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(4602) Camille Paglia: How to Deal with Men Like Harvey Weinstein - YouTube
super rant / Camille Paglia: How to Deal with Men Like Harvey Weinstein // ?TERF much? // post-modernism critic? eg Wittgenstein and Foucault // Freud // Jung //// Peterson interviews Paglia - //&! - Postmodernism Exposed - Chomsky, Peterson, Paglia & Hicks &! - Paglia: "Young People Have Given Up on Freedom" - Hoff Sommers AEI is conservative neoliberal think tank //&! - Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege //
Jordan  Peterson  Harvey  Weinstein  Camille  Paglia  sexism  Sexismus  Feminism  feminist  TERF  LGBT  masculinity  gender-based  discrimination  post-modernism  Freud  Jung  Sociology  Psychology  Society  objectification  superficial  Selbstdarstellung  Conservative  Retrotopia  Transgender  hate  speech  crime  post-racial  America  Identity  Politics  Culture  BAME  IQ  Socialism  Marx  Marxism 
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(4510) Jordan Peterson LIVE: 12 Rules for Life - An Antidote to Chaos - YouTube - H3 Podcast #37 - Jordan Peterson - 59:00 Hiterl was a mouthpiece (not the man w the ideas) for resentment in population (exploitation w cheap nationalistic populism), Same again w Trump and Brexit and AfD. 'It was a collaboration between Hitler and the people.' again Brexit Trump - bridge between poor people and elites. Allister Heath "sacred and historic compact between elites and people” // Carl Jung - people dont have ideas, ideas have people. // Ben Shapiro / Milo Yiannopoulos / Douglas Murray / et al // Jordan Peterson Tweet about sexual assault/rape/abuse/violence post-Weinstein 'its time to get sex back into marriage.' is a anti post-modernism answer - retrotopia to the problem. Finds Michel Foucault a reprehensible, resentment-ridden individual // - With all the accusations of sex assault emerging (eg Louis CK) we are going to soon remember why sex was traditionally enshrined in marriage... // anti-ideology cult, pro free speech, anti professional demonstarator(s) indoctrinating feable //
Jordan  Peterson  Psychology  Ideology  book  post-modernism  Identity  LGBT  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  IQ  Sociology  free  speech  White  Supremacy  Conservative  radicalism  Feminism  feminist  sexism  Sexismus  gender-based  democracy  No  Representation  Culture  Politics  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  PC  political  correctness  Brexit  AfD  Islam  Racism  Rassismus  Xenophobia  Homophobia  hate  crime  Islamophobia  Retrotopia  Utopia  Foucault  Heidegger  Psychopath  Hitler 
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Household income plays crucial role in determining a child's prospects – report | Inequality | The Guardian
LSE review of 61 childhood studies sheds new light on the role of money on cognitive and educational outcomes, social development and physical health - “We can now confidently say that money itself matters and needs to be taken into account if we want to improve children’s outcomes,” //&! - Neither study explains the cause of the cognitive differences. Although the authors of both studies admit that genetic factors could be involved, they suspect that environmental exposures such as stress and nutrition are more important and begin even before the babies are born. &! &! &!
UK  social  mobility  income  poverty  trap  working  poor  Precariat  education  policy  child  care  IQ  EQ  deprivation  USA  inequality  equality  BTW2017  BTW17  GE2017  sociology  psychology  mental  health  well  being  public  chronic  sick  population  living  standard  Politics  gini  Coefficient  Trickle-down 
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Ernährung und Gehirn: Wie Essen Gedächtnis und Intelligenz beeinflusst - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[cause or correlation to poverty and deprivation (junk food use) associated otherwise with factors eg communication, books, attention, care] // &! &! ] Schädliches Junkfood?

Ein Ergebnis: Kinder, die nicht gestillt wurden oder als Kleinkinder viel stark verarbeitetes, fett- und zuckerreiches Essen aßen, waren im Alter von acht Jahren etwas weniger intelligent als gesünder ernährte Zeitgenossen, die Muttermilch und mehr frisches, selbst gekochtes Essen konsumierten.

