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Syphilis and gonorrhoea 'still on the rise' in England
Between 2012 and 2015, cases of syphilis increased by 76%, from 3,001 to 5,288, while gonorrhoea infections rose by 53%, from 26,880 to 41,193, Public Health England data reveals. [...] The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV said the continued rise of gonorrhoea was extremely disturbing, given the further spread of drug-resistant infections.
Dr Gwenda Hughes, head of STI surveillance at PHE, said: "We need to do more to raise awareness about STIs and how they can be prevented, especially the effectiveness of using condoms.
"We recommend that anyone having sex with a new or casual partner uses condoms and tests regularly for HIV and STIs."
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Gonorrhoea 'could become untreatable' - BBC News
Dame Sally Davies has written to all GPs and pharmacies to ensure they are prescribing the correct drugs after the rise of "super-gonorrhoea" in Leeds. Her warning comes after concerns were raised that some patients were not getting both of the antibiotics needed to clear the infection. Sexual health doctors said gonorrhoea was "rapidly" developing resistance. [...] Gonorrhoea is the second most common sexually transmitted infection in England and cases are soaring. The number of infections increased by 19% from 29,419 in 2013 to 34,958 the following year. // - - untreated long-term can lead to infections (septicaemia), inflammation in other body parts. = Disability due to chronic pain and inflammation. //&!
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Reportage: Die Antibiotika-Falle | 45 Min | NDR - YouTube
10% of people harbour multi-drug resistant dormant bacteria. big difference between bacteria & virus! // 22:35 - Raw Meat! >> Kitchen Hygiene! >> Handle with care. It's deadly. Literally. - // Used utensils/tools cross-contaminate other foods that is eaten raw or touched with hands to mouth. // Always use smooth surface cutting board. Always use one for meat. One for greens & vegetables that are not going to be cooked. // min 37 - self-regulation of livestock farming/industry about use of antibiotics. LOL! // livestock industry staff harbour zoonotic diseases & are ranked as high-risk patients at hospitals! // min 41 regulator does not plan a ban of use of reserve-antibiotics (reserved/last chance option for multi-drug resistant bacterial infection for hospital patients) in the livestock industry. // min 43 medical, social, economic thread! //&! methicillin-resistant Staphyloccocus aureus (MRSA) & extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)
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'Super-gonorrhoea' outbreak in Leeds - BBC News
&! GPs are prescribing antibiotics that no longer work for people with gonorrhoea, raising the chances that drug-resistant forms of the sexually transmitted disease will spread. - //&! //&! //&! The epic challenges of the post-antibiotic age will take the debate beyond the well-worn issues of obesity and old age - - Health and Social Care Act (austerity) put sexual health services into councils hand, out of GP's purview, and thus councils have to decide what to cut ... sexual health services. unable to reach to minorities and marginalised. And its not integrated into NHS services, thus ongoing treatment and side effects and oversight is putting on friction! And puts patients health & good outcome at risk (becomes a chronic disease, untreatable, has to be managed: Super-gonorrhoea. // &! "therefore it would be impossible to design a public health system when the population is so feckless and immature." #sick-population
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Last-Resort Antibiotics In Jeopardy As Use Rises Globally : Goats and Soda : NPR
"The concern is that the consumption of last-resort drugs has also gone up significantly since 2010. If drug resistance develops to these antibiotics, we have nothing else left to use." [...] Over the past decade, bacteria have evolved to evade nearly every type of antibiotic. Most of us are familiar with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which causes deadly skin infections. But there's also a superbug version of gonorrhea, and a vicious gut pathogen, called carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, which may kill up to 50 percent of people it infects. Doctors still have a few potent weapons against these pathogens, such as cephalosporins for gonorrhea and polymixins for CRE. But to keep these antibiotics effective, we need to make sure their use is limited.
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There Is No Doubt That there Is AntiBiotic Resistant Gonorrhea In Porn Valley « MikeSouth.Com
"Given the number of Gonorrhea cases in Porn Valley and the prevalence of antibiotic resistant strains the lab person who said it is incredibly naive to think it isnt happening makes perfect logical sense. [...] What alarms me more than anything else is that the situation shows no sign of getting better in terms new treatments and new antibiotics for this troublesome STD" .... [...] Comment: " Some of these perforers take an unecessary antibiotic every month, and a number of male performer have been doing this for years. [...] Perhaps the title of this story should be 'There is no doubt, NONE WHATSOEVER, that a significant number of adult performers have developed resistance to the antibiotics used to treat gonnorhea.' For years perforermers have self medicated a few days before their test in order to test clean, and not lose a few days work. AIM used to warn people about this, but it mostly fell on deaf ears." - very insightful from user jilted !!!
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Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future — Medium
the FDA found (among many other results) that 65 percent of chicken breasts and 44 percent of ground beef carried bacteria resistant to tetracycline, and 11 percent of pork chops carried bacteria resistant to five classes of drugs. Meat transports those bacteria into your kitchen, if you do not handle it very carefully, and into your body if it is not thoroughly cooked—and resistant infections result. +
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The Rise of Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea : The New Yorker
Some public-health officials predict that in five to eight years the superbug will be widespread. In the U.S., gonorrhea in general is linked to poverty and youth. Scientists have made little progress in developing a vaccine that would protect against a gonococcus infection. The primary hope for stemming the expected epidemic of resistant gonorrhea lies in persuading people to alter their behavior.
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BBC News - Battling the bacterial threat to modern medicine
"Antibiotics are losing their effectiveness at a rate that is both alarming and irreversible," said the Chief Medical Officer for England and Wales, Dame Sally Davies, earlier this month.

Microbiologist at the University of Birmingham, Prof Laura Piddock, told BBC's Newsnight that antibiotics are miracle drugs which underpin all areas of 21st Century medicine.

"But if we allow resistance to proliferate, then we undermine all of those medical advances," she said.


They are concerned that we overuse these drugs, most recently through online sales on the internet.

Prof Piddock explained that when you take an antibiotic you are having an impact not only on your health, but potentially on that of other people too.

> Gonorrhoea that becomes problematic to treat
> Tubercolosis becomes problematic
Europe 'losing' superbugs battle
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