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Sports Direct shares dive after results chaos | Business | The Guardian
David Cumming, the chief investment officer for equities and head of UK equities at Aviva Investors, told the BBC on Monday: “Sports Direct is almost a case study in failed corporate governance.” He said Ashley “has obviously got retail talent – or had retail talent”, but the firm had “lost its way”.

Justin Urquhart Stewart, a fund manager at Seven Investment Management, said the delayed publication of the results was “frankly a pathetic way to run a business”.

In the annual results, Ashley warned that the state of House of Fraser, which his company bought out of administration last year, had created “significant uncertainty” as to the future profitability of the entire group. He warned of further store closures at House of Fraser and said he regretted the acquisition.

The billionaire retail tycoon has gone on a buying spree in the past 18 months, with Sports Direct also acquiring Evans Cycles, and Game Digital.
Sports  Direct  UK  governance  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  accounting 
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Carillion displayed utter contempt for suppliers – Frank Field | Business | The Guardian
Carillion displayed utter contempt for suppliers – Frank Field
Failed government contractor used suppliers to ‘prop up a failing business model’ and conceal true debt, say MPs
Carillion  UK  Privatisation  outsourcing  governance  Tories  nasty  party  Austerity  accounting  Conservative  Council  NHS  Prison 
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The Observer view on Trump’s folly in risking not just peace in the Middle East | Observer editorial | Opinion | The Guardian - Trump’s dirty ops attack on Obama legacy shows pure hatred for Iran deal US president’s move using Israeli private security brings prospect of a new conflict in the Middle East ever closer & - Revealed: Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal Israeli agency told to find incriminating material on Obama diplomats who negotiated deal with Tehran
DonaldTrump  Iran  Donald  Trump  Republicans  USA  America  governance  checks  balances 
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Russian millions laundered via UK firms, leaked report says | World news | The Guardian
... and efforts to dampen business, white-collar crime, are blocked by nasty party Tories> Magnitsky clauses; &! - Govt just took unprecedented move of halting a bill committee- to avoid consideration of new measures to introduce Magnitsky clauses and tighten action vs money laundering. A new constitutional low, even for this govt! #McMafia #ParadisePapers
money  laundering  UK  London  governance  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  banking  tax  evasion  avoidance  capitalism  profit  maximisation 
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Ex-Carillion director viewed pension fund as 'waste of money' | Business | The Guardian
Ex-Carillion director viewed pension fund as 'waste of money'
Comment revealed in meeting minutes as MPs criticise Pensions Regulator and KPMG
Carillion  pension  bailout  Governance 
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Facebook hired a pollster to track Zuck's public image, but he quit because working for Facebook filled him with shame / Boing Boing
“I joined Facebook hoping to have an impact from the inside,” he says. “I thought, here’s this huge machine that has a tremendous influence on society, and there’s nothing I can do as an outsider. But if I join the company, and I’m regularly taking the pulse of Americans to Mark, maybe, just maybe that could change the way the company does business. I worked there for six months and I realized that even on the inside, I was not going to be able to change the way that the company does business. I couldn’t change the values. I couldn’t change the culture. I was probably far too optimistic.”
Facebook  Mark  Zuckerberg  Culture  corporate  governance  responsibility 
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The Carillion pension bungle raises this question: where was the oversight? | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian
There’s something amiss when a firm £5bn in debt, owing almost £1bn to its pensioners, and with just £29m in the bank is given a clean bill of health &! - The Pensions Regulator: a deficit of credibility Nils Pratley Nils Pratley The regulator may need more powers to intervene – but first it must use what capabilities it has
Carillion  pension  scheme  bailout  UK  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  governance  oversight  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  JAM  Theresa  May 
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The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights says Police Scotland suffers from “institutional racism” | HeraldScotland
The force has been attacked over the recruitment and retention levels of staff from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities.
UK  BAME  discrimination  governance  Whistleblower  HR  human  resources  Police  recruitment  inequality  social  mobility  hiring 
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Badly-behaved surgeons are ​putting patients' lives in danger ​due to 'culture of bullying', report finds
The Sunday Telegraph says trainee surgeons have complained that an endemic culture of bullying among senior colleagues is putting patients' lives at risk.
The paper says some surgeons have reported being assaulted during operations for raising safety concerns, and an atmosphere of fear is said to be leading to failures in concentration that directly harm patients.
NHS  Austerity  chronic  staff  shortage  burnout  stress  Whistleblower  bullying  patient  safety  STP  CEP  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  Culture  HR  human  resources  recruitment  hiring  training  CQC  excess  deaths  sick  population  healthcare  demand  sickcare  complex  diseases  governance  accountability 
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Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW unter Kartellverdacht: Einmal Schrottpresse - SPIEGEL ONLINE
das Wort der Industrie kein Verlass ist. [...] Problem für die Branche, von der in Deutschland fast jeder siebte Arbeitsplatz abhängt. //&! - Die deutsche Autoindustrie hat sich seit den Neunzigerjahren in geheimen Arbeitskreisen über die Technik, Kosten, Zulieferer und sogar über die Abgasreinigung ihrer Dieselfahrzeuge abgesprochen. Das belegt eine Art Selbstanzeige, die der VW-Konzern nach Informationen des SPIEGEL bei den Wettbewerbsbehörden eingereicht hat. Es könnte einer der größten Kartellfälle der deutschen Wirtschaftsgeschichte werden. &!
Abgasskandal  VW  BMW  Audi  Mercedes  Diesel  CO2  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  European  Union  cartel  collusion  bribery  lobby  revolving  door  neoliberal  neoliberalism  capitalism  profit  maximisation  climate  change  global  warming  climatechange  globalwarming  public  health  air  noise  pollution  Trust  governance  corporate  welfare  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  science  big  pharma  tobacco  pharmaceutical  vested  interest  Military–industrial  food–industrial  conglomerate  tax  evasion  avoidance  Glaubwürdigkeit  Journalism  journalismus  Absprache  Bundeskartellamt  Diesel-Gate  Abgas-Affäre  Porsche  Daimler  Dieselskandal 
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(1928) Keiser Report: Financialized Economy (E1088) - YouTube
All the Plenary’s Men // tbtf is a protection racket!!! (FSB, SFO, systemic relevant banks) & laws - immunity from protection - protects people from prosecution. ... tbtf "global banking cartel" - they can to no wrong. more powerful than the gov. sovereign power.
HSBC  money  laundering  London  GFC  compliance  oversight  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  George  Osborne  benbernanke  FSB  BIS  BOE  centralbanks  SFO  fraud  UK  USA  ECB  systemic  White-collar  crime  banking  TBTF  toobigtofail  bank  bailout  Transparency  accountability  Russia  War  on  Drugs  corruption  lobby  tax  evasion  avoidance  terrorism  terror  ethics  governance  abuse  Military–industrial  complex 
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Booming gig economy costs £4bn in lost tax and benefit payouts, says TUC | Business | The Guardian
Study shows low-paid self-employment and zero-hours contracts costing exchequer £75m a week – a quarter of England’s weekly social care budget [...] Their relatively low earnings also make them more likely to need to rely on in-work benefits such as tax credits and housing benefit, the TUC said. [...] “The huge rise in insecure work isn’t just bad for workers. It’s punching a massive hole in the public finances too,” said TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady.
