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BBC's Brexit coverage pessimistic and skewed, say MPs - BBC News
[ there is no backbench in Parliament and Lords, there is no opposition in parliament and lords, and then the parliament attacks the media ] A group of 72 MPs have written to the BBC accusing it of being pessimistic and skewed in its Brexit coverage - in the months since the vote on the EU.
In a letter to director general Tony Hall, they said the BBC is "unfairly representing" Leave voters by focusing on those who regret their decision.
The MPs warned the future of the BBC "will be in doubt" if it is not seen as a impartial broker.
Lord Hall said impartiality was the "cornerstone" of BBC News.
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Jubiläum ǀ Gegen den Mainstream — der Freitag
Alternativen und Politik. Der Freitag stellt sich bewusst außerhalb dieses Mainstreams. Darin liegt seine Existenzberechtigung aber auch seine Ohnmacht. Das ist das Paradox linker Gegenöffentlichkeit. Wir können den Strom in seinem Lauf nicht ändern. Aber wir haben einen anderen Blick. Wir nehmen für uns in Anspruch, Denkort der Alternativen zu sein. Damit arbeiten wir an der Rückeroberung des politischen Raumes. Denn der Satz von den Alternativen, die es angeblich nicht gibt, ist das Ende von Politik. Den Vorwurf des Populismus muss man sich dann hin und wieder gefallen lassen. Der Philosoph Ernesto Laclau hat geschrieben, Populismus sei „die Stimme derer, die aus dem System exkludiert sind“. Ein gefährlicher Satz, wenn man nach Dresden blickt,
Alternativlos  TINA  austerity  bank  bailout  social  democracy  The  Guardian  NewStatesman  lefty  populism  neoliberalism  neoliberal  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Precariat  precarious  work  low  income  job  creation  western  world  secular  stagnation  Service  Sector  Jobs  UK  USA  Europe  economic  history  Gini  coefficient  inequality  Super  Rich  1%  No  Representation  plutocracy  oligarchy  IMF  OECD  mainstream  media  Lügenpresse  fearmongering  Fear  uncertainty  job  security  structural  unemployment  youth  unemployment 
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Spare Me Your Sh*tty Advertising - YouTube
"advertising business model doesn't make sense." for publishers! Business insider makes 50cent per user per year. ARPU. OUCH! It's like worse than brand awareness banner advertising. They recently started long-form reports to buy on vertical/topics like gigaom did. // news is free. analysis isn't (in-depth, maybe personal brand, industry standing (like TechCrunch turned out to be: worked for it many long nights for years. and then it all came crashing down rather quickly because the figure-head overstretched himself and wasn't in it for the long-run to do it as independent business) ... but don't to cottage cheese Wall Street a-like factory). // &! We are on the eve of war of ad blocking/content blocking: The End of Advertising as We Know It -
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Everything You Need To Know About iOS 9’s New Content Blockers | TechCrunch
Ben Thompson: Apple Enables Ad-Blockers - --- is apple nudging content providers to point people to the native app?! as mobile web gets better!? and bandwidth and coverage better!? --- under the cover of Privacy and user experience! --- with the exception of its own ad-network iAD, sure. // what a move. // &! The adblocking revolution is months away (with iOS 9) – with trouble for advertisers, publishers and Google - &! // &! Apple, has made Content Blocking “official”, ad-supported publishing business models are in trouble. [...] [PAGEVIEWS as business model] Too many sites are just echo chambers, they rewrite news releases, add strong adjectives and adverbs, and a bit of spin. [news is free, analysis and perspective not] - //&! - Begun, The Mobile Ad-Blocking Wars Have [...] increasing bloatware of online advertising. &! << ad business model not working!!!
