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Theresa May lays down independence vote challenge to Sturgeon | Politics | The Guardian
PM escalates attacks on SNP demand for greater autonomy after Brexit, throwing down referendum gauntlet [...] The prime minister told the Scottish Conservative party she would fight against any further decentralisation of power which meant the UK became “a looser and weaker union”. “We cannot allow our United Kingdom to drift apart,” she said. In a marked escalation of her attacks on the first minister’s demand for greater autonomy for the Scottish parliament after Brexit, May said there would be a strict limit to any extra powers and spending.

“We must avoid any unintended consequences for the coherence and integrity of a devolved United Kingdom as a result of our leaving the EU,” May told the Scottish Tory conference in Glasgow on Friday. [...] Despite the SNP’s grip on power in Scotland, Downing Street believes Sturgeon is in a weak position on independence. &!
SNP  Scotland  Devolution  Nicola  Sturgeon  Alex  Salmond  Theresa  May  Barnett  formula  Austerity  indyref2  Manchester  Wales  EVEL  Brexit  EU  Funding  redistribution  income  inequality  Holyrood 
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Andrea Leadsom’s pitch for the Tory leadership: our writers’ verdict | The panel | Opinion | The Guardian
But Leadsom staked out more terrain on the left. Workers’ rights previously guaranteed by the EU would be safe and even “enhanced”. Top boardroom pay was often undeserved and needed to be reined in. If there was money to give away, it would go on tax cuts for the lowest paid: “The richest people in Britain will not be my priority.” //&! &! //&! I will do everything in my power to keep the United Kingdom United. [ may replace/upgrade the block grant to make up for lost EU funding and extra. to avoid indyref 2 ] [...] But my real passion in politics is my desire for social justice – for a transformation of our society. [...] and my absolute commitments it to the emotional health of our nation. [ she really takes centre ground! ] //&! Liam Fox - &!
Brexit  Tories  Conservative  Party  Andrea  Leadsom  Theresa  May  Nicola  Sturgeon  Indyref  2  block  grant  Barnett  Formula  Holyrood  Scotland  Centrist  Stephen  Crabb  Liam  Fox  Conservative  Leadership  Election 
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John Swinney warns of 'tough choices' ahead for Scotland - BBC News
Finance Secretary John Swinney has warned of "tough choices" facing Scotland as he prepares to set out his budget. Mr Swinney said the UK government's recent spending review placed "unprecedented pressure" on public expenditure north of the border. The UK government said Scottish ministers would have £390m more in spending available to them next year. Mr Swinney is due to present his 2016-17 spending plans on Wednesday. The Scottish government argues that cuts imposed by the UK government since 2010 - along with last month's spending review - mean that its discretionary budget will be 12.5% lower in real terms by 2019-20 than it was in 2010-11. Mr Swinney said 4.2% of that reduction would come between now and 2019-20.
Holyrood  SNP  Scotland  Scotland  Bill  Fiscal  Framework  The  Smith  Comission  Westminster  budget2015  austerity  Public  Services  Social  Services  Council  adult  care  NHS  Scotland  NHS  elderly  care  education  policy  post  code  lottery  George  Osborne  vulnerable  Disabled  Barnett  Formula  Police 
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SNP ‘could block Scotland Bill’ over cost, warns Swinney : Scotland
A day after another round of negotiations around the Fiscal Framework. [...] JOHN Swinney has warned that the SNP government could block the Scotland bill over fears that the package on extra devolution would cost Scots £7 billion. The finance secretary issued the ultimatum as he held talks in London with UK ministers about how fresh devolution will affect Scotland’s £30 billion annual grant from Westminster.
Scotland  Bill  Devolution  Scottish  Independence  The  Smith  Comission  Barnett  Formula  UK  Westminster  Holyrood  SNP  Tories  Conservative  Party  nasty  The  Vow 
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Scotland Bill: Peers want to halt legislation until fiscal rules are agreed - BBC News
maneuvering at Westminster to put time as pressure tool to get to a compromised (on Scotland side) agreemend & if barnett formula is scrapped in talks, scotland will get less money. // & Fiscal Framework issues/unclear. Fiscal framework: What is Scotland's new funding deal? - - "[fairness] near impossible task. [...] "Neither side will be entirely happy - one will probably be more unhappy than the other." [ which means Westminster has upper hand and will play for time so Holyrood has to compromise ] //&! David Phillips, a senior economist with the Institute for Fiscal Studies, issued the warning as UK and Scottish ministers struggled to agree how Scotland’s £30bn block grant from London should be cut to take account of income tax revenue which will in future go directly to Holyrood. -
Holyrood  Scotland  Bill  House  of  Lords  Devolution  devo-max  Scottish  Independence  Scottish  referendum  Barnett  Formula  The  Smith  Comission  Westminster  David  Cameron  The  Vow  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  George  Osborne  austerity  Nicola  Sturgeon  nasty  party  spin  doctor  reframing  framing  Positioning  Tories  Conservative 
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Scottish independence debate far from over - BBC News
James Cook, the BBC's Scotland correspondent from 2008 to 2015, argues that the Scottish independence debate is far from over, 12 months after the country voted to stay in the UK. //&! Sturgeon: scrap cuts and Trident or face another vote on independence. Ignore our voice and people will conclude that Westminster can’t deliver for Scotland, first minister warns Cameron on anniversary of referendum - //&! A year on from the referendum, a bold, generous and mature offer to the Scots, enshrined in a new treaty of union, can forestall a second independence vote. - //&! The Vow //&! //&!
