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NHS Scotland embarks on global radiologist search - BBC News
A global campaign to attract radiologists to work in the Scottish NHS has been launched.

Nine health boards, including NHS Fife, Grampian and Greater Glasgow and Clyde, have 32 vacancies which they have struggled to fill.

Radiologists specialise in diagnosing and treating diseases such as cancer using medical imagery.

NHS Scotland will take its recruitment drive to India, the US, Canada, western Europe and Australia.
NHS  Cancer  Crisis  Grampian  Scotland  England  patient  safety 
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Number of NHS beds in Scotland plummets 
Statistics released by NHS Scotland's information services division show the number of beds has declined by 1672 to 21,340, a fall of 7.3%, since 2012-13.

NHS Grampian was one of the worst affected health boards with a 17% drop in bed numbers over the period.
NHS  Grampian  Austerity 
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NHS Grampian puts cap on non-urgent surgery over winter - Evening Express
NHS Grampian has confirmed it is only booking category one and two patients, who require surgery within a month or within three months respectively, in January and February.

The health board said the move was part of its winter plans and there would be exceptions where surgeries do not impact on beds. [...] It follows a row in October after NHS Tayside announced it had put on hold all planned, non-urgent operations for three weeks over the festive period. Category three patients, who require surgery within a year, will not be routinely booked for January and February, under NHS Grampian’s plans.
NHS  winter  crisis  elective  care  surgery  rationing  Grampian  Scotland  sickcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble  Austerity  waiting  times  backlog  Council  GP  referral  A&E  bedblocking  bed  blocking 
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Hundreds of key NHS posts in Scotland hospitals lying empty - The Scotsman
Last month an Audit Scotland report suggested NHS bosses are deliberately avoiding filling vacant positions for up to a year in a bid to make savings. The public spending watchdog said the move was one of a range of ways that health boards could try to reduce their spending.

Read more at:
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Austerity 
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US experts offer help as NHS Grampian tries to tackle op waiting times - Evening Express
“It’s not just the quality of the care that is being delivered that is remarkable, it is also the sheer scale of the work that is done. ARI is Europe’s largest hospital and, across our area, we carry out more than 3,000 operations a month – in the region of 100 each day.

“Effectively managing and maintaining that kind of activity requires a mammoth effort behind the scenes which is why the work is being done to transform how we manage patient access and theatre capacity is so important.

“We need to be sure to make sure we get it right which is why we are so grateful to have support from a global organisation like the IHO, and to be able to draw upon their experiences elsewhere.”
NHS  Grampian 
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Hospital funding shortfall 'harming north-east patients' | Press and Journal
Research by the party shows that the region’s health board receives £1,656 per head of population – £342 per person less than Greater Glasgow and Clyde. [...] The report highlights that NHS Grampian receives funding at a level of 1.5% under the recommended amount, and that while the government has committed to ending the disparity this year, it did not change between 2015/16 and 2016/17. [...] A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “NHS Grampian has received an additional £16.2million in 2017-18, an increase of 1.8% which brings the board’s overall funding to £898.6million and within 1% of its target share of funding.

“Population level is only one of a range of factors – such as relative deprivation – taken into account when allocating funding to NHS boards.
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Austerity  deprivation  public  health  GP  A&E  Glasgow  poverty 
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Dr Gray’s education role could help retain doctors | Press and Journal
Health bosses are drafting an ambitious vision to use Moray’s biggest hospital as a “training and education centre” in an attempt to break a cycle of recruitment crises.
NHS  Grampian  recruitment  Crisis  hiring  staff  shortage  locum  training 
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Public spending watchdog highlights NHS Grampian’s failure to achieve six out of eight performance targets - Evening Express
An Audit Scotland report shows NHS Grampian missed targets in 2016/17 for child mental health treatment, outpatient appointments and cancer referrals; but hit targets for drug and alcohol treatment, and A&E treatment.

The report shows the board must make £27.7 million savings in the current financial year, plus £25.3m in 2018/19 and £22.2m in 2019/20.
NHS  Grampian 
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Thousands of Scottish cancer scans 'not viewed for a month' - The i newspaper online iNews
?~30 day backlog? 4k images // Although the number of full-time radiologists working in Scotland has increased by 7 per cent over the past five years, the number of cancer diagnostic scans taken rose at a much higher rate. The number of MRI scans and CT scans, which are both important for diagnosing cancer, increased by 67 per cent and 62 per cent respectively. “These figures are further proof of the shortages that are impacting on cancer tests across the country,” said Gregor McNie, public affairs manager in Scotland for Cancer Research UK. //&!,_says_college_1208167 - A new report from The Royal College of Radiologists is warning that a severe shortage of radiologists in the UK is risking timely diagnosis of cancer. &! &! &
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Cancer  healthcare  demand  babyboomers  ageing  premature  waiting  time  referral  treatment  delay  chronic  sick  population  staff  shortage  locum  hiring  recruitment  Radiology 
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Care Appointments | Extra £5 million for NHS Scotland to reduce delays and ease winter pressures
Last winter health boards were given £12 million in additional winter resilience funding and the previous year they received £10.7 million.

