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Iraq War: Gordon Brown says UK 'misled' over WMDs - BBC News
In an extract from his memoir, the ex-Labour leader says "we were not just misinformed, but misled".
Mr Brown says he became aware of the "crucial" paper after leaving office.
Iraq  Irak  WMD 
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Migrant crisis: Germany's 'rock of stability' in danger - BBC News
[ has to invest massively to integrate people and not put them aside on Hartz-IV. leeway to borrow money for nothing is there. political will to break the dogma and ideology of austerity, schwarze null, schuldenbremse has to be there. across europe! ] The migrant crisis could see Germany losing its position as a "rock of stability", a former European Central Bank chief economist has told BBC HARDtalk. Otmar Issing warned the growing "fiscal burden" over the numbers of people arriving could completely change the country's economy.
refugee  crisis  migration  immigration  economic  refugee  Asylbewerber  Asylum  Sozialpolitik  Integrationspolitik  Schuldenbremse  Fiscal  Pact  education  policy  underinvestment  budget  deficit  hartz-iv  ALG2  Aufstocker  Fachkräftemangel  Ausländerfeindlichkeit  Xenophobia  racism  Rechtsextremismus  Rechtsruck  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble  labour  economics  labour  market  labour  laws  minimum  wage  Niall  Ferguson  youth  unemployment  competitiveness  competitive  Germany  STEM  industrial  policy  European  Union  Bundesbank  ECB  public  sentiment  public  awareness  war  refugee  Afghanistan  Irak  Iraq  Syrien  Syria 
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Flüchtlingskrise: Österreich fordert von EU Entschädigung - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Österreich verschärft in der Flüchtlingskrise den Ton: Die Regierung in Wien will die Balkanroute unbedingt abriegeln, sie droht Griechenland - und sie verlangt Millionen Euro von der EU als Entschädigung. //&! Flüchtlinge auf der Balkanroute: 40 Prozent der Neuankömmlinge offenbar ohne Chance auf Asyl Über die Balkanroute kommen seit dem Jahreswechsel deutlich weniger Syrer nach Europa, dafür mehr Flüchtlinge aus anderen Ländern. Deren Asylgesuche schätzt die EU-Kommission laut einem Zeitungsbericht aber zum großen Teil als aussichtslos ein. -
refugee  crisis  Austria  Rechtsruck  Unrechtsstaat  far-right  European  Union  Schengen  Agreement  Irak  Syrien  Syria  Afghanistan  Asylbewerber  Asylum  economic  refugee  political  refugee  war  refugee 
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Syria conflict: Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp from the air - BBC News
Many of those forced to leave their homes during the Syrian conflict have taken refuge in neighbouring countries, and 80,000 of them are now living in a three-square-mile piece of the desolate Jordanian desert - home to the sprawling Zaatari refugee camp. King Abdullah says his country is at "boiling point" because of the influx of refugees.
Jordan  refugee  crisis  Lebanon  UNHCR  Middle  East  United  Nations  Security  Council  United  Nations  NATO  civil  war  Syrien  Syriza  Turkey  Israel  ISIS  Irak  Gaza-Israel  conflict  Afghanistan 
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Syrian refugees in Jordan: 'If they cut the coupons, we will probably die' | World news | The Guardian
There are between 630,000 and 1.27 million Syrian refugees in the country, depending on whose estimate you believe. Like most of them, Umm Majd’s husband does not have the right to work – so he works illegally as a carwasher for 100 Jordanian dinars a month (about £100, half the minimum wage).
