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Pando: Sources: Vegas-based Work In Progress co-work space is shutting its doors
Organic is better is more sustainable // Vegas Downtown Project // have a framework (macroprudential policy), but don't pick winners, cities, regions, ... roundabouts. // semiconductor boom bust in scotland, outside glasgow, area - via tax breaks (ie IBM spango vallye)
free  market  Venture  Capital  subsidies  subsidizing  corporate  welfare  Silicon  Valley  Vegas  Downtown  Project  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  Los  Angeles  Start-Up  Scene  New  York  Start-Up  Scene  Silicon  Alley  economic  history  fossil  fuel  renewable  energy  carbon  tax  carbon  trading  scheme  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  tax  code  fiscal  policy  industrial  policy  job  creation  STEM  Manufacturing  dogma  trickle-down  economics  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  short-termism  Opportunism  opportunist  microeconomic  policy  macroprudential  policy  macroeconomic  policy  intellectual  property  IP  progressive  tax  code  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  democracy  social  democracy  fairness 
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Fine Brothers spark fury with YouTube trademark attempt - BBC News
[ protecting an entertainment format - old school TV. YT goes TV. ] 2015 applied to trademark terms "Kids React", "Adults React" & "Celebrities React", as well as the word "react" itself, which could be used to form new variations of the format. [...] a licensing scheme called React World, which they said would let other video-makers use the "react" title and assets such as their graphics and music. But the plan was negatively received by the YouTube community because so many people already make similar reaction-based videos online, using the word "react" in the title. "They had a bunch of trademarks already and nobody minded," said Jon, a YouTuber from Many A True Nerd. "But the moment they got to just the word 'react', it was just too commonly used. "People aren't sure whether they will fall foul of the trademark. "As creators, we have sympathy that you want to protect your content from being stolen - but in this case it's too far," he told the BBC. & backing-off
trademark  copyright  copyright  infringement  creative  creativity  creative  destruction  bootleg  license  rights  holder  The  Content  Wars  intellectual  property  intellectualproperty  IP  YouTube  Content  ID  Commons 
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Apple Wins Ruling in Bid to Block Samsung - YouTube - Samsung could be forced to stop selling some phones after Apple won an appeal in a US court.
Apple  patent  troll  patents  IP  intellectual  property  Google  Inc.  Android  Microsoft 
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How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo: Steve Ballmer and Corporate America’s Most Spectacular Decline | Vanity Fair
Lost decade under Ballmer, the sales guy. Sales guy is not the right guy 2 make a dent into the universe. //&! JULY 2012 Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture That Felled a Tech Giant - //&! NOVEMBER 2014 The Empire Reboots - //&! //&! Bill & Ballmer not on speaking terms - //&! Steve Ballmer talks LA Clippers, Satya Nadella & Microsoft. Just dont ask him abt Gates - //&! // &! Start-up advice/lesson is that you have to have a true north to be long-term relevant, big enough to be seemingly inexhaustible! Yahoo! NO. AOL. NO. Twitter. Still Debating it internally, reflective of nobody being the true leader with true leadership capabilities, everyone cooking & suggesting spices. Facebook. YES. LinkedIn. YES (economic graph). Amazon. YES. Zappos. YES. RocketInternet. NO. Google. YES. Foursquare. YES. Tumblr. NO. Reddit. YES. HBO. YES.
Steve  Ballmer  Bill  Gates  Apple  Google  Google  Inc.  Alphabet  Inc.  Platform  EULA  Windows  8  Windows  10  Satya  Nadella  Leadership  CEO  mission  vision  Principle  Mittelstand  SME  SMB  consumer  product  Facebook  Twitter  Bing  Yahoo!  WhatsApp  WeChat  Line  Kakao  Talk  Silo  SAAS  Microsoft  Azure  AWS  Amazon  Silicon  Valley  Android  iOS  Hardware  Software  Nokia  Patent  patents  IP  intellectual  property  technological  progress  technological  history  disruption  disrupting  markets  bottom  up  dream  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Venture  Capital  Google+  Tumblr  Reddit  AOL  linkedin  foursquare  Dennis  Crowley  HBO 
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What is Angela Ahrendts doing at Apple? - Fortune
“She motivates people. She inspires people. And she is the sort of person who wants to see things succeed as a team. It’s a rare quality.” [...] Ahrendts believes the key to the company’s future is not just marvelous products, but also engaging and energizing its nearly 100,000 employees, 60% of whom now work in retail division. “If you’re going to employ people anyway,” she says, “why not make them the differentiator? They’re not a commodity.” Now that there are 459 Apple stores in 15 countries, many people have their first Apple experience inside a store—a first impression that could forever tarnish the brand if it’s not good. “Burberry was about building a relationship,” she says. “But it was always about selling an amazing product that you would have forever. Apple is just a deeper relationship with a much broader constituency. Because it’s everybody.” // apple positioned itself just above everyone else it competes w [having a margin!], but not too far up to be douchy, off-setting
Angela  Ahrendts  Retail  brick  and  mortar  business  Apple  aspirational  product  marketing  user  experience  pure  play  e-commerce  Tim  Cook  user  engagement  customer  experience  UI  UX  CEO  Leadership  people  management  team  management  customer  service  customer  acquisition  customer  user  acquisition  user  churn  communication  Positioning  Value  Proposition  added  creation  emotion  advertisement  advertising  status  anxiety  community  community  management  R&D  STEM  Research  IP  intellectual  property  differentiate  differentiation 
