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Foursquare may be challenged, but Crowley’s job is not in jeopardy | PandoDaily
|| || To the latter first: Foursquare is mostly considered a failure because its hype was so great. But the company clearly has real value. With 50 million users worldwide and more data on their physical movements and social habits of these users that all but a handful of companies, it’s highly unlikely that Foursquare just goes away. As I wrote at the time of the Waze acquisition: …the data Foursquare is collecting on where people go and what they do is potentially more varied, rich, valuable and usable for different applications. That’s particularly the case when you factor in Foursquare’s API which is also used by Path, Instagram, Uber, Evernote, Garmin, Vine, Magellan, and – you guessed it! – Waze. [...] Selling or not selling is such a brutal decision — and I commend when entrepreneurs who don’t — because success even after a huge offer is still so uncertain. !! Pando Interview - !!
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Will Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley Finally Get It Right? | Fast Company | Business Innovation
It's a compelling prospect: If Google has built a $294 billion business based on your explicit searches, Foursquare's bet is that the data behind your implicit intent are just as lucrative. [...] If you check in at Walgreens, should we show you an ad for toothpaste? We're not sure," he says. "Does that dilute the experience?" [...] And Crowley is well aware of what's become of him: His identity is his company; he is only as mature as it is. "I've thought about it for a while, and to me it's like I've got to close this chapter in my life before I can go on to the next one,"
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