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Gerald Celente On Soros & The Panama Papers & Why A Hillary Clinton Presidency Means War
Why do they not publish all the name that use the services and avoid taxes legally through tax loopholes?!?! All the sudden it is PRIVATE DATA! national accounts of a county economically damaged by tax evasion and avoidance is all the sudden PRIVATE DATA. A PRIVATE MATTER. Who's names did they publish? Russia, China, ... Iceland and a non-incriminating account of David Cameron. It stinks! Doesn't pass the sniff test. //&! Full Show: Soros And CIA Behind Panama Papers - 04/05/16 - The Alex Jones Channel - [...] min 1:09:00 - John McAfee "smear enemies [...] we know who you are, we can black mail you" west keeps it's powder dry! //&! >> police infiltrated Greenpeace and other activist groups because they are deemed terrorists, duh. What stops them to go even further, nowadays?
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BBC News - Greece's government unveils major spending cuts
"We must change or sink," said Mr Papandreou, in a speech to business and union leaders.

He added that Greece had "lost every trace of credibility" and the country had to "move immediately to a new social deal".

Indicating that some spending cuts would be painful, he said that "we must all lose our comfort".
greece  credibility  iceland  sovereign  debt  government 
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Morgan Stanley fears UK sovereign debt crisis in 2010 - Telegraph
While the report – “Tougher Times in 2010” – is not linked to the Dubai debacle, it is a reminder that countries merely bought time during the crisis by resorting to fiscal stimulus and shunting private losses onto public books. The rescues – though necessary – have not resolved the underlying debt problem. They have storied up a second set of difficulties by degrading sovereign debt across much of the world.

The UK failed to put aside money in the fat years to offset this time-honoured fiscal cycle. It ran a budget deficit of 3pc of GPD at the peak of the boom when prudent countries such as Finland and even Spain were running a surplus of over 2pc.

“We need to raise VAT to 20pc and make seriously dramatic cuts in services that go beyond anything that Alistair Darling or David Cameron are talking about. Nobody seems to have the courage to face up to this,” said Mr Buik.
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On the sovereign debt crisis and the debt servicing cost mentality
In my view, economic stimulus has been warranted in order stabilize the financial system and prevent economic collapse. However, the price of that stimulus is unsustainably high increases in government debt — in a world in which private sector debt is already critically high. I see the sovereign debt problem as critical, especially in Europe. The sooner we abandon a debt servicing cost mentality, the more likely we are to face up to this challenge.
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No more Happy Meals in Iceland, McDonalds calls it quits - Oct. 27, 2009
A McDonald's (MCD, Fortune 500) Big Mac hamburger currently sells for the equivalent of $5.29, making Iceland one of the most expensive places in the world to buy the sandwich. Only Norway and Switzerland charge more, according to the countries listed on the Economist magazine's Big Mac Index, published in February.
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