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Russian propagandists targeted African Americans to influence 2016 US election | US news | The Guardian
Operatives used social media to suppress votes for Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump, new research finds [...] Analysts found that Russian operatives used social media to “confuse, distract, and ultimately discourage” black people and other pro-Clinton blocs from voting, using bogus claims such as Clinton receiving money from the Ku Klux Klan.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Russia  Putin  vladimirputin  Facebook  Fake  News 
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Opinion | Operation Infektion: A three-part video series on Russian disinformation - The New York Times
Russia’s meddling in the United States’ elections is not a hoax. It’s the culmination of Moscow’s decades-long campaign to tear the West apart. “Operation InfeKtion” reveals the ways in which one of the Soviets’ central tactics — the promulgation of lies about America — continues today, from Pizzagate to George Soros conspiracies. Meet the KGB spies who conceived this virus and the American truth squads who tried — and are still trying — to fight it. Countries from Pakistan to Brazil are now debating reality, and in Vladimir Putin’s greatest triumph, Americans are using Russia’s playbook against one another without the faintest clue.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  fake  news  deepfake  deep  Brexit  AfD  Russia  Putin  PEGIDA  Facebook  Social  Media 
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(9120) Why fascism is so tempting -- and how your data could power it | Yuval Noah Harari - YouTube
Data & Tech now asset. Dictatorships more efficient in 21st century. Algorithms know you better than you yourself. human feelings - manipulated! elections turn into emotional puppet show "spectacle of society" / "they hack our feelings" // vanity - Status Anxiety Alain de botton / facism exploits our vanity
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  fascism  Brexit  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  history  China  Surveillance-Industrial  surveillance  complex  AI  machine  learning  Google  GCHQ  NSA  BND  Russia  democracy  Data  Facebook  Twitter 
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(9086) Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life - YouTube
see book make it stike re addiction "addictive schemes in their designs" ... its profit maximization in stealth. [...] "we are observed constantly"
Social  Media  Facebook  Twitter  addiction  Instagram  YouTube  Jaron  Lanier  book  Google  mental  health  depression  public 
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(8474) Zuckerberg's EU testimony: what he didn't answer - YouTube
fb tracking pixel/shadow profiles - profiles of non-fb users being used for data and monetisation
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Facebook 'ugly truth' growth memo haunts firm - BBC News
The ugly truth is that we believe in connecting people so deeply that anything that allows us to connect more people more often is *de facto* good. It is perhaps the only area where the metrics do tell the true story as far as we are concerned.
Facebook  Social  Media  Twitter 
march 2018 by asterisk2a
‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower | News | The Guardian
For more than a year we’ve been investigating Cambridge Analytica and its links to the Brexit Leave campaign in the UK and Team Trump in the US presidential election. Now, 28-year-old Christopher Wylie goes on the record to discuss his role in hijacking the profiles of millions of Facebook users in order to target the US electorate &! - Our revelations about the harvesting of users’ data show that Mark Zuckerberg’s all-powerful company has little sense of responsibility - &! - Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach Whistleblower describes how firm linked to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon compiled user data to target American voters &! - Staff claim Cambridge Analytica ignored US ban on foreigners working on elections In the 2014 midterm elections and the Trump campaign, firm was staffed mainly by young Britons and Canadians &!
Facebook  Donald  Trump  Brexit  DonaldTrump 
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Do advertisers love or hate Facebook and Google? - BBC News
"Unilever will not invest in platforms or environments that do not protect our children or which create division in society, and promote anger or hate."

Is this genuine concern for consumers and society with a bit of halo-polishing thrown in - or is this the beginning of a genuine backlash against the giants of digital advertising?

As one senior industry insider told me "watch what they do, not what they say"

Proof in pudding ,,,&!
