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(5341) Michael Wolff - The Man Who Owns the News - YouTube
See his wikipedia // the least self-aware, not interested in the past, old-fashioned city editor, what counts is today. // @MichaelWolffNYC defends not quoting people in his work bc its lazy and apparently does not get you & reader to the "larger more significant truth." (22:15) //&! See critizism about his writings on his wikipedia. Underlined again in this fire and fury review: "One suspects, though, that many readers will forgive any such errors. The book confirms their worst fears about the Trump presidency: it feels truthful, if not always factual." [... er gibt her was man lesen will ueber trump administration. schreibt trumpian buch ubers erste jahre trump.] Does that not sound very similar to “truth from the gut”?

“Do not be distracted,” writes Matthew D’Ancona, “by those who are scouring the book for minor errors. The big story is what matters, and Wolff has nailed it.”
NewsCorp  FoxNews  Rupert  Murdoch  News  Corp  Fox  book  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Wikipedia  Michael  Wolff  MichaelWolff  FireAndFury 
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Theresa May: Ihre Brexit-Strategie beruht auf zehn Fehlkalkulationen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Ihr mangelndes Verständnis und ihre Geringschätzung für die innereuropäischen Mechanismen rächt sich nun.

Wer an Europa im Wesentlichen nur feine französische Weine (und diese schon üppig zum Mittagessen) schätzt, dem fehlt in Sachen Brexit-Verhandlungen die Bodenhaftung.
Brexit  Theresa  May  Boris  Johnson  Liam  Fox  David  Davis  UK  European  Union  Freedom  of  Movement  FoM  EEA  immigration 
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Brexit: UK will be ‘screwed into the floor’ in EU withdrawal talks, warns Ryanair boss | The Independent
Michael O’Leary, chief executive of Europe’s biggest budget airline, campaigned strenuously for a Remain vote in the EU Referendum. He told the Airport Operators Association annual conference: “Britain has no negotiation position whatsoever. You file the Article 50 in March, you walk off a cliff in two years’ time.

"We’re already working on the summer '19 schedule. I need to know what’s going to be happening in March 2019. We can’t plan with that kind of uncertainty.”
Brexit  Article  50  Theresa  May  Liam  Fox  David  Davis  Boris  Johnson 
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[Merkel] and others will agree there will be no sectoral deals in either the single market or the customs union”. [...] The truth is that a Brexit deal on a sector-by-sector basis is a fantasy. So how is it possible that Theresa May thinks this fantasy is in the land of the living? The answer, I think, lies in her time as Home Secretary, and in particular the lessons she learnt from the one key EU negotiation she undertook in her time there. [...] Of all the strands of wishful thinking this government is bringing to the Brexit process, this is perhaps the most damaging.
Brexit  Theresa  May  Liam  Fox  David  Davis  Boris  Johnson 
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Damning details of disastrous Downing Street dinner between Jean-Claude Juncker and Theresa May blow hole in Brexit plan - Mirror Online ie 10) EU side felt May was seeing whole thing through rose-tinted-glasses. "Let us make Brexit a success" she told them. 11) Juncker countered that Britain will now be a third state, not even (like Turkey) in the customs union: "Brexit cannot be a success". & &
Brexit  Theresa  May  David  Davis  Liam  Fox  Boris  Johnson 
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Britain’s Brexit denial – POLITICO
EU leaders expressed mounting alarm Friday that U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and her team are in a dangerous state of denial about the consequences of leaving the bloc.
Brexit  Theresa  May  David  Davis  Liam  Fox  Boris  Johnson 
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The Guardian view on Theresa May’s world: trading on fantasy | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
[ sacrifice west values for pennies ] The prime minister and senior colleagues have fanned out across the world trying to prove that trade deals with illiberal regimes can compensate for a hard Brexit. They are wrong &!
