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Pando: So we’ve all agreed: Zenefits will be the (guilty) scapegoat for all that went wrong in tech for the last five years
You don’t have to read everything Pando has written in the past few years to know some of the things we’re not big on. Bro-ish behavior, breaking laws, the cult of disruption, Silicon Valley companies hiring dangerous political operatives, and dictating your business strategy based on how much money you can raise. To name just a few. You only have to read Farhad Manjoo’s excellent piece on Zenefits last week that detailed how staff were told to turn their t-shirts inside out when they went to bars, or the Journal’s latest story about how Zenefits HR had to circulate a memo asking people not to have sex in the stairwells anymore to know this was a company right up there with “Boober” and the college emails of Evan Spiegel... //&! Zenefits: Were the Valley's kingmakers wrong, or did they just lie? - //&! The Inside Story Of The Meltdown at $4.5 Billion Unicorn Zenefits - - the sky is the limit! hyperbole. doubling every year... landgrab!
Zenefits  Uber  Silicon  Valley  Hype  Cycle  growth  round  hunt  for  yield  distortion  governance  corporate  governance  corporate  culture  culture  filter  bubble  bubble  Angel  Investor  Party  Seed  Incubator  Private  Market  FOMO 
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Pando: Two slides that could predict a worse quarter for venture capital is coming
All of 2015’s totals lived and died on mega-deals. Mega-deals were the reason that the total amount invested in the year was one of the highest on record, even though the actual number of deals fell. It’s the reason the fourth quarter’s venture capital total fell so sharply when mega deals declined some 45%. //&! As America faces the techpocalypse, how are things going in Europe? - //&! If Doordash is struggling to close funding with Sequoia as a lead, how bad are things at your startup? - - Doordash is a fundable company, just not at the prices originally discussed… and maybe not even at $600 million. //&! Asian venture capital in 2016: This could get ugly… - It has the farthest to fall, and the newest investors -
growth  round  Venture  Capital  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  distortion  Silicon  Valley  Private  Equity  Mutual  Fund  Angel  Investor  Seed  Party  Private  Market  Hype  Cycle  Unicorn  China  credit  bubble  monetary  policy  liquidity  trap  speculative  bubbles  asset  bubble  asset  allocation  QT  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  mobile  homescreen 
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Pando: Unicorns on fire: Funding falls dramatically in the fourth quarter, along with exits of all kinds
I predicted the second quarter of 2015 had to be peak mega round. Turns out, I was three months off. But now it’s official: The shit is hitting the fan. [...] In the third quarter, venture funding hit dot com funding levels with 2008 deals and $38.7 billion raised. In the fourth quarter, we saw the lowest deal tally since 2013, with just 1743 deals raising some $27.3 billion.
IPO  Unicorn  growth  round  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  distortion  Private  Market  Wall  Street  Fed  monetary  policy  USA  China  business  confidence  Silicon  Valley  Hype  Cycle  termsheet  liquidation  preferences  Private  Equity  Mutual  Fund  SPV  Venture  Capital  Angel  Investor  Seed  Oil  price  QT 
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The Information's 411-10/23 "Blood Feuds" by The Information Podcasts | Free Listening on SoundCloud
11:30 // science is hard. stupid. and a non-consumer product. duh. //&! HYPE CYLCE - on 5 magazine covers and not even public! because she is, as female science-based founder/ceo a rarity and it sells papers >> - Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes’s Five Best Cover Story Appearances, Ranked
Theranos  Hype  Cycle  Silicon  Valley  Elizabeth  Holmes  Steve  Jobs  Leadership  vision  visionary  missionary  Trope  messaging  message  PR  spin  doctor  Mark  Zuckerberg  credibility  glass  cliff  glass  ceiling  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  Venture  Capital  B2B  Box  Aaron  Levie  B2C  Google  Inc.  Google  Search  communication  TOS  EULA  consumer  product  Protection  23andme  Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  journalismus  journalism  investigative  journalism  Amazon  disruption  disrupting  markets  Uber  Travis  Kalanick  Jeff  Bezos 
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The Myth of Valley DoucheBaggery - John Battelle's Search Blog
But I think our industry culture is moving far faster than the writers at Silicon Valley might wish to believe. I think we’re seeing the rise of a new culture, one that rejects arrogance and the founder worship which breeds it. Inevitable outliers aside, the Valley and technology culture I experience every day in my work at NewCo is one of passion, sweat, earnestness, and good intentions. Sure, we all fuck up. And sure, the press (especially, not surprisingly, the press in New York) has a field day when someone does. But by and large, the teams making companies like Slack, LiveRamp, Medium, Earnest, MetroMile, Lyft, Okta, Pinterest, and hundreds more are damn fine people, and they are dedicating their lives to making something that creates positive change – a product or service that makes the world a better place (even if it’s in a small way). [...] When you’re facing existential threat, our tolerance for douchebaggery in the name of making more money at any cost, ....