AdBlock  iOS  Safari  Apple  iAd  Platform  user  experience  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  perma-cookie  cookies  tracking  advertisement  re-targeting  advertisement  targeting  Apple  App  Store  mobile  web  HTML5  corporate  strategy  corporate  media  PR  public  relations  spin  doctor  Silo  TOS  EULA  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  ecosystem  Facebook  content  blocker  business  model  pageviews  journalismus  investigative  journalism  journalism  BuzzFeed  Huffington  Post  AOL  Yahoo!  Page  Rank  Google  News  Google  Search  publishing  2.0  newspaper  newspapers  paywalls  paywall  subscription  model  freemium  Print  is  Dead  jeffjarvis  Vox  Washington  Post  Insider  Linkbait  linkbaiting  click  bait  Clickbait  NYT  NYTimes  New  York  Times  PandoDaily  Facebook  Instant  Articles  The  Economist  Financial  Times  The  Guardian  Android  Google  Chrome  Google  Inc.  AdSense  AdWords  pre-roll  Programmatic  Programmatic  Advertising  Outbrain  mobile  ads  native  content  marketing  MoPub  Flurry  Zero  Rating  Wireless  Carrier  ISP  Net  Neutrality  Adobe  Flash  customer  experience  friction  frictionless  commodity  business 
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David Cameron wirft Guardian Gefährdung der nationalen Sicherheit vor - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Chefredakteure der führenden Zeitungen und Zeitschriften der Welt, darunter "New York Times", "Washington Post", SPIEGEL, "FAZ", "SZ", "Le Monde" und "El País", sprangen daraufhin dem "Guardian" bei. In schriftlichen Stellungnahmen lobten sie die Veröffentlichung der Geheimdienstdokumente von NSA-Whistleblower Edward Snowden als Dienst an der Demokratie.
Wikileaks  Career  Politicians  Politics  Whistleblower  davidcameron  Edward  Snowden  The  Guardian  democracy  NSA  Tempora  domestic  affairs  trust  foreign  policy  Orwellian  State  UK  confidence  GCHQ  foreignaffairs  cablegate  PRISM  Glenn  Greenwald  history  trustagent  surveillance  Toff  GeorgeOsborne 
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NSA-Affäre Interview mit "Guardian"-Chef Rusbridger - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Rusbridger: Das war auch beim Telefon-Abhörskandal so, den wir aufgedeckt haben. Außerdem muss man digital denken, um das Wesen der aktuellen Bedrohung zu verstehen. Der Engländer liebt sein Heim, es ist sein Schloss, die meisten Leser des "Daily Telegraph" und der "Daily Mail" sehen das so. Diese Menschen können sich niemals vorstellen, dass die Polizei ungefragt durch ihre Haustür kommt. Was sie nicht verstehen: Die Polizei könnte längst in ihren Häusern sein, sie braucht dazu die Tür gar nicht mehr
NSA  journalism  Tempora  freedom  of  press  UK  GCHQ  PRISM  investigative  journalism  davidcameron  USA  conservative  Edward  Snowden  The  Guardian 
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Media Apps and the iPad: Surprise! Free Is Better
Kevin Anderson, former blog editor at The Guardian, said that iPad app pricing is “a last act of insanity by delusional content companies.” And the sense that media apps are trying to wall off their content from the broader Internet is also likely to be disconcerting to some, says Josh Benton of Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab. Meanwhile, some newspaper and magazine companies are still reluctant to embrace the iPad because they are afraid of ceding too much control — and giving up too much revenue to Apple,
Publishers are worried that paying Apple 30 percent of their sales from the device will eat into their revenues too much, and are also concerned that the computer company will wind up controlling access to the subscriber data that comes from the iPad. Several major media companies including News Corp. and the four largest magazine publishers are apparently trying to create their own digital storefront for content because they dont want Apple to control access to their publications
iPad  publishing  publishing2.0  newspapers  apple  itunes  ibooks  newspaper  NYTimes  WSJ  guardian  jeffjarvis 
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BBC News - Guardian newspaper charges for iPhone app
The UK's Guardian newspaper has launched a paid-for news app, charging users a one-off fee of £2.39.
newspapers  mobile  paywall  guardian  apple  iphone  app  news 
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