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(6067) Jennifer Lawrence Defends Nude Scene - YouTube
Jennifer Lawrence // ... but. See also her "but" rebuttal to the 'gorgeous versace dress' in london screening for said film in freezing temps w her male actors in wool coats. oh and "but" I've got to go inside anyways. 'I was not going to die from hypothermia.' // &!
#MeToo  Feminism  feminist  sexism  Sexismus  gender-based  discrimination  Capitalism  Materialism  Consumerism  Status  Anxiety  Identity  Hollywood  Individualism 
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(579) The Matrix: How to Begin a Movie (video essay) - YouTube - every frame serves a purpose. nothing is wasted! &! making a persuarive arguemnt through picture setup frames, keying, sound, etc. - - its not just the argument you try to make the points you make in your story, it is also important how you connect them. //&!
Film  Theory  Cinema  Storytelling  Vlog  Movie  Hollywood  Remix  Culture 
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Matthew McConaughey on Trump: It's time for Hollywood to embrace him | Film | The Guardian
we’ll see what he does compared to what he had said. No matter how much you disagreed along the way, it’s time to think about how constrctive you can be, because he’s our president for the next four years – at least.”
Hollywood  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump 
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Dustin Lance Black: I have no respect for actors who hide their sexuality | Film | The Guardian
He said: “I’ve never encountered homophobia in casting from the studios or networks – not once, not ever. Where you encounter it is with the agents and the managers, they’re the ones who have an outdated notion of the price an actor might pay if it’s discovered that they’re LGBTQ. Often they don’t want to see anything happen that might compromise their investment.”
Hollywood  Music  Industry  Entertainment  LGBT  capitalism  LGBTQIASP 
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Jeremy Clarkson: Top Gear problems got 'bigger and bigger' BBC News - YouTube
conservative BBC // egos and personal agendas, some ppl inside bbc didnt like jeremy and top gear success of 22 seasons. >> The Grand Tour - Andy Wilman - Very Interesting Interview -
British  Broadcasting  Company  BBC  controversy  Hollywood  PR  clickbait  linkbait  Top  Gear  Amazon  The  Grand  Tour 
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Amazon Ups the Ante on Streaming Video, Challenging Netflix
Amazon has pulled the curtain back on its $9-a-month standalone video streaming service, which will give consumers access to content they otherwise could only get through Amazon Prime, which costs $99 a year. Amazon's new service is $1 a month cheaper than rival Netflix, // For years, the two have worked to one-up each other with exclusive content deals and original series like Netflix’s “House of Cards” and Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle.” [...] Amazon spends about $3 billion on streaming video content annually, compared with $4 billion for Netflix, not including overseas rights or DVDs, said Wedbush’s Mr. Pachter. For its part, Santa Monica, Calif.-based Hulu has become a competitive buyer of library and original programming, increasing its content outlays from $600 million in 2014 to $1.5 billion in 2015, according to estimates from Nomura Securities. [ GET IT NEVER PRODUCED (risk averse Hollywood) OR ASK THEM; Amazon, Netflix, Hulu - Co-Produce! or own it wholly. ]
Amazon  Prime  Netflix  Hulu  HBO  Television  Cable  Providers  Hollywood  iPlayer  ITV  Channel4  BBC  British  Broadcasting  Company  British  Broadcasting  Corporation  ZDF  ARD  arte  Entertainment  BBC3  ZDFneo  FullScreen  YouTube  YouTube  Red 
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Holllywood Whitewashing and the Blockbuster Machine
8:35 - Ridley Scott can't get big production (cost) movies financed with non-white, foreign actors about non-white,foreign topics/themes. Hollywood studios do not take those kind of risk, if any risks! Only proven formulas!
