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The Biggest Loser Exposed | World's Worst Diets - YouTube
// can't do without support system and intrinsic motivation, passion, vision, mission >> money is a motivator to shed pounds. but once its over. its back to substance abuse! addictive food. engineered food. anabolic (insulin) food (meat, dairy), IGF-1 food (meat, dairy). // reflective of society for the quick fix. and then back to bad habits. feeding literally your substance abuse, emotional imbalance, addiction brain (evolution) - bliss point of engineered food. // Snake oil. //&! 40 year old 650lb virgin & Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson - "Q: You think you can keep the weight off? A: I sure hope so." ... so keep the weight off ... keep calorie restricting while on standard American diet w fat and protein making up 50% or more of your macros? Hope is not even enough for that, long-term! //&! as soon as you stop the caloric restriction (famine state), body saves, you balloon, put on more than you've lost -
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Wellness in the workplace: how health initiatives can boost staff productivity | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian
Encouraging colleagues to exercise can help remedy strains and stresses – but there’s a fine line between wellbeing and piling on more pressure to achieve [...] “It offers the team opportunities to mix outside the workplace, so the engineering team gets to hang out with the care team, for example, and this contributes significantly to morale. I would definitely recommend other businesses consider a similar initiative.” [ investment in your company and people! ] [...] [its] about balance and tailoring activities to the interests of your staff. Provided you get this right, you can improve productivity levels and staff attitudes towards your business – in a 2013 survey by Mind, 60% of workers said they’d feel more motivated if their employer took action to support their mental wellbeing. [ gov should give tax incentive (partial write off) 4 health & well being programs! as it saves on sick days & NHS! ] &!
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Functional Training: Fitness-Trend mit Übungen für den ganzen Körper - SPIEGEL ONLINE
+ "Don't obsess about "optimal" supplement regimen, start training, eating, sleeping and exercise the patience it takes to reverse years of sedentary pizza eating." + + BodyRockTV +
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Forscher untersuchen Voraussetzungen für Wirtschaftswachstum - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Vielfalt bringt mehr Fortschritt als Spezialisierung. [...] Denn woher Wirtschaftswachstum wirklich kommt, ist bis heute eine der umstrittensten Fragen unter Volkswirten. Lange vertrauten Wissenschaftler auf das Modell des Ökonomen Robert Solow, der dafür 1987 den Wirtschaftsnobelpreis erhielt. Zwar identifiziert Solow Fortschritt als langfristig wichtigste Quelle für Wachstum - doch wie dieser Fortschritt entsteht, darüber schweigt sich sein Modell aus. Seitdem haben sich Generationen von Wirtschaftsforschern an diesem Rätsel abgearbeitet. [...] Der Physiker Luciano Pietronero von der Universität La Sapienzia in Rom sagt jenen Ländern eine rosige Zukunft voraus, deren Wirtschaft sich auf viele unterschiedliche Sektoren stützt und komplexe, weltweit gefragte Produkte herstellt. "Labil ist der Wohlstand hingegen überall dort, wo er an einigen wenigen Produkten hängt", so Pietronero - etwa am Öl in Saudi-Arabien.
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The Appetite Workout -
But after three months of exercise, the volunteers consumed fewer calories throughout the day when they had the high-calorie shake than the lower-calorie one. Exercise “improves the body’s ability to judge the amount of calories consumed and to adjust for that afterward,” says Catia Martins, a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, who led the study.

But not all exercise. Running, it would seem, better hones the body’s satiety mechanisms than walking. And longevity counts. You need to stick with the program for several months, Martins says, to truly fine-tune appetite control.
active  lifestyle  fitness  sedentary  lifestyle  obesity  western  lifestyle  public  health  policy  obesity  epidemic  appetite  western  diet  public  health 
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Can Skinny Models Undermine Your Dieting Goals? : Shots - Health News : NPR
Exposure towards unattainable goals (ie skinny models on your fridge) does sabotage any effort/taken measure (ie weight loss, fitness, etc etc).
public  health  policy  public  health  health  crisis  health  science  health  policy  culture  society  unattainable  goals  goals  social  science  social  study  sociology  psychology  body  image  motivation  role  model  weight  loss  diet  fitness 
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Can Exercise Protect the Brain From Fatty Foods? -
High-fat diet impairs brain function.
Exercise limits decline, if not even improves brain function slightly while still on a high-fat diet ... in mice.

Just why high-fat diets might affect the brain and how exercise undoes the damage is not yet clear. “Our research suggests that free fatty acids” from high-fat foods may actually infiltrate the brain, ... The fatty acids may then jump-start a process that leads to cellular damage in portions of the brain that control memory and learning, he says.

Exercise, on the other hand, seems to stimulate the production of specific biochemical substances in the brain that fight that process,

there’s enough accumulating evidence about the potential cognitive risks of high-fat foods and the countervailing benefits from physical activity to recommend that “people exercise moderately,” he says, particularly during periods of repeated exposure to alluring, fatty holiday buffets.
Health  fitness  public  policy  public  Exercise  IQ  diet  science  crisis  neuroscience 
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Myths of Running: Forefoot, Barefoot and Otherwise -
Conclusion: 10mm cushion + no heel strike = best economical. one has to strike a balance between reduction of impact versus energy absorption during propulsion.

A good Treadmill is easier on joints than road.
fitness  barefoot  running  running 
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Phys Ed: The 20-Minute Workout Video -
1 minute off, 1 minute on - model of High intensity interval training.
fitness  health  HIIT 
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The Benefits of Weight Training for Kids -
And that fact, from both a physiological and philosophical standpoint, is perhaps why strength training for children is so important, a growing chorus of experts says. “We are urban dwellers stuck in hunter-gatherer bodies,” said Lyle Micheli, M.D., “That’s true for children as well as adults. There was a time when children ‘weight trained’ by carrying milk pails and helping around the farm. Now few children, even young athletes, get sufficient activity” to fully strengthen their muscles, tendons and other tissues. “If a kid sits in class or in front of a screen for hours and then you throw them out onto the soccer field or basketball court, they don’t have the tissue strength to withstand the forces involved in their sports. That can contribute to injury.”

evolution  biology  sports  exercise  fitness  children  childcare  health  parenting 
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Phys Ed: How Staying Active Keeps Us Healthy -
Daily rec of activity 10000 steps minimum (5mile) and regular exercise.
Experiment was then, no change in eating habits, but very limited exercise & 5000 steps maximum.

And there were changes. During the three days of inactivity, volunteers’ blood sugar levels spiked significantly after meals, with the peaks increasing by about 26 percent compared with when the volunteers were exercising and moving more. What’s more, the peaks grew slightly with each successive day.

This change in blood sugar control after meals “occurred well before we could see any changes in fitness or adiposity,” or fat buildup, due to the reduced activity, Dr. Thyfault says. So the blood sugar swings would seem to be a result, directly, of the volunteers not moving much.

Blood sugar regulation quickly returns to normal once [physical] activity resumes.

Inactivity creates the physiological conditions that produce chronic disease like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, regardless of a person’s weight or diet.
lifehacks  fitness  health 
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