Silicon  Valley  counter  culture  brogrammer  asshole  culture  asshole  game  Steve  Jobs  CEO  Leadership  corporate  culture  corporate  values  vision  mission  impact  Privileged  Establishment  Toff  wantrepreneur  Trust  Fund  Kid  Campus  Evan  Spiegel  Hype  Cycle  insular  cooperation  partnerships  Collaborative  collaboration  Open  Platform  Wall  Street  shared  economic  interest  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  post-capitalism  crony  capitalism  Millennials  character  Travis  Kalanick  capitalism  exploitation  Apple  PR  spin  doctor  Amazon  Jeff  Bezos  corporate  social  responsibility  CSR  Salesforce  Marc  Benioff  social  entrepreneurship  Non-Profit  long-term  view  short-term  view  opportunist  Opportunism  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson 
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Pando: Your biennial reminder that hype is a drug
"Hype is a drug. As the entepreneur you can't resist it. But as the entrepreneur it'll bite you in the ass every time. So if you choose to build your company on hype, you're going to have to live with the consequences." // & cheerleading squadron that sits inside the bubble & transmits signals 2 the outside world is not helping these companies 2 dampen down 'just reporting'. There are rarely if, buts, question marks, demand for numbers, critical journalism, viability and sustainability questions, ... there is no journalism. and forget investigative journalism that could break another Techopus. Its also fuelled by the way established companies handle their PR. treat journalists. off the record practise, invites, dont tell anybody else, u didnt hear that from me, here is the invite 4 that special even for special people, ego stroking techniques. feeding ground for insular environment. //&! Fancy office (phony display of success) w A Round money 4 no revenue plan product &JUST BUY GROWTH!
Fred  Wilson  Hype  Cycle  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Unicorn  Venture  Capital  FOMO  hunt  for  yield  distortion  downround  Silicon  Valley 
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Secret’s Demise and Uber’s Next Potential Acquisition by The Jay & Farhad Show
Jay Yarow (Business Insider) talk abt Secret’s demise; Google Ventures partner compares failed startup Secret to 'a bank heist' - &! Google Ventures partner sort of apologizes for comparing one of his portfolio companies to a 'bank heist' - // 2012-mid 2015 Environment: FOMO! // @StartupLJackson - - "Their big issue was that they were Silicon Valley famous before product-market fit, which meant the failure was public and the hype cycle inescapable. That may have been their fault, may not have been. Journalists can sort that out. Other founders: don’t ever do this." what other names/co come 2 mind, being Hyped, feeding the hype & failing very publicly!? Kevin Rose - Digg, Dennis Crowley fights not to fail publicly with Foursquare, Twitter post-IPO, FriendFeed in its own way, ?Photo? 40m no product, Bebo post-AOL acquisition, Consumer Products are inherently hard and luck based. Path.
Secret  Venture  Capital  Google  Ventures  FOMO  Silicon  Valley  ethical  machine  termsheet  Whisper  anonymity  pseudonym  Trend  Hype  Cycle  Yik  Yak  Beme  Casey  Neistat  Dennis  Crowley  foursquare  Digg  Kevin  Rose  consumer  product  Product/Market  Fit  Bebo  AOL  Twitter  Friendfeed  Path  Dave  Morin  Friendster  StudiVZ 
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American Apparel: at first arty and subversive, then it got creepy | Business | The Guardian
The US retailer broke new ground when it first hit the British high street, but its edginess and internet porn aesthetic ended up tarnishing its image [...] So many of the attributes that were once unique to American Apparel – unisex clothes, ethical production, athletics-influenced designs and brilliant basics – remain important trends in fashion today. But now that everybody else is offering these too, all that differentiates American Apparel is its tarnished reputation. // what would Seth Godin recommend? Wall Street demands more than niche. Brand w 1000 True Fans, special identity, Tribe ... // sex sells is the easiest thing you can do, and Ryan Holiday (author) was behind it with AA. ... // It got the Hype cycle. it grew with it. now it has to live with the ramifications that it painted itself into that corner.
