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Digitaler Burnout: "Zu viel Smartphone macht unglücklich" - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ portion USE time! 3x1hr? ] Study: Wir beschäftigen uns bis zu drei Stunden am Tag mit dem Smartphone. Der Leiter der Studie zieht daraus bedenkliche Schlüsse - und fordert eine digitale Diät. [...] Der Experte geht davon aus, dass beim Scrollen über den Handyscreen die gleichen Stoffwechselvorgänge im Gehirn aktiviert werden wie bei Drogensüchtigen. Die ständige Kommunikation mit Freunden oder Arbeitskollegen über soziale Medien wie Facebook scheine dabei das größte Suchtpotenzial auszumachen. "Denn dort erhalten wir Aufmerksamkeit und Anerkennung", so te Wildt. [...] "Das Gehirn ist durch den Überfluss an Informationen und Kommunikation komplett überlastet", sagt Markowetz. Im schlimmsten Fall führt das schließlich zum Burnout, wie ihn Miriam Meckel, Chefredakteurin der "Wirtschaftswoche" oder die "Huffington Post"-Gründerin Arianna Huffington erlebt haben. Die beiden Karrierefrauen machten die Kommunikationsüberlastung mitverantwortlich für ihren Zusammenbruch.
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W. Keith Campbell: The Narcissism Epidemic - YouTube
Social Media = an instant in ones life. not ones life. but this disclosure isn't written in there. under pictures, videos, tweets. + Environment of status symbols, status anxiety, debt fueled (zombie) consumerism. Fast Fashion. Throwaway society. At large not being sustainable. Status quo. Living in the now. Binge Drinking. Keeping up with the John's. Millennials - everyone gets a trophy, even for participation. ... this environment creates a need to display being happy and successful and having everything in life. [...] abundance of digital gossip. whether its whatsapp/sms in own circle at large and in the tabloid [...] 'Narcissism predicts leaders, but not whether they are good or bad.' [Could even argue they dont care abt their eulogy, see David Brooks book Character] [ & rising incivility in politics and lack of trust ] // W. Keith Campbell: The Roots of Narcissism - - From find meaning in self (actualization) 2 self-expression & display, praise work
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Can friendship survive the wealth divide? | Mail Online
‘In Britain, we don’t like to mention money,’ he says. ‘We are uneasy about discussing it with friends and our pride will mean we make excuses not to join in rather than admit we can’t afford to. But you can preserve your friendship, no matter how different your incomes. If you are the more affluent friend, be considerate of your less well-off friend’s feelings.
‘No one likes to be treated like a charity case, so even if you pay for dinner, let your friend contribute by buying the coffees or dessert.
‘If you have less money, rather than turning down invitations from wealthier friends, suggest doing cheaper things, such as going for a walk or visiting a museum rather than going out for dinner. Remember that your friendship is worth more than your pride.’
So perhaps it is time to call my rich friend and suggest a girl’s night in as a belated birthday celebration.

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