Ridley  Scott  Hollywood  risk  aversion  risk  taking  Television  Music  Industry  creative  destruction  film  making 
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"I love making videos more than anything. When you're churning out sheer quantity there's no time to dwell. You just post." @CaseyNeistat
because YT algo demands it to elevate you // "I take it very seriously, I don't mess around. I love every second and my typical edits take 3-6 hours in post production." //&! "I have friends who do daily vlogs that shoot and edit directly from their cell phones. That's amazing!" //&! "I created @bemeapp because I wanted a platform to share video without self-consciousness. It's a way to share honestly." //&! "My office is a sanctuary. It's organized chaos that makes it functional. I'm more productive in my studio than anywhere else" //&! //>> Hollywood and other regular players, off the internet, is no place to take risks.
Casey  Neistat  YouTube  content  discovery  content  distribution  Piracy  bootleg  content  consumption  content  economy  content  creator  content  strategy  Vlog  Vlogging  Entertainment  storytelling  Selbstdarstellung  Selfie  Beme  Farm  creator  creative  constraint  creative  content  creative  craft  creative  destruction  creative  expression  creative  resistance  creative  surplus  Social  Media  Clickbait  Linkbait  Reality  TV  television  Selbstfürsorge  mobile  homescreen  Entertainment  Industry  Escapeism  Escapism  original  content  original  programming  Netflix  Amazon  Prime  Hollywood  HBO  ZDFneo  BBC3  iPlayer  geo  blocking 
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"What's more exciting to me is looking at the future of media like Netflix, festivals, Amazon. Those are really interesting." @CaseyNeistat
"What's more exciting to me is looking at the future of media like Netflix, festivals, Amazon. Those are really interesting." [ less risk averse due to 'always on-demand catalogue (not traditional terrestrial cable/tv)', they got something for someone, always, any time ] //&! >> "People shouldn't look outward because it makes you a follower. Whatever you're deciding you should look inward." << [individuality, creative destruction! place to take risks.] //&! "I love making videos more than anything. When you're churning out sheer quantity there's no time to dwell. You just post." << YouTube algo! is making you do it! You are not making videos. You are editing todays footage! You don't make movies. You make videos. Selbstdarstellung at best. Selfie in a/v.
Casey  Neistat  YouTube  Escapeism  Entertainment  mobile  homescreen  Selbstdarstellung  Selfie  algorithm  filter  bubble  MCN  Hollywood  storytelling  Movie  Gary  Vaynerchuk  creative  destruction  Vlog  Vlogging  Reality  TV  television  democracy  Clickbait  Linkbait  meritocracy  meritocratic 
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"YouTube is the ultimate place to succeed. There's no nepotism, no hierarchy. If people want to see your stuff, they will." @CaseyNeistat
// + press junket // + traditional marketing and advertising spend [<< anti Gary Vaynerchuk] // - "YouTube is the ultimate place to succeed. There's no nepotism, no hierarchy. If people want to see your stuff, they will." @CaseyNeistat //&! "I fell in love with film making immediately. I've realized how elusive it is to find something your that passionate about." //&! "The line is hard to define between what you share & don't share. I lightly skim off the top of my actual life." //&! "If there's something I want to do, I make it my mission to do it. I fantasize about being healthy until I die an old man." //&! "One of my dreams has been to make film making democratic. Now all you need is a cell phone." [ Beme ] //&! "I made a short video about bike lanes in a funny way, but it was a relevant issue. It led me to other PSA's." //&! "What's more exciting to me is looking at the future of media like Netflix, festivals, Amazon. Those are really interesting." HOLLYWOOD NO PLACE 2TAKE RISKS!
Casey  Neistat  Hollywood  Television  Music  Industry  MCN  Entertainment  Industry  Gary  Vaynerchuk  nepotism  noise  filter  bubble  Beme  Netflix  Amazon  Prime  iPlayer  HBO  on-demand  mobile  homescreen  YouTube  Entertainment  Escapeism  Vlog  Vlogging  nepotism  democracy  meritocratic  meritocracy  Quentin  Tarantino  Steven  Spielberg  George  Lucas  Stanley  Kubrick 
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CrazyRussianHacker, Plagiarist and DMCA abuser! #WTFU // // So when I first made a video showing that CrazyRussianHackers idea about using dry ice for an air conditioner was basically suicidal, I really didnt think anything would come of it. Then recently he filed a DMCA takedown of my video. This resulted in a strike against my account and me losing access to certain features.