American  Apparel  Branding  marketing  advertising  advertisement  differentiate  differentiation  communication  1000  True  Fans  Tribe  Seth  Godin  Fashion  Industry  copycat  Hype  Cycle 
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The Hazard of Hype in Tech Reporting — The Information
Journalists writing about the tech industry should do everything they can to dampen the hype that the industry gets. That includes talking to both buyers and sellers in deals and talking about fund-raisings in pre-money terms.
Silicon  Valley  Hype  Cycle 
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One Year In, CUPS Is Serving Coffee Through 170 NYC Shops - TCTV News | TechCrunch TV
[OpenTable ( ) for Coffee ] Vertical Niche Google !!! on your phone, and will try to unite Indie coffee shops and give them economies of scale, leverage, to buy resources ie milk // can also help facilitate loyalty programs across different stores via subscription // -
marketplace  efficiencies  marketplace  Starbucks  economies  of  scale  mobile  phone  mobile  homescreen  user  behaviour  friction  frictionless  Appification  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Indie  Movement  Hype  Cycle  individuality  individualism  Selbstdarstellung  status  anxiety  Coffee  OpenTable  Yelp!  convenience  on-demand  Google  Search 
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Sacca: Bad Deals Are Being Done in Silicon Valley - Bloomberg Business
min 3 - normal people have been prices out of SV, SF, Palo Alto and around the region. sw engineers with entitelment and very little compassion. // &! &! &! (Amazon, Fb, Google, eBay, all had cash flow during its growth past IPO, Twitter ops too expensive compared to scale, living beyond its means. does not need to invest in warehouses (Amazon) nor data centers (Google)) // &! &! &! &! &! &! - Sarah Lacy from pando argues, he bleeds green - &!
Chris  Sacca  Silicon  Valley  ecosystem  Twitter  runway  burn  rate  cash  flow  business  model  San  Francisco  Palo  Alto  hunt  for  yield  distortion  growth  round  SPV  Hedge  Fund  Mutual  Fund  late-stage  funding  Private  Market  Private  Equity  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  cash-is-king  Bill  Gurley  Unicorn  Hype  Cycle  inflation  Venture  Capital  Micro  VC  Angel  Investor  war  for  talent 
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SessionM’s Lars Albright is the quintessential Boston founder — which may not be a bad thing | PandoDaily
One criticism you often hear about Boston startups is that they don’t have a clue how to self-promote. While there is a growing class of young companies that have no problem pumping their own tires — companies like Alfred, transportation startup Bridj, and alcohol delivery company Drizly come to mind — there is still a large number of entrepreneurs who have trouble talking about their success. Two great examples of this staying-under-the-radar trend are fitness tracking app RunKeeper and furniture ecommerce startup Wayfair, which had earned close to $1 billion in revenue in 2013 and went public in 2014.
Boston  Silicon  Valley  Boston  Start-Up  Scene  self-promotion  marketing  advertising  Hype  Cycle 
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Silicon Valley’s Maturity Problem | Re/code
The common diagnosis is that the Valley has a maturity problem, where first-time managers with big responsibilities and budgets build cultures of excessive behavior. But the reality is much more complicated. Rapid growth, a total absence of training, a cultural deficit and employees too focused on perks are a few contributors. Valley companies that want to continue down this path of impressive growth and success need to address these issues. [...] For companies, growing quickly in a very short period of time is a serious HR challenge. It’s hard to hire big numbers of talented employees who are a perfect cultural fit. It consumes significant HR resources and can limit that team’s ability to do anything else, like focus on training, culture or employees’ engagement.