Facebook  Google  YouTube  oligopol  oligopoly 
february 2018 by asterisk2a
Facebook hired a pollster to track Zuck's public image, but he quit because working for Facebook filled him with shame / Boing Boing
“I joined Facebook hoping to have an impact from the inside,” he says. “I thought, here’s this huge machine that has a tremendous influence on society, and there’s nothing I can do as an outsider. But if I join the company, and I’m regularly taking the pulse of Americans to Mark, maybe, just maybe that could change the way the company does business. I worked there for six months and I realized that even on the inside, I was not going to be able to change the way that the company does business. I couldn’t change the values. I couldn’t change the culture. I was probably far too optimistic.”
Facebook  Mark  Zuckerberg  Culture  corporate  governance  responsibility 
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(5679) ZAPP vom 31.01.2018: Eigene Wahrheit: "Project Veritas", Privatfernsehmacher für den ÖR - YouTube
fingiert fictitious / planted fake news by alt-right right-wing white nationalists supremacists // Project Veritas // polarised // ziel system weiter destabilisieren. demokratie. civic society. jeder gegen jeden - psychopolitik psychopolitics // neoliberalism capitalism // wir gegen die us against them // Milo Jordan Peterson Ben Shapiro etc etc etc
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  fake  news  Project  Veritas  Journalism  journalismus  facts  trust  trustagent  Facebook  filter  bubble  Polarisation  investigative  civic  Society  Gesellschaft  democracy  Demokratie  Sociology  Psychology  Authoritarianism  Zivilgesellschaft  liberalism  Conservative  Conservatism 
february 2018 by asterisk2a
Facebook to roll out new tools in response to EU privacy laws | Technology | The Guardian
Facebook to roll out new tools in response to EU privacy laws
COO Sheryl Sandberg also reiterates company’s promise to add 10,000 safety and security personnel, tackle fake news and end abuse
january 2018 by asterisk2a
Google is jeopardizing African-American literature sites | The Outline
Google wie FB sind Publisher! // The search engine keeps making websites redundant by providing answers to queries directly on
Google  Facebook  monopoly  information  YouTube  discovery  algorithm 
january 2018 by asterisk2a
Facebook to stop routing ad revenue via Ireland amid pressure over taxes | Technology | The Guardian
Company says it will book advertising revenue in countries where it is earned instead of through Dublin headquarters
Facebook  Ireland  Netherlands  tax  evasion  avoidance  offshore  haven  Google  Amazon  Luxembourg  European  Union 
december 2017 by asterisk2a
Facebook founding president sounds alarm - BBC News
do you know your neighbour? Chomsky manufactured consent. perfect personal propagandist. outrage machine. time waster. feedback loop for No Representation feelings. “I use these platforms, I just don’t let these platforms use me,” // Adam Curtis - FB can not present you with a future, a proposal. bc it is insular isolated environment (perfect personal propagandist) even if you are 'connected with the world.' It's a sham. Its millions of bubbles. not "A" world connected. Occypy was better than facebook. But Occupy hat not even a handful of leaders. political social economic movements need leaders to refer to, dialogue, interview, sign policy papers, etc etc. mass democracy still needs a leader and leadershuip and management and people skills. see Momentum.