Now thats a special brand of idiot who makes a video about a suicidal way to chill the air, then files a baseless copyright takedown of the only warning about how dumb that idea is. Especially against a guy like me who has a history of fighting DMCA abuse! [ people have yet to be sued in court for DMCA abuse, it is a felony ]
YouTube  DMCA  Content  ID  fair  use  MPAA  RIAA  abuse  Intellectual  Property  Rights  copyright  laws  copyright  infringement  copyright  Creative  Commons  Music  Industry  Hollywood 
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Fixation on box office hits is killing British theatre, says David Hare
Playwright says the craft is being damaged by focus on selling seats [ // Theatre now following into the steps of Hollywood and Television. ] [...] The playwright said: “Because subsidy is so stretched … every director of a theatre has an emollient eye on the box office. It is now assumed that what is good is that which succeeds.

“When I was young, British theatre was like a tree in which many different birds could nest. But now it’s just for the hawks. It’s not for the birds of plumage, who are not so welcome any more, mainly because they don’t fill the commercial imperative of selling every seat. That, I’m afraid, is how artistic directors are judged.” [ you are good if you are a commercial success, ie Michael Bay ]
Hollywood  Television  Entertainment  Industry  Music  Industry  creative  destruction  Greed  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  shareholder  capitalism  shareholder  value  capitalism  culture  Arts  YouTube  Wall  Street 
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What the Hell Happened to Personal Style?
Where a 14-year-old Kate Moss put in her time on Portobello Road with Corinne Day, learning to thrift, self-style, and create her own ambling glamour, the young fashion plates of today have outsourced the development of their style to professionals. And those employed to keep the young and stylish considered that way don’t dare take any real risks, for fear of sartorial missteps, bad tabloid titles (and the online equivalent), or a mention on a worst-dressed list. [...] We are so inundated by these images from paparazzi, from media, from the stars themselves, that we cease to see any meaning behind any of it. Which would be fine (their funeral, as the saying goes), except it’s a very costly absence of meaning, both societally and economically.
personality  Fashion  Industry  Fashion  Blog  Fashion  Magazine  Hollywood  Wertegesellschaft  Gesellschaft  Celebrity  of  You  culture  Selbstdarstellung  Selfie  Social  Media  society  gossip  gossip  culture  Tabloid  TMZ  Oscars  Daily  Mail 
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While Britain announced Friday it would be joining the European Union’s largest economies—including Germany, France, Italy and Spain—in sharing information about the secret owners of businesses and trusts that may be avoiding taxes, it does not appear Britain’s agreement extends to its overseas territories and crown dependencies, where much of the offshore wealth is hidden. In addition to Jersey, these British territories and dependencies include Bermuda, Gibraltar and the British Virgin Islands, which is home to the Kubrick family fortune.
Panama  Papers  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  Hollywood  Music  Industry  Entertainment  Industry 
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Youtube - Eine BeSCHANDsaufnahme | Behaind
Mehr zur BeSCHANDsaufnahme - Feedback - //&! Youtube Kritik mit Flo und David # MARIES STAMMTISCH - //&! Reach (width) vs Depth (Gary V, clickthrough, word of mouth, adding always value, not wasting your time, ) [...] vlogs and let's play mit keiner eigenen kreativen eigenleistung.