This year’s funding follows a £59 million health service cash boost announced in May to drive down waiting times, £9 million of which was targeted at improving A&E performances on waiting times and delayed discharges.
winter  Crisis  NHS  Scotland  Grampian  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  premature  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  Austerity  elective  surgery  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  elderly  adult  social  Disabled  waiting  time  treatment  delay  rationing  A&E  GP 
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Health bosses apologise as number of ops in cancelled by NHS Grampian increase - Evening Express
MSPs held a debate in the Scottish Parliament on the situation at NHS Grampian after new figures showed 9% of all planned operations were cancelled in August. &! - The number of vacancies for consultants and nurses in the North-east has increased. &! - NHS Grampian 'sees 75% of locum spending in north of Scotland' &! Stress fissure show everywhere, even higher up:
NHS  Grampian  elective  surgery  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  bedblocking  bed  blocking  ICU  Council  A&E  GP  babyboomers  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  waiting  times  treatment  delay  patient  safety  adult  social  elderly  Disabled  staff  shortage  winter  Crisis  recruitment  hiring  locum  Nurses 
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NHS Grampian 'sees 75% of locum spending in north of Scotland' - BBC News
NHS GRAMPRIAN Looking to save 30m for the next 3 financial years 2017/18 18/19 19/20. &! &! 22.2million for locum 2015/16 - &! Grampian now so desperate w hiring, considers, planning outsourcing GP services to private provider, which will charge for a profit ~10-30%. &! desperate measures, small change, to keep people away from the hospital/GP/doctors/ ... "link workers", at best you could call em Prescreening. Like in England they want you to go to the Pharmacy first. -
NHS  Grampian  staff  Crisis  locum  Nurses  hiring  Austerity  health  care  demand  rationing  elective  waiting  times  delayed  treatment  Scotland  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  overweight  obesity  recruitment  GP  A&E  Privatisation  outsourcing 
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Health boards to share resources in face of challenges | Inverness Courier | News
Stealth mega merger of northern Healthboards, as preveiously reported about "thoughts" to form 4-5 mega trusts/healthboards for scotland. // A regional delivery plan for the north of Scotland will see health authorities in Highland, Grampian, Tayside, Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles form a partnership, members of the Highland board have been told. [...] "With even more challenging times ahead we are absolutely going to need to share our infrastructure across the six health boards in the north."
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  Austerity  merger  rationing  efficiency  health  care  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  staff  crisis  medical  advances  demographic  recruitment  hiring  bubble  babyboomers  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity  overweight  mental 
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Data on NHS waiting lists in Scotland ‘suggests interference’ | Scotland | The Times & The Sunday Times
[ar politicians meddling with the statistics?] The UK Statistics Authority, the official regulator, has looked into a complaint about the publication of waiting list information by the Scottish NHS and concluded that staff made “a series of misjudged decisions”. They accuse the statistics arm of NHS Scotland — the Information Services Division (ISD) — of “catering more for the needs of policy officials” than patients. &! - It was concerned figures given by the Information Services Division (ISD) did not give a full picture of the scale of the problem and that patients returning for treatment, as well as first time patients, had to endure long waits.
NHS  Scotland  Politics  SNP  waiting  time  referral  Grampian  accountability  statistics  GP  delayed  treatment  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  pain  elective  urgent  A&E  care  social  adult  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking  overweight  mental  health  Disabled  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  baby  boomers  disease 
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Staff shortages fuelling worst Scottish cancer waiting times for ten years | HeraldScotland
CANCER waiting times are the poorest for a decade amid fears staff shortages in the NHS is impacting on treatments. New figures show that just 13 per cent of patients urgently referred to cancer specialists fail to begin treatment within the target time of 62 days - a three per cent deterioration on the previous year. The biggest falls were in lymphoma, urological and head and neck cancers. Only three of the 14 NHS boards in Scotland met the two-month objective – NHS Lanarkshire, NHS Dumfries and Galloway and NHS Orkney. [...] “A number of health boards are reporting capacity issues [...] NHS Grampian which had the third worst record with 17.7 per cent of referrals failing to meet the standard, said it was facing "ongoing recruitment challenges to medical posts" and "ongoing bed capacity pressures affecting diagnostic tests requiring admission".
NHS  Grampian  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  elective  health  care  demand  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  Scotland 
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NHS Grampian spends £10,000 on trip to find new nurses | Scotland | The Times & The Sunday Times
[wait what? uk doctors moving to aussie land bc NHS! how audatious] However, patient groups and insiders have condemned the trip at a time when the board is trying to make budget cuts of £27.2 million.
NHS  Grampian 
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NHS Grampian in heart patients deal with Newcastle hospital - BBC News
In May the health board said it could not meet the Scottish government's target 12-week timescale for all patients to be given planned surgery. It also said it had been forced to start prioritising the most urgent cases. The issue was raised with the Scottish government by Tory MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston on behalf of a constituent forced to wait three months for surgery. [...] [= delay of all elective surgeries] [...] "However, this service in Newcastle is their third back-up option behind Lothian and Glasgow, and it has not yet been used by patients." [...] £5m has been provided to NHS Grampian." [ to reduce wait lists 2017/18 budget, 28m budget cut planned for 2017/18 ] &! &! bigger waiting times for non urgent care (budget stays same)
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  staff  shortage  Nurses  morale  health  care  demand  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  Austerity  demographic  bubble  ageing  premature  population  chronic  sick  rationing  GP  A&E  referral  waiting  time  delayed  treatment  public 
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Fall in planned operations in Scottish hospitals - BBC News
7% drop in planned ops (non-urgent). The health board has blamed problems recruiting staff. [...] Fewer beds being available in hospitals for patients having scheduled operations has been cited as one of the reasons why the number of procedures was down. Official figures show the total number of hospital beds available in Scotland in March dropped by 382 from 22,240 to 21,858. [...] A spokeswoman for NHS Grampian said: "The reduction in the number of procedures taking place is a direct result of the challenges we have faced in staffing.
"This does not just cover theatres themselves but also vital pre- and post-operative care.
"We continue to actively recruit to a range of posts but - in common with many Scottish boards - are facing a shortage of suitably qualified candidates in some areas."
She added that while they were unable to meet the Scottish government's legal waiting time guarantee they had created a new system for prioritising patients. [CANCER, A&E ops] &! &!
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  waiting  times  rationing  Cancer  diabetes  CVD  obesity  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  Austerity  STP  health  care  demand  SNP  Shona  Robinson  premature  staff  shortage  locum  Nurses  vacancies  recruitment 
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Warning over psychiatrists amid mental health ‘crisis’ - The Scotsman
The number of psychiatrists working in Scotland’s NHS has increased by just four in the past five years amid warnings of an “enormous gulf” developing in the treatment of physical and mental health. The Royal College of Psychiatrists said the number of consultant psychiatrists in Scotland has risen by less than 1 per cent since 2012, compared with a more than 20 per cent rise in consultants who treat physical illnesses. Details emerged as former Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned of a “full-blown mental health emergency” in Scotland.