HMRC  Treasury  Whitehall  Westminster  Lobby  Consultant  zero  hour  contract  Self-Employment  gig  economy  welfare  state  Governance  Government  Precariat  working  poor  Poverty  part-time  minimum  wage  minimumwage  mindestlohn  Zeitarbeit  Leiharbeit  LHA  DWP  George  Osborne  Philip  Hammond  Iain  Duncan  Smith  housing  benefit  tax  credit  child  taxcredit  Austerity  secular  stagnation  crony  capitalism  bailout  corporatism  neoliberalism  exploitation  profit  maximisation 
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A hard Brexit will be even harder because of Treasury failings | David Walker | Public Leaders Network | The Guardian
[ Brexit to be costly for Westminster and Whitehall bc have to hire lots of consultants, all the expertise to neg trade deals was put to Europe. ] Lord Kerslake’s damning report exposes the yawning skills gap at the heart of government – just when we need to manage Brexit &!
Brexit  Whitehall  Westminster  Productivity  outsourcing  Privatisation  Philip  Hammond  George  Osborne  Austerity  Governance  Government 
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Jeremy Hunt to consider merging health regulation bodies | Politics | The Guardian
Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, is preparing to publish a consultation paper that could lead to the medical and nursing professions no longer having their own dedicated disciplinary bodies. [...] [ LIMITING LIABILITIES from suits/claims neglect malpractice discrimination ! instead claim of inefficiencies and less money. ] Department of Health sources say Hunt wants to improve public protection against the possibility of being harmed by poor professional practice and ensure that concerns about the poor performance of health professionals is dealt with quickly and proportionately. Ministers are determined to reform what they see as the unwieldy and confusing set-up under which different types of health staff each have their own regulator. For example, the General Medical Council regulates Britain’s 281,000 doctors and the Nursing and Midwifery Council performs the same role for about 600,000 nurses and midwives.
NHS  regulation  self-regulation  government  Governance  Tories  Conservative  nasty  party  regulators  Jeremy  Hunt  STP  Austerity  Privatisation 
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Keiser Report: ‘Stunned Commoners’ (E980) - YouTube
Royal Bank of Scotland. dash for cash. /// also Newsnight and Buzzfeed reported on whistleblower. Gov report still not released!
RBS  corporate  governance  bank  bailout 
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England's academy trusts 'run up debts of £25m' - BBC News
The numbers raise "serious concerns about the accountability" of the system, said Meg Hillier, chairwoman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee.
More than half of England's secondary schools are run by self-governing academy trusts.
The government said financial oversight of academies was "more robust than in council-run schools".
The DfE's Education Funding Agency investigated one academy trust, Lilac Sky Schools, over its financial governance.
It runs nine primary schools in Kent and East Sussex. The most recent accounts show a deficit of £665,972.
Governance  Education  Policy  UK  Privatisation  Academy  attainment  gap  inequality  poverty  social  mobility  Austerity  staff  morale  shortage 
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Taxpayers fund large wages and lavish perks of academy school chiefs | Education | The Guardian
Expense claims released under the Freedom of Information Act lay bare for the first time what critics claim is an extraordinary extravagance by some academy chain chief executives and principals, at a time when schools are struggling financially.
Academy  education  policy  governance  Privatisation  UK  Westminster  Whitehall  Public  Services  service  austerity  Tories  Conservative  Party  teacher  pay  teacher  shortage  staff  shortage  staff  morale  David  Cameron 
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Businesses must alter 'toxic' attitude to executive pay, PwC says | Business | The Guardian
Companies have failed to address a “toxic” attitude towards executive pay and face a government crackdown if they do not act to curb boardroom excess, according to a report by consultancy group PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In polling carried out by PwC last month, two-thirds of Britons said they believed executive pay was too high, and nearly three-quarters said it made them angry if a chief executive was paid a lot while their company was doing badly.
CEO  pay  CXX  shareholder  capitalism  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  crony  capitalism  capitalism  in  crisis  capitalism  winner  take  all  multinational  conglomerate  governance  corporate  governance  share  buyback  dividends  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Lobbying  lobby  lobbyist  Theresa  May 
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The Growth Trap
[ growing for growth sake! vs growing in a world/area that is not conducive to grow ] When Twitter went public in 2013, its stock soared and its value jumped to $25 billion. Its founders and early investors got rich. But since then, the company has been considered a failure, despite the fact that it boasts 320 million active users, because it's not growing fast enough. Douglas Rushkoff, author of "Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity," talks to Steve Paikin about why he sees the push for more growth as dangerous. // true capitalists (shareholder, crony, greedy) w/o self-regulation or governance extract all the value there is to extract and then leave, dispersing it to the few who already have [...] WE MUST REWRITE THE RULES OF THE GROWTH GAME ITSELF! [...] you want to optimise the economy based on velocity of money (circulation of money), not share price and value extraction [...]
Venture  Capital  Unicorn  shareholder  capitalism  Greed  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  Wall  Street  Wall  Street  activists  Yahoo!  Google  Inc.  Alphabet  Inc.  Microsoft  IBM  Intel  Oracle  capitalism  exploitation  Super  Rich  short-termism  short-term  thinking  1%  plutocracy  oligarchy  M&A  economic  growth  growth  round  Mutual  Fund  macroeconomic  policy  secular  stagnation  Private  Equity  MBO  Pivot  IPO  dividends  prosperity  Start-Ups  Start-up  s&p500  pension  scheme  pension  finite  resources  resource  depletion  economic  history  creative  destruction  share  buyback  Apple  capitalism  in  crisis  capitalist  Uber  monopoly  oligopol  oligopoly  antitrust  corruption  western  world  squeezed  middle  class  emerging  middle  class  BRIC  business  cycle  company  book  cost  center  overhead  costcutting  operating  performance  operating  margin  globalisation  globalization  Universal  Basic  Income  artificial  intelligence  AI  augmented  intelligence  Robotics  automation  structural  unemployment  materialism  consumerism  status  anxiety  disenfranchise  disenfranchised  youth  unemployment  post-capitalism  Mobile  Banlieue  deprivation  poverty  trap  poverty  meritocracy  meritocratic  Gini  value  coefficie 
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Gerald Celente On Soros & The Panama Papers & Why A Hillary Clinton Presidency Means War
Why do they not publish all the name that use the services and avoid taxes legally through tax loopholes?!?! All the sudden it is PRIVATE DATA! national accounts of a county economically damaged by tax evasion and avoidance is all the sudden PRIVATE DATA. A PRIVATE MATTER. Who's names did they publish? Russia, China, ... Iceland and a non-incriminating account of David Cameron. It stinks! Doesn't pass the sniff test. //&! Full Show: Soros And CIA Behind Panama Papers - 04/05/16 - The Alex Jones Channel - [...] min 1:09:00 - John McAfee "smear enemies [...] we know who you are, we can black mail you" west keeps it's powder dry! //&! >> police infiltrated Greenpeace and other activist groups because they are deemed terrorists, duh. What stops them to go even further, nowadays?