Jordan  UNHCR  Lebanon  Turkey  refugee  crisis  Syrien  Syria  civil  war  Irak  Afghanistan  Israel 
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Syria refugee crisis: six charts that show how Europe is struggling to respond | World news | The Guardian
Of the 1.2 million asylum applications filed, 356,805 were from Syrian applicants. The number of first-time applicants has grown hugely in the past five years. The increase in the number of people seeking asylum in Europe has been driven primarily by applications from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. [...] In Germany, one of the few EU countries to have reported full-year figures for 2015, there were almost 442,000 first-time asylum applications in 2015 alone: over a third of these by Syrians. Going through paperwork takes time, though; the country registered 428,468 Syrian arrivals last year. As a proportion of population, the most applications have been received in Hungary (649 applications per 100,000 population), Sweden (528 per 100,000 population) and Austria (where there were 273 applications per 100,000 population up to the end of November). //&! // Cameron Pays Up to keep them away and voters happy - &!
refugee  crisis  Syrien  Syria  Jordan  Lebanon  Israel  Turkey  UNHCR  civil  war  ISIS  WHO  Foreign  Aid  Iraq  Irak  Afghanistan  public  sentiment  UK  Germany  Europe  David  Cameron  Angela  Merkel  United  Nations  Security  Council  United  Nations 
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Harald Welzer zum Thema Flüchtlinge - YouTube
Thomas Friedman - Germany hippieland? // Gunnar Heinsohn über den wahren Hintergrund des Asylwahns - - (16:11) Milton Freedman, only highly productive educated skilled people come to your country for work if there is work, if there is zero social safety net/welfare state. GERMANY NEEDS TO INTEGRATE, EDUCATE migrants with MASSIVE PUSH! MASSIVE! NEW OWN MARSCHALL PLAN thus that those don't end up on hartz-iv and ALG2/Aufstocker! Compassionately. Emphatically. And ask German Industry to help to overlook some minor issues like German and Math that can be fixed along the way! reform economic refugees. // TO MAINTAIN Exportweltmeister and keep stable the transferleistungsbilanz (welfare state/social safety net) // economic refugees also created via trade agreements, globalisation and competition. and borderless world. // Book "Selbstdenken" -
refugee  crisis  Angela  Merkel  Germany  political  economy  political  theory  public  sentiment  fearmongering  Fear  budget  deficit  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Wolfgang  Schäuble  SPD  CDU  CSU  babyboomers  squeezed  middle  class  Precariat  far-right  AfD  NPD  European  Union  European  History  Asylbewerber  Asylum  UK  USA  Ausländerfeindlichkeit  Social  Media  manufactured  consent  Lügenpresse  hartz-iv  ALG2  Aufstocker  mindestlohn  minimum  wage  sociology  psychology  safety  net  Agenda  2010  welfare  state  working  poor  liberal  economic  reform  Zeitarbeit  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  Schengen  Agreement  Syrien  Syria  ISIS  islamic  radicalism  islamic  extremism  civil  war  Afghanistan  Iraq  Irak  East  demographic  bubble  ageing  population  Fachkräftemangel  Sozialpolitik  Integrationspolitik  Islamophobia  Rechtsextremismus  Rechtsruck  political  refugee  war  refugee  economic  refugee  Exportweltmeister 
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Flüchtlinge kehren freiwillig zurück in den Irak -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ unertraegliche zustaende. hoffnung und traeume zerbreschen schnell. ] 24.01.2016 - Sie haben genug von Deutschland und von den überfüllten Turnhallen: Jede Woche verlassen Hunderte irakische Flüchtlinge das Land, um in ihre Heimat zurückzukehren. Wer mittellos ist, bekommt den Rückflug vom deutschen Staat bezahlt.
Irak  Iraq  ISIS  refugee  crisis  LaGeSo  Germany  civil  war  humanitarian  crisis  human  decency  Kurds  human  tragedy  subhuman  dehumanisation  humanity  Asylbewerber  Asylum  war  refugee  migration  immigration 
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Foreign Affairs Expert Leslie Gelb: Masters in Business (Audio) by Bloomberg View | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Leslie Gelb, wrote Pentagon Papers. Which Ellsberg leaked (Whistleblower) - // Back in the days, national interests and force was expressed in war and seldomly in economic embargos (Napoleon tried that against British Empire) and there were economic skirmishes (oil/diesel, rubber) in the run-up to WW2 and the first couple of months before USA officially entered WW2. TODAY! National interests are only expressed in economic terms with trade embargoes, tariffs, trade deals and protectionism. Only little military skirmishes here and there and when, the nation tries to hide them from the publics eye (through rouge nations for hire army/special forces, a nations secret services supplying the underground arms trade that doesn't show up on its balance sheet or one of their nations manufacturers. West excluded Russia from recent G8 summit in Munich and made it G7. Russia/Europe/USA playing game of chicken of economic escalation. Or using corporate actors & new cyber war!
