential election 2016] re Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz // &! Senator Elizabeth Warren Interview -
Larry  Lessig  Bernie  Sanders  Hillary  Clinton  presidential  election  2016  inequality  Elizabeth  Warren  voter  turnout  apathy  Politics  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  corruption  bribery  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Super  PAC  interest  groups  interestgroups  vested  interest  trickle-down  economics  Gini  coefficient  political  theory  social  contract  barackobama  presidency  election  campaign  promises  Lawrence  Lessig  Jim  Crow  USA  surveillance  state  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  Orwellian  military–industrial  crony  capitalism  bank  bailout  Wall  Street  shared  economic  interest  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value 
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Larry Lessig’s campaign to run as the “Referendum President” & restore representative democracy - YouTube
min 7 campaign finance and party / politician finance - voucher system (tax free, out of your tax, financed by all tax payers, distributed across all). give it to the party and politician/candidate u think will represent u. does what you think is right. 1 man one woman one (voting right 16), company got a voucher. no lobby org got vocher. its the people. // GroKo Germany election Merkel partied in Berlin in-front of her party. No in-front of the people. // 100bn in corporate subsidies per y in USA alone statistic via Kato Institute (liberal think tank) // the internet is both the best it possibly can be and the worst it possibly can be // Americans have no capacity to admit to their mistakes. // &! - Referendum Candidate Lessig Would Consider Biden as VP
lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  presidential  election  2016  Politics  reform  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  inequality  Super  Rich  1%  post-capitalism  crony  capitalism  Wall  Street  shared  economic  interest  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  Paul  Mason  Jeremy  Corbyn  Elizabeth  Warren  Robert  Reich  GroKo  TTIP  TTP  CETA  NAFTA  climate  change  GFC  bank  bailout  Super  PAC  Generationengerechtigkeit  fairness  sovereign  debt  crisis  babyboomers  accountability  transparency  political  theory  social  contract  subsidies  subsidizing  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  surveillance  state  Orwellian  Jim  Crow  military–industrial  Internet  Privacy  Net  Neutrality  Privacy  human  rights  Whistleblower  Chelsea  Manning  Edward  Snowden  Julian  Assange  NSA  Five  Eyes  interest  groups  interestgroups  vested  interest  GCHQ  USA  UK  Secret  Courts  FISA  Court  FISAAA  Wikileaks  BND  deceiving  Drone  Strike  Drone  Warfare  Zivilgesellschaft  Zivilcourage  Bürgertum  civil  liberty  civil  courage  civil  society  civil  rights  Gesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  climate  crisis  economic  damage  capitalism  exploitation  Iraq  War  9/11  False  Flag  Torture  War  on  Terror  aspirational  economic  F 
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