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... fallacy on building your business on somebody else's proprietary, closed platform .... "Entrepreneurs" still doing it: "@jason: i've been pitched on 10+ @pinterest analytics tools; pass on investing for this reason." //
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Aaron Levie of Box - TWiST #224 - YouTube
min 35:40 - Freemium in the business space is even cooler than in the consumer space. min 39 - Marc Andreessen "how much do you need to win in this space? how fast do you need to grow, to win." [cost of customer acquisition (freemium, and or Bounty Model from Paypal) and retention]. and define what is winning, what scenario? what measure? ... key accounts long-term commitment? ad spend from key accounts? customer happiness - retention? resellers, dominating sales channels to a vertical of business type and SME/SMB's? min 53 - new playbook is now Get Big, then turn on revenue. disrupt the ecosystem/existing business model, winner takes all. min 54 - how you go from a small shop with profit to raising $+100m round telling than that they get multiples back in their investment, that comes when you live a time here in Palo Alto/Silicon Valley. ( + follow-up "having a playbook." + war for talent: 1 disenfranchised 2 ppl wnt 2 create value, 3 business model
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