Russia  protectionism  embargo  Iran  nuclear  power  USA  Latin  America  corporate  state  national  interest  Nationalism  Europe  UK  cyber  crime  cyber  war  NSA  GCHQ  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  surveillance  state  Orwellian  corporate  espionage  industrial  espionage  cyber  espionage  Crimea  Crimea  Crisis  presidency  barackobama  vladimirputin  Putin  China  Asia  Pakistan  Drone  Strike  Drone  Warfare  Africa  history  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy  foreign  relations  Afghanistan  Irak  Israel  Gaza-Israel  conflict  Germany  Ukraine  Ukrain  Angela  Merkel  Pentagon  CIA  MI6  Japan  SouthChinaSea  South  Korea  military–industrial  military  intervention  IT  Security  collateral  damage  international  relations  Security  False  Flag  on  Terror  ISIS  al-Qaida  book  G7  G8  United  Nations  Security  Council  NATO  OPEC  Oil  price  Saudi  Arabia  Arab  League  Cuba  Vietnam  WMD  smoking  gun  Syria  Syrien 
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Julian Nida-Rümelin: Mit Philosophie die Welt verbessern | SWR1 Leute - YouTube
Menschenwuerde "dignitas hominus" << ethische entdeckung. &! - << radikalen freiheits idee, zivilisationskritiker &! John Lock // last 1/3 of interview about education policy und humanismus (author seines lebens, gegen instrumentalisierung, befarf bildung und persoehnlichkeits bildung, grundrechte, respekt gegenueber jedem) - ist individualismus. sein leben nach seinen werten leben kann.
Religion  extremism  radicalism  fundamentalism  ideology  fanaticism  World  Police  USA  history  democracy  Europe  Iraq  War  Irak  Iraq  ISIS  al-Qaida  Middle  East  western  Philosophy  education  policy  life  hacker  life  lesson 
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Syrien: Umweltzerstörung durch Bürgerkrieg hat jahrelange Spätfolgen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Ein großer Teil der biologischen Vielfalt ist im Irak bereits dadurch dauerhaft verloren gegangen, dass Wälder gerodet wurden und sich Wüsten bildeten. Das Umweltprogramm der Vereinten Nationen (UNEP) warnte vor langfristigen Gefahren, die von verschmutzem Grundwasser und nicht ordnungsgemäß entsorgtem Giftmüll ausgehen. "Studien zeigen, dass die Krebsraten in den betroffenen Gebieten deutlich gestiegen sind", sagt Angelika Claußen vom Verein Internationale Ärzte für die Verhütung von Atomkrieg (IPPNW). "Außerdem gibt es eine ansteigende Rate von Kindern, die mit Missbildungen geboren werden." Durch die Zerstörung von Häusern und Industrie sowie durch den Einsatz radioaktiver Uranmunition seien Schadstoffe in Oberflächengewässer und Böden gelangt. Mehr als ein Jahrzehnt später litten die Menschen immer noch an den Kriegsfolgen.
