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England’s Last Gasp of Empire -
“Beneath the surface, he saw an angry, lost society in which the centuries-old pillars of Britishness — empire, church, navy, class — were crumbling.”
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Does The Myth of Meritocracy show us how to alleviate inequality?
No debate about social mobility is complete without reference to the supposedly halcyon days of the 1950s and 1960s. The class fluidity of those decades, however, was not the result of professions becoming more meritocratic. It was caused by an unprecedented rise in the number of middle-class jobs: there was more room at the top. [...] Bloodworth writes that 21st-century society is characterised by a dwindling of professional jobs and more people slipping downwards: there is “more room at the bottom”. [...] Globalisation has created what the economist Robert H Frank calls “winner-takes-all” markets
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After the EU Referendum: What Next for Britain and Europe? - YouTube
why England voted leave, why did the Project Fear not work? >> "inequality, identity, and immigration." [...] cultural divide (ie the passport statistic - more or less cosmopolitan, plays also into identity), educational divide (higher attainment higher remain votes), and to some smaller parts economic divide [...] and the AGE DIVIDE! [...] median income divide (low median income = leave vote) [...] 'Poorest voted to leave as life can't get any harder. And punch the toffs in the face. The only chance you've got.' [...] net immigration 300k low skilled, the sized of Newcastle = pressure on schools and services (longer queues). + AUSTERITY + secular stagnation + no wage increase + cost of living increase = DISASTER. low skilled England had to compete with low skilled EEA immigrants.
Brexit  inequality  income  distribution  Identitypolitics  Identitätspolitik  immigration  social  mobility  income  mobility  UK  England  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Precariat  long-term  unemployment  structural  unemployment  European  Union  austerity  GFC  bank  bailout  nasty  party  Conservative  Centrist  Labour  Tories  No  Representation  Religion  Muslim  Islam  Northern  Powerhouse  Westminster  Whitehall  globalisation  globalization  Protest  Vote  AfD  UKIP  poverty  poverty  trap  poverty  porn  Gini  coefficient  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  Super  Rich  1%  10%  20%  EEA  NHS  NHS  Crisis  education  policy  staff  shortage  locum  doctor  locum  staff  teacher  shortage 
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