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It's official: Comcast and Time Warner Cable announce $45.2B merger | VentureBeat | Business | by Jordan Novet
Comcast and Time Warner Cable are the largest and second-largest cable providers in the U.S., respectively. [...] federal regulators could challenge the deal, just as they have pushed back on mergers of big mobile service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. + The Tek 0096: Comcast & Time Warner Wouldn't Hurt a Fly + + 30:06min in - all this comes back to the fight of the Middleman to try hardest to stay relevant in the future of distribution of digital content. Whether it be music, movies, tv, tv-series, and any other digital content. The future is about b2c, currently its about b2b2c. The middleman will fall away, but it is fighting back. Remove a middle man and get rid of the mark-up. + + +
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GE Says Report on Returning $3.2 Billion to Treasury a Hoax - Bloomberg
Immelt, who is also chairman of GE, commented after a March 24 report in the New York Times that GE had a tax bill of zero in 2010, an assertion the company called misleading on its GE Reports website.
GE refuted the tax bill claim specifically and said the company received no rebate, refund or payment from the government on its 2010 taxes.

Immelt is on business programm from Obama.
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G.E.s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether -
A stark example of the fundamental unfairness that is now so widespread was in The New York Times on Friday under the headline: “G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether.” Despite profits of $14.2 billion — $5.1 billion from its operations in the United States — General Electric did not have to pay any U.S. taxes last year.
As The Times’s David Kocieniewski reported, “Its extraordinary success is based on an aggressive strategy that mixes fierce lobbying for tax breaks and innovative accounting that enables it to concentrate its profits offshore.”
G.E. is the nation’s largest corporation. Its chief executive, Jeffrey Immelt, is the leader of President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. You can understand how ordinary workers might look at this cozy corporate-government arrangement and conclude that it is not fully committed to the best interests of working people.
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Losing Our Way -
Welcome to America in the second decade of the 21st century. An army of long-term unemployed workers is spread across the land, the human fallout from the Great Recession and long years of misguided economic policies. Optimism is in short supply. The few jobs now being created too often pay a pittance, not nearly enough to pry open the doors to a middle-class standard of living.

The U.S. has not just misplaced its priorities. When the most powerful country ever to inhabit the earth finds it so easy to plunge into the horror of warfare but almost impossible to find adequate work for its people or to properly educate its young, it has lost its way entirely.

The current maldistribution of wealth is also scandalous. In 2009, the richest 5 percent claimed 63.5 percent of the nation’s wealth. The overwhelming majority, the bottom 80 percent, collectively held just 12.8 percent.
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G.E. Makes It Official - It Will Sell NBC to Comcast -
Jeff Zucker, the current head of NBC Universal, will stay on as chief executive and report to the chief operating officer of Comcast, Steve Burke. In a statement released by the companies Thursday morning, Mr. Zucker called the deal the “start of a new era” for NBC.
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Web-TV Divide Is Back in Focus With NBC Sale -
- they had to come up with fresh money!
selling their baby was hard.
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