Panama  Papers  Iceland  western  world  Putin  vladimirputin  journalism  journalismus  journalist  democracy  Lügenpresse  trust  No  Representation  Whistleblower  Wikileaks  Platfom  transparancy  transparency  accountability  propaganda  Positioning  conglomerate  multinational  offshore  banking  GFC  budget  deficit  austerity  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Precariat  refugee  crisis  media  conglomerate  Polarisation  populism  smoke  screen  smoke  mirror  deceit  neoliberal  neoliberalism  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  Super  Rich  1%  plutocracy  oligarchy  Hegemony  CIA  NSA  China  Russia  fake  grassroots  activism  activist  grassroots  Wikipedia  Food  Politics  PR  shareholder  capitalism  Greed  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Career  Politicians  corruption  bribery  ethics  moral  beliefs  status  quo  governance  mainstream  media 
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Obama calls for international tax reform amid Panama Papers revelations
"a lot of it is legal" ... they are not poorly designed the laws have been designed by the revolving door of corporate lawyers and lobbyists. // We are not all in this together.
austerity  tax  evasion  tax  amnesty  tax  avoidance  Panama  Papers  G20  G8  tax  loopoles  lobby  revolving  door  Career  Politicians  Party  Funding  barackobama  George  Osborne  IRS  HMRC  white-collar  crime  corporate  governance  accounting  scandal  corporate  scandal  offshore  banking  income  tax  receipts  corporate  tax  rate  fairness  Super  Rich  1%  oligarchy  plutocracy  nasty  Tories  Conservative  Party  Google  Inc.  Westminster  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  No  Representation  democracy  squeezed  middle  class  poverty  trap  Precariat  disenfranchise  disenfranchised 
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Panama Papers (BBC)
links to 72 current or former heads of state [...] dictators looting their own countries [...] helped clients launder money, dodge sanctions & evade tax. [...] never been accused or charged with criminal wrong-doing [...] company is a corporate screen established principally to protect the identity and confidentiality of the ultimate beneficial owner of the company. [...] + Icelandic Prime Minister //&! &! How To Insight - &! The Guardian - &! Reddit - &! & live ticker tuesday - &! - Panama is British Territory as is Cayman Islands et al. //&! Change the rules and close the loopholes! Duh. No need to ask others to stop doing business or change their rules!
Panama  Papers  tax  amnesty  tax  avoidance  tax  evasion  money  laundering  offshore  banking  white-collar  crime  white-collar  fraud  tax  loopoles  HMRC  shareholder  capitalism  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  profit  maximization  Wall  Street  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  Whistleblower  corruption  bribery  investment  banking  revolving  door  lobby  Greed  GFC  Super  Rich  1%  plutocracy  oligarchy  austerity  budget  deficit  George  Osborne  double  standard  governance  transparancy  accountability  transparency  sanctions 
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Greenpeace reveals Indonesia's forests at risk as multiple companies claim rights to same land​
Collusion between private sector and government exacerbating problems, says corruption official. Indonesia’s palm oil, mining and logging industries are enmeshed in a cat’s cradle of overlapping land claims and corruption that are hampering attempts to stop deforestation and fires, newly released maps reveal. [...] many officials exchange land rights to raise money for election campaigns or to curry influence with powerful business owners, and bribes for concessions are commonplace. &! Indonesia 'may blacklist Leonardo DiCaprio over palm oil comments' -
Palm  Oil  deforestation  shareholder  capitalism  mass  extinction  ecological  damage  ecological  disaster  environmental  damage  environmental  disaster  corruption  bribery  governance  Indonesia  sustainability  sustainable  climate  change  global  warming  carbonfootprint  crony  capitalism  Schwarze  Kassen  Schwarzkasse  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value 
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Discussing the IMF’s research on inequality - an interview with Andrew Berg
Inequality and Unsustainable Growth (2011) - - what are the determinants of sustained growth (answer a middle class). phases of growth. institutional governance (tax evasion and tax avoidance). lobby, revolving door, no representation, career politicians. [...] redistribution should have win-win effect. //&! Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies - - national income per head (average) is not reflective (correlates) for health and child well-being measures, social capital (volunteering, Tories Big Society), mental health, prison population, social mobility. that is why Tories redefined fuel poverty & child poverty! That is why nominal GDP targeting is double edge sword (tax evasion and average national income per head, and being dependent on a industry for GDP (ie Brazil and resources, or south UK and banking - 80% of 2015 growth was consumtion). Leads to status anxiety & materialism/
inequality  Robert  Reich  Joseph  Stiglitz  Paul  Krugman  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  CEO  pay  shareholder  capitalism  IMF  western  world  Super  Rich  1%  plutocracy  oligarchy  discretionary  spending  disposable  income  Generation  Rent  poverty  poverty  trap  meritocracy  meritocratic  income  distribution  American  Dream  child  poverty  Thomas  Piketty  income  growth  income  inequality  income  mobility  Gini  coefficient  social  mobility  income  redistribution  Universal  Basic  tax  credit  tax  free  income  tax  evasion  tax  amnesty  tax  avoidance  HMRC  Political  Governance  Career  Politicians  revolving  door  Lobbying  lobby  lobbyist  No  Representation  Niall  Ferguson  secular  stagnation  Elizabeth  Warren  Precariat  job  insecurity  welfare  state  social  safety  net  nominal  GDP  targeting  WHO  consumerism  materialism  status  anxiety  values  social  status  self-esteem  mental  health  well  being  GNP 
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Gefahr durch Fracking: Das Dreckwasser von Wyoming
Das umstrittene Fracking kann das Trinkwasser belasten. Ein beharrlicher US-Forscher hat das jetzt für ein Dorf exemplarisch nachgewiesen - gegen viele Widerstände. [...] Fallstudie zu Pavillion. Sie legt nahe, dass das Grundwasser dort tatsächlich mit Fracking-Schadstoffen belastet ist. Und dass diese im Boden nach oben wandern. In Tiefen, die auch von Trinkwasserbrunnen erreicht werden. [...] Was den Forscher zusätzlich empört, ist einfach erklärt: Die US-Gesetzgebung erlaubt es, dass zur Öl- und Gasförderung Chemikalien notfalls auch in Grundwasserreservoire eingeleitet werden. "Ich kenne keine westliche Demokratie, wo so etwas möglich ist", klagt DiGiulio. Man könne doch nicht ernsthaft annehmen, das so etwas ohne Folgen für das Trinkwasser bleibe.
fracking  shale  gas  shale  oil  water  pollution  Aquifer  drinking  water  shareholder  capitalism  ecological  damage  ecological  disaster  environmental  damage  environmental  disaster  corporate  governance  profit  maximisation  shareholder  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  Trinkwasser  carcinogen  carcinogenic  EPA  Consumer  Protection  No  Representation  lobby  public  health  public  health  risk  public  safety  pollution  revolving  door  Career  Politicians  USA  tobacco  passive  smoking 
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Turkey 'demands deletion' of German video mocking Erdoğan
[ "duennes diplomatisches parkette [fuer Angela Merkel]" ] w Turkish subs - -,extra11104.html //&! w english subs - //&! //&! &!