YouTube  Entertainment  Escapeism  mobile  homescreen  Gaming  attention  arbitrage  attention  graph  attention  span  Social  Media  Clickbait  Linkbait  Newsfeed  BuzzFeed  Casey  Neistat  Gary  Vaynerchuk  community  sex  sells  Wegwerfgesellschaft  exploitation  IQ  instant  gratification  gratification  Dopamine  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  Snapchat  value  add  added  value  Influencer  Twitch  Entertainment  Industry  Tabloid  gossip  gossip  culture  Kim  Kardashian  Reality  TV  Television  Music  Industry  Hollywood  Gesellschaft  society  Creative  destruction  vlog  vlogging 
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Interview with David Yost Part 3
We sat down with David Yost at Anime Festival Orlando 2010 and discussed behind the scenes of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie", his cast members, why he left the show, and much more. // that was mid-90 late 90's
Hollywood  straight  white  male  privilege  Patriarchy  sexism  sexismus  objectification  objectification  of  women  objectifying  Television  Entertainment  Industry  Music  Industry  Homophobia  homophobic  Transphobic  transphobia  Transgender  Trope  gay  culture  discrimination  social  discrimination  LGBTQIASP 
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The Truth About Caitlyn Jenner’s Politics (
After all, many Americans still see transgender people as strange or illegitimate. So it wouldn’t surprise me if interest in this story is partly driven by a desire to see the world’s most famous transgender person being taken down by her own community. Caitlyn Jenner has positioned herself as a representative or “ambassador” of trans communities, so I can understand why trans people object or take issue when her views fail to accurately reflect or support those communities. But when people who are unconcerned with transgender rights themselves start piling on, quite frankly, I am suspicious.
Transgender  Caitlyn  Jenner  LGBTQIASP  discrimination  hate  speech  hate  crime  Celebrity  gossip  Tabloid  culture  gossip  gossip  culture  Tabloid  TMZ  Daily  Mail  Hollywood  public  sentiment  public  awareness  public  image  public  opinion  Celebrity  of  You  Selbstdarstellung  Human  Rights  Glossy  Magazine  superficial  Kim  Kardashian  Entertainment  Industry  Social  Media 
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How the 'risk' of making The Night Manager paid off
Each episode cost an estimated £3m to make, and one executive producer, the Ink Factory's Simon Cornwell, says the lavish adaptation was "a risk."
"It's a difficult book to adapt," he says, "and there have been quite a few attempts to make it into a film, it just didn't work. It needed six hours to explain the story.
"But to all intents and purposes, it's been written and shot as a film - we just hired one director, Susanne Bier, for all six episodes. I always think of it as a film - just a six-hour one."
Hollywood  adaptation  Television  Novel  Social  Media 
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BBC Radio 5 live - In Short, Anne-Marie Duff: British actors don't dream of Hollywood
Anne-Marie Duff has said British actors do not grow up dreaming of movie stardom. The BAFTA-nominated star of Shameless, Suffragette and Notes on a Scandal told 5 live that the theatre was where aspiring home grown talent expected to end up. "You don't grow up expecting to be a movie star if you're a British actor. It's not our gig. It feels like it was invented somewhere else," she said.
UK  Hollywood  Europe  France 
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Pariser Fashion Week: Promis in der ersten Reihe - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Panorama
being used for publicity. a and b lister's being invited so the designers/companies name is being dropped. and refreshed in peoples mind. the time you are no more important in the tabloids editorial, the minute you are no more invited to their shows. otherwise those shows and designers name would not appear on DailyMail and co. // abuse and co-dependency. stroking one's ego. superficial.