Read more at:
NHS  Scotland  Transgender  LGBT  mental  health  locum  staff  shortage  Austerity  rationing  Grampian 
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Surge in demand for diagnostic tests leads to delays | Holyrood Magazine
gov holyrood returns to session from summer break and first item on agenda? NHS // waiting longer for cancer tests - &! new expert group to get pushed out of range elective surgeries and outpatient appointments back into line as cancer and urgent care have been given priority - &
NHS  Scotland  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  health  care  demand  premature  ageing  demographic  bubble  chronic  sick  population  Grampian  STP  Austerity  waiting  times  rationing  obesity  overweight  Shona  Robison  Nicola  Sturgeon 
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Stroke care in Scotland ‘worse’ than official SNP claims | UK | News |
THE standard of stroke care in Scottish hospitals is worse than claimed by SNP ministers and NHS bosses, with survival rates revealed to be among the lowest in the developed world.
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  stroke  CVD  Cancer 
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Call for heads to roll in radiology row | Press and Journal
NHS Grampian is looking since August for 8 (eight) radiologists as well.
NHS  Grampian  staff  shortage  locum  Scotland 
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McArthur seeks government action over “unacceptable” NHS delays - The Orcadian Online
Shona Robison "significant capacity issues in NHS Grampian" [...] Ms Robison went on to confirm that NHS Orkney would receive £240,000 and NHS Grampian £4.9 million as part of a national package aimed at reducing waiting time delays. [ AND ANOTHER HAPLESS HALF ASSED BAILOUT FOR 2017/18 - while at the same time savings of 28m have to be achieved. Around the same amount Grampian got a year ago as it was failing again ]
NHS  Grampian  Scotland 
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Grampian readmission rates for critical care three times national average | Press and Journal
The number of patients readmitted to NHS Grampian hospitals within two days of an being discharged early due to staff and bed shortages is three times the national average. - 6% nhs grampian, 2% nat avrg [...] “This report highlights the pressure on our hardworking NHS staff to find beds is greater than ever before. “The numbers make it quite clear that NHS Grampian is under even more pressure than other health boards across Scotland. [...] NHS Grampian also had the high number of quality indicators marked as “does not comply” by auditors for its HDUs, with three red marks out of eight. These were for twice-daily consultant-led ward rounds, rehabilitation needs being assessed in critical care and regular clinical governance meetings on deaths and other adverse events – which NHS Grampian was the only health board in Scotland to fail to hold.
NHS  Grampian 
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Scots mental health patients 'wait years for discharge' - BBC News
He said: "The reasons for delayed discharges within adult mental health services can be very unique and complex. For example, it may be necessary to work in partnership with third sector social care providers to specially commission a new building to accommodate a patient and any live-in carers.
"Legal implications linked to complex guardianship applications can also contribute to delays." &! &! &!
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Council  Austerity  STP  merger  mental  health  adult  social  elderly  care 
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Shake-up set to benefit 100,000 people every year at hospital wards - Evening Express
[ now you are encouraged to wash your relative yourself ] “We encourage carers to participate in the care of their family member or friend while in hospital if they wish to do so and welcome carers to visit the ward as much as their family or friend would like.