Facebook  Social  Media  Twitter  Instagram  YouTube  Selbstdarstellung  Zivilgesellschaft  Zivilcourage  Gesellschaft  Anarchism  Anarchy  addiction  dopamine  coping  mechanism  Chomsky  filterbubble  Filterblase  Newsfeed  filter  bubble  Brexit  Trump  Donald  DonaldTrump  AfD  PEGIDA  fake  news  Nationalism  Propaganda  journalism  journalismus  profit  maximisation  attention  span  neuroscience  mental  health  well-being  wellbeing  maladaptive  behaviour  well  being  Superficial  democracy  No  Representation  Culture  alt-right  right-wing  PC  far-right  White  Supremacy  Nazi  neo-Nazi  neoNazi  hate  speech  Data  Privacy  abuse  gaming  Snapchat  Psychology  Sociology  Society 
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Us vs them: the sinister techniques of ‘Othering’ – and how to avoid them | Inequality | The Guardian
Exclusion and dehumanisation [...] [ It's not just the economy, stupid. ] Conservative elites know how to strategically create and use fear of a perceived Other, by organising and manufacturing fear. [... manufacturing consent - Chomsky - Facebook Newsfeed is the perfect personal propagandist.] [...] Part of the solution to Othering must come from the stories we tell. // >> Facebook is the perfect personal propagandist (ppp) for nationalistic fear mongering fake news us vs them stories. <<
Nationalism  Orwellian  Orwell  fear  fearmongering  fearmonger  LGBT  Transgender  Xenophobia  Homophobia  alt-right  far-right  right-wing  Chomsky  refugee  immigration  filterbubble  Filterblase  Facebook  Newsfeed  Algorithm  Propaganda  hate  speech  crime  Journalism  journalismus  Social  Media  Twitter  Instagram  YouTube  Extremism 
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Roger Cohen on Trump and the Erosion of American Greatness - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"To refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain 'the last best hope of earth' for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  AfD  Nationalism  scapegoat  patriotism  Orwell  Orwellian  Technology  Facebook  Newsfeed  filter  bubble  Filterblase  technocracy  Plutocracy  Oligarchy  totalitarianism  Super  Rich  1%  economic  history  inequality  Precariat  working  poor  poverty  trap  exploitation  fake  news  Fascism  alt-right  right-wing  far-right  neo-Nazi  Nazi  GOP  Republicans  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  UKIP  Front  National  France  UK  Germany  USA  American  Dream 
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Social media firms under scrutiny for 'Russian meddling’ - BBC News
Facebook, Twitter and Google lawyers defended themselves to US lawmakers probing whether Russia used social media to influence the 2016 election.
The three firms faced hard questions at a Senate panel on crime and terrorism about why they missed political ads bought with Russian money. &! - Francis Fukuyama - This is not the situation that prevails in today’s internet world. There are not a variety of competing platforms with differing points of view; rather, there is Facebook, which has become a sort of global utility. [ creating for each their own bubble own world, enabling to reject, deny reality in spite of fact. Orwell on nationalism: - Indifference to reality ] ESPECIALLY when the user is the product, sold to corporates. Keep users more and more clicking = keep making more and more money. &! Displayed in their dedicated teams in-house support for Trump campaign! $85m. Client satisfaction and profit maximisation. --- &!
Facebook  democracy  presidential  election  2016  Brexit  Donald  Trump  DonaldTrump  AfD  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  Social  Media  Newsfeed  bubble  algorithm  filter  bias  Gesellschaft  Nationalism  Orwell  Orwellian  Patriotism  demagogue  Twitter  Google  monopoly  duopoly  monopsony  Amazon  antitrust  Francis  Fukuyama  totalitarianism  Capitalism 
november 2017 by asterisk2a
(4207) Inside the mind of white America - BBC News - YouTube
3:30 "most of it I hear is from the news and it is mostly negative." // white privilege also means not knowing about your advantage as white white neighbourhood white name white parents and grand parents and grand grand parents // Institutional racism
post-racial  America  Racism  USA  American  Dream  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  deprivation  inequality  social  mobility  income  Exploitation  segregation  Nationalism  populism  alt-right  far-right  right-wing  Xenophobia  Homophobia  LGBT  poverty  trap  Precariat  economic  history  neoliberalism  Capitalism  Media  Facebook  Newsfeed  bubble  presidential  election  2016  institutional  discrimination  BAME  UK  privilege  Privileged 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
Daring Fireball: Fuck Facebook
Selbst influencer gehen jetzt auf die barrikaden. Aendern ihre gewohnheiten. Digitaler Anarchismus gerichtet gegen FB
Facebook  Newsfeed  Google 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
BBC Radio 4 - Radio 4 in Four, How your mood affects what you spend
cosmetic counter and primark - treat on fr sat sun - A study out today by price comparison website says stressed, bored or sad people are more likely to make impulse purchases they later regret. The study reckons so-called 'stress buying' is costing us around £1,250 a year. Winifred Robinson talks to Siemon Scamell-Katz and Claudia Hammond.