Iraq  Iraq  War  Irak  Syrien  Syria  crime  environmental  disaster  living  environment  unintended  consequences  complexity  military–industrial  complex  humanitarian  crisis  human  tragedy  water  pollution  pollution 
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BBC News - UK paying experts to build Islamic State war crimes case
[Steps to grant Military Intervention, on Ground] On Wednesday, President Barack Obama vowed to destroy the group after it released a video showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff. The group has carried out several more beheadings, including that of another US journalist, James Foley, and Kurdish fighters. Mr Obama's comments came as campaign group Human Rights Watch said it had uncovered new sites of Islamic State mass killings in the Iraqi city of Tikrit. The militants are believed to have murdered more than 500 Iraqi soldiers after taking over a large Iraqi army base in June. Building a case against IS
ISIS  Islamic  State  Syrien  Syria  Iraq  Irak  USA  UK  Europe  foreign  affairs  war  crime  genocide  extremism  radicalism  radicalism  NATO  UN 
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Irak Obama und die mögliche Offensive gegen den Islamischen Staat - SPIEGEL ONLINE
... fear is that if unchecked, could become international secutiy issue ... radicalism and extremism of Islam. Plus complete destabilisation of Middle East and neighbouring countries pulling them into chaos. Military intervention is a very diplomatic term/language.
ISIS  Islamic  State  Irak  Iraq  Syrien  Syria  presidency  barackobama  Middle  East  Europe  USA  UK  Germany  France  foreign  affairs  military  intervention 
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Obama’s Iraq-Syria Dilemma: No Force Now on the Ground Can Beat ISIS - The Daily Beast
Counterterrorism expert Brian Fishman says the Islamic State has become a terror army that can only be defeated through a full-scale war with serious fighting in both Iraq and Syria. He argues it “will actually require years, direct military action on both sides of the Iraq/Syria border, tens (if not hundreds) of billions of dollars, and many more than 15,000 troops.” “No one has offered a plausible strategy to defeat IS that does not include a major U.S. commitment on the ground and the renewal of functional governance on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border,” says Fishman. Mideast expert Schanzer also sees the fight required as a huge undertaking. Even airstrikes extended across Iraq and deep into Syria will not be sufficient without a more comprehensive approach that includes sanctioning jihadist financiers in the Gulf and targeting the Islamic State’s financial and logistical networks in Turkey.
ISIS  Islamic  State  Iraq  Irak  Syrien  Syria  Middle  East  Turkey 
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BBC News - Foley beheading video shocks the world, Obama says
Mr Obama compared Islamic State (IS) [...] to a "cancer" and said its ideology was "bankrupt". [...] had "no place in the 21st Century". "No just god would stand for what they did yesterday or what they do every single day," he added. He said the future would be won by those such as James Foley, who "built rather than destroyed". [...] [Foley] gives a message to his family and links his imminent death to the US government's bombing campaign of IS targets in Iraq. Clearly under duress, he says: "I call on my friends, family and loved ones to rise up against my real killers, the US government, for what will happen to me is only a result of their complacency and criminality." Then the masked militant delivers a warning to the US government: "Any attempt by you, Obama, to deny the Muslims their rights of living in safety under the Islamic caliphate will result in the bloodshed of your people." [Analysis: This is not first case & US tried 2 free hostages before ]
ISIS  presidency  barackobama  Syrien  Syria  Iraq  Irak  Caliphate  Religion  Arab  World  Muslim  extremism  Islamic  State  radicalism  Islamic  Law  James  Foley 
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Who can stop the Islamic State's advance? - YouTube +++ - FT editor on challenges for Iraqi PM :: Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq's prime minister, clings to power in spite of moves to replace him from a broadening coalition of critics. FT editor Lionel Barber talks to Sam Jones, defence and security editor, about the political challenges facing the country. || Update :: Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has agreed to step aside, ending political deadlock in Baghdad as the government struggles against insurgents. Reports say he will back Haider al-Abadi, who has already been asked by Iraq's president to form a government. Mr Maliki was under intense pressure to make way for Mr Abadi, a deputy speaker of parliament.
