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Hospital funding shortfall 'harming north-east patients' | Press and Journal
Research by the party shows that the region’s health board receives £1,656 per head of population – £342 per person less than Greater Glasgow and Clyde. [...] The report highlights that NHS Grampian receives funding at a level of 1.5% under the recommended amount, and that while the government has committed to ending the disparity this year, it did not change between 2015/16 and 2016/17. [...] A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “NHS Grampian has received an additional £16.2million in 2017-18, an increase of 1.8% which brings the board’s overall funding to £898.6million and within 1% of its target share of funding.

“Population level is only one of a range of factors – such as relative deprivation – taken into account when allocating funding to NHS boards.
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48 Reasons Living In Glasgow Ruins You For Life "The Glasgow effect refers to the unexplained poor health and low life expectancy of Glaswegians compared to the rest of the United Kingdom and Europe. The hypothesis among epidemiologists is that poverty alone does not appear to account for the disparity.[1] Equally deprived former industrial cities of the UK such as Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester that have faced similar effects of de-industrialisation have higher life expectancies, and the wealthiest ten percent of the Glasgow population have a lower life expectancy than the same group in other cities. Various hypotheses have been proposed to account for the effect, including vitamin D deficiency, cold winters, higher levels of poverty than the figures suggest, high levels of stress, and a culture of alienation and pessimism." &
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Winning Scotland: Promises on the doorstep - YouTube
risk vs appeal. incomplete information & uncertainty vs status quo.
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BBC Two - Mind the Gap: London v the Rest
Polarising UK. (1) (Port is a 50 year bet that London and surroundings will thrive further. Keeping Supply chains as tight as possible.) Most great careers are in the City. 58% of jobs need/have graduate qualification. City/London networking economics. Economies of Agglomeration. Proximity fuels productivity. + Connection to the world of business. Once you've attracted good neighbours, it attracts more people and more businesses to be there too. Self-fulfilling, once you reach critical mass, Tipping Point. Cotton Mills in the 19th century were build where the cotton planted. Corporations want to locate parts of their business were the resources are - the talent pool. And for data centres, where cheap energy is. // UK is now a two speed economy. London followed by the other big cities, followed by the rest of UK, rural UK. // There is no formula of success that other cities less prosperous could copy from London. It evolves. Bottom up growth.
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BBC News - Alcohol deaths in young women show 'worrying rise'
'Cultural influences' The team behind the report suggests that cheaper alcohol, which is more widely available, combined with better marketing and longer drinking hours will all have played their part in fuelling the problem. Dr Shipton told the BBC it was "a shame" minimum pricing had been rejected in England and Wales.
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