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Netherlands and UK are biggest channels for corporate tax avoidance | World news | The Guardian
The two countries are conduits for 37% of money heading to tax havens, most of which have strong links to Britain
tax  evasion  avoidance  Germany  Apple  Google  Intel  HMRC  Netherlands  Luxembourg  Switzerland  UK  Brexit  Austerity  bank  bailout 
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ARM chip designer to be bought by Japan's Softbank
ARM-Who? //&! 43% premium // - One key question is whether other firms will let SoftBank purchase ARM or if there will be a bidding war. Apple, arguably ARM’s most important client, and Intel, which lost the mobile chip war to ARM, are both potential buyers. The offer is already a generous multiple. As the FT notes, it’s some 70 times ARM’s net income last year. That’s around the same price-to-earnings ratio as Facebook stock. //&! politicians grasping for a positive headline - - &! &! << calling a takeover/M&A an investment is criminal. Softbank will extract value out of it for its shareholders. What else?! &! Labeling Softbank as a japanese company; &! Vince Cable worried - &! :: M&A is not investment, stupid! misleading people.
M&A  SoftBank  Capital  shareholder  value  shareholder  capitalism  dividends  smart  phone  IoT  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  equity  bubble  distortion  hunt  for  yield  ARM  Venture  Capital  ROI  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  technological  unemployment  research  R&D  productive  investment  Intel  Apple 
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The Growth Trap
[ growing for growth sake! vs growing in a world/area that is not conducive to grow ] When Twitter went public in 2013, its stock soared and its value jumped to $25 billion. Its founders and early investors got rich. But since then, the company has been considered a failure, despite the fact that it boasts 320 million active users, because it's not growing fast enough. Douglas Rushkoff, author of "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity," talks to Steve Paikin about why he sees the push for more growth as dangerous. // true capitalists (shareholder, crony, greedy) w/o self-regulation or governance extract all the value there is to extract and then leave, dispersing it to the few who already have [...] WE MUST REWRITE THE RULES OF THE GROWTH GAME ITSELF! [...] you want to optimise the economy based on velocity of money (circulation of money), not share price and value extraction [...]
Venture  Capital  Unicorn  shareholder  capitalism  Greed  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  Wall  Street  Wall  Street  activists  Yahoo!  Google  Inc.  Alphabet  Inc.  Microsoft  IBM  Intel  Oracle  capitalism  exploitation  Super  Rich  short-termism  short-term  thinking  1%  plutocracy  oligarchy  M&A  economic  growth  growth  round  Mutual  Fund  macroeconomic  policy  secular  stagnation  Private  Equity  MBO  Pivot  IPO  dividends  prosperity  Start-Ups  Start-up  s&p500  pension  scheme  pension  finite  resources  resource  depletion  economic  history  creative  destruction  share  buyback  Apple  capitalism  in  crisis  capitalist  Uber  monopoly  oligopol  oligopoly  antitrust  corruption  western  world  squeezed  middle  class  emerging  middle  class  BRIC  business  cycle  company  book  cost  center  overhead  costcutting  operating  performance  operating  margin  globalisation  globalization  Universal  Basic  Income  artificial  intelligence  AI  augmented  intelligence  Robotics  automation  structural  unemployment  materialism  consumerism  status  anxiety  disenfranchise  disenfranchised  youth  unemployment  post-capitalism  Mobile  Banlieue  deprivation  poverty  trap  poverty  meritocracy  meritocratic  Gini  value  coefficie 
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The tech industry has cut a Google’s worth of jobs in the past 12 months
bigger companies, more profitable products, with less people. // “It would be wrong to assume that increased job cuts are a sign of weakness in the tech sector,” Challenger, Gray & Christmas CEO John Challenger said in a statement. “The simple fact is that the industry is going through a transformation and companies either have to shift their focus or risk extinction. We will always need technology, but how we interact with it, as well as where and when we interact with it, are changing rapidly.” //&! - Intel missed the mobile revolution. Now it faces its day of reckoning.