Brexit  Theresa  May  David  Davis  BoJo  Boris  Johnson  Liam  Fox  Saudi  Arabia  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  WTO  trade  teal  free  foreign  relations  foreignaffairs  affairs  diplomacy 
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Mercedes, BMW and Hyundai dump O'Reilly Factor amid lawsuits - BBC News
[systemic in FoxNews building, under Rupert Murdoch] Fox News' most popular show is facing an exodus of advertisers because of sexual harassment claims against its host, Bill O'Reilly.
Mercedes-Benz, BMW North America and several others have pulled adverts following the "disturbing" allegations.
The New York Times reported on Saturday that settlements of $13m (£10.4m) were reached with five women who accused him of inappropriate behaviour.
The network said on Tuesday it was working to "address concerns".
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  BillOReilly  FoxNews  Rupert  Murdoch  Daily  Mail  DailyMail  Feminism  Sexismus  Sexism  sexual  harassment  assault  Fox  News  RogerAiles 
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Tony Blair calls on remainers to 'rise up in defence of our beliefs' | Politics | The Guardian
[ lost is the moderation, on both sides of the Atlantic ] “This is a government for Brexit, of Brexit and dominated by Brexit. It is a mono-purpose political entity,” he will say. “Those driving this always wanted a hard Brexit. Indeed even the term ‘hard Brexit’ requires amendment. The policy is now Brexit at any cost.”
Brexit  Whitehall  Westminster  Theresa  May  Tony  Blair  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  David  Davies  Liam  Fox  Daniel  Hannan 
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Vince Cable: assurances to Nissan means UK will stay in customs union | Business | The Guardian
Theresa May’s assurances to Nissan that the car industry will remain competitive after Brexit point to a promise that the UK will be staying in the EU customs union, according to Sir Vince Cable.

Cable, who was business secretary throughout the coalition government, said this was the most probable rationale as the industry would need assurances there would be no tariff regime and that its supply chain would not be subject to rules of origin checks.
Brexit  Theresa  May  Nissan  Customs  Union  Single  Market  European  Boris  Johnson  David  Davis  Liam  Fox 
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Posh Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd talks tough on immigration - YouTube
[Amber Rudd, well off privately educated, started working at a bank][the hard line is drawn, see with what we can get through and what gets most applause - fast track that] bring down levels of immigration to change tide of opinion on immigration. ... aka free up austerity public services like edu child care nhs and hope wage stagnation ends and everybody gets a raise till 2020! &! &! - as w all political speeches, actions not words will speak.
Conservative  Party  Amber  Rudd  Theresa  May  David  Davis  Liam  Fox  Boris  nasty  Brexit  immigration  UK  EEA  Tories 
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Brexit - Schäuble weist britischen Außenminister Johnson in die Schranken
Der Binnenmarkt habe sehr wohl etwas mit den Grundfreiheiten und damit der Freizügigkeit in Europa zu tun, sagte Schäuble nach dem deutsch-französischen Wirtschafts- und Finanzrat in Berlin. Dies könne er Johnson notfalls auch auf englisch verständlich machen. Auch Frankreichs Finanzminister Sapin betonte, die europäischen Grundfreiheiten seien unteilbar.
Johnson hatte zuvor erklärt, es sei völliger Unsinn, dass es einen Automatismus zwischen dem Zugang zum EU-Binnenmarkt und der Freizügigkeit der Menschen gebe. Beides habe nichts miteinander zu tun.
Brexit  Boris  Johnson  European  Union  Theresa  May  David  Davis  Liam  Fox 
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Meet the Three Brexiteers: the men who could change how we exit the EU
What is really going on between Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox over Britain’s exit from the EU?
Brexit  Boris  Johnson  David  Davis  Liam  Fox  Theresa  May 
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Andrea Leadsom’s pitch for the Tory leadership: our writers’ verdict | The panel | Opinion | The Guardian
But Leadsom staked out more terrain on the left. Workers’ rights previously guaranteed by the EU would be safe and even “enhanced”. Top boardroom pay was often undeserved and needed to be reined in. If there was money to give away, it would go on tax cuts for the lowest paid: “The richest people in Britain will not be my priority.” //&! &! //&! I will do everything in my power to keep the United Kingdom United. [ may replace/upgrade the block grant to make up for lost EU funding and extra. to avoid indyref 2 ] [...] But my real passion in politics is my desire for social justice – for a transformation of our society. [...] and my absolute commitments it to the emotional health of our nation. [ she really takes centre ground! ] //&! Liam Fox - &!