"emotional spending" on way home or over weekend.
Consumerism  Advertising  coping  mechanism  self-medication  chronic  stress  dopamine  Materialism  Consumer  Capitalism  mental  health  well  being  wellbeing  well-being  debt  credit  card  Anarchism  Facebook  Instagram  Amazon  gratification  emotions  addiction  maladaptive  neuroscience  pleasure 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
“I think it’s to do with fear”: Russell Brand on America’s love of guns - Vox
usa got much more intensive media - driven by profit motive. the click. the outragous. the absurd. the funny. to keep you watching. confirmation bias. division. divisor. fear mongers hate mongers demagogue. protect what you've got bc gov is out to take it from you. - guns false security, consumption false identity, trump false Heilsbringer. and your neighbour is an illegal alien ...
Russell  Brand  Anarchism  mental  health  well-being  wellbeing  trust  fear  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  Society  book  Alain  de  Botton  Facebook  bubble  filter  Newsfeed  Media  Social  Dopamine  trustagent  USA  post-racial  bias  prejudice  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  inequality  poverty  trap  Precariat  insecurity  America  American  Dream  economic  history  Chomsky 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
Russell Brand: Society is collapsing - BBC News
"Society is collapsing," the comedian tells the BBC, "and people are starting to recognise that the reason they feel like they're mentally ill is that they're living in a system that's not designed to suit the human spirit.
Anarchism  Russell  Brand  mental  health  self-medication  coping  mechanism  maladaptive  chronic  stress  loneliness  social  isolation  Facebook  Selbstdarstellung  Selbstwertgefühl  addiction  book  neoliberal  capitalism  Exploitation  Consumer  Consumerism  consumption  Precariat  Generation  Rent  working  poor  poverty  trap  Materialism  inequality  mobility  income  meritocracy  meritocratic  Competition 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
In our focus on the digital, have we lost our sense of what being human means? | Genevieve Bell | Opinion | The Guardian
MAKE OUR OWN FUTURE - And of course, there are bigger questions about the role of technology more broadly. In making the machines smarter, we have sacrificed a little something of ourselves – we run the risk of being reduced to data and the decisions it drives. I believe we are more than data, more than just intelligence. I worry that, in our current focus on the digital, we have lost some of our agency and some of our sense of what being human might mean. But I don’t believe this is inevitable or irreversible.
Anarchism  humanity  social  media  Facebook  Data  Big  currency  AI  artificial  intelligence  augmented  Utopia  neoliberalism  democracy  Silicon  Valley  UBI  Universal  Basic  Income  Consumerism  Consumer  Materialism  Capitalism  consumption  Gesellschaft  Wertegesellschaft  Society  Soziologie  Psychology  Transhumanism  algorithm  inequality 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
'Steep rise' in self-harm among teenage girls - BBC News
But it was likely that rising stress and psychological problems in young people were also behind the trend. // complex problem, many faceted
mental  health  Millennials  childhood  self-harm  Social  Media  Facebook  Instagram  Selbstdarstellung  chronic  stress  Parenthood  parenting  environment  Gesellschaft  Feminism  feminist  sexism  Sexismus  LGBT  Society  puberty  self-medication  maladaptive  coping  mechanism  education  policy  NHS  public  crisis  prevention 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
(4002) Russell Brand​ in conversation with Dr. Drew​ Pinsky at Live Talks Los Angeles - YouTube
turned from citizen into addicted selfish schnell denkende (Daniel Kahneman) consumers (superficial, enslaved, became addicted, enabling reinforcing class structure, subconscious influenced propaganda style (Adam Curtis) - trapped, fetishised, buying self-worth). -VS- service (and care) to yourself and others (permanent, sustainable, conscious).