“Some of the feedback has been really heartfelt and we are proud that we’ve been able to lead the way in Scotland by introducing this type of scheme.”
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Austerity  staff  shortage  locum  rationing  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  elderly  care  adult  social  health  demand  ageing  population  chronic  sick  demographic  bubble 
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Fears over possible health board mergers | Press and Journal
[ Scottisch version of STP?! super mergers do not equate to super hospitals nor super patient focused care nor super quality ] A statement on behalf of NHS Boards in the North of Scotland Planning Group confirmed that all the different organisations were currently working in partnership to prepare “regional delivery plans” which will include service and workforce planning across the region.

It added: “These ongoing collaborations include cancer networks, cardiac services, child and adolescent mental health services and neonatal services.

“All six boards work together to connect across boundaries to deliver sustainable, high-quality services as close to home as possible for all patients in the North.” A Scottish Government spokesman said: “Our focus is on promoting greater collaboration between NHS boards, and with partners, to deliver modern, sustainable health and social care services. “Regional and national delivery plans will also be delivered to improve services.”
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  STP  Austerity  rationing  health  care  demand  CVD  cancer  diabetes  chronic  sick  population  SNP  Shona  Robison  Nicola  Sturgeon  demographic  bubble  ageing  premature 
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'I want my life back': The people behind the NHS waiting list | Press and Journal
outpatient appointments like same-day keyhole surgery waiting times get longer bc cancer and emergency op cases come first. And to send them all to private or other boards even across border would drive up the hospital bill (eg Transgender health care specialist assessment, electrolysis, surgery - thus even self-ref to Edinburgh or Sandyford are blocked)
NHS  Grampian  locum  staff  shortage  agency  Transgender  rationing  waiting  times  cancer  A&E 
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UK health services could 'learn lessons' from Scottish NHS - BBC News
The report found that the Scottish NHS needs to make average savings this year of more than 4% - higher than those in England and Wales.
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Austerity  health  care  demand  demographic  bubble  ageing  chronic  sick  population  Transgender  mental  LGBT  medical  advances  cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  Stroke  dementia  Alzheimer  adult  elderly  service  Council  Shona  Robison  rationing  waiting  times  GP  A&E  referral 
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Cancer charity slams NHS Highland over failed waiting times targets | Press and Journal
The report, published by ISD Scotland showed that between January and March this year, 12.8% of NHS Highland patients had not started treatment within 62 days of being referred.

And 13.8% of NHS Grampian patients had not begun treatment in the same timeframe either. The target for trusts in Scotland is for 95% of sufferers to have started receiving treatment.
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  cancer  waiting  times  rationing  GP  staff  locum  shortage  Austerity  health  care  demand  chronic  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble 
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Catalogue of safety risks identified at NHS Grampian hospitals | Press and Journal
[backlogs bc of austerity and PFI ] Aberdeen Royal Infirmary has 24 areas of risk, including asbestos, fire safety and legionella – the bacteria that causes legionnaire’s disease – and general health and safety.

It is one of 33 facilities across Scotland, including the north-east’s flagship hospital, that have either significant or high risk maintenance backlogs which need to be addressed.

The figures were released by the Scottish Conservatives yesterday and covered all 14 health boards including NHS Grampian.