Leadership  Venture  Capital  Angel  Investor  Silicon  Valley  brogrammer  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  Women  in  Tech  Female  Founders  Hype  Cycle  jock  culture  Campus  human  resources  HR  people  management 
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Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages: Carlota Perez: 9781843763314: Books
Carlota Perez draws upon Schumpeter's theories of the clustering of innovations to explain why each technological revolution gives rise to a paradigm shift and a "New Economy" and how these "opportunity explosions", focused on specific industries, also lead to the recurrence of financial bubbles and crises. // // imagine in the USA, no welfare state & social safety net, +500.000 self-employed workers on those marketplaces find no jobs because of a deep recession (short-fall of disposable income for convenience services) // - In the new world of on-demand everything, you’re either pampered, isolated royalty — or you’re a 21st century servant. [...] Carnegie Mellon researchers warned that the internet could make us into hermits.
Silicon  Valley  Hype  Cycle  speculative  bubbles  Share  Economy  Uber  convenience  TaskRabbit  Shyp  service  Services  Industry  Sector  Jobs  Niedriglohn  Niedriglohnsektor  precarious  work  Precariat  Zero  Hour  Contract  self-employment  marketplace  efficiencies  marketplace  Venture  Capital  Snapchat  Unicorn  consumer  internet  consumerism  consumer  consumer  confidence  book  Industrial  Revolution  Industrial  Revolution  2.0  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Robotics  algorithm  3D  printing  automation  Future  of  Mobile  Creatives  Mobile  Creative  Postmates  Lyft  Hailo  Delivery  Hero  Just  Eat  Drinkfly  DoorDash  sprig  Wineist  SpoonRocket  Onfleet  OLA  BlaBlaCar  Sidecar  Zipcar  Houzz  Instacart  Deliveroo  Operator  Hello  Alfred 
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Max Niederhoffer - European Venture Capital | Silicon Real - YouTube
Sunstone Capital - "European early stage venture capital firm" - // was Vice President at Accel - Max Niederhoffer // at Accel he did source and done deals for the firm. At Sunstone he does his own deals, and they are all equal. And works in the interest for / of the company. // GERMAN WORK CULTURE (~8-5, do your work well and go home) IS NOT CONDUCIVE TO Start-up Struggle and about meeting a Start-ups need when and as they arise. // min 47 - EU lacks management talent (scaling, hiring, vetting, networking) and resources; scattered over too many me-too strappy, jenky, or even Seed Funded Start-ups. Further: We've reached a new media visibility high that attracts the wrong kinds of people (trust fund kids with safety net). AND TechCrunch and Co Reporting of just Funding Rounds and Product Updates are not a realistic portrayal nor reflective of Start-up struggle and hustle and sick-to-the-stomach issues.
Venture  Capital  London  Start-up  Scene  Berlin  Scene  Europe  Scene  Germany  culture  society  TechCrunch  Hype  Cycle 
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Meerkat is ready to begin its second act — but first, it has to escape startup purgatory | PandoDaily
But first Meerkat may remain in startup limbo just a bit longer, atoning for the original sin of extraordinary hype.
Hype  Cycle  Meerkat  Silicon  Valley 
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Mark Cuban: How I Became a Billionaire - YouTube
Mark Cuban - (min10) luck, and exploit once you hit it. exploit = execution, focus, tireless work, ... (22:22) is a story told often, if the owner/ceo is more famous and requested than his company/product/team, and the owner feeds the hype cycle, this does not bode well for long. because it dismisses the work of the team and other individuals at large inside. and it doesn't bring out their (people on the inside) their best performance.
Mark  Cuban  Hype  Cycle 
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My Dad kicked ass at Wii bowling: Or, why it’s okay to compete with Travis Kalanick | PandoDaily
We investors would never bet against the CEO! And yet, if you consider the most respected tech CEOs like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, they aren’t just CEOs investors doubted. Their very leadership is defined in their defiance of what investors wanted. On that front, the love Uber investors have for TK is itself a warning sign for the company. Here’s what I’d say to Uber investors: You own part of what is potentially one of the most powerful corporate combustion engines ever devised by mankind. Congratulations! But it’s both stable and unstable, and it could end up blasting up into uncharted space or blowing up in your face. And please don’t portray your loved ones as losers to puff up the legend of TK. As I have been reminded time and again: thinking about hyping an already overvalued company? Good luck. [TK doesnt do conservative nor gratitude, he had his battles with a 'mediocre' outcome b4. TKs past experience & grudges are imprinted on Uber] [walking on a double edged samurai sword]
Uber  Travis  Kalanick  Silicon  Valley  Leadership  Hype  Cycle  Steve  Jobs  Jeff  Bezos  Vision 
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With bullying app Secret on life support, investors learn the risk of investing in assholes | PandoDaily
Oh, and there’s one more lesson for investors about investing in assholes: If they seem to be heading for the door after a just a few months, you probably should do the same. At the same time as Secret asked investors to pony up $25m to fund the company’s “growth”, Byttow and his co-founder Chrys Bader-Wechseler personally cashed out $6m. That big payday came just six months after Secret launched, and less than a month before Byttow told the world he didn’t care about the victims of bullying.