Silicon  Valley  Unicorn  Instagram  WhatsApp  productivity  Software  Eats  The  World  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Software  Revolution  Software  Development  Slack  Facebook  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  winner  take  all  IBM  Intel  Microsoft  Salesforce  antitrust  overhead  cost  center  AWS  cloudcomputing  Cloudstorage  Netflix  Amazon  Azure  Google  Cloud  Google  Inc.  Alphabet  Inc.  Oracle  Mobile  Creative  scalability  scaling  scale  Snapchat  Twitter  Apple  automation  robotics  AI  artificial  intelligence  3D  printing  autonomous  cars  self-driving  cars  labour  market  job  market  skill  gap  skills  gap  homescreen 
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What to Make of Amazon's Work Practices? | Bothsides of the Table
It’s best encapsulated in a famous Jeff Bezos quote, “You can work long, hard or smart, but at you can’t choose two out of three,” [...] Try working at Goldman Sachs, [...] You think it’s different at any of the top consulting firms? [...] You see organizations like these thrive on large pools of some of the country’s best and brightest graduates that trade off 2-5 years of work experience under extreme pressure in exchange for skills, experiences & relationships that will last a lifetime. [Accelerated Learning] [...] Think its a cake walk working @ any of the countries top law firms? [...] Should we do an article on what it’s like to be a medical resident? How abt working in the US military? Chief of Staff for a major political figure? What abt a top athlete in the NFL or NBA or even part of the coaching staff. Think they dont have work/life balance challenges in a field theyve chosen to work in? [#Top 100 of X vs avg white- or blue-collar worker ] [what u optimize for?]
Silicon  Valley  Amazon  Jeff  Bezos  HR  human  resources  hiring  recruiting  recruitment  people  management  team  management  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Start-up  Start-up  of  You  career  advice  career  ladder  accelerated  learning  White-collar  Worker  average  Failure  Blue-collar  Worker  Workers  Union  benefits  perks  Google  Microsoft  beyond  workplace  drama  workplace  work  environment  environment  SME  SMB  Germany  culture  work  life  balance  well  being  chronic  stress  happiness  index  elite  athlete  elite  sports  war  for  talent  ID  Tour  of  Duty  Reed  Hastings  Netflix  Reid  Hoffman  linkedin  Intel  Apple  life  lesson  life  hacker  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Hustle  advice  lesson  4-day  work  week  TeamTreehouse  Ryan  Carson  Facebook  Twitter  Dick  Costolo  productivity  focused  Focus  execution  entrepreneurship  Founders  Success  competitive  competition  competitiveness  knowledge 
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Pando: The $13 billion question: Is the dramatic step up in corporate VC cyclical or structural?
Corporate venture capital has a difficult relationship with Silicon Valley. They’re in, then they’re out. Sometimes they invest for return, other times they just invest to get a quick peek under the competition’s covers. And the worst: When right of first refusal M&A clauses can hinder a startup’s future options. Other would-be acquirers can be loathe to even kick the tires lest they be little more than a stalking horse in a deal that’s already a fait accompli. [ even NYT invested some money into a EU start-up to sell single articles on a platform (silo) ] // Corporate VCs move slower than a typical VC can, which is annoying to time-pressed founders. And frequently “the partners” aren’t great or even operating in a partner structure. Think about it: Why would a top VC be at a corporate? With rare exceptions, ...
Venture  Capital  Intel  Microsoft  Wireless  Carrier 
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The Phablet Effect – AVC
[ remote control for your life, of your life ] Tablets are niche. Watches are niche. You could even argue that desktops are becoming niche. Everything pales in comparison to the smartphone it seems. [ small computer connected to super computer and all the worlds information ] & [ will have also impact on semiconductor business. marginal costs lower for mass smartphone parts, could (will eventually) find its way into the data center according to a16z Peter Levine and Benedict Evans and others. - - Mobile Invades the Data Center & Consumerization (commodity hardware and software (OPEN SOURCE) will orchestrate everything else) of the Data Center &! &! &! A Copernican Update … In Tech, the Smartphone Is the Center - // &! - The smartphone is the new sun.
