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Big Food Using the Tobacco Industry Playbook - YouTube
distortion, confusing, ... moderation, balance // positioning // Low Fat, Gluten, Organic, and soon A1 Beta-Casein Free //&! Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sugar (HBO) - &! British American Tobacco targeting African Children with cigarettes - &! "Get 'em Young and Train 'em Right", Lecture by Dr. Robert Jackler - &! secrets of the tobacco industry - &! Top 10 Sinister Moves Made By Tobacco Companies Continuing to Sell a Deadly Product - &! Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO) - &! E-cigarettes: Are they safe? BBC News - WHO calles for indoor ban - &! &! Food Industry Funded Research Bias - &! Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Marketing to Doctors (HBO) - &! Indonesia: Big tobacco's last stand (TPP, TTIP) -
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Kris Carr speaks about cancer and The China Study - YouTube
Slowed significantly, Stable Cancer ('incurable'). See more peer reviewed medical research (evidence based) on it :: + + // + + // << self-care, self care, public health policy, public health, health crisis, health science, sustainability, sustainable, 'cancer begins in early age, tiny micro cancer cells; its about the environment we create - one where cancer flourishes or where one that doesn't and thus it can't kill you.' Bottled juices in Stores are pasteurised and laden with extra sugar and preservatives. BAD! | "living in the moment. being present." *Marie Forleo + productivity. + :: Kris Carr & Marie Forleo - Personal Brand
Standard  American  Diet  western  lifestyle  western  pattern  Vegan  Raw  Cancer  breast  estrogen  receptor  negative  breast  skin  oral  cervical  prostate  China  Study  Book  Kris  Carr  Whole  Foods  chemotherapy  lifestyle  medicine  lifestyle  immune  system  Acceptance  lifehacks  lifehacker  life  hacker  lifelessons  work  life  balance  quality  of  life  life  lesson  lifelesson  chronic  low-grade  inflammation  inflammation  chronic  stress  Oxidative  stress  stress  prevention  charity  anti-inflammatory  functional  medicine  integrative  medicine  happiness  student  of  life  self-care  self  care  public  health  policy  public  health  health  crisis  health  science  sustainability  sustainable  mental  health  health  policy  healthcare  living  environment  environment  Environmental  Movement  disaster  epigenetics  genetics  Gluten  Free  sensitivity  IGF-1  growth  hormone  Dairy  Industry  carcinogen  carcinogenic  Casein  sugar  insuline  insulin  resistant  Meat  Industry  Industrial  Farming  alkaline  Food  Inc.  processed  Food  Chain  Fast  Food  junk  security  prices  poverty  post-antibiotic  era  antibiotics  Lobby  Lobbying  lobbyist  fungicide  herbicide  pesticide  active  lifestyle  HIIT  Lymphatic  system  lymph  node  lymph  gland  exercise  Fibromyalgia  Arthritis 
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Why I Donated My Stool -
Dr. Brandt was suspending his F.M.T. practice for ulcerative colitis on the advice of the hospital’s lawyers, in order to comply with a new Food and Drug Administration decision. In April, the F.D.A. decided to classify human stool that is used therapeutically as a drug, and thus approved for use only within an F.D.A.-approved clinical study.
C.  diff  Gluten  pharmaceutical  industry  lobby  F.M.T.  pharma  lobbyist  Gluten  Free  big  pharma  ulcerative  colitis  Lobbying  fecal  microbiota  transplant  FDA 
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Glutenunverträglichkeit: Nur wenige sind wirklich betroffen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Forscher verglichen die Reaktion des Immunsystems auf alte und exotische Getreidesorten mit der Reaktion auf moderne Hochleistungsgetreide. Dabei fanden sie heraus, dass statt Gluten Proteine mit der Bezeichnung Adenosin-Triphosphat-Amylase (ATI) die Gluten-Sensitivität verursachen könnten. ATIs treten meist gemeinsam mit Gluten im Getreide auf, weshalb sich die Wirkungen der Substanzen bislang schlecht auseinanderhalten ließen. Bestätigt sich der Verdacht, wäre das auch eine Erklärung, warum Glutensensitivität in den vergangenen Jahren häufiger geworden ist: ATIs sind natürliche Insektenabwehrstoffe, die gezielt in Hochleistungsweizen und andere Getreidesorgen gekreuzt wurden, um den Ertrag zu steigern. Noch sind die Wissenschaftler aber vorsichtig: "Das Ganze ist sehr neu", sagt Schuppan. "Wir brauchen noch mehr Daten +
Gluten  wheat  allergy  inflammation  immune  system  autoimmune  response  complexity  inflammatory  bowel  disease  Insecticide  Adenosin-Triphosphat-Amylase  autoimmune  disease  Gluten  Sensitivity  unintended  consequences  Gluten  Free  chronic  low-grade  inflammation 
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Ursachen der Gluten-Unverträglichkeit - SWR Fernsehen :: Odysso |
the so called Gluten intolerance is man made.
Insecticides/Pesticides mixed into the genes of new corn, in order to protect itself and that the food industry can yield more per square mile - is responsible.
Insecticides and Pesticides were not in our foods over 100 years ago.
pesticide  food  intolerance  food  allergy  Industry  Gluten  Free  Gluten 
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Ursachen der Gluten-Unverträglichkeit | Odysso | SWR - YouTube
Immer mehr Leute klagen über Beschwerden nach dem Genuss von Brot, Nudeln, Pizza und anderen getreidehaltigen Lebensmitteln. Diese zunehmende Erkrankung - schätzungsweise sind 5-7% der Bevölkerung betroffen, nennen die Ärzte Glutensensitivität oder Glutenempfindlichkeit. Die Symptome gleichen einem Reizdarm oder einer klassischen Zöliakie, doch beides kann ausgeschlossen werden. Forscher sind nun den Ursachen auf der Spur und haben entdeckt, dass es nicht Gluten, sondern ein ganz anderer Stoff im Getreide ist, der Beschwerden macht.
food  allergy  food  intolerance  Industry  pesticide  Gluten  Gluten  Free 
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BBC News - Food allergy and intolerance self-diagnosis
While a nut allergy, for instance, is relatively easy to define with a blood test. Food intolerance is far more difficult to diagnose.

And GPs are not trained to spot food allergies or intolerances. There is probably a lot of under- and overdiagnosis going on, believes Dr Foy.

Sales of gluten free, dairy free and many other kinds of specialist dietary products, many of them highly processed, have almost doubled over the past five years.

Last year £238m was spent in the UK on "free-from" food including ready meals, bakery goods, snacks and meat products.

Much of this increase reflects a "lifestyle option for many people", says Laura Kempster, analyst at Leatherhead Food Research.

"There's a wider band of consumers that really believe that free-from foods offer a healthier lifestyle - that cutting wheat or dairy out of their diet may simply be better for them," she says.

- Also in the article; the myth of gluten ( )
allergies  immune  system  grass-fed  beef  Gluten  Free  food  intolerance  health  food  food  allergy 
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