addiction  self-medication  book  Consumer  Consumerism  Capitalism  corporatism  Exploitation  Happiness  coping  mechanism  Facebook  Newsfeed  Instagram  Selbstdarstellung  Alain  De  Botton  dopamine  sustainability  sustainable  Psychology  Sociology  Society  Wertegesellschaft  Gesellschaft  Zivilcourage  Zivilgesellschaft  Austerity  poverty  trap  neuroscience  Amazon  Netflix  Apple  Google  gratification  Religion  Culture  mental  health  Depression  abuse  selfish  self-awareness  self-regulation  Superficial  waste  neoliberalism  well-being  self-worth  selfworth  self  worth 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
(3935) 35 Minutes on YouTube Demonetization - YouTube
Conservative corporate totalitarian times. Monopoly and monopsony. &! politics hit - - J&N, The Young Turks // 'anti-liberal democratic people democracy' policing content
YouTube  Creative  Creatives  Creators  Culture  Advertising  corporate  totalitarianism  Consumer  Capitalism  advertisement  Facebook  Newsfeed  monopoly  monopsony  Google  anti-trust  Amazon  LGBTQ  Liberal  free  speech  democracy  Subscription  Patreon  PayPal 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
Wellbeing enhanced more by places than objects, study finds | Life and style | The Guardian
The poet WHAuden is credited with first coining the word “topophilia” to describe a strong emotional pull to a special place.

Now scientific research, using cutting-edge brain imaging, suggests Auden was on to something. According to a study commissioned by the National Trust, people experience intense feelings of wellbeing, contentment and belonging from places that evoke positive memories far more than treasured objects such as photographs or wedding rings. // siehe menschen die umgeben sind vom baeume sind gluecklicher und gesuender
Consumer  Consumerism  Happiness  Capitalism  Vacation  experience  health  wellbeing  Depression  Selbstdarstellung  Social  Media  Facebook  Instagram  poverty  trap  travel  Generationy  Millennials  lifehacker  lifehacks  Minimalismus  minimalism  Frugal 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
Catalonia: Spain issues deadline to separatists - BBC News
who blinks first. high noon pistol fight. &! - Catalonia: Spain takes step towards direct rule //&! alt view to 'counter revolution' movement left populist outward looking welcoming immigrants welcome nationalism: - neonationalism (global village no accountability) neoliberal kapitalism teilte die leute auf gegen sich auf. nicht vereint. siehe fb there is no global village connection to all (fb zuck dream PR talk), alles kleine identitaeten und grueppchen. isoliert. eigener blase. schaun nicht ausm fenster, wie mittlerweile in der realitaet. wer kennt schon alles seine nachbarn im etagen house wie sein bruder oder schwester? Scotland and Catalonia indy are majority led by left socialist populous. Brexit is led by far-right conservative neoliberalism on steroids populous.
Catalonia  Spain  Gesellschaft  Society  neoliberalism  Capitalism  Individualism  Consumerism  Consumer  Selbstdarstellung  Facebook  Twitter  mental  health  globalisation  bank  bailout  double  standard  indyref  indyref2  Scotland  Brexit  immigration  Identity  Culture  Politics  LGBT  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  left-wing  Jeremy  Corbyn  SPD  btw17  GE2017  workers  union  rights  trade  Community  segregation  GFC  Austerity  vulnerable  working  poor  Precariat  No  Representation  poverty  trap  Deprivation  income  inequality  Super  Rich  1%  Oligarchy  revolving  door  Corruption  social  mobility  redistribution  welfare  state  Privatisation  profit  maximisation  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  IMF  democracy 
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Mental health: 10 charts on the scale of the problem - BBC News
Over 10 years NHS prescriped 100% more anti-depressants. Medicalised Society. Parked indefinetly on management medication no healing. Left behind. // But so too is the fact prescribing patterns have changed. Doctors are much more likely to keep people on drugs for longer with evidence suggesting it is a more effective way of treating patients.