Turkey  Erdogan  freedom  of  press  freedom  of  speech  human  rights  Kurd  Kurdish  Kurds  ISIS  refugee  crisis  governance  democracy  nepotism  European  Union  Angela  Merkel  diplomacy 
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EU referendum: Hammond defends rules on access to papers - BBC News
Five cabinet ministers and a minister who attends cabinet are campaigning for Brexit Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has defended plans to prevent ministers who oppose EU membership from seeing certain government documents. He said the government, which backs EU membership, was not neutral and those who disagreed could draw on specific policy information from other sources. MPs are to question the UK's top civil servant after he issued guidance to withhold "referendum-related" material. One anti-EU minister said retaining documents "can't possibly happen". The government's official policy is that Britain should remain in the EU - and civil servants are duty-bound to support government policies. [...] And farming minister George Eustice said ministers needed "100% access" to material relating to day-day dealings with the EU.
Tories  nasty  party  FOI  Freedom  of  Information  Act  Brexit  Conservative  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Politics  transparency  accountability  governance  secrecy  campaign  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  DWP  Iain  Duncan  Smith 
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Lageso: Referatsleiter wegen Korruptionsverdachts festgenommen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Er soll Schmiergelder für die Vermittlung eines Sicherheitsunternehmens angenommen haben. In Berlin wurde ein Referatsleiter des Lageso festgenommen. Auch ein weiterer Beschuldigter sitzt in Haft.
refugee  crisis  LaGeSo  corruption  bribery  capitalism  Greed  exploitation  Germany  governance 
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Pando: Hot or Not founder responds to Nancy Jo Sales' new book: "I don’t think we invented human nature"
Nearly every tweet I’ve read about Nancy Jo Sales’ new book “American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers” has been some variation of “I’m scared to read this.” Indeed by page 20, I started making plans to move to an Amish village by the time my daughter turns 12. The deeper I read, the more I was impressed by many of the young women Sales interviewed, and the more sorry I felt that we've given them this world.  [...] Sales also describes how young girls worship Kim Kardashian and derive their self worth from how many likes they get on Instagram.
Social  Media  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstfürsorge  self-regulation  self-actualization  self-publishing  self-respect  self-censorship  self-awareness  Self-esteem  Selfie  Twitter  Instagram  Facebook  filter  bubble  Depression  YouTube  The  Content  Wars  attention  span  attention  graph  mobile  homescreen  Snapchat  Tinder  superficial  OkCupid  Reddit  #GamerGate  4chan  Sexting  mental  health  well  being  book  governance  Instagram.  Whisper  Yik  Yak  Vine  Kik  self-worth  Sexual  objectification  objectification  Patriarchy  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment 
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Pando: So we’ve all agreed: Zenefits will be the (guilty) scapegoat for all that went wrong in tech for the last five years
You don’t have to read everything Pando has written in the past few years to know some of the things we’re not big on. Bro-ish behavior, breaking laws, the cult of disruption, Silicon Valley companies hiring dangerous political operatives, and dictating your business strategy based on how much money you can raise. To name just a few. You only have to read Farhad Manjoo’s excellent piece on Zenefits last week that detailed how staff were told to turn their t-shirts inside out when they went to bars, or the Journal’s latest story about how Zenefits HR had to circulate a memo asking people not to have sex in the stairwells anymore to know this was a company right up there with “Boober” and the college emails of Evan Spiegel... //&! Zenefits: Were the Valley's kingmakers wrong, or did they just lie? - //&! The Inside Story Of The Meltdown at $4.5 Billion Unicorn Zenefits - - the sky is the limit! hyperbole. doubling every year... landgrab!
Zenefits  Uber  Silicon  Valley  Hype  Cycle  growth  round  hunt  for  yield  distortion  governance  corporate  governance  corporate  culture  culture  filter  bubble  bubble  Angel  Investor  Party  Seed  Incubator  Private  Market  FOMO 
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Die Macht der Finanzkonzerne - Wie Blackrock mittels Geld die Welt regiert - YouTube
extraction of fat. no skin in the game. // Privatisation of housing stock - social and affordable, anglo saxon capitalism style; profit maximisation, dividends. // after Goldman Sachs the new vampiresquid // no skin in game; get money for speculation from pension funds, other investors, mutual funds. << that is the system! // nur wer geld hat, kann es vermehren. // nearly no governance, no guidelines regarding sustainability, ethics, transparency, morals. // no regulation = big profit and exploitation, corruption, bribery.
BlackRock  MBO  LBO  M&A  Private  Equity  financial  product  Hedge  Fund  Black  Swan  blackswan  Nassim  Taleb  self-regulation  Mutual  Fund  Venture  Capital  risk  governance  corporate  governance  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  activist  investor  Main  Street  accountability  transparency  mainstreet  arbitrage  squeezed  middle  class  wage  stagnation  bonuses  bonus  speculation  revolving  door  regulation  regulators  Career  Politicians  CEO  pay  dividends  Heuschrecken  ROI  speculative  sustainability  tax  code  ethics  corporate  scandal  accounting  scandal  oligarchy  plutocracy  Super  Rich  1%  GFC  sovereign  debt  crisis 
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How Billionaires Built The Radical Right! - YouTube
Modern fascism poisons public communication channels. // Obstructing democracy and social democracy. // Insurgency tactic! Like Conservatives adopting some Labour proposed policies! // Undermining faith in government! // no transparency where party funding comes from!
plutocracy  oligarchy  USA  Career  Politicians  vested  interest  Super  Rich  1%  interest  groups  book  democracy  history  No  Representation  far-right  corporate  media  Fear  fearmongering  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  Polarisation  populism  propaganda  Lügenpresse  Russia  Gini  coefficient  Xenophobia  WW2  Religion  Homophobia  social  democracy  barackobama  presidency  nasty  party  Funding  Conservative  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  fossil  fuel  Progressive  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  UK  Super  PAC  corruption  bribery  transparency  accountability  governance 
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Zenefits: Were the Valley's kingmakers wrong, or did they just lie? // Earlier that same day he was forced to resign, not only from the company but also from its board of directors. Conrad’s resignation followed revelations that Zenefits acted as insurance brokers in at least seven states despite lacking the licenses to do so. Buzzfeed has been following the scandal closely, and we covered it here on Pando. //&! Zenefits was under serious pressure to generate impressive financial numbers. Last May, just over two years after Zenefits launched, the company raised $500 million in a funding round that valued it at $4.5 billion. Sales reps — even those without necessary licenses — were directed to work the phones to meet ambitious quotas. - //&!
