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Police drop Kids Company abuse investigation | UK news | The Guardian
[ were they led to believe? who put in the claims? was it from the top? to make the problem go away finally, forever? - ] Scotland Yard says no evidence was found to justify referring allegations of physical and sexual abuse to prosecutors //&! - Kids Company founder says 'malicious' child abuse claims led to closure Camila Batmanghelidjh says exemplary charity was overwhelmed with demand and tells Guardian of her anger at betrayal of children, staff and donors - //&! Kids Company debacle raises questions about social work reforms. David Cameron and Michael Gove were strong supporters of the failed charity. Can their new direction on child protection really be trusted? - //&! Social workers aren't failing the system – the system is failing them The government’s focus on overhauling social workers’ education will not address the problems of recruitment and retention - & &!
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Raising an Accidental Prodigy -
Some researchers estimate that as few as 50% of children with extraordinary gifts achieve their potential as adults, according to a study published last year in Roeper Review, a scholarly journal. Many obstacles can block these kids, from poverty or poor-quality schools, to adults' high expectations, fear of failure or pressure from peers to fit in, researchers say.
Many parents of famous, high-achieving adults in the past had domineering parents who projected their own failed ambitions onto their kids, says Ted Goertzel, a sociology professor at Rutgers University in Camden, N.J., and co-author of "Cradles of Eminence," a study of the childhoods of 700 famous people. Researchers say kids don't excel for long, however, unless they are also driven to achieve by their own internal motivation.

"The key," "is for the parent to find out what the child's interest is." When the child is encouraged to pursue something that truly interests him, "that talent will never disappear."
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Neue Studie: Deutsche kriegen weniger Kinder als alle anderen Europäer - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Politik
Die Zahl der Geburten in Deutschland war demnach im vergangenen Jahr im Vergleich zu 2007 leicht rückläufig, hieß es aus Brüssel - 2007 betrug die Quote noch 8,3 Neugeborene auf 1000 Einwohner.

* 10,3 Sterbefälle pro 1000 Einwohner zählte die Bundesrepublik 2008 - im Jahr zuvor waren es noch 10,1.
* Das Saldo: Im Jahr 2008 sank in Deutschland die Einwohnerzahl auf 82,1 Millionen. Das sind rund 168.000 weniger als im Jahr zuvor, so die Studie.
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