ISIS  Islamic  State  Nouri  al-Maliki  Iraq  Irak  Syria  Syrien  Middle  East 
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ISIS 'bigger threat than al-Qaeda', says Patrick Cockburn - Newsnight - YouTube
civil war in Syria gave ISIS movement the space (civil war as regional power vacuum) to fill in. Something that people can hang on to and be protected by - admits the carnage, the chaos, the uncertainty, the collateral damage, the deaths, the turmoil, .... something that is their sliver of hope. +++ The Islamic State is conquering cities in Syria and Iraq with disturbing frequency and tens of thousands of Christians and Yazidis are fleeing. The US has begun air strikes, but the Islamists are benefiting from instability in both countries. -
ISIS  Islamic  State  Syrien  Syria  Iraq  Irak  unintended  consequences  complexity  unknown  unknowns  G  Zero  civil  war  al-Qaida  al-Qaeda  USA  NATO  UNO  Security  Council  Europe  Russia  extremism  radicalism  Islamic  Law  Religion  UNO  UN  unknown  unkown  Arab  World  Middle  East  propaganda  radicalism  history  World  Police  British  Empire 
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Irak: Kann Obama mit Luftangriffen gegen IS-Terroristen vorgehen? - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Auch Iraks Premier Nuri al-Maliki hatte in den vergangenen Wochen in Washington um Unterstützung ersucht, diesen Wunsch betonte Obama, als er das Eingreifen der USA verkündete. // +++ Minderheiten werden verfolgt, ganze Völker bedroht: Die Lage im Irak ist katastrophaler denn je. Die USA stehen in der Pflicht. Doch was Obama jetzt macht, ist zu zögerlich. [...] Der Irak ist weder souverän noch stabil noch selbstständig. Mission not accomplished. // +++ & RAF planes to drop food aid in Iraq
ISIS  USA  Iraq  Irak  Islamic  State  radicalism  extremism  history  Syria  human  tragedy  humanitarian  crisis  Middle  East  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  georgewbush  foreign  policy  foreign  affairs  UK  World  Police  British  Empire 
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ISIS, the Yazidis, Kurdistan, and the Threat of Massacres in Iraq - "Prince Tahseen Said, “the world leader of the Yazidis,” has issued an appeal to Kurdish, Iraqi, Arab, and European leaders, as well as to Ban Ki-moon and Barack Obama. It reads: “I ask for aid and to lend a hand and help the people of Sinjar areas and its affiliates and villages and complexes which are home to the people of the Yazidi religion. I invite [you] to assume [your] humanitarian and nationalistic responsibilities towards them and help them in their plight and the difficult conditions in which they live today.” It’s hard to know what, if anything, is left of the humanitarian responsibilities of the international community. The age of intervention is over, killed in large part by the Iraq war. But justifiable skepticism about the use of military force seems also to have killed off the impulse to show solidarity with the helpless victims of atrocities in faraway places.
ISIS  Iraq  Irak  Middle  East  Islamic  State  radicalism  extremism  Arab  World  history  Religion  western  unknown  unknowns  unintended  consequences  complexity  Syria  Iran  Iraq  War  USA  G  Zero  Europe  humanity  human  tragedy  refugee  refugee  western  society  NATO  United  Nations  Security  Council  Russia  United  Nations  UNO  Security  Council  UNO  UN 
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Civilian Death Toll in Ukraine reaches 800, over 2,000 wounded. These deaths "have gone virtually unnoticed by the outside world." : worldnews
+ An attack that killed 10 people at a UN-run Gaza school was a "moral outrage and a criminal act", UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said. It constituted a "gross violation of international law", Mr Ban said. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US was appalled by the "disgraceful" shelling.
Gaza-Israel  conflict  Gaza  Middle  East  Syria  Iraq  Irak  Hamaz  Palestine  Social  Media  western  society  history  UN  United  Nations  NATO 
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BBC News - Isis rebels declare 'Islamic state' in Iraq and Syria
Jihadist militant group Isis has said it is establishing a caliphate, or Islamic state, on the territories it controls in Iraq and Syria. It also proclaimed the group's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as caliph and "leader for Muslims everywhere". Setting up a state governed under strict Islamic law has long been a goal of many jihadists. Meanwhile, Iraq's army continued an offensive to retake the northern city of Tikrit from the Isis-led rebels.
ISIS  Iraq  Irak  Syrien  Syria  Islamic  State  radicalism  Islam  Islamic  Law  Jihadist 
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