Zenefits  growth  round  Unicorn  self-regulation  compliance  governance 
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Nestlé admits slavery in Thailand while fighting child labour lawsuit in Ivory Coast | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian
via //&! The company has won plaudits for its admission of forced labour in the Thai seafood industry but much of the supply chain remains hidden [...] By the time Nestlé owned up to slavery in the Thai seafood industry it was accepted knowledge //&! Research from the University of Sheffield argues audits are working for corporations but failing workers and the environment -
supply  chain  profit  maximisation  conglomerate  multinational  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  food  industry  processed  food  food  engineering  child  labour  governance  accountability  transparency  Politics  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  zombie  consumer  Protection  convenience  obesity  epidemic  obesity  childhood  obesity  revolving  door  food  safety  fast  food  junk  food  China  India  Apple  Asia  corruption  bribery  Schwarzkasse  corporate  scandal 
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Cheryl James Deepcut death: New sexual exploitation claims - BBC News
"The inquest will now be a matter for the coroner, but we will of course continue to cooperate with and provide support to the coroner where needed." Lawyers from human rights campaign group Liberty have asked the coroner, Brian Barker QC, to allow the new witnesses to give evidence and he is expected to make a decision on Monday. Des James's solicitor Emma Norton said: "We have made an application to the coroner to investigate evidence that has come to light that appears to suggest there might have been a system of ordering recruits to have sex with other staff. "We have had a witness come forward to say Cheryl herself disclosed to him that she had been ordered to have sex with another soldier. [...] Pte James, from Llangollen, was one of four soldiers who died at the barracks between 1995 and 2002 amid claims of bullying and abuse.
MoD  UK  Establishment  corruption  Westminster  Privileged  Toff  bribery  governance  bullying  abuse  abuse  of  power  Career  Politicians  Met  Police  child  abuse  physical  abuse 
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Oscars und der Boykott schwarzer Künstler: Hollywoods wahres Problem - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Oscar-Academy ändert ihr Reglement: Künftig sollen nicht nur weiße Männer über 60 entscheiden, wer die Auszeichnung bekommt. Ein wichtiger Schritt. Doch Hollywoods Problem sitzt tiefer. [...] Eine echte Debatte über mangelnde Diversität in Hollywood muss sich also um die Frage drehen, wie viel Zugang ethnische Minderheiten zu Macht- und Prestige-Positionen innerhalb der amerikanischen Filmindustrie bekommen und wie sich auch dort, wo die Filme erdacht, in Auftrag gegeben und produziert werden, die Demographie der USA angemessen widerspiegelt. Die Oscars, die sich nun auf berechtigten Druck verändern wollen, sind tatsächlich nur Seismograph einer an ethnischer Hermetik und Verkrustung leidenden Branche.
Hollywood  Patriarchy  straight  white  male  male  privilege  white  male  privilege  Entertainment  Industry  gender-based  discrimination  gender-based  harassment  gender  policing  gender  politics  gender  pay  gap  governance  boys  club  glass  ceiling  feminism  feminist  racial  discrimination  racism  gender  role  profit  maximisation  meritocracy  meritocratic  subjective  objective  confirmation  bias  bias  risk  aversion  No  Representation 
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Billionaire supports reported inquiry into possible ExxonMobil cover-up | Environment | The Guardian
Activist Tom Steyer’s comments followed reports that California attorney general is looking into what the world’s biggest oil company knew about climate change. Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer spoke out on Wednesday in support of an unconfirmed investigation by California into allegations that ExxonMobil spent decades lying to investors and the public about its knowledge of climate change. “We don’t have the facts yet, but I think that there is enough that has been revealed that it’s totally appropriate that (California) be conducting this investigation,” Steyer told the Guardian. “Anybody who puts out intentionally misleading information I think should be answering to us.” Steyer’s comments came hours after the Los Angeles Times reported that California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris, is looking into what ExxonMobil, the world’s biggest oil company, knew about climate change going as far back as the early 1980s.
fossil  fuel  Wall  Street  crony  capitalism  capitalism  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  shared  economic  interest  democracy  social  democracy  No  Representation  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  history  revolving  door  ethics  moral  beliefs  CSR  corporate  governance  Career  Politicians  climate  crisis  climate  change  global  warming 
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Apple, Samsung and Sony face child labour claims - BBC News
Human rights organisation Amnesty has accused Apple, Samsung and Sony, among others, of failing to do basic checks to ensure minerals used in their products are not mined by children. [...] "It is a major paradox of the digital era that some of the world's richest, most innovative companies are able to market incredibly sophisticated devices without being required to show where they source raw materials for their components," said executive director of Afrewatch (Africa Resources Watch) Emmanuel Umpula. "The abuses in mines remain out of sight and out of mind because in today's global marketplace, consumers have no idea about the conditions at the mine, factory and assembly line. We found that traders are buying cobalt without asking questions about how and where it was mined."
child  labour  slavery  slave  labour  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  corporate  governance  crony  capitalism  capitalism  exploitation  CSR  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  status  anxiety  status  symbol  zombie  consumer  consumerist  consumerism  materialism  Apple  rare  earths  rare-earths  transparency  accountability  governance 
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Tory bullying: Spokesperson complained about Mark Clarke in 2008 - BBC Newsnight - YouTube
[ Youth-Wing of Conservative Party // "culture of bullying [...] extreme aggressive behavior bordering on violence." ] James Clayton and Esther Oxford report that one of the Conservative Party's most senior spokespeople complained about the activist at the centre of the bullying scandal as long ago as 2008 //&! Tory chairman Lord Feldman 'given bullying dossier in 2010' - BBC Newsnight - //&! "institutional bullying" swiped under the carpet while the general election 2015 was on the horizon. //&! "Sociopath" Mark Clarke's Tory Roadtrip: youth bullying claims - //&! 10 years of David Cameron as Conservative leader - Newsnight - - "TOGETHER" //&!
