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A!104 – Panama Freaks
58:26 - spin doctor and positioning, PR. // es ist ja bekannt das intendanten des fernsehen mal einen anruf bekommen und es richtig stellen sollen, so wie inter BPK: illegal eingewanderte fluechtlinge. was ein oxymoron. ein fluechtling zu sein ist keine illegale sache! // + 10.000 kids missing! // 1:45:54 - Panama Papers. Journalists have for years papers. And don't use them to shine light on the organised system in the western world of tax evasion/avoidance! Wie fatal.
Panama  Papers  investigative  journalism  journalism  journalismus  tax  evasion  tax  amnesty  tax  avoidance  Turkey  International  spin  doctor  Positioning  PR  manufactured  consent  corporate  media  BPK  refugee  crisis  Greece  Brussels  Rechtsradikalismus  Rechtsextremismus  Rechtsradikale  Gewalt  Rechtsruck  Germany  Angela  Merkel  Asylbewerber  Völkerrecht  European  Union  Schengen  Agreement  political  refugee  war  refugee  Human  Rights  Act  Human  Rights  Watch  Human  Trafficking  sex  condition  decency  dignity  humanitarian  crisis  humanitarian  tragedy  Erdogan  Kurds  Middle  East  sex  trade  tax  loopholes  tax  loopoles  Career  Politicians  AfD  NPD  Agenda  2010  ALG2  neoliberal  neoliberalism  liberal  economic  reform  hartz-iv  squeezed  class  job  insecurity  working  poor  Precariat  Zeitarbeit  Leiharbeit  Minijob  1  Euro  Aufstocker  low  pay  low  income  minimum  wage  Soziale  Marktwirtschaft  bank  bailout  sovereign  debt  crisis  austerity  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  recovery  GFC  economic  history  Super  Rich  1%  oligarchy  plutocracy  European  Election  2014  rechtsradikal  Fremdenfeindlichkeit  Ausländerfeindlichkeit  Xenophobia  Xenophobic  PEGIDA  Altersarmut  poverty  poverty  trap  poverty  in  old  age  poverty  c 
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Foreign Affairs Expert Leslie Gelb: Masters in Business (Audio) by Bloomberg View | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Leslie Gelb, wrote Pentagon Papers. Which Ellsberg leaked (Whistleblower) - // Back in the days, national interests and force was expressed in war and seldomly in economic embargos (Napoleon tried that against British Empire) and there were economic skirmishes (oil/diesel, rubber) in the run-up to WW2 and the first couple of months before USA officially entered WW2. TODAY! National interests are only expressed in economic terms with trade embargoes, tariffs, trade deals and protectionism. Only little military skirmishes here and there and when, the nation tries to hide them from the publics eye (through rouge nations for hire army/special forces, a nations secret services supplying the underground arms trade that doesn't show up on its balance sheet or one of their nations manufacturers. West excluded Russia from recent G8 summit in Munich and made it G7. Russia/Europe/USA playing game of chicken of economic escalation. Or using corporate actors & new cyber war!
Russia  protectionism  embargo  Iran  nuclear  power  USA  Latin  America  corporate  state  national  interest  Nationalism  Europe  UK  cyber  crime  cyber  war  NSA  GCHQ  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  surveillance  state  Orwellian  corporate  espionage  industrial  espionage  cyber  espionage  Crimea  Crimea  Crisis  presidency  barackobama  vladimirputin  Putin  China  Asia  Pakistan  Drone  Strike  Drone  Warfare  Africa  history  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy  foreign  relations  Afghanistan  Irak  Israel  Gaza-Israel  conflict  Germany  Ukraine  Ukrain  Angela  Merkel  Pentagon  CIA  MI6  Japan  SouthChinaSea  South  Korea  military–industrial  military  intervention  IT  Security  collateral  damage  international  relations  Security  False  Flag  on  Terror  ISIS  al-Qaida  book  G7  G8  United  Nations  Security  Council  NATO  OPEC  Oil  price  Saudi  Arabia  Arab  League  Cuba  Vietnam  WMD  smoking  gun  Syria  Syrien 
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“America Frightens Us”: Europeans are Waking Up. The US is No Longer an Ally of the European Union? | Global Research
According to the law, if it should ever happen that American citizens are brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accused at The Hague, Washington would exercise the preemptive right to invade the country in order to prevent prosecution. Remember that Malaysia’s government had permitted a tribunal in 2011, whose judges in the tradition of British court proceedings condemned both George W. Bush and Tony Blair as war criminals. /// +++
International  Criminal  Court  ICC  The  Hague  Den  Haag  International  Court  of  Justice  USA  Career  Politicians  war  crime  Hague  Tribunal  diplomacy  foreign  policy  foreign  affairs  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  georgewbush  Politics  Congress  trust  trustagent  confidence  Europe 
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Notes for currency wars: The trilemma of international finance | vox - Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists
The fundamental trilemma of international finance maintains that a country cannot simultaneously peg an exchange rate, maintain an independent monetary policy, and permit free cross-border financial flows (Feenstra and Taylor 2008). At best, only two of the three are feasible.
macroeconomics  economics  international  finance  monetary  theory  monetary  policy  PBoC  CHF  currency-war  currency  debasement  SNB  Switzerland  foreignexchange 
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Alibaba Turns 10 – Aims To Create 100 Million Jobs, Employ 10 Million People
“In 10 years we wont make differences between local or international companies any more, but only between differences in integrity”,
china  business  ecommerce  asia  entrepreneurship  ideas  globalisation  international  Corporation  trend  future  alibaba  strategy  web 
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