Aberdeen’s maternity hospital has 14 issues which have yet to be resolved, which also include legionella, fire safety and general health and safety
PFI  Austerity  NHS  Grampian  Scotland  rationing  infrastructure  underinvestment 
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NHS Grampian boss pledges to 'do everything he can' to cut waiting times - Evening Express
According to the March results just 77.4% of patients in the North-east were seen within the target time. The average for NHS boards across Scotland was 83.8%. Mr Wright said one of the main issues surrounding waiting times is lack of staff. &! Mental Health targets not able to meet - 45% only seen first times within 18-weeks &! - There are currently more than 400 nursing and midwifery vacancies at the health board, and last year NHS Grampian spent more than £1million on locums to cover surgical departments between April and September. [...] “It is important that patients with the highest clinical priority, such as cancer patients, are seen quickly. NHS Grampian has been in contact with us on this matter and we continue to work with the health board to ensure all patients are seen in a timely manner based on their condition.”
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  staff  shortage  locum  mental  health  CVD  cancer  CAMHS 
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While you debate toilet etiquette, trans women like Vikki Thompson are dying in the dark | Paris Lees | Opinion | The Guardian
When will the public’s fascination with trans people and how we live our lives end? Well now we know: when a trans person dies as a clear result of systemic prejudice, discrimination and lack of support. The media is obsessed with trans people – unless we’re being raped, murdered or driven to suicide. Then suddenly no one wants to know.
Transgender  transphobia  Transphobic  hate  crime  speech  mental  health  inequality  discrimination  NHS  Grampian 
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NHS Grampian 'cannot guarantee meeting surgery target' - BBC News
12 weeks to surgery target only met for those most in clinical need, ie cancer [I guess] // just at the beginning of this month, may, ARI had to call a stop to all surgery bc it was 'full' [ code black's are rare during non-winter-crisis time, but this is late april/may! NHS Grampian is perfect example of NHS being in a permanent state of winter-crisis. even during summer. //
NHS  Grampian  health  care  demand  Austerity  ageing  population  chronic  sick  demographic  bubble 
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REVEALED: The catalogue of hygiene failures that stopped cold food prep at ARI for six months | Press and Journal
[ internal whistleblower asked for inspection bc patients got sick after food ... ] & & Professor Jamie Weir of the Patient Action Coordination Team said: “This is really not acceptable. These are simple, straightforward things.

“It is a symptom of the underlying problems NHS Grampian has – the difficulty of getting staff at the right level and the resources they have.”

Unison maintained its members across NHS Grampian were “struggling to get training due to workload and vacancy levels”.
NHS  Grampian  Austerity 
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Major LGBT Foundation review says media representation damages transgender wellbeing · PinkNews
One respondent, who had spoken to the Trans Mental Health Study, stated that “tabloid stories about trans people are often exploitative, invasive of privacy, inaccurate, irrelevant or intended to drum up transphobia in their readers… [Reading these] shows how hostile many people are to trans people in current society.”
According to the report, 67% of trans people have reported being a victim of a hate crime, which is much higher than among gay and bisexual people.
80% of transgender people experience anxiety before accessing hospitals due to insensitivity, misgendering and discrimination, the report cites.
Transgender  NHS  Grampian  LGBT  hate  speech  crime  transphobia  transphobic  UK 
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Hospital visitors could soon help feed and clean patients in NHS Grampian | Press and Journal
guilting members of the family to care for patients in a hospital! LOL! // trialled in geriatric ward. now rolled out across. // already done in fife and lanarkshire // WITHOUT TRAINING. high risk of spreading of hospital infections! //
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  England  staff  shortage  Austerity  STP  bedblocking  bed  blocking  hospital  acquired  infection  adult  elderly  social  care  demographic  bubble  ageing  population  chronic  sick 
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NHS mental health care in crisis: 'There is no hope for people like me' | Society | The Guardian
More than 600 readers answered the Guardian's request for stories – and what they depict is a profoundly broken system - Battles for diagnosis, lengthy waits for treatment, an over-reliance on drugs, and, frequently, an abject lack of compassion: this is the picture that people with mental health problems, their families and professionals paint of NHS mental health care. After the revelation that two-thirds of people with depression in the UK receive no treatment on the NHS,
NHS  mental  health  well  being  Austerity  rationing  Grampian  LGBT  Transgender  CBT  DBT  BPD  PTSD  CPTSD 
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LGBT people need straight allies to lend a helping hand | Matthew Todd | Opinion | The Guardian
This week, hundreds of heterosexual Dutch men held hands to show solidarity with the victims of a homophobic attack. Such actions are vital to progress [...] Today we drastically need straight people to speak up about the situation in schools. School bullying and isolation is where the higher levels of anxiety, depression, suicide ideation and addiction that LGBT people statistically have, begins.
LGBT  Transgender  NHS  Grampian  Scotland  Equality  Act  2010  mental  health  well  being  discrimination  transphobia  Transphobic  hate  speech  crime 
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The NHS in Scotland is only surviving on the goodwill of staff - The i newspaper online iNews
The underlying difficulties facing health services in Scotland are not dissimilar to those facing the rest of the UK. Demand for health services is rocketing, yet Scotland’s 14 NHS health boards are having to make savings of a magnitude never seen before.