gossip  culture  gossip  celeb  celebrity  of  You  celebrity  culture  TMZ  Daily  Mail  Tabloid  Selbstdarstellung  Music  Industry  Entertainment  Industry  Hollywood  Selfie  Social  Media  Fashion  Industry  beauty  sickness  Glossy  Magazine  superficial 
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It's Time To Stop Apologizing For Tina Fey - BuzzFeed News
[ more entertainment, don't make people think, don't try to make them think ... in cinema people uhhhmmmming ] But good books do not always make good movies — especially since the transformation from book to screen, at least in Hollywood’s hands, generally subtracts instead of adds nuance. [...] The most successful films are documentaries, which don’t face the inherent problem of casting actors, and white actors in particular, to play “bad guys” of different races, and high farces: films like Dr. Strangelove, M*A*S*H, and In the Loop that expand and eviscerate the inherent, if hidden, ridiculousness of modern war. [...] [ film has only ] cheap tricks, not the lacerating humor of effective farce. [...] women’s place in society, and sexual desirability as an alternately empowering and infantilizing experience. [...] The film dodges that idea, however, in favor of pitting Robbie’s character — who was created specifically for the purposes of the film — as Fey’s “competition.”
Hollywood  documentary  Television  book  Afghanistan  Iraq  War  War  on  Terror  Middle  East  Trope  history  public  awareness  storytelling  Sexual  objectification  objectification  Tina  Fey  sex-sells 
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Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews took steroids 'to look good in the shower' - BBC Newsbeat
And admits he took them because he "wanted to look as good as possible". He says it was because he wanted to be bigger and stronger while training for the match. Newsbeat recently revealed one in 10 men training in UK gyms struggle with a body anxiety known as "bigorexia", or muscle dysmorphia. It's been compared to anorexia in reverse - where men become obsessed with putting on muscle. Depression, steroid abuse and even suicide are effects of bigorexia.
bigorexia  Doping  Steroid  Selbstdarstellung  superficial  Selfie  beauty  sickness  self-respect  confidence  Self-esteem  self-medication  coping  mechanism  well  being  mental  health  Social  Media  gossip  culture  gossip  Tabloid  Glossy  Magazine  Reality  TV  Hollywood  Television  Music  Industry 
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Zoë Saldana als Nina Simone: "Nimm Ninas Namen nicht in den Mund" - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ OJ Times cover made OJ blacker, was used publicly in trial by defence team ] In dem Streit geht es im Kern um eine Debatte, die auch bei der Oscar-Verleihung ein Thema war: Kritiker monieren, dass weiße Schauspieler Rollen übernehmen, die eigentlich mit Afroamerikanern, Asiaten oder amerikanischen Ureinwohnern besetzt werden müssten - um die Filme mainstreamfähiger zu machen. Dieses sogenannte Whitewashing führt unter anderem dazu, dass es kaum starke Rollen für nichtweiße Schauspieler gibt, was wiederum zu einer recht überschaubaren Diversität in der Filmszene führt.
Whitewashing  Hollywood  post-racial  America  No  Representation  Television  Music  Industry  Oscars 
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Diskriminierung von Frauen: Immer wieder, bis sich etwas ändert - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ Art can't be divided by sexes ] Kaum ein Mann orientiert sich gerne nach unten. An etwas Unterlegenem. An etwas, das nicht dem Maßstab, siehe oben, entspricht. Fast möchte ich denken, sicher, ich vergleiche mich ja auch nicht mit einem Border Collie, womöglich aus der Sorge, intellektuell schlechter abzuschneiden. Es ist so unendlich langweilig in jede Richtung. Für die denkenden Männer, sich immer anhören zu müssen, was für einer bornierten Spezies sie angehören, für die Weiblichen, die nicht Weißen, die nicht Heterosexuellen, permanent in jedem Detail darauf gestoßen zu werden, dass sie eben nicht der Norm entsprechen. Dass sie weniger wert sind, dass sie nicht genügen. Langweilig. Unmodern. Öde. Ich rede nicht von Bezahlung als Ausdruck der Gleichheit, sondern über Kunst, weil das sowieso keinen interessiert. Ich rede nicht über die 70 Prozent der Welt, in der Frauen in einer Art als Haustier behandelt werden, von der die meisten in Europa nichts ahnen.