Dass gerade Junkfood offenbar nicht gut fürs Gehirn ist, zeigt auch eine aktuelle Untersuchung von 245 iranischen Grundschülern. Kinder, die viele raffinierte Kohlenhydrate wie etwa industriell hergestellten Weißzucker, Weißbrot oder Nudeln zu sich nahmen, erzielten schlechtere Ergebnisse in bestimmten Intelligenztests.
poverty  food  public  health  diet  lifestyle  chronic  sick  population  IQ  EQ  education  policy  S.A.D.  western  Standard  American  junk  processed  diabetes  Lead  Mercury  Fish  toxins  toxicity  childhood  social  mobility  child  care  welfare  state  parenthood  parenting 
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Lord Bird wants prevention unit for poverty - BBC News
"If you can't feed, you can't think.
"You've got this underlying situation where many, many families in this country are just about holding on.
"What we have to realise is that the lack of material security undermines everything else.
"So when people chastise the poor for not getting off their rears, it's often because with that material lack of independence all the other lights go out, the whole tree goes out."
Poverty  trap  IQ  working  poor 
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Youtube - Eine BeSCHANDsaufnahme | Behaind
Mehr zur BeSCHANDsaufnahme - Feedback - //&! Youtube Kritik mit Flo und David # MARIES STAMMTISCH - //&! Reach (width) vs Depth (Gary V, clickthrough, word of mouth, adding always value, not wasting your time, ) [...] vlogs and let's play mit keiner eigenen kreativen eigenleistung.
YouTube  Entertainment  Escapeism  mobile  homescreen  Gaming  attention  arbitrage  attention  graph  attention  span  Social  Media  Clickbait  Linkbait  Newsfeed  BuzzFeed  Casey  Neistat  Gary  Vaynerchuk  community  sex  sells  Wegwerfgesellschaft  exploitation  IQ  instant  gratification  gratification  Dopamine  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  Snapchat  value  add  added  value  Influencer  Twitch  Entertainment  Industry  Tabloid  gossip  gossip  culture  Kim  Kardashian  Reality  TV  Television  Music  Industry  Hollywood  Gesellschaft  society  Creative  destruction  vlog  vlogging 
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Regional divide in smoking in pregnancy - BBC News
[ doesn't even include second hand smoke that pregnant women are exposed to! ] NHS data shows 27.2% of mothers-to-be in Blackpool smoke throughout pregnancy compared with 2.1% in Westminster. And, each year, more than 70,000 pregnancies are affected by smoking. The overall rate has fallen to below 11% in England, but the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group report urges a national target of below 6% by 2020. Each year, smoking during pregnancy in the UK causes an estimated: 2,200 premature births. 5,000 miscarriages. 300 stillbirths. [...] "We also know that there are big regional variations, with rates much higher in poorer communities. "We cannot be complacent." //&!
motherhood  childhood  childhood  development  child  abuse  tobacco  Alcohol  substance  abuse  deprivation  NHS  post  code  lottery  poverty  poverty  trap  child  poverty  Gini  coefficient  nanny  state  inequality  health  crisis  sick  population  IQ  public  health  policy  public  health  parenthood  health  inequality  austerity  Services  Social  Services  public  awareness  public  perception 
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How World of Warcraft Could Save Your Business and The Economy - YouTube - Hagel is/was Deloitt CEO? // working in a self-organising group, << big corporation. multi-product company. // Start-up of You - invent your own dashboard for you. OKR & continual learning, exploration, execution, challenging yourself. getting up again after failure and learning/analysing it and trying again. &! passion, curiosity, interest driven. //
MBA  hiring  human  resources  HR  EQ  IQ  softskills  practical  skills  skill-biased  technological  change  Problem  Solving  practical  skill  set  Start-Up  advice  of  You  Start-Up  lesson  TQ  corporate  values  corporate  culture  meritocracy  meritocratic  Office  Politics  OKR  Failure  continual  education  education  policy 
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Neue Studie zeigt: Ohne Abschluss kaum Chancen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Deutschen Chefs sind formale Abschlüsse besonders wichtig, zeigt eine neue Auswertung der PIACC-Studie. Für Geringqualifizierte sind die Jobchancen in Deutschland ungleich schlechter als in anderen Ländern.
Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  mobility  downward  mobility  education  policy  Future  of  Work  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  inequality  Germany  automation  Robotics  Share  Economy  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  AI  algorithm  assessment  center  skill-biased  technological  change  practical  skills  practical  skill  set  IQ  EQ  Liberal  Arts 
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The Most Valuable Skill Every Recruiter Overlooks — The Entrepreneur’s Journey — Medium
[ LISTENING SKILLS ] [...] >> Empathy. To be a great leader is to be a great listener instead of a talker. Think about it. When a project isn’t getting done, or somebody is unhappy, how do you move forward? Do you go into the solution right away? Absolutely not. Before you fix the problem, you need to figure out what the problem actually is. And you’re not going to figure that out by walking into a room and taking charge immediately. Why are we 2 weeks behind? Why is something at a standstill? The way you win is by listening to the reasons WHY things aren’t going well. Once you have assessed those, you can jump into problem solving mode.
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  corporate  culture  corporate  values  personal  values  EQ  IQ  practical  skills  practical  skill  set  Leadership 
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The Responsive Enterprise: Embracing the Hacker Way - ACM Queue
The "Seven Aspects of our Culture," as described in a Netflix slide presentation (Values are what we Value; High Performance; Freedom and Responsibility; Context, not Control; Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled; Pay Top of Market; and Promotions and Development) provides a crisp formulation of people-management values for a software-centric enterprise.4 Here is our take on four of Netflix's seven core values: [...] No company embodies the hacker culture better than Facebook, and CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg explained the idea eloquently in his letter to investors when Facebook filed for its IPO: "Hacker culture is also extremely open and meritocratic. Hackers believe that the best idea and implementation should always win—not the person who is best at lobbying for an idea or the person who manages the most people."10
Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Lean  Start-Up  corporate  culture  corporate  values  personal  values  feedback  loop  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Future  of  Work  meritocratic  meritocracy  Power  Play  Patriarchy  Aristocracy  IQ  EQ  abuse  of  lobby  gender  politics  gender  pay  gap  gender  policing  gender-based  discrimination  STEM  Women  in  Tech  Silicon  Valley  Open  Source  decision  making 
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Emotionen erkennen können lohnt sich.
Die Bonner Wissenschaftler folgern, dass bei der Auswahl von Führungskräften mehr Wert auf die Fähigkeit zur Emotions-Erkennung gelegt werden sollte – vor allem, wenn es im Beruf auf den Umgang mit Menschen ankommt. "Wie oft hört man Führungskräfte von Verständnis und Wertschätzung sprechen", kritisiert Blickle – "und wenn man ihr Führungsverhalten sieht, stellt man fest, dass sie beides nicht haben."
EQ  IQ  HR  human  resources  people  management  managementm  team  management  management  business  management  Leadership 
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Smart Teenage Brains May Get Some Extra Learning Time : Shots - Health News : NPR
Hewitt and Brant don't know why some teenagers continue to learn at the pace of much younger children. It may be that smart kids gravitate to challenging activities and this keeps them receptive to learning. Or it could be that genes that lead to high IQ also trigger an extended learning period. [...] The study, published in Psychological Science, suggests that for many children it may be a mistake to stop learning new things. Even if you're a teenager, it might not be too late to start learning Chinese, chess or the cello.
genetics  environment  IQ  brain  plasticity  childhood  learning  living  environment  childhood  development  brain 
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Can Exercise Protect the Brain From Fatty Foods? -
High-fat diet impairs brain function.
Exercise limits decline, if not even improves brain function slightly while still on a high-fat diet ... in mice.