Brexit  Tories  Conservative  Party  Andrea  Leadsom  Theresa  May  Nicola  Sturgeon  Indyref  2  block  grant  Barnett  Formula  Holyrood  Scotland  Centrist  Stephen  Crabb  Liam  Fox  Conservative  Leadership  Election 
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Will Deadpool lead to a deluge of hard-R comic book movies? | Film | The Guardian
Despite its adults-only rating, the film has been a smash – a sure sign that we can expect more sex, violence and swearing in the next crop of superhero movies [...] Trends all begin with one huge success, and today that success is Deadpool. You can almost hear the Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad cutting room floors being minutely swept for an excised F-bomb, stray nipple or non-PG-13-friendly punch in the neck that can be reinserted now that R-ratings are all the rage. “Giving the fans what they want,” is what they’ll say. [...] But, as with previous trends like 3D, the immediate followers are likely to, as Gunn noted, miss the point entirely, not realising people have taken so keenly to Deadpool because it’s different, smart and self-aware, not because of the staccato deployment of dick jokes and exploding heads.
Hollywood  Marvel  Disney  Fox 
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization (HBO) - YouTube
'The Spark of simmering tensions for decades.' || Jesse Jackson and Bernard Kerik on Ferguson - Newsnight ( ) + Cornel West on Missouri: "Obama reeks of political calculation not moral conviction" - Newsnight + NEWSNIGHT: Why is race such a problem in Ferguson? "St. Louis is a powder keg" & NO REPRESENTATION PROOF, marginalized population. No Short Cut possible as solution. + Rassismus-Debatte nach Ferguson: "Ich kämpfe bis zum Ende" || & "Nun müssten die politischen Entscheidungsträger aktiv werden, um das Rassismusproblem Amerikas ernsthaft anzugehen." + + Ferguson Justice System Is Discriminatory: Report || "moths" = defamation +++
Michael  Brown  racial  discrimination  racial  profiling  ethnic  minority  black  minority  discrimination  USA  society  Gini  coefficient  inequality  social  mobility  income  mobility  Police  Militarization  income  inequality  civic  society  civil  society  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  diversity  democracy  trust  trustagent  confidence  Democratic  Process  Politics  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  Police  Brutality  accountability  oversight  governance  military–industrial  complex  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  de-escalation  ethical  machine  personal  values  history  1992  Los  Angeles  Riots  Justice  System  excessive  force  presidency  barackobama  class  warfare  social  safety  net  Patriarchy  white  male  privilege  Supremacy  white  supremacism  culture  hypocrisy  morality  moral  beliefs  morals  Policy  Makers  distrust  Food  Stamps  child  poverty  poverty  poverty  Leadership  education  Public  Policy  integrity  Trayvon  Martin  marginalized  marginalised  social  exclusion  Religion  Kajieme  Powell  prejudice  stereotype  bias  judgement  labels  label  boxes  tippingpoint  Tipping  Point  racism  empathy  compassion  sociology  socioeconomics  underemployed  under-representation  corruption  bribery  opp 
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Russell Brand: Bill O’Reilly represents the values of the Devil -
Bill O'Reilly always used inflamed language & communication to bring his points across as valid arguments and facts. And lets not forget about the shouting and screaming and then the body language and gestures ... like he is the center of reason and managing the debate. The emperor has actually no clothes.
Russell  Brand  Bill  O'Reilly  immigration  war  refugee  refugee  USA  extremism  language  communication  economic  history  history  presidency  barackobama  Politics  Fox  News  Fox  newscorp  rupertmurdoch 
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