Tories  Conservative  Party  bullying  nasty  Toff  Establishment  Westminster  Privileged  David  Cameron  George  Osborne  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  accountability  governance  boys  club  general  election  2015  Positioning  PR  spin  doctor  moral  beliefs  ethics 
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BBC One - Panorama, The Secret Bribes of Big Tobacco --- anti-competitive behaviour, bribes, corruption, commercial undercover hit-man operating (black ops) in Africa (tobacco plantations). this behaviour is decribed by BAT as "cost of doing business." // UN Health Organisation - tobacco control (WHO FCTC), reducing demand for tobacco. BAT had a man on the inside. - - African reps bribed by BAT to undermine efforts to reduce tobacco related deaths and ill health via new policy. Also locally, parliamentarians took bribes to block anti-tobacco policies. //&! & BAT is a financial pick for investors; "The defensive nature of British American Tobacco’s (LSE: BATS) operations has long made it a favourite for those seeking dependable dividend growth year after year." -
antitrust  tobacco  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  United  Nations  WHO  sick  population  health  crisis  public  health  policy  public  health  revolving  door  Wall  Street  capitalism  crony  capitalism  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  corporate  culture  corporate  governance  ethics  PR  spin  doctor  Positioning  marketing  advertising  advertisement  moral  moral  beliefs  fiduciary  responsibility  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance 
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Three-quarters of police forces letting down vulnerable victims - watchdog | UK news | The Guardian
No single definition of vulnerability was identified, which HMIC said contributed to inconsistencies in data, but victims included children, disabled people and those subjected to repeat offences or abuse. HMIC said it had been tough in its gradings because “small failures may have tragic consequences”. Of the 43 police forces in England and Wales, HMIC judged 12 to be good and none outstanding in protecting and supporting vulnerable people. The inspection looked at several issues, including how a force identified people most at risk and how it protected specific vulnerable groups such as missing and absent children and victims of domestic abuse. It also looked at how forces tackle child sexual exploitation. //&!
Police  austerity  governance  vulnerable  Disabled  domestic  abuse  Rotherham  Political  Correctness  post  code  lottery 
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Even Tory MPs are troubled by their party’s power grab
Since their victory, the Conservatives have introduced a battery of measures to weaken the opposition and reduce accountability. [...] It is not only within parliament that the government is seeking to limit accountability. Ministers are expected to weaken the Freedom of Information Act by introducing new exemptions and charging for requests. “I’m unsurprised that both [Tony] Blair and this government viewed it as an inconvenience,” Davis told me. “The trouble is, they’re forgetting who their bosses are.” The Lobbying Act, or “gagging bill”, has reduced the maximum amount that voluntary groups and trade unions can spend on political campaigning in the period before a general election by 60 per cent.
nasty  party  FOI  Freedom  of  Information  Act  Tories  Conservative  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  democracy  social  democracy  austerity  Labour  Trade  Union  Workers  Union  accountability  transparency  oversight  governance  UK  USA 
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NHS Scotland staff 'less positive' about jobs - BBC News
NHS workers in Scotland are slightly less positive about their jobs than they were last year, according to the annual health service staff survey. The survey suggested that staffing levels and a lack of consultation continued to be the biggest concerns. But the vast majority said they were happy to "go the extra mile" and trusted their direct line manager. [...] Overall, health workers responded less positively to 17 of the 29 questions and more positively to four questions. The remaining eight questions saw no percentage change. [...] 53% said it was safe to speak up and challenge way things are done (-1% from last year). 33% said there were enough staff for them to do their job properly (no change from last year). 28% said staff were always consulted about change at work (-1 from last year). The 33% of all employees who thought their department had enough staff fell to 26% for nurses and midwives and 12% for ambulance personnel.
NHS  Scotland  staff  morale  NHS  Grampian  NHS  austerity  locum  staff  staff  shortage  governance 
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'Dark ages' warning issued over freedom of information changes | Media | The Guardian
Exempting advice given to ministers from freedom of information requests risks returning the UK to the “dark ages” of “private government”, the information commissioner has warned. Christopher Graham told a review into the legislation that changes to FoI being considered by a government commission could lead to a blanket ban on all advice being made available to the public. //&! //&! Freedom of Information Act misused by media to create stories, says Grayling Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling criticises use of FoI requests as a ‘research tool’ to ‘generate’ stories -
Freedom  of  Information  Act  FOI  UK  democracy  accountability  transparency  governance  oversight  Separation  of  powers  Unrechtsstaat  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  nasty  party  Conservative  Tories  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  corporate  state  corporate  media  PR  spin  doctor  reframing  framing  Positioning  manufactured  consent  Privatisation  social  democracy  austerity  NHS  abuse  of  power 
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Mobbing-Klage gegen Nestlé: Unappetitliche Einblicke - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Nestapo wurde das Qualitätsmanagement intern genannt. Sehr beliebt war es nicht. [...] je öfter sie sich bei falschen Vitamindosierungen oder mit Chemikalien verunreinigten Verpackungen einmischte, desto unbeliebter machte sie sich. [...] Im Sommer wurden in Maggi-Nudeln in Indien zu hohe Bleiwerte entdeckt und vorvergangene Woche musste Nestlé nach einer Untersuchung seiner Lieferkette sklavenähnliche Zustände auf thailändischen Krabbenkuttern einräumen - ein Vorwurf, den man allerdings schon seit zwei Jahren kennt. Beim Prozess in Lausanne geht es nicht nur um eine zerbröselte Karriere. Er gibt einen Blick frei auf das Innenleben des größten Lebensmittelkonzerns der Welt - und das ist nicht besonders appetitlich. [...] Doppelgesichtigkeit eines Konzerns [...] In einem Schulungsvideo sprach er vom WHO-Quakquak. // EVIDENCE THAT THOSE WHO DEAL YOU POISON WONT CHANGE THEIR BUSINESS!
Nestle  Nestlé  processed  food  food  engineering  Consumer  Protection  Wall  Street  food  industry  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  crony  capitalism  capitalism  self-regulation  regulation  deregulation  regulators  oversight  accountability  conglomerate  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Positioning  advertisement  advertising  marketing  health  food  fast  food  junk  food  Politics  food  poisoning  food  borne  illness  Desert  Chain  zombie  WHO  carcinogen  carcinogenic  Big  Sugar  Meat  PR  corporate  values  corporate  governance  corporate  scandal  corporate  welfare  corporate  culture  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance 
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Paris Klimagipfel: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma investieren Milliarden in saubere Energie - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Ratan Tata, Jack Ma: Einige weltbekannte Superreiche und 20 Staaten setzen den Ton für die Klimaverhandlungen in Paris. Sie wollen Milliarden in saubere Energie für Entwicklungsländer investieren. // Wenn Gates und Bezos es ernst meinen, heatten sie schon lange ihre Unternehmen auf "CARBON NEUTRAL" strategie geschickt. //&!