Just why high-fat diets might affect the brain and how exercise undoes the damage is not yet clear. “Our research suggests that free fatty acids” from high-fat foods may actually infiltrate the brain, ... The fatty acids may then jump-start a process that leads to cellular damage in portions of the brain that control memory and learning, he says.

Exercise, on the other hand, seems to stimulate the production of specific biochemical substances in the brain that fight that process,

there’s enough accumulating evidence about the potential cognitive risks of high-fat foods and the countervailing benefits from physical activity to recommend that “people exercise moderately,” he says, particularly during periods of repeated exposure to alluring, fatty holiday buffets.
Health  fitness  public  policy  public  Exercise  IQ  diet  science  crisis  neuroscience 
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Raising an Accidental Prodigy -
Some researchers estimate that as few as 50% of children with extraordinary gifts achieve their potential as adults, according to a study published last year in Roeper Review, a scholarly journal. Many obstacles can block these kids, from poverty or poor-quality schools, to adults' high expectations, fear of failure or pressure from peers to fit in, researchers say.
Many parents of famous, high-achieving adults in the past had domineering parents who projected their own failed ambitions onto their kids, says Ted Goertzel, a sociology professor at Rutgers University in Camden, N.J., and co-author of "Cradles of Eminence," a study of the childhoods of 700 famous people. Researchers say kids don't excel for long, however, unless they are also driven to achieve by their own internal motivation.

"The key," "is for the parent to find out what the child's interest is." When the child is encouraged to pursue something that truly interests him, "that talent will never disappear."
highpotential  parents  kids  IQ  child  children  development 
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