Hollywood  Music  Industry  Entertainment  Industry  Oscars  gender  gap  gender  bias  gender  policing  gender  politics  gender-based  discrimination  Patriarchy  boys  club  straight  white  male  white  male  privilege  male  privilege  career  ladder  Television 
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The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story by Panoply Media
A wide-ranging discussion with Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, the creative team behind "The People Vs. Larry Flynt," "Ed Wood," and many other biopics, as well as FX's new miniseries "The People v. O.J. Simpson."
Hollywood  Television 
march 2016 by asterisk2a
Jenny Beavan’s Oscars outfit struck a blow for all women | Laura Bates | Opinion | The Guardian
This was not the first stand taken against the reduction of women in the industry to their clothes and jewellery. The past few years have seen Elisabeth Moss give the middle finger to the “mani-cam” at the Golden Globes, Cate Blanchett demand: “Do you do that to the guys?” as a camera panned up and down her body on the red carpet, and a series of women from Reese Witherspoon to Amy Poehler demand that reporters ask them more than questions about their frocks. We’ve also seen the actress and singer Zendaya speak out about racist responses to her dreadlocks at the Oscars, and Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy design her own dresses after designers refused to dress her, proving that Hollywood’s incredibly narrow definition of beauty is discriminatory on the basis of size and race. [...] find themselves pitted against each other in excruciating “best dressed” and “worst dressed” lists, the awards season will continue to provide a high-profile, glossy microcosm of wider prejudice.
feminism  feminist  Hollywood  Sexual  objectification  objectification  gender-based  discrimination  Television  beauty  sickness  Entertainment  Industry  Music  Industry  sex-sells  prejudice  snap  judgement  judgement  gossip  culture  gossip  Tabloid  Glossy  Magazine  business  model  pageviews  gender  politics  gender  policing  gender  pay  gap  gender  norms  gender  non-conforming  Trope  Oscars  post-racial  America  Fashion  Industry 
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Dustin Hoffman on Oscars: ‘It’s always been racism’ | Page Six
Dustin Hoffman feels there’s a systemic racial problem in America that goes beyond the Oscars. [...] “It’s always been racism. It’s kind of a reflection of what the country is,” he said. Hoffman made the comments while attending the opening of the Metrograph, the first independently-owned movie theater to open in Manhattan in more than decade. “They call my era, the Golden Age of film, but I think the Golden Age of film still exists, but it’s done by the indies, and I think that is what this theater is for,” Hoffman said. As for his thoughts on what can bring more diversity to Hollywood: “We change when the people that are oppressed force it to change,” Hoffman said.
Hollywood  post-racial  America  Oscars  Entertainment  Industry  Television  Music  Industry  American  Dream  meritocracy  meritocratic  Gini  coefficient 
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JJ Abrams' Bad Robot introduces diversity quota | Film | The Guardian
“We’ve been working to improve our internal hiring practices for a while, but the Oscars controversy was a wake-up call to examine our role in expanding opportunities internally at Bad Robot and externally with our content and partners,” said Abrams. “We’re working to find a rich pool of representative, kick-ass talent and give them the opportunity they deserve and we can all benefit from. It’s good for audiences and it’s good for the bottom line.” Bad Robot will reportedly work with its agency partner CAA and studios Warner Bros and Paramount to ensure women and minorities are submitted for writing, directing and acting jobs for the company in direct proportion to their representation among the US population.
HR  human  resources  diversity  Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  Television  Music  Industry 
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What the 2016 Oscars taught us: the Academy should be scrapped | David Thomson | Film | The Guardian
This self-serving club has outlived its purpose, and reforming its membership will do nothing to make things better [...] And this year, the audience on TV dropped by 8% – it was down to about 34 million. [...] Academy membership has been a joke for decades: too many whites; too few women; too few people of colour; too few young members; too few who have to see the films before voting – like none. Why? Because they don’t have to, because this is a club for the elite in show business, as hostile to the young and to outsiders as any club membership. [...] the hysteria over these awards is demented and exhausting. Major newspapers and the forest of blogs start Oscar-baiting in September and the frenzy runs for six months. The disproportion is driving serious movie enthusiasts to a point of not reading, or getting angry with the Academy. The Golden Globes are more fun, and the Independent Spirit awards are a more suitable recognition for movies made from the heart.
