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Why AOL Should Not Have Bought Huffington Post And Patch - Forbes
AOL's media business not profitable ie Huffpost and Patch not profitable. ... Q can large scale internet only media units not be profitable? - Is that a law? like gravity? Why is gawker profitable, because it doesn't have the excess, overhead and perks AOL's media unit got. << lots of execs, vp's, directors, lots of reporting that isn't really work, vertical structure - hierarchy. || Gawker Media is a Cayman Islands-incorporated online media company and blog - "In 2009, the corporation was estimated to be worth $300 million, with $60 million in advertising revenues and more than $30 million in operating profit.[3]" || >> Lesson - don't build overhead, stuff that is not doing actual work for the business to turn a operational profit. || + + + + ||
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On Google's new Search Algo Push/Update - Called Panda.
Lesson Learned. Don't build your business on other peoples platform. Even if it is search. Meaning if your business is primarily impressions/unique visitors coming in via search, or even Social Media (FB - newsfeed algo, Twitter - noise + search algo, Pinterest - search algo, Amazon - product search) ... then you have one more thing to worry about every day - because you can't fix it if they break it for you. +++
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may 2014 by asterisk2a EIC Byrne Gives Sneak Preview of Upcoming C-Change Venture - WebNewser
What I'm trying to create is a content and monetization network for the business audience. It has a mother ship, which is sort of like a HuffPo for business, finance, and economics. That mother ship is surrounded by a whole bunch of owned and operated separate satellites, that are Web sites on their own that serve specific business niches, like doing business in India, doing business in China, MBA's, entrepreneurship, things like that. Then around each of the satellites is a constellation of bloggers who align with the satellites for the purpose of getting some more coverage, getting more traction than they otherwise would on their own, and getting revenue.
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Huffington To Murdoch: Stop ‘Pointing Fingers’ | paidContent
As for Murdoch’s discussions with Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) about getting that company to pay it to remove its content from Google, Huffington called it one of a series of “desperate revenue models” under consideration and said she did not believe it would come to pass. She noted that news publishers—like the NYT—had repeatedly delayed plans to even make decisions about introducing paywalls: “Free content is not without problems, but it’s here to stay and publishers need to come to terms with that.”
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Twitter lists and real-time journalism -
The rise of real-time journalism
The Web-centric Huffington Post has gone a step further by embedding Twitter Lists on its Web site to create hubs of real-time updates.

For those cast adrift in a sea of content, good news: A "curation" economy is beginning to take shape, tweet by tweet, list by list.

curator curation tastemakers
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