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Silicon Valley is Lying to You (by GQ)
We're forever thankful to Silicon Valley for giving us the iPhone, omnipotent search engines, and swipe-simple hookups. But now that America's most vaunted industry has also become its most self-satisfied, Silicon Valley is veering toward fall-of-Rome territory. Which is why it needs to blow up these seven myths about itself before it's too late // Myth #1: Silicon Valley Is the Universe's Only True Meritocracy. Myth #2: Silicon Valley Is Bringing Us Closer Together. What new human contact these start-ups actually do foster is barely human contact at all—everything is mediated through an algorithm, a button, a swipe, or a GPS beacon. Myth #3: Younger Is Smarter, Safer, and Inarguably Better. Myth #4: School Is for Suckers, Just Drop Out [ Income disparaty between high school degree and college degree will widen further during the Industrial Revolution 2.0. Not everybody can be lucky, creating a unicorn while driving Uber +3 days a week ].
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The Student Debt Sentence: The British Election - YouTube
'babyboomers stole their children's future' // professors and Staff on Zeitarbeit, Leiharbeit, Contracts, and Zero Hour Contracts
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Kara Swisher: Tech's Most Powerful Snoop -- NYMag
“These people were very accessible,” Swisher recalls of a younger Bezos and his cohort, “and you met them before they were who they are now. When people get rich, people lick them up and down all day, so some of them morph into thinking that being licked up and down all day is their reality and that everything that comes out of their mouths are golden nuggets. Everyone starts to rewrite history, but if you knew them, and have some historical knowledge …” [ the Ass Hole effect - As people get richer, they are more likely to feel entitled, to exploit others, and to cheat. - ] / + / "“She’s one of these CEOs who likes to be lauded,” “Personally, I think she’s remarkable. She’s really accomplished and smart, but she’s not perfect, [as is everyone]"
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