Venture  Capital  hype  Cycle  governance  Secret  Uber  corporate  governance  corporate  values  corporate  culture  personal  values  termsheet  Platform  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Silicon  Valley  subculture 
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Careful what you wish against: Silicon Valley just rolled out a red carpet to government regulation | PandoDaily
I never thought I’d write these words: Sometimes the public markets is the best thing that can happen to a hot company. [...] Today, Uber running a different playbook than even Facebook. First, it has controlled access to liquidity much more than Facebook ever did. But, by contrast, the company’s access to capital has been an exaggeration of Facebook’s already prodigious fundraising path. Uber has wholly embraced the notion of raising gargantuan amounts of money at jaw-dropping late stage valuations as an avenue to put off an IPO, seemingly indefinitely if it wants. That should suit a CEO like Uber’s Travis Kalanick who bristles at anyone telling him how to do his job and hates government regulation. Importantly, Uber is the first unicorn of the mobile-first era. [...] Uber’s investors have exerted no pressure on the Valley darling. [...] Reckless disregard for customers.
Secondary  Market  IPO  Facebook  Google  Uber  hunt  for  yield  unintended  consequences  dual  stock  structure  Travis  Kalanick  oversight  corporate  governance  corporate  values  corporate  culture  accountability  regulators  self-regulation  regulation  utility  public  utility  public  transportation  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  Venture  Capital  Patriarchy  ethical  machine  moral  beliefs  crony  capitalism  distortion  Hype  Cycle  Whisper  Secret  user  data  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  TOS  Platform  history 
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Buzzfeed reveals that Uber exec boasted of planning smear campaign against Pando EIC, Sarah Lacy | PandoDaily
Uber  Travis  Kalanick  personal  values  corporate  values  corporate  governance  corporate  culture  Hype  Hype  Cycle  transportation  public  transportation  ethical  machine  self-employment  middleman  Niedriglohn  lohndumping  Lohnzurückhaltung  Niedriglohnsektor  precarious  work  Precariat  Prekariat  working  poor  minimum  wage  Lyft  competitive  competitiveness  Silicon  Valley  squeezed  middle  class  middle  class  middleclass  crony  capitalism  profit  maximisation  exploitation  Wall  Street 
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Unrest at Nest Labs
Coming from Dropcam, which boasted a much more egalitarian culture, a clash seems all but inevitable. Yet these employees also suggest that the differences between Dropcam and Nest are not just stylistic. One Nest employee says that Nest, which employs between 700 and 800 people, will see roughly double the revenue of Dropcam this year but that Dropcam, which employs 100 people, is growing its revenue eight times as fast, thanks largely to its subscription business. Many employees were reportedly disappointed to sell to Google because “we were firing on all cylinders, with a sensor product about to be released and an outdoor camera about to come out in 2015 and great sales. It just felt like we’d been chopped off at the knees.”