Scottish  Independence  Scottish  referendum  Holyrood  Westminster  Career  Politicians  No  Representation  austerity  Tories  Conservative  Party  SNP  Nicola  Sturgeon  lefty  neoliberalism  neoliberal  social  tension  social  cohesion  society  Gesellschaft  Polarisation  manufactured  consent  corporate  media  corporate  state  propaganda  populism  devo-max  Devolution  Barnett  formula  West  Lothian  Question  The  Vow 
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Formel 1: Das Prinzip Ecclestone ist am Ende - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Mittlerweile ist die Formel 1 so teuer geworden, dass selbst etablierte Teams im Mittelfeld kurz vor dem Exitus stehen. Sauber, Lotus, Force India - sie alle haben große finanzielle Schwierigkeiten. Deswegen haben Vertreter dieser drei Teams am Finalwochenende noch einmal bei Ecclestoe interveniert. Toro Rosso kann nur überleben, weil es das Ausbildungs-Team von Red Bull ist und vom Brause-Imperium mitfinanziert wird. Bleiben McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes und Ferrari. Mit vier bis fünf Teams kann man auf Dauer aber keine Rennserie am Leben erhalten, weil sich dann irgendwann niemand mehr für sie interessiert.
Bernie  Ecclestone  FIA  Formula  1 
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What is the Barnett formula and how does it work? | Politics | +!+!+ Pre-Vote - +!+!+ meh >> +!+!+ +!+!+ +!+!+ +!+!+ << meh The Vow was very very vague! Act of desperation without committing to something. As Politicians like to do. << !+!+! Scottish Devolution & English Devilution ( & Wales & NI Devolution ) has now to be figured out/agree/compromise on in less than a year; !+!+! !+!+!
devo-max  Devolution  Scottish  independence  referendum  Scottish  Scotland  Westminster  No  Representation  Northern  Ireland  Wales  UK  Toff  Establishment  London  Elite  Privileged  Barnett  Formula  Democratic  Process  democracy 
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BBC News - Scotland votes 'No': What happens now?
Scotland – a Pandora’s box for Europe - + + "Scottish referendum: Salmond to go after Scotland No vote" + "The Alex Salmond story. He is the man who took a rag-tag bunch of political misfits to the brink of achieving their dream of an independent Scotland." !+!+! The West Lothian question... Tam Dalyell explains - Newsnight - !+!+! William Hague on Scottish independence referendum result (19Sept14) [Scottish Devolusion / NEW > English Devolution / NEW > NI & Wales Devolution - Compromise to be happening - Barnett Formula - timetable may not be met] !+!+! Alex Salmond statement on 'Yes' losing independence referendum (19Sept14) !+!+! David Cameron statement on Scottish independence referendum result (19Sept14)
Scottish  independence  referendum  Scottish  Scotland  devo-max  devolution  UK  Politics  Career  Politicians  Westminster  Toff  Establishment  Elite  Privileged  No  Representation  Alex  Salmond  compromise  Barnett  Formula  The  West  Lothian  question 
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BBC News - F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone pays to end bribery trial + + " Die Staatsanwaltschaft tat sich schwer, die Vorwürfe gegen den Formel-1-Manager zu belegen." + Ende im Bestechungsprozess: 08/15-Gesetz rettet Milliardär Ecclestone [...] "Richter lassen sich keine Strafurteile abkaufen. Sie greifen nur zu diesem Instrument, wenn die Beweislage wirklich schwierig ist." << Hard things are hard because they are important. Period. - // !!! !!! abuse of § 153a !!! "Diese Wahrheit ist nun auf der Strecke geblieben." +
Bernie  Ecclestone  bribery  corruption  lawless  Super  Rich  1%  inequality  justice  System  Principle  Philosophy  double  standard  FIA  Formula  1  trust  trustagent  confidence  Germany  capitalism  crony  capitalism  exploitation  plutocracy 
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Formel 1: Ecclestone kurz vor der Anklage - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Ecclestone soll dem früheren BayernLB-Vorstand Gerhard Gribkowsky 44 Millionen Dollar Bestechungsgeld im Zuge des Verkaufs einer Formel-1-Beteiligung der BayernLB an den britischen Investor CVC gezahlt haben. Der mittlerweile zu achteinhalb Jahren Haft verurteilte Gribkowsky soll Ecclestone bei der Münchner Staatsanwaltschaft schwer belastet haben, der Brite bestreitet die Vorwürfe und behauptet, Gribkowsky habe ihn erpresst. >> big private sports corporations.
transparency  bribery  Formula  1  Formel  1  Corruption  FIA  Bernie  Ecclestone  Formula  One 
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Advice Shifts on Feeding Baby -
The strongest recommendation for preventing allergic disease was breast-feeding. Common sense. > - full six month. longer the better.
breast-feeding  food  allergy  infant  formula  parenthood  food  intolerance  epidemiology  obesity  epidemic  medical  research  breast  milk  childcare  childhood  food  industry  childhood  development 
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