Read more at:
NHS  Scotland  Grampian 
april 2017 by asterisk2a
SNP accused of attempting to ‘silence’ NHS staff over survey - The Scotsman
Results of the last staff questionnaire for 2016 were supposed to be published in December but no information regarding how beleaguered NHS staff feel about their working environment will be made available until January 2018 at the earliest. The last staff survey published in December 2015 found that 46 per cent of the 60,681 workers who took part said they were unable to do their jobs properly because they were overworked.
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  Austerity  health  care  demand 
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Non-urgent surgery postponed at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary - BBC News
Non-emergency operations have been postponed at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary due to a lack of beds, NHS Grampian has confirmed.
The decision to postpone elective, non-clinically urgent surgery was taken on Tuesday afternoon.
Non-emergency procedures at the hospital have been cancelled at other times in recent months due to staffing issues.
On this occasion it has been put down to the lack of available beds.
NHS Grampian said the decision to postpone more minor procedures was down to an increase in demand on services.
NHS  Grampian 
april 2017 by asterisk2a
Effort to bring in 800 mental health workers to North-east revealed by ministers - Evening Express
[SNP's mental health strategy - - ] Announcing the new 10-year strategy to improve provisions, the MSP said the 800-strong staffing boost was key to improving access to services. [...] “We’ll increase the workforce to give access to dedicated mental health professionals to all A&Es, all GP practices, every police station custody suite, and to our prisons. “Over the next five years increasing additional investment of £35 million for our 800 workers in those key settings. [...] “We want to see a nation where mental health is person-centred and recognises the life-changing benefits of fast effective treatment. “Failing to recognise mental health costs not only our economy but individuals and communities.”
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  Shona  Robison  SNP  Nicola  Sturgeon  mental  health  CAMHS  Transgender  LGBT  well  being  GP  A&E 
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Shock at soaring NHS spending on temporary nurses | Press and Journal
[theatre nurses more advanced, harder to retain considering ARI history and Aberden cost/pay ...] Shock new figures reveal NHS Grampian’s spending on agency theatre nursing staff has soared from zero to more than £1million in the past five years. [...] She said the board currently has vacancies in the theatre nursing team which they have found difficult to fill due to the requirement to train staff in what the believe is a “complex” area of nursing.
NHS  Grampian 
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NHS Grampian's chief executive had largest pension increase in Scotland | Press and Journal
[ suspending "trouble makers" potential whistleblowers. standard practice in NHS! especially when said doctors think patients at risk and or culture and management put patients at risk ] But last September, at the end of an extensive investigation by the General Medical Council, he was among eight consultants who were cleared of any wrongdoing. In January, he spoke for the first time since his suspension, where he criticised senior management at the board for failing to act on a damning report from Health Improvement Scotland more than two years before. // MORE FROM THE PRESS AND JOURNAL -
Scottish Government underfunds north health authories by more than £20million & Six million cost of suspended NHS staff & ARI surgeons under investigation cleared by watchdog
NHS  Grampian  Austerity  Scotland  Shona  Robison  SNP  Nicola  Sturgeon  Aberdeen 
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Maternity incidents not being reviewed - BBC News
Health boards are formally reviewing less than half of the most serious maternity incidents - which include baby deaths.
Figures obtained by the BBC showed 723 "significant adverse events" recorded across Scotland over a six-year period.
Only about 37% of these were reviewed by a full formal process, leading to concerns lessons would not be learned. [...] For example, NHS Grampian conducted an SAER in 7% of events,
NHS  Austerity  locum  staff  shortage  CQC  scandal  England  Scotland  Grampian  Culture  Whistleblower 
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NHS Grampian launches 'know who to turn to' campaign - Evening Express
Those suffering from complaints such as indigestion and constipation are advised to visit their pharmacies for treatment.

The health board suggest only making a trip to the GP’s if “you have an illness or injury that just won’t go away” including vomiting, stomach pain and ear pain.