Dropcam  Google  Nest  Labs  corporate  culture  corporate  values  personal  values  Hype  Hype  Cycle  Apple  Steve  Jobs  Tony  Fadell  people  management  management  HR  team  management  Silicon  Valley  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Leadership  authority  Cult 
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Exclusive: Sean Rad Out As Tinder CEO. Inside The Crazy Saga - Forbes
@Tinder majority owner IAC pushes cofounder @SeanRad from his CEO position to oversee product; he will remain on the board & serve as acting exec pending a new CEO hire; @Forbes profiles Rad, recaps the sexual harassment suit & details Tinder's 2-yr rise to 30M registered users & 1.2B daily prospective matches
Tinder  Digg  Hype  Cycle  Silicon  Valley  IAC 
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Foursquare may be challenged, but Crowley’s job is not in jeopardy | PandoDaily
|| || To the latter first: Foursquare is mostly considered a failure because its hype was so great. But the company clearly has real value. With 50 million users worldwide and more data on their physical movements and social habits of these users that all but a handful of companies, it’s highly unlikely that Foursquare just goes away. As I wrote at the time of the Waze acquisition: …the data Foursquare is collecting on where people go and what they do is potentially more varied, rich, valuable and usable for different applications. That’s particularly the case when you factor in Foursquare’s API which is also used by Path, Instagram, Uber, Evernote, Garmin, Vine, Magellan, and – you guessed it! – Waze. [...] Selling or not selling is such a brutal decision — and I commend when entrepreneurs who don’t — because success even after a huge offer is still so uncertain. !! Pando Interview - !!
foursquare  Dennis  Crowley  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Hype  Cycle  Hype  mobile  first  Tumblr  David  Karp  leadership  Vision  product  experience  Design  consumer  product  Core  Value  Proposition  Value  Proposition  user  experience  shared  experience  customer  experience 
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Path’s kiss of death compliment: “It’s hugely popular in Indonesia!” | PandoDaily
[+ Raising Too Much Money for a too small product and market!?] It may be the beginning of the end for a company that was once offered $125 million to sell to Google – in a high priced acquihire – less that six months into its existence and before the company even launched. [...] So, what went so wrong? The answer seems to be a combination of poor execution, an excessive focus on design over utility (not to mention differentiation), and a keeping up with the Joneses desire to spend lavishly. [...] The company has always been a reflection of Morin, including his obsessiveness over design and his proclivity for spending. For example, Path reportedly built its team with a designer to developer ratio of 1-to-2, as compared to an industry average that is likely closer to 1-to-20 (or even lower, although precise figures are hard to come by). [[ ~ Spending for the wrong means to an end. ~ ]] [[ ... Inside the bubble that is the Valley and the Fetish ... ]]
Path  Dave  Morin  acquihire  acqui-hire  Start-Up  Start-Ups  Product/Market  Fit  Venture  Capital  Timing  Hype  Cycle  execution  Focus  focused  Lean  Start-Up  Start-Up  advice  Utility  bloat  design  systems  design  system  design  designer  product  design  burn  rate  runway  corporate  culture  Snapchat  Instagram  Silicon  Valley  Fetish  Digg  Kevin  Rose  Dennis  Crowley  foursquare  Consumer  Internet  Space  Start-Up  Lesson 
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re:publica 2014 - Sarah Spiekermann: Die ethische Maschine - YouTube
From Technological hype cycles to Singularity and Ethics. Humans stand above technology. - + +
Sarah  Spiekermann  Silicon  Valley  hype  hype  cycle  buzzword  Big  Data  mobile  first  cloudcomputing  context  location  personalisation  personalized  design  Transhumanism  singularity  Ray  Kurzweil  peterthiel  evolution  Noam  Chomsky  Peter  Thiel  ethics  governance  corporate  governance  Google  Robotics  Don't  be  evil  Gesellschaftswerte  Gesellschaftsform  Privacy  Facebook  Values  systems  design  transparency  ethical  machine  identity  individuality  personal  vault  personal  agent  emotion  product  design  reflection  Philosophy  humanity  human  progress  human  rights  FNAC  Function-Hype  innovation  innovator  morality  morals  AI  artificial  intelligence  Internet  Privacy  system  design  Turing  Test  Three  Laws  of  Robotics  Isaac  Asimov 
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Bloggers: Let’s Band Together and Stop the Hype Cycle
There’s an element to the hype cycle that reflects human nature. We get excited about technology and tend to overestimate what it can do in a year and underestimate what it can do in ten years. That’s not all bad: Being underestimated is why a lot of start-ups catch giant companies off guard.
Well said. Guess what, gang? Building a company is hard. No one gets every single thing right. Bloggers harping on each mistake are like the fat guy sitting in the bleachers at a baseball game berating a star player for not hitting a homerun in every at bat.
innovation  value  blogging  business  hype  blogs  entrepreneurship  building  blog  marketing  entrepreneur  trend  success  long-term  short-term 
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