Oscars  Hollywood 
march 2016 by asterisk2a
What's everyone's beef with Jenny Beavan? Ten unfounded Oscars conspiracy theories | Film | The Guardian
This is the Oscars we’re talking about, the very heartland of two-faced air-kissing insincerity. These people are professional. They can smile and clap through anything.
march 2016 by asterisk2a
Gillian Jacobs by Happy Sad Confused
how TV shows get green light ... test test test ... you want to buy it? // "you never know how well things gonna do." // Films you don't know w festivals and distributors.
Hollywood  Television  Netflix  Amazon  Prime 
march 2016 by asterisk2a
Oscars winner Ennio Morricone on BBC Newsnight - YouTube
[ Oscars and others are no rep for your craft ] Italian Ennio Morricone’s Oscar victory for composing the original score for Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight,” was the first competitive Oscar won by the 87-year old maestro with more than 500 movie credits to his name.
Hollywood  Oscars  creative  creativity 
march 2016 by asterisk2a
The Founder of the Razzies Explains What the Academy Awards Are Getting Wrong | VICE | United States
[ they take themselves so serious ... ] But it's also about the ridiculousness of Hollywood this time of year. You mean around Oscar season in particular? Between Christmas and Easter, there are 357 awards shows! And they take them all so seriously—especially the Academy. So something that pompous and over-the-top is just begging for it. It wants to be ripped apart! It's like there's a big red balloon in front of you and you're holding a big, sharp pin—what are you going to do, not pop it?
Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  Music  Industry  Entertainment 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
Alison Gaylin by HarperAudio Presents
main line is fiction, for gossip outlets, a type of story ... unreliable narrators. // 'WHAT REMAINS OF ME' // Hollywood [...] the horror crawling under the carpet [...] the ugliness
Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  Music  Industry  Celebrity  of  You  Selbstdarstellung  gossip  culture  gossip  Selfie  Social  Media  Newsfeed  filter  bubble  Entertainment  distraction  mobile  homescreen  Tabloid  Daily  Mail  business  model  pageviews  TMZ  Escapeism  Personal  Brand  Kim  Kardashian  self-publishing  public  image  public  perception  public  opinion  public  awareness 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
Rooney Mara über die ungleiche Bezahlung in Hollywood - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Viele Schauspielerinnen verdienen weniger als ihre männlichen Co-Stars. Die Gage sei aber gar nicht das eigentliche Problem, findet Rooney Mara. Sondern die tiefe Verankerung sexistischer Motive. [...] Es solle ihrer Ansicht nach nicht darum gehen, dass Frauen weniger bezahlt bekommen, sondern um das Warum. "Das ist doch nur eine Begleiterscheinung einer viel größeren Sache." In der Filmindustrie ,aber auch darüber hinaus, werde eine bestimmte Sprache benutzt, um Frauen zu beschreiben - die man aber niemals für eine Mann benutzen würde. Das sei vor allem so, erklärt Mara, wenn es um meinungsstarke, selbstbeherrschte Frauen gehe.
Hollywood  Patriarchy  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  Sexual  objectification  objectification  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  straight  white  male  male  privilege  white  male  privilege  boys  club  Trope  stereotype  Music  Industry  gender  inequality  gender  role  gender  policing  gender  politics  Entertainment  Industry  public  perception  gender  expression  gender  norms  gender  non-conforming  gender  pay  gap  gender  conforming  gender  bias  gender  gap  gender  studies  cultural  studies  cultural  study  racism  meritocracy  meritocratic  post-racial  America  American  Dream 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
Netflix gibt erste deutsche Serie in Auftrag - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Amazon legte vor, Netflix zieht nach: Der Streamingdienst hat eine deutsche Serie in Auftrag gegeben - bei dem Kreativteam des Cyberthrillers "Who Am I".
