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Mark Surman: Non Profits in the Digital Age
The heart of social change is collaboration around a common goal, which the shift to the connected age offers in spades. The Mozilla Foundation's Mark Surman sits down with Steve Paikin to discuss applying open source principles to philanthropy and Mozilla's initiative to boost global web literacy. // Internet. You don't need permission. (book by alexis ohanian, without their permission) // is there more trolling, bullying and hate? or is it because it's so much easier to surface and less friction and non-facing confrontation. // Internet = more agency. not just consuming. linear programming. // digital literacy! resources for teachers! >> !? //
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Killing the Messenger at Mozilla, by Tim Chevalier | Model View Culture
The tech industry has a hero problem, and during my time there, Mozilla was no exception. Famously, Eich developed the JavaScript language in ten days, in order to meet a Netscape release deadline. This is a textbook example of how tech valorizes individual "heroes", always male, who can put in intense effort on a problem over a short period of time but not work with others on a solution in the long term. I have no doubt that Eich's work on JavaScript was solid, but I also see no reason to think that he was the only person who could have done the same thing. In fact, there are probably people who could have done better, but were not accorded the privileges in life needed for doing so. As far as I'm aware, Eich himself has maintained a humble attitude about his achievements, but the same can't be said of his fans. [...] Tacit acceptance of silencing and of abuse of power runs throughout our culture, but that doesn't make it okay in the specific instance of tech culture. [... >>]
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Mozilla Offers an Idea for Solving Net Neutrality Problem | Re/code
This action will help preserve the future of technology innovation online, particularly for online video communications and smartphone applications and services.
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