Positioning  capitalism  Opportunism  opportunist  COP21  crony  capitalism  climate  change  global  warming  corporate  governance  Jeff  Bezos  Bill  Gates  carbonfootprint  carbon  tax  carbon  trading  scheme  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  short-termism  underinvestment  renewable  energy  fossil  fuel  hypocrisy  corporate  strategy  corporate  media  corporate  welfare  corporate  scandal  corporate  social  responsibility  corporate  culture  corporate  values 
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Hyundai poliert CO2-Flottenverbrauch mit Kia Soul EV-Export - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Ein Gramm kann laut Transport & Environment im schlimmsten Fall mit 70 Millionen Euro Strafe zu Buche schlagen. Davon bleibt Hyundai-Kia zunächst wohl verschont - dank der Norwegen-Mauschelei, aber auch, weil die EU-Behörden großzügig sind. Hersteller müssen die schmutzigsten Autos bisher noch nicht in die Kalkulation einbeziehen. [...] Während Politiker auf dem Pariser Klimagipfel die Erderwärmung in den Griff bekommen wollen, "scheinen die Autohersteller unfähig, verantwortungsvoll zu handeln. Stattdessen tricksen sie die Gesetze aus".
regulators  self-regulation  regulation  Abgas-Affäre  Volkswagen  carbonemission  carbon  tax  carbonfootprint  carbon  trading  scheme  carbon  dioxide  crony  capitalism  white-collar  crime  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  corporate  scandal  COP21  fossil  fuel  corporate  governance  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  automotive  autoindustry 
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Surgeon calls for inquiry into ‘toxic’ NHS Grampian | The Times
Surgeon turned whistleblower has called for a public inquiry into the “absolutely uncaring” attitude of NHS Grampian, after being cleared of bullying by the GMC. Malcolm Loudon left his post at ARI last December, after previously raising concerns with the Scottish government about the management of NHS Grampian, which he described as a “toxic organisation”. //&! - Call for an independent health regulator (public interest group) [...] NHS Grampian has accepted all the recommendations of the reports into Loudon’s claims and apologised to patients. [ but the board who sends people to GMC is still as is ]. [...] “The biggest problem is that Scotland does not have the equivalent of England’s Care Quality Commission (CQC), an independent regulator for health and social care. [...] [ NHS Scotland people can not be held to account as of now. ] the conduct of NHS Grampian [] “absolutely uncaring”. //&! people bullied out of job. //&!
NHS  Grampian  NHS  Scotland  Whistleblower  public  interest  public  health  prevention  intervention  accountability  transparency  governance  CQC 
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Land degradation costs the world up to $10.6tn a year, report says | Global development | The Guardian
More than half of the world’s arable land is moderately or severely degraded, according to a report published on Tuesday by the Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative (pdf). The report estimates the cost of this environmental destruction, not only from lost agricultural production and diminished livelihoods, but also from the lost value of ecosystem services formerly provided by the land, including water filtration, erosion prevention, nutrient cycling and the provision of clean air. [...] “We should look at realigning the incentive structure that we have away from incentives that degrade the land to those that promote sustainable management,” [...] reduction in biodiversity, ecosystems, and ecosystem services.”
industrial  agriculture  Farming  Livestock  sustainability  sustainable  pesticide  herbicide  fungicide  soil  erosion  Desertification  deforestation  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  mass  extinction  economic  damage  climate  change  global  warming  climate  crisis  pollution  public  health  fossil  fuel  Carnism  omnivore  Meat  Industry  Dairy  Industry  Milk  Industry  Egg  Industry  Poultry  Industry  food  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  shared  economic  interest  crony  capitalism  capitalism  corporate  scandal  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  public  interest  public  awareness  public  perception  financial  incentive  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  corporate  values  corporate  governance  democracy  Generationengerechtigkeit  Millennials 
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Warren Buffett Crushes Republicans On Taxes - YouTube
Not having a voice. No being heard. // Empört Euch! (German) Perfect Paperback – Feb 2011 by Stéphane Hessel
moral  imperative  morality  Super  Rich  1%  capital  gains  tax  capital  gains  income  tax  income  distribution  income  redistribution  infrastructure  investment  underinvestment  budget  deficit  fairness  democracy  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  austerity  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  corporate  tax  rate  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  exploitation  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  revolving  door  corruption  bribery  Party  Funding  USA  secular  stagnation  Niall  Ferguson  public  investment  Gini  coefficient  income  inequality  income  mobility  social  mobility  American  Dream  progressive  white-collar  crime  squeezed  middle  class  globalization  globalisation  flat  world  borderless  plutocracy  oligarchy  Sozialer  Abstieg  Millennials  Generationengerechtigkeit  generationy  corporate  welfare  subsidies  subsidizing  corporate  scandal  corporate  state  corporate  media  Polarisation  propaganda  populism  corporate  culture  corporate  values  corporate  governance  corporate  social  responsibility  Services  Services  dogma  ideology  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Greed  GFC  recovery  trickle-down  economics  bank  bailout  society  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  Rebellion  social  uprising  Richard  Wolff  Robert  Reich  Joseph  Stiglitz  inequality  stagnation  class 
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Revealed: the dirty secret of the UK’s poultry industry | World news | The Guardian
17m birds slaughtered in UK alone each week. // " You are producing them more slowly." << That is how we talk about animal lives. & UK Regulator: "its the job of the industry to crack this problem." (neoliberal stance, please self-regulate yourself) [...] "It's a judgement call what we publish. [...] we don't want consumers to be mislead or confused" < that is out of the book of repeat messages from the food lobby. // TORIES, nasty party. Like Osborne tax credit cut is a "judgement call" in his own words in-front of select committee. // // consumer ask for those "standards" because they ask for lower prices. and unregulated capitalism will short shrift to make more profit no matter what. even if it is just a penny. // Lack of compassion. Empathy. Also reflective towards our fellow human beings.
Campylobacter  food  poisoning  food  borne  illness  UK  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  food  industry  Poultry  Egg  crony  capitalism  capitalism  kitchen  hygiene  Chain  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  animal  rights  animal  cruelty  Liberation  corporate  scandal  corporate  welfare  corporate  values  corporate  governance  corporate  media  corporate  state  corporate  culture  antibiotics  antibiotic  resistance  post-antibiotic  era  public  health  policy  public  health  MRSA  superbug  Salmonella  C.  diff  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  zombie  consumer  status  anxiety  consumerist  consumerism  food  waste  ESBL  Listeria  feces  faeces  Meat  morality  ethical  machine  Protection  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  Tories  Conservative  Party  revolving  door  neoliberalism  neoliberal  Wall  Street 
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Chris Hedges June 8, 2015 Town Hall Seattle - YouTube
Ceased all power and rendered the citizen powerless. This is no capitalistic democracy. This is crony capitalism. Capitalism has no internal constraints. remove external constraints & it will see & use everything (private free market enterprise) as replaceable & commodity w a price (even the planet): the environment, workers health. &! non-violent revolution! // Revolutions are internal affairs w different dynamic. All succesful revolutions are fundamentally non-violent. No revolution is successful until sizable internal protection/security defects (Whistleblower et al) and refuses to fight for the discredited regime/plutocracy/oligarchy/Elite/Super Rich/1%/Corporation/crony capitalism/tax evasion/tax avoidance and joins the revolution. // Living in truth & speaking the truth to power. Pulling people into the streets & discrediting the status quo. Dont pit people against each other. Essay. The power of the powerless // If we do not break it. We & our children have no future!