BBC  Channel4  Netflix  Amazon  Amazon  Prime  cable  provider  HBO  Showtime  Hollywood  The  Content  Wars  ITV  Television 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
How much does it cost to win an Oscar? - BBC News
[ merit alone doesn't win you an Oscar ] Estimates for the total amount Hollywood spends on Oscar campaigns range from $100m right up to $500m in a single year. [...] He puts the cost of a successful best picture campaign at around $10m with most of the cash going on advertising, media, talent costs and publicists. Adverts In Oscar season, studios aggressively pay for adverts in the trade press, politely reminding voters about the merits of their films and the performances of their stars.
Hollywood  corruption  bribery  meritocracy  meritocratic  American  Dream  boys  club  Gini  coefficient  inequality  Entertainment  Industry  Music  Industry  Schwarzkasse 
february 2016 by asterisk2a
Will Deadpool lead to a deluge of hard-R comic book movies? | Film | The Guardian
Despite its adults-only rating, the film has been a smash – a sure sign that we can expect more sex, violence and swearing in the next crop of superhero movies [...] Trends all begin with one huge success, and today that success is Deadpool. You can almost hear the Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad cutting room floors being minutely swept for an excised F-bomb, stray nipple or non-PG-13-friendly punch in the neck that can be reinserted now that R-ratings are all the rage. “Giving the fans what they want,” is what they’ll say. [...] But, as with previous trends like 3D, the immediate followers are likely to, as Gunn noted, miss the point entirely, not realising people have taken so keenly to Deadpool because it’s different, smart and self-aware, not because of the staccato deployment of dick jokes and exploding heads.
Hollywood  Marvel  Disney  Fox 
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Joel and Ethan Coen: 'We said we'd quit after 10 movies' - BBC News
Film making brothers Joel and Ethan Coen talk about their career in film. The pair have numerous hits under their belt including The Big Lebowski, Fargo and No Country for Old Men. Their latest film Hail Caesar is about to be released - they spoke to the BBC's Will Gompertz.
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Todd Haynes on David Bowie, 'Carol', and Falling In Love - YouTube
In this episode of VICE Talks Film, we sit down with acclaimed director Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven, Velvet Goldmine) to discuss his latest movie, Carol, as well as the difficulties making movies about women, the vast influence of David Bowie, and the nuances of falling in love.
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Meryl Streep blames white male studio bosses for hampering diversity | Film | The Guardian
Oscar winner says diversity on the screen depends on the make-up of Hollywood’s boardrooms, where middle-aged men must ‘move aside’
Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  Music  Industry  boys  club  Patriarchy  straight  white  male  male  privilege  white  male  privilege 
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Deadpool's success accelerates the inevitable: total geek domination | Film | The Guardian
But Deadpool doesn’t just offer up a hero it thinks the fanbase will love, it offers up an entire world. It is one of the best articulations of “geek culture” to reach the big screen. And if it can pull off big numbers at the cinema with an exclusively adult audience, it will presage not only more movies like it but bring geeks one step closer to what they truly want; control of the entire world. [...] Basically Deadpool is Reddit: the movie. It’s highly enjoyable, and very well made, but it’s also a marker, a moment where a massive multi-million dollar bet has been made on geek culture being not only a mainstream proposition but an adult one too.
Hollywood  geek  nerd  internet  culture  subculture 
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Ryan Reynolds: "Deadpool" | Talks at Google - YouTube
"The Internet is the reason why I am sitting here. [...] Fox got hate male. [...] Go make your movie and leave us alone. [...] PG-13 would have not given us the creative freedom to make this movie ... [ is very R-Rated ] [...]"
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