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VW could face long legal nightmare - BBC News
One German newspaper has described Volkswagen's rigging of emission tests as the "most expensive act of stupidity in the history of the car industry". [ irrational exuberance, feeling untouchable. Tesla is a symptom, that a somebody has to be crazy and always walk on a knifes edge, to compete against a handful of conglomerates and innovate from first principle: redefining the category/vertical ]
Volkswagen  VW  automotive  conglomerate  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  ethical  machine  corruption  bribery  Career  Politicians  Consumer  Protection  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  irrational  exuberance  banking  crisis  GFC  bank  crisis  Tesla  Motors  Elon  Musk  first  principle  FinTech  trust  antitrust  distrust  confidence  exploitation 
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#TOA15 Interview with Amit Karp, Ciaran O’Leary, Felix Petersen and Robin Wauters - YouTube
Very connected, fluid, enabled by infrastructure & networking. &! // &! - #TOA15 Interview with Christoph Keese (Axel Springer) - Germany good at incrementalism. A to B. Industry not willing to disrupt itself, give away existing shrinking pie - for bigger pie. unwilling to break up and upwards (value add) existing products/processes/value chain (legacy) for better. << Axel Springer digital ventures (VC arm). &! #TOA15: ¨Are the Germans Unable to Disrupt?¨ with Christoph Keese (Axel Springer SE) - --- its about value creation, value add, redesigning of value, chains, product, data, ... big corps can't disrupt itself. especially not by committee. Legacy companies unlikely to survive because of pattern to stick to the conventional and fail, than fail with unconventional and look like a fool. (risk aversion, Failure in the public eye) -- book -- "Silicon Valley: Was aus dem mächtigsten Tal der Welt auf uns zukommt"
Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  ecosystem  Venture  Capital  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  London  Scene  Germany  Mittelstand  SME  SMB  incrementalism  incremental  disruption  creative  destruction  Blue  Ocean  innovator  innovation  competitive  competition  competitiveness  competitive  advantage  BMW  FinTech  autonomous  car  self-driving  cars  Exportweltmeister  Audi  Manufacturing  Industrial  Revolution  2.0  policy  STEM  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  Robotics  automation  Platform  Marketplace  Big  Data  book  added  value  value  creation  banking  Core  Product  Proposition  Proposition  intangible  value  cost  of  ownership  Industry  Tesla  Motors  Apple  Google  Inc.  Alphabet  Inc.  Silicon  Valley  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  outsider  economic  history  Wall  Street  short-term  view  short-term  thinking  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  commodity  business  commoditization  Failure  culture  stigma  3D  printing  Siemens  SAP  automotive 
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Facebook files patent for credit worthiness based on your friend group | Hacker News
// Max Levchins - Affirm is rebuilding credit from the ground up. The FICO score was designed nearly 30 years ago, before universal internet access or smart phones -- it's time to reinvent lending for the current century.
Facebook  credit  score  FICO  FinTech  Big  Data  user  Meta  Data  metadata  Affirm  Social  Media  perma-cookie  cookies  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  quantified  self 
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Bank of England: Bitcoin is "Harder Money" than Gold Due to Deflation – Bitcoin Magazine
During a presentation on digital currencies entitled “Old Money, New Money,” Andy Haldane, Chief Economist & the Executive Director of Monetary Analysis and Statistics of the Bank of England and his team stated that “Digital currencies are ‘harder money’ than a gold standard” because “sustained adoption [of bitcoin] would see ongoing deflation.” [...] 2 million UK adults do not have bank accounts and 2.5 billion people in the world have no access to financial services, said Haldane. However, given the estimate that 80% of the world’s population will own a smartphone within 5 years, Haldane believes that many could turn toward digital currency to store their savings. // &! - Enabling New Internet Applications (no transaction minimum, no transaction fee) // &! W3C toEstablish Online Payment Standards - - Internet pioneers such as Ted Nelson, Marc Andreessen & Berners-Lee himself thought that the Internet should have a built-in framework for micropayments.