Meanwhile, suspected broken bones, minor burns and sprains should all be directed to a local Minor Injury Unit. The Scottish Ambulance Service and A&E departments are there to provide care for people with symptoms of serious illness, such as a suspected stroke or heart attack, or those who have been badly injured.
NHS  Grampian 
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Eye clinic appointments to return to Moray following specialist training for nurses | Press and Journal
[ instead of doctor, your get a trained nurse ... ] Nurses in Moray are being put through specialist training so eye clinic appointments can return to the region later this year.
NHS  Grampian  Scotland  England  Austerity  STP  rationing  health  care  demand  Shona  Robison  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  sick  chronic  premature  CVD  UK  medical  advances 
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Über einen neuen Namen | Psychologie Heute-Blog
Dennoch bleibt ein ungutes Gefühl bei einer so persönlichen, identitätsstiftenden Angelegenheit wie dem eigenen Namen vom Wohlwollen anderer abhängig zu sein. Konflikte zwischen dem eigenen Identitätsgefühl und der offiziellen Identität riskieren nämlich eine identity confusion. Diese wiederum kann nach Theo Klimstra und Lotte van Doeselaar eine ernste psychische Belastung werden.
NHS  Grampian  Transgender  mental  health  LGBT  book  Straight  Jacket  public  hate  speech  crime  transphobia  Transphobic  Homophobia  homophobic  Sociology  Psychology 
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Holyrood begins probe into how NHS deals with whistleblowers - The Scotsman
Last year the NHS Scotland chief executive Paul Gray admitted some health workers are still reluctant to blow the whistle on unsafe practices for fear of being victimised. Mr Gray also said some staff do not raise issues because they believed it would not lead to any real change.

Read more at:
NHS  Scotland  England  Whistleblower  Grampian  Transgender  health  care  demand  STP  Austerity  abuse  neglect  malpractice  mental 
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GP crisis grows as number of family doctors falls |
The number of family doctors in the north and north-east of Scotland has fallen – despite a growing number of patients, the Press and Journal reports.

Official figures show the number of GPs practising in Grampian and Highland dropped between 2015 and 2016.

NHS Grampian had 551 family doctors in 2016, compared to 561 the year before. With 595,927 people registered with a GP in the region, that means there is only one per 1,081 people.
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  GP  Austerity  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  chronic  sick  staff  shortage  locum 
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Aberdeen maternity hospital fully open after 20 midwives recruited - Evening Express
The health board admitted a lack of trained midwives left them with no alternative but to partially close part of the hospital, initially planning to fully reopen the hospital by the end of 2016.
NHS  Grampian 
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Mental health support waiting times missed | Holyrood Magazine
Five health boards failed to meet the 18 week waiting time target for CAMHS. They were NHS Ayrshire & Arran, NHS Fife, NHS Grampian, NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Lothian. [...] “In the coming weeks I will be publishing our new strategy for mental health. This will lay out how we will change services over the next decade, backed with £150 million of funding.” Maureen Watt, Minister for Mental Health [ << 100% nothing for LGBT especially T, see book Straight Jacket! ] &! &! &!
NHS  Grampian  CAMHS  mental  health  Transgender  Scotland  Austerity  rationing  book  LGBT  shame  drug  abuse  coping  mechanism  Stonewall  discrimination  prejudice  bigotry  hate  speech  crime  bullying  GP  A&E  Shona  Robison  inequality 
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Additional £16.2m allocated to Grampian’s health services - Inverurie Herald
An additional £16.2 million will be allocated to NHS Grampian in the coming financial year, Health Secretary Shona Robison has announced. [...] The health authority will also receive a share of £128 million to help support delivery of service reform. This extra funding will support the redesign of services so the NHS can meet the challenges of an ageing population. [...] Together we will ensure that this investment delivers better care, better services and better value.”
NHS  Grampian  Transgender  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  CVD  Diabetes  Cancer  Shona  Robison  locum  staff  shortage 
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Will rehabilitation of amputees services be moved to Aberdeen hospital? | Press and Journal
moving things from Peter to Paul. Really that useful? The council had to take money from elsewhere ... & will be shared by geriatric stroke, aneurysm, and heart attack victims, duh ... // The Integration Scheme is the legal agreement between Aberdeen City Council and NHS Grampian to establish the Aberdeen City Health and Social Care partnership and the arrangements for delegating certain adult health and social care functions to the partnership. The Strategic Plan outlines how these delegated functions will be set out to meet the national health and wellbeing outcomes.- &
NHS  Grampian  rationing  Scotland  public  health  mental  Council  Austerity  Shona  Robison  elderly  care  adult  social  stroke  heart  attack  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  geriatric  bedblocking  bed  blocking  CVD  Diabetes  premature 
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Hospitals spending 94 pence on patient meals (From HeraldScotland)
HOSPITALS are spending as little as 94 pence on patient meals, with many health boards cutting costs by buying in cheaper meat, fish, fruit and vegetables from abroad. The details emerged in under a freedom of information request by the BBC. NHS Grampian spent £3.50 per day which it said broke down as 94p for each of the two main meals and £1.62 for snacks and drinks. It also sourced 50 per cent of its frozen food from overseas last year and 40 per cent of the products in its chilled food contract also came from abroad. //&! &! &! - There are calls for more to be done to stop people smoking at hospitals and promote healthy living.
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  Austerity 
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Texas Sportscaster Shreds Transphobes In Must-See Broadcast | The Huffington Post // + See book Straight Jacket. // "Transitioning is a struggle I cannot imagine, it is a journey I could not make and it is a life that too many cannot live."
Transgender  NHS  Grampian  hate  speech  crime  comingout  coming  out  coming-out  transphobia  Transphobic  LGBT  Homophobia  homophobic  discrimination 
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Patients in Scotland face record waits for treatment, tests and consultations (From HeraldScotland)
PATIENTS in Scotland are waiting longer than ever for treatment, diagnostic tests and outpatient appointments, as a doctor's leader warned that the country must face up to a choice between increased investment or a "more limited" health service. &!
NHS  Scotland  Grampian  sick  population  chronic  ageing  demographic  bubble  rationing  Austerity  medical  advances  CVD  cancer  Diabetes  overweight  obesity 
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Increased number of people in North-east given heart disease diagnosis - Evening Express
Last year the charity committed to stepping up its work with NHS Grampian, after it was revealed that cardiac patients in the North-east were facing a 40-week wait for treatment.