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SAP: Ehemaliger Mitarbeiter erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen SAP - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Hinter den Kulissen tobt um die Entwicklungsgeschichte des Erfolgsprodukts indes seit Jahren ein erbittert und mit harten Bandagen geführter Streit, der mittlerweile auch Gerichte und Behörden in Deutschland und den USA beschäftigt. Ausgerechnet ein Mitarbeiter der internen SAP-Revision, der mit einer Untersuchung ("Audit") über den Entwicklungsprozess von Hana befasst war, wirft dem Unternehmen vor, sich bei der Entwicklung eigener Produkte wie Hana am geistigen Eigentum von Wettbewerbern wie Oracle, IBM und Teradata bedient zu haben. Der bislang unbekannte Vorgang geht aus internen SAP-Dokumenten sowie Gerichtsunterlagen hervor, [...] Für SAP sind die Vorwürfe gefährlich, denn das Unternehmen ist einschlägig vorbelastet. In den vergangenen Jahren musste es Wettbewerbern wie Oracle Chart zeigen bereits hunderte Millionen Dollar an Schadensersatz überweisen. [...] [ $25m fuer sich zu fordern war dumm. Super naive. Schweigegeld oder was? ]
SAP  Oracle  intellectual  property  IP  IBM  competitive  competitiveness  competition  Silicon  Valley  M&A  Big  Data  disruption  disrupting  markets  SME  SMB  Mittelstand  innovation 
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Paul Mason - is capitalism dead? | Guardian Live - YouTube
100 year process, this is the 21st century // when you define the problem you also define the solution, in most cases. from A to B. // capitalism has rent-seeking tendency. DRM and IP/intellectual property is rent-seeking. // --- need book what to do with post-capitalism tools, open source, open data, share economy, shared economic interest, transparency, political reform - voucher system (Larry Lessig). --- // biotech and gene and new age of medicine will replace hardware and proprietary software (already being displaced by open source) //
post-capitalism  crony  capitalism  monopoly  monopsony  Silicon  Valley  Wall  Street  Paul  Mason  rent-seeking  intellectual  property  Page  Rank  Google  Search  copyright  IP  intellectualproperty  DRM  Kindle  Amazon  Microsoft  Open  Source  Open  Data  civic  good  Public  civic  society  Share  Economy  proprietary  software  Karl  Marx  economic  history  shared  economic  interest  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  buyback  underinvestment  productive  investment  climate  change  interest  groups  vested  interest  interestgroups  fiduciary  responsibility  long-term  view  long-term  thinking  faultlines  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Career  Politicians  social  contract  No  Representation  neoliberalism  neoliberal  exploitation  Gini  coefficient  Future  of  Work  Mobile  Creatives  knowledge  knowledge  worker  3D  printing  marginal  cost  economics  of  abundance  renewable  energy  commodity  business  commoditization  book  meritocracy  meritocratic  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  zombie  consumer  finite  resources  status  anxiety  identity  society  philosophy  sociology  social  cohesion  social  tension  inequality  income  mobility  social  mobility  4-day  week  leisure  tim 
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BBC TV chief warns of US threat after big-money Amazon deals | Media | The Guardian
>> iPlayer needs to become an international subscription business. and leverage the BBC brand (sought after and trusted, it's the last public crown jewl that actually can compete in a global market! Channel 4 or ITV can't. ) // “Their model is built on having global rights and we have got to respect that. They are a very smart, impressive bunch of people,” Cohen said. “The key thing we look at more and more is the impact of global competition rather than just in the UK where very big companies can distribute their content around the world. That is a very big challenge.”
distribution  model  BBC  British  Broadcasting  Company  Netflix  HBO  cable  provider  Amazon  Amazon  Prime  on-demand  convenience  friction  frictionless  user  experience  economies  of  scale  scale  globalization  globalisation  digital  economy  digital  content  Television  TV  The  Wars  content  discovery  content  distribution  user  generated  content  competition  competitiveness  IP  intellectual  property  differentiate  differentiation  Branding  brand  awareness 
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The History of the Patent Troll - Slashdot
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Patents (HBO) -
patent  trolls  patent  troll  IP  intellectual  property  patents 
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Online Stars Feel Cheated As YouTube, Facebook Battle Over Videos : All Tech Considered : NPR
The video got 1 million views in one day on Douglass' YouTube channel. And then, he says, "a very popular Facebook group also downloaded this video from my YouTube site and re-uploaded it on their Facebook page where they have millions of followers and in the first 24 hours that video on Facebook got 20 million views." Douglass says those 20 million views would have meant about $20,000 on YouTube. Instead, he made nothing. [...] There is a safe harbor protecting websites under copyright law. "An intermediary that accepts content from users is not responsible for copyright infringement that they commit,"
YouTube  Facebook  bootleg  IP  intellectual  property  content  creator 
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Disney’s $4 Billion Steal — 500ish Words — Medium
Since Iger took over, Disney has made a number of key acquisitions. The three biggest are arguably the three most important deals any company has done over that span. In 2006, Disney bought Pixar for $7.4 billion. In 2009, Disney bought Marvel for $4.3 billion. And in 2012, Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion. [...] Based on nothing other than internet reaction, pent-up demand, and the fact that this new Star Wars cannot possibly be as bad as the last three, I’m going to go not-so-far out on a limb and predict that The Force Awakens makes over $2 billion worldwide at the box office. Yes, that would put it third all time behind the James Cameron tentpoles Titanic and Avatar, and ahead of both Avengers films. But I can just see it happening.
Disney  M&A  intellectual  property  IP  Star  Wars 
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A Small-Business Guide to Intellectual Property -
The two most precious resources for any small-business owner are time and money. That’s why when the subject of intellectual property comes up, many owners run in the other direction. They see images of expensive lawyers and use that as an excuse to ignore the topic, reasoning that it is a problem for big companies to worry about.
startup  entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  property  IP  patents  intellectual  legal 
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