Revolution  Super  Rich  crony  capitalism  Bernie  Sanders  Jeremy  Corbyn  SNP  Nicola  Sturgeon  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  bottom  up  democracy  Elite  oligarchy  plutocracy  regiem  climate  change  Generationengerechtigkeit  fairness  global  warming  economic  damage  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  corporate  media  corporate  state  manufactured  consent  propaganda  Polarisation  populism  corporate  scandal  Rebellion  Millennials  constituency  babyboomers  generationy  book  intellectual  corporate  welfare  corporate  values  corporate  culture  corporate  governance  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  post-racial  America  prison–industrial  complex  medical-industrial  complex  Surveillance-Industrial  military–industrial  complex  Oppression  abuse  of  power  American  Dream  injustice  Justice  System  white-collar  crime  Zivilgesellschaft  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  courage  Zivilcourage  Moral  Imperative  civil  courage  civil  society  civic  society  Protest  Protest  Partei  Protest  Party  civic  life  civic  good  social  tension  social  cohesion  social  uprising  social  capital  socialism  social  contract  austerity  social  mobility  income  mobility  Gini  coefficient  inequality  income  distribution  corporate  tax  rate  tax  evasion  tax  capitalism  economic  avoidan 
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Cornel West and Richard Wolff talk about Capitalism and White Supremacy - YouTube
individualism tends to capitalism (each their own coloured widget) vs individuality of the individual. don't mistake the one for the other and you can't achieve the same happiness and well-being with just individualism because it is also based on constant consumption. // what people leave out of socialism and the pundits decry over it. is democracy. democratic socialism. // Plutocracy is undercutting its ability to survive! Problem, the system will take us down with it. // We got ecological catastrophe on our doorstep. Nuclear catastrophe. And Capitalisms catastrophe. //&! Ceased all power and rendered the citizen powerless. This is no capitalistic democracy. This is crony capitalism. - Chris Hedges June 8, 2015 - - capitalism has no internal constraints. remove external constraints & it will see & use everything (private free market enterprise) as replaceable & commodity w a price (even the planet): the environment, workers health. &! non-violent revolution!
Richard  Wolff  Cornel  West  democracy  capitalism  individuality  Workers  Union  Trade  Union  crony  capitalism  exploitation  individualism  economic  history  well  being  zombie  consumer  aspirational  product  consumerist  consumerism  wage  slave  debt  servitude  Marxism  Karl  Marx  book  consumption  free  market  socialism  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Super  Rich  1%  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  post-racial  America  Gini  coefficient  inequality  USA  UK  dogma  ideology  trickle-down  economics  working  poor  precarious  work  Precariat  meritocracy  meritocratic  interest  groups  vested  interest  social  tension  social  cohesion  plutocracy  Elite  oligarchy  ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  economic  damage  global  warming  climate  change  mass  extinction  extreme  weather  weather  extreme  White  Supremacy  Religion  extremism  radicalism  activists  activism  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  TTIP  TPP  NAFTA  CETA  TISA  GFC  bank  bailout  fairness  corporate  welfare  austerity  revolving  door  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  military–industrial  prison–industrial  medical-industrial  CAFTA  accountability  oversight  transparency  corporate  corporate  corporate  corporate  corporate  corporate  corporate  social  s 
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Global Capitalism: October 2015 Monthly Update - YouTube
33:40 Price Increase 13.1% 2013/14. Big Pharma + Lobby + insurance company + letting itself being sugar-coated-medical profession = medical-industrial complex. A cosy relationship. // Big Sugar. Big Tobacco. Big Oil/Fossil Fuel. // US spends more % (18%) of GDP on medical related expenses than any other developed/western country. //&! 44:40 - VW! No.1 air polluter is private automobil. "we are not talking about more profits. but maximising profits while accepting the contribution to air pollution and death of the vulnerable (asthma). [...] fraud. that caused who know how many people. [...] example of what capitalism is. if there is more money to make. do it." [+ Zeitarbeit, Leiharbeit exploitation] "deadly behaviour of conglomerates (many recalls blamed on complexity of car) in a rational society, but no questions have been asked." [] [Underinvestment in public transportation in USA. 1/2 of Berlin citizens have no car. tell that LA.] "Decision to Deceive. Knowingly harm People."
USA  military–industrial  complex  Surveillance-Industrial  prison–industrial  complex  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  medical  profession  pharmaceutical  industry  pharma  big  pharma  tobacco  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  capitalism  crony  capitalism  food  industry  insurance  premium  private  medical  insurance  insurance  medical-industrial  complex  chronic  diseases  sick  population  medical  care  public  health  public  health  policy  corruption  bribery  morality  Positioning  corporate  state  corporate  media  propaganda  populism  Dairy  Meat  Poultry  Egg  Milk  Fish  VW  Volkswagen  revolving  door  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  Makers  nanny  state  oversight  transparency  democracy  policy  folly  policy  error  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  deregulation  corporate  scandal  accounting  scandal  corporate  culture  corporate  values  corporate  social  responsibility  corporate  welfare  corporate  governance  subsidies  subsidizing  fossil  fuel  air  pollution  carbon  tax  carbonfootprint  carbon  trading  scheme  carbonemission  emissions  public  transportation  transportation  neoliberalism  neoliberal  dogma  ideology  public  investment  TPP  TTIP  global  trade  interdependence  national  interest  trade  agreement  Workers  Union  Union 
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Steuerdeals: Fiat und Starbucks müssen offenbar zahlen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ POSITIONING: all in the name of job creation and prevention of job losses. Playing with fear, spin, pr, polarization, populism, propaganda, corporate media. Policy Makers making policy for capital. // Policy Making for the Super Rich, 1%, vested interest groups. ] Seit Monaten prüft die EU-Kommission dubiose Steuerabsprachen zwischen Konzernen und Mitgliedstaaten. Nun soll offenbar eine erste Entscheidung verkündet werden: Insidern zufolge drohen Starbucks und Fiat hohe Nachzahlungen. [...] Laut Insidern wird die Brüsseler Behörde Steuerabsprachen mit dem italienischen Autohersteller Fiat in Luxemburg und der US-Kaffeehauskette Starbucks in den Niederlanden voraussichtlich als unzulässige Subventionen bewerten. //&!
corporate  welfare  corporate  scandal  accounting  scandal  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  shared  economic  interest  budget  deficit  austerity  fairness  Generationengerechtigkeit  crony  capitalism  capitalism  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  No  Representation  democracy  morality  sovereign  debt  crisis  bank  bailout  trickle-down  economics  neoliberalism  neoliberal  European  Union  tac  code  corporate  tax  rate  tax  code  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  ethics  subsidies  subsidizing  corporate  culture  corporate  values  corporate  state  corporate  media  Polarisation  propaganda  populism  PR  spin  doctor  Positioning  Fear  manufactured  consent  globalisation  globalization  exploitation  antitrust  European  Commission  Brussels  transparency  white-collar  crime  injustice  Justice  System  accountability  revolving  door  corruption  bribery  Career  Politicians  Policy  Makers  society  Super  Rich  1%  inequality  Gini  coefficient  corporate  governance  fiduciary  responsibility  Bernie  Sanders  Jeremy  Corbyn  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse 
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