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Amazon Ups the Ante on Streaming Video, Challenging Netflix
Amazon has pulled the curtain back on its $9-a-month standalone video streaming service, which will give consumers access to content they otherwise could only get through Amazon Prime, which costs $99 a year. Amazon's new service is $1 a month cheaper than rival Netflix, // For years, the two have worked to one-up each other with exclusive content deals and original series like Netflix’s “House of Cards” and Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle.” [...] Amazon spends about $3 billion on streaming video content annually, compared with $4 billion for Netflix, not including overseas rights or DVDs, said Wedbush’s Mr. Pachter. For its part, Santa Monica, Calif.-based Hulu has become a competitive buyer of library and original programming, increasing its content outlays from $600 million in 2014 to $1.5 billion in 2015, according to estimates from Nomura Securities. [ GET IT NEVER PRODUCED (risk averse Hollywood) OR ASK THEM; Amazon, Netflix, Hulu - Co-Produce! or own it wholly. ]
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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Annedroids on Amazon Prime! - YouTube
>> something that needed done! - #democratisation of content - against the pattern matching & recognition of Hollywood, Music Industry & Entertainment Industry. #Democracy is / can be messy (See YouYube) // hard things are hard because they are worth it to do - in the end.
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Walmart Should Buy Netflix, Not Vudu, If It's Serious About Streaming Movies
The idea is that Walmart -- which is selling many of these devices, such as TVs and Blu-ray players, to consumers -- could keep its movie revenue intact as DVD sales and rentals gradually shift to digital. As a reader points out, Walmart already has good relationships with studios, which could potentially help it strike better streaming deals than its rivals.

The problem is that it's just going to take way too long for Walmart and Vudu to make a major impact here on their own, and as a result, this deal will likely be a failure.
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Web-TV Divide Is Back in Focus With NBC Sale -
“If you disrupt the consumer experience, you’re in trouble,”

The scramble by TV companies to preserve its ad model while giving consumers choice — what Comcast’s chief executive called in interviews Thursday “anytime, anywhere media” — mirrors the efforts of newspapers, magazines and radio companies to wring more money from digital media. But all are facing some entrenched habits.
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