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Chinesischer Dissident geht mit Zuckerberg ins Gericht - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Mark Zuckerberg hatte Xis Buch auf seinem Schreibtisch liegen, als bei ihm kürzlich Chinas Chefzensor zu Besuch kam. Demonstrativ, könnte man vielleicht sagen. Die staatliche Nachrichtenwebsite "The Paper" berichtete später, Zuckerberg habe erklärt: "Ich habe dieses Buch auch meinen Kollegen gekauft." Er wolle, dass diese "den Sozialismus chinesischer Art verstehen". Sowohl Schmidt als auch Zuckerberg haben für ihr Bekenntnis zu dem Buch, das Reden und Aufsätze des chinesischen Staatschefs versammelt, einige Kritik einstecken müssen. Bei Zuckerberg kam die nicht zuletzt von chinesischen Dissidenten und Regimekritikern. // // Amnesty International hatte erst im November erklärt, Chinas Internetmodell sei "eines von extremer Kontrolle und Unterdrückung".
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Snapchat and Spiegel’s Interesting Call on the Hong Kong Demonstrations | TechCrunch
@EvanSpiegel on why @Snapchat chose not to make an 'Our Story' for the Hong Kong protests: 'One of my pet peeves over time is how the technology industry has tried to sell counterculture. It’s tried to sell the revolution. We’ve been really resistant to doing this' || WRONG. Hypocrisy. Selling a pro-democracy movement as counterculture is wrong. it's deceitful. Snapchat and it's investors only hold open the door for China. As long as they don't upset the Chinese regime, they can operate in the future in China. Apps that went "against the China's regiem politics" were shut out of this country, +1bn potential users. It wouldn't be in line with the fiduciary responsibility (to its investors) that Evan Spiegel/Snapchat has to operate along.
Umbrella  Revolution  pro-democracy  movement  Hong  Kong  Occupy  Central  China  censorship  Snapchat  Evan  Spiegel  Venture  Capital  Silicon  Valley  hypocrisy  fiduciary  responsibility  double  standard  crony  capitalism  corporatism  shareholder  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation 
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Occupy Central’s polite protesters: The Hong Kong demonstrators are disciplined, organized, and prepared.
The Occupy Central demonstrators are courteous. That’s actually what makes them so dangerous. [...] These aren’t just idealists; these are savvy political operators who understand successful nonviolent resistance. [...] The answers to these questions can be found in the appropriately titled “Manual of Disobedience.” Published online several days before the Occupy Central campaign was set to begin, the document (written in Chinese and English) is part how-to guide and part philosophical mission statement. It details the movement’s tactics, the rules for nonviolent protest, the legal codes that may be violated, and the exact procedure to follow should someone be arrested. It also implores protesters to “avoid physical confrontation, but also to avoid developing hatred in [their] heart,” and explains that the protests must be a model of the values that they are striving to see in their society, namely “equality, tolerance, love, and care.” [...] Book - Blueprint for Revolution.
Occupy  Central  occupywallstreet  Indignados  Indignants  Umbrella  Revolution  Hong  Kong  pro-democracy  movement  China  nonviolent  resistance  non-violent  resistance  activism  activists  protest  Politics  society  Asia  culture  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  civic  society  civic  life  civic  good  book 
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BBC News - Hong Kong stages huge National Day democracy protests
+ Hong Kong's chief executive, CY Leung, has refused to resign and has said the protests are disruptive and illegal. The protesters are a mixture of student groups, pro-democracy activists and the recently formed Occupy Central movement. An official flag-raising ceremony to mark National Day passed off peacefully with some student protesters attending.
Hong  Kong  Occupy  Central  Umbrella  Revolution  pro-democracy  movement  China  democracy  Democratic  Process  Millennials  generationy  Communist  Party  of  China  Tiananmen  Square  history  UK 
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BBC News - Hong Kong: Protesters defiant amid stand-off
Thousands of protesters have taken over central areas of Hong Kong and are camped outside government offices - many schools and banks are closed. Protesters are angry at changes to Hong Kong's political system which will allow direct elections but only from a pool of candidates approved by Beijing. A student-led protest movement has joined forces with the larger Occupy Central after a week of demonstrations and class boycotts. On Sunday night police used tear gas and pepper spray on the crowds. The government says riot police have now withdrawn, and has ordered protesters to disperse peacefully as soon as possible. + + + + + + + !
Occupy  Central  Hong  Kong  China  democracy  Democratic  Process  Umbrella  Revolution  pro-democracy  movement  Millennials  generationy  Communist  Party  of  China  Tiananmen  Square  history  UK 
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BBC News - Snowden 'arrives at Moscow airport from Hong Kong'
Russian state news agency RIA Novosti said a car from the Ecuadorean embassy in Moscow, bearing a national flag, was seen at the airport just as the plane arrived. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is currently sheltering in the Ecuadorean embassy in London after being granted asylum last year. Wikileaks has issued a statement saying that it has helped to find Mr Snowden "political asylum in a democratic country". --- On Saturday, the White House contacted Hong Kong to try to arrange his extradition. But the territory's administration, in a statement issued on Sunday, said the documents submitted by Washington did not "fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law".
Cuba  Hong  Kong  Wikileaks  Ecuador  julianassange  UK  foreignaffairs  PRISM  surveillance  state  USA  barackobama  Venezuela  Edward  Snowden  Russia  Whisteblower  Julian  Assange  presidency  China 
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