Bitcoin  deflationary  deflation  fiat  currency  fiat  money  monetary  policy  Gold  Standard  economic  history  FinTech  underbanked  emerging  market  Developing  World  W3C  micropayment  micropayments  payment  payment-system  payments  PayPal  Braintree  Stripe  Amazon  Google  Google  Wallet  creditcard  oligopoly  oligopol  banking  crisis  banking  fractional  reserve  banking  financial  market  barriers  to  entry  cost  of  entry 
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Online Lenders Facing Marketing War — The Information
Too many companies offering similar services in online lending is driving up the cost of customer acquisition. Some feel higher marketing costs could lead to a shakeout in the industry, particularly affecting smaller competitors.
FinTech  customer  acquisition  NPL  wonga  burn  rate  traction  word  of  mouth  Net  Promoter  Score  banking  runway  LTCV  marketing  advertising 
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Gründer-Interviews: Was London kann und Berlin nicht hat | Gründerszene
Auch sie hält es für wahrscheinlicher, nach San Francisco zu ziehen als zurück nach Deutschland. Eine Zeit lang habe sie zwar Jobs bei Startups in Berlin gesucht – aber niemand habe genug Geld gezahlt. Für ein Unternehmen mit einer starken Idee hätte sie das vielleicht in Kauf genommen, sagt sie. Aber: „Ich hatte damals den Eindruck, dass viele Startups in Deutschland nicht international skalierbar sind, oder sein wollten, und habe deshalb schnell das Interesse verloren.“ [...] Am Ende war Berlin der Standort, wo wir am meisten Entwicklungspotenzial gesehen haben.“ Es sei spannend, dass das Startup-Ökosystem in Berlin noch relativ jung ist [...] lobt die noch „sehr junge“ Berliner Szene. Die deutsche Stadt habe wahrscheinlich das „am schnellstwachsende Ökosystem Europas.“ Er ist überzeugt: „Wir werden hier sicherlich bald das Zentrum für Internet-Startups in Europa sein.“ [ copycats and wantrepreneurs chasing small ideas ]
Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  London  Scene  copycat  Silicon  Valley  FinTech  cost  of  living  cost  of  entry  burn  rate  runway  war  for  talent  quality  of  life  living  standard  standard  of  living 
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Interview: Passion Capital's Eileen Burbidge
// strike out without having a playbook, give it your best shot. // London as FinTech hub - competitive adv through canary warf and london being eu bank capital and 2nd after NY/Wall Street // NHS will play role in future of health tech and be competitive advantage //
London  Start-up  Scene  Venture  Capital  lesson  advice  FinTech 
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UBS to Open Blockchain Research Lab in London - Digits - WSJ
Swiss banking co @UBS opening blockchain research lab in London to learn how blockchain tech can be used in financial services; the lab is going to open sometime this mo and take up ~12 desks @ fintech accelerator space Level39, a hub in London for tech startups in the financial industry [...] the potential “not only change the way we do payments but it will change the whole trading and settlement topic.” [...] the biggest potential to disrupt financial services, and trigger “massive” simplification of banking processes and cost structure. [...] Barclays runs a fintech incubator in London and New York and most of the major banks participate in a fintech accelerator program run by Accenture globally, while a number of lenders, including Lloyds Banking Group , back London-based Startupbootcamp FinTech. Others banks, including HSBC , Santander and BBVA , have also launched corporate venture funds to make equity investments in fintech companies.
Blockchain  Bitcoin  FinTech 
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Be Your Own Bank | TechCrunch
[ that nobody focuses on the underbanked as a non-profit with tight security, is beyond me. first were the porn business, then the poor, in precarious work etc etc ] If an underbanked person uses these services with a bitcoin wallet, they then have a way of managing their money without needing a bank account. Their funds can be spent anywhere that cards are accepted. [...] Bitcoin is maturing into a safe, secure system that offers tangible benefits for the underbanked. No longer a solution looking for a problem, it will be a way for many consumers over the next decade to gain access to financial tools while avoiding large transaction fees and service charges.
underbanked  BitCoin  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  FinTech 
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