phablet  Tablet  Smartphone  mobile  phone  mobile  homescreen  user  behaviour  snacking  technological  history  technological  progress  semiconductor  marginal  cost  commodity  business  commoditization  data  center  cloudcomputing  economics  of  abundance  Moore's  Law  Technology  Intel  Nvidia  AMD  ATI  ARM  Platform  Open  Source  Mainframe  Open  Hardware  Qualcomm  Google  Apple  MediaTek 
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What Google’s Alphabet Really Spells for Silicon Valley: “I” Is for Innovation (And Also Irrelevance) | Re/code
Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive. // To my mind, Google needn’t agonize about staying current to what the kids are up to quite as much as it seems. I know former Intel star Andy Grove once said that “only the paranoid survive,” but everyone from my vantage point seems have taken that to extremes. In fact, aging probably shouldn’t be so much a worry anywhere in Silicon Valley, given the most powerful companies are run by these same ever-aging execs, and most of the money funding the startups is controlled by another cadre of mature — almost always — former dudes. The olds run the place more than it looks. [...] To modify the famed “Godfather II” quote from Hyman Roth: This is the life you have chosen (to always change). Plato once noted that “nothing is real, because everything is always changing or becoming something else.” It’s an old saying, for sure, but it still works for me and maybe realizing that is not such a bad thing.
Google  Google  Inc.  Alphabet  Inc.  Larry  Page  Sergey  Brin  Silicon  Valley  Intel  book  life  hacker  life  lesson  Start-up  of  You  creative  destruction  competitive  competitiveness  competition 
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Pando: Michael Malone: We cost the valley probably ten billion dollars, but we saved a lot of lives
Earlier today, at the Intel Capital Global Summit, Pando's Sarah Lacy sat down with author Michael Malone to talk about his latest book, The Intel Trinity. - - "ability to remake yourself" - improbable in Germany with stigma of Failure and fear of failure and laws that put you in if you fail. culture. reinforcement and support. // as IPO approaches (and post-IPO), company and culture changes, people start to work for a raise. // Valley isn't kept honest because of poor reporting, people not digging, companies coming out with guns (litigation) if they don't like the PR they did not send out. 'you are either inside the walls or ouside the walls' // pando and theinformation are currently only current non-cheersquad outlet. that is not contributing the HypeCyle or not re-phrasing press releases. // telling the truth - vs - trade-business press (TechCrunch and Co)
economic  history  Silicon  Valley  ecosystem  corporate  law  Failure  Intel  technological  history 
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Why Andrew Ng left Google and joined Baidu | Hacker News
When companies turn into giants. It's hard to run through the giant battleship and rally guys for your initiative. And not let talk about moving fast/iterating/experimenting. [...] Question is post Steve Jobs - can keep Apple its Start-up mentality? // "If a guy like Ng was frustrated inside of Google by 'committee meetings' keeping him from getting things done quickly, then that says something about the current state of affairs there." Are the big ones are running scared on the inside, focused defending the existing turf? ++ + + +
Google  Microsoft  Yahoo!  IBM  Apple  Nokia  business  management  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Wall  Street  Salesforce  Amazon  Baidu  Rakuten  Alibaba  Twitter  Facebook  ebay  Cisco  Unilever  Procter  &  Gamble  Coca-Cola  Oracle  Intel  AutoCad  EMC  VMware  Adobe  LVHM  Fortune  500  creative  destruction  value  creation 
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Notes on Leadership // ben's blog
So what makes people want to follow a leader? We look for 3 key traits:

The ability to articulate the vision
The right kind of ambition
The ability to achieve the vision

A better definition comes from former Secretary of State Colin Powell who said: “You have achieved excellence as a leader when people will follow you anywhere if only out of curiosity.” For our purposes, we can generalize this to be the measure of the quality of a leader: the quantity, quality and diversity of people who want to follow her.
entrepreneurship  leadership  CEO  business  management  people  tuki  vision  Intel  Apple  stevejobs 
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Google and Partners Seek Foothold in the Living Room -
For Google, the project is a pre-emptive move to get a foothold in the living room as more consumers start exploring ways to bring Web content to their television sets. Google wants to aggressively ensure that its services, in particular its search and advertising systems, play a central role.

“Google wants to be everywhere the Internet is so they can put ads there,” said one of the people with knowledge of the project.
google  intel  partner  business  googletv  socialmedia  internet  android  tv  strategy  strategy-making  strategic 
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Through Intel, Venture Firms Send Message To Washington - Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ
Intel emphasizes job creation, a worthy endeavor at a time when unemployment continues to rise. Keith Larson, vice president at Intel Capital, notes that such an investing commitment is important to getting job growth on track and improving the economy. He says that venture funds could pull back and not invest at all during the current economic climate, and that this alliance shows a commitment to improving the economy.
intel  venturecapital  VC  recession  usa  unemployment  job-creation 
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