The charity urged anyone with problems due to enduring long waits to get in touch for advice, and said that it planned to contact the Government about spiralling waiting times for Grampian’s heart patients.
CVD  premature  ageing  sick  chronic  population  NHS  Grampian  Austerity  rationing  SNP  Shona  Robison  demographic  bubble  Scotland  public  health 
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NHS inspection reports: Bosses admit SNP had access to secret results | UK | News |
[ NHS is political football ] Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) was launched in 2011 to improve care standards, although it has few statutory enforcement powers.

As it is part of the NHS, campaigners, politicians and even the OECD world forum have said the health service is effectively “marking its own homework”. HIS has inspected dozens of hospitals and health boards over the past six years, exposing many care, staffing and cleanliness problems. [...] She said: “There is a classic example from NHS Grampian, when there were major issues… We triangulated information with the General Medical Council and the consultants, and we also met patient groups in Grampian. During that time and before the report was published, the report was shared with Government, not so that changes could be made but so that action could be taken on some of the serious problems in Grampian.”
NHS  Scotland  SNP  CQC  HIS  Shona  Robison  Holyrood  public  health  Jeremy  Hunt  Austerity  STP  Simon  Stevens  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  Grampian 
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BBC Radio 4 - Today, Is positive thinking making us depressed?
happiness has become a new duty ... /// self-help books and coaches = ideology of individualistic society (Curtis docs) & de Botton - Status Anxiety // Professor Svend Brinkmann, who wrote Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze,
mental  health  NHS  Grampian  Transgender  LGBT  hate  speech  crime  discrimination  Consumerism  individualism  Status  Anxiety  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  book  materialism  well  being  Social  Media 
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Hate-Speech in der Schule - "Demütigung ist wie körperliche Gewalt"
"Demütigung ist wie körperliche Gewalt" /// Erst im Netz, dann auf dem Schulhof: Beleidigungen, Drohungen und auch tätliche Angriffe nehmen zu, der Ton ist rauer und aggressiver, beklagen Lehrer wie Schüler. Es gibt einen Zusammenhang zwischen Hassreden und Gewalt - er beginnt im Gehirn. [...] Auf die Auswirkungen von Ausgrenzung und Demütigung auf unser Gehirn weist der Neurobiologe Joachim Bauer von der Uniklinik Freiburg und Autor des Buches "Schmerzgrenze" hin: Das Gehirn stufe verbale Gewalt wie körperlichen Schmerz ein. Wem die Anerkennung entzogen, wer systematisch niedergemacht und entwertet werde, werde irgendwann krank. Das Sprachzentrum und Netzwerke, wo Handlungen geplant werden, hingen eng zusammen - wo viel Hass-Sprache ist, dort erhöhe sich das Risiko, dass irgendwann auch zugeschlagen wird. //&! Extremismus
"Hass ist gesellschaftsfähig geworden" -
hate  speech  crime  LGBT  Transgender  Brexit  anti-semitism  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  transphobia  Transphobic  Homophobia  homophobic  bullying  mental  health  well  being  public  CPTSD  PTSD  BPD  NHS  Grampian  education  policy  Extremism  far-right  right-wing  neo-Nazi  Saxony  Germany  USA  UK 
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