But as common as antidepressants are, the fact remains the majority of people with mental illness report they are not getting help.
Only one in three of those polled said they were receiving treatment, according to NHS Digital.
NHS  Society  Gesellschaft  mental  health  big  pharma  GP  care  demand  Austerity  CEP  STP  rationing  waiting  times  treatment  delay  self-medication  coping  mechanism  chronic  stress  working  poor  Precariat  poverty  trap  Deprivation  Depression  public  economic  damage  prevention  Social  Media  Facebook  Instagram  well  being  welfare  DWP  JSA  ESA  Selbstdarstellung  Consumer  unhappy  Consumerism  consumerist  Capitalism  Exploitation  Scotland  England  Jeremy  Hunt  CCG  Simon  Stevens  accountability  Theresa  May  unemployment  prejudice  stigma  Disabled 
october 2017 by asterisk2a
Brooks and Klein on Tom Price’s plane scandal, Trump taking aim at the NFL - YouTube
Culture and Identity Politics again Tribalism, Patritotism, Nationalism, Militarism, // see how neoliberal capitalism has destroyed fabric of society w individualism consumerism identity - Alain De Botton and Adam Curtis. When you can't consumer, and do culture, and only have tv as (and fb newsfeed) as window to the world to see the world experience the world - you dont take part in society - Kulturteilhabe. dann willst du AfD Brexit Trump. them v us. // nfl is epitome of culture war identity politics and post-racial america - resistance!
Culture  Identity  Politics  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  AfD  history  post-racial  America  Religion  Liberalism  Liberal  LGBT  Society  Gesellschaft  Capitalism  Consumer  Consumerism  consumerist  Selbstdarstellung  Kulturteilhabe  Facebook  Newsfeed  TV  MSM  poverty  trap  squeezed  middle  class  Precariat  debt  credit  card  chronic  stress  self-medication  book  war  refugee  migration  immigration  social  income  mobility  secular  stagnation  growth  disposable  discretionary  spending  GFC  bank  bailout  double  standard  tax  evasion  avoidance  Career  Politicians  status  quo  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Konsum  accountability 
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Should the Government Bring Back Trust-Busting? - Room for Debate -
A de-concentration of economic power would lift up the middle class. Antitrust law was formerly used to reduce inequality, fight corruption and create a politically stable social contract all at once. [...] “Monopoly constitutes the death of capitalism and the genesis of authoritarian government.”
anti-trust  trust-busting  monopoly  oligarchy  oligopol  oligopoly  Super  Rich  bank  bailout  TBTF  lobby  self-regulation  Regulation  regulators  revolving  door  vested  interest  groups  Workers  Rights  Union  Trade  globalisation  globalization  Exploitation  accountability  tax  evasion  avoidance  middle  class  Amazon  Google  Microsoft  Capitalism  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Facebook 
september 2017 by asterisk2a
Facebook to share Russia-linked political adverts with investigators - BBC News
Earlier this month it was revealed that politically-charged advertising had been targeted at American voters, paid for, Facebook believed, by Russian actors with links to the Kremlin.
The adverts did not support a specific candidate, Facebook said, but instead posted inflammatory information on hot topics, such as immigration.
Facebook  DonaldTrump  Brexit  Donald  Trump  Russia  presidential  election  2016  HRC  Hillary  Clinton  HillaryClinton  immigration 
september 2017 by asterisk2a
Loneliness: The cost of the 'last taboo' - BBC News
There are an estimated 1.2 million people in the UK who have "chronic" loneliness, with links to poorer physical and mental health and increased use of GPs, hospitals and social services.
The campaign says it should be seen as a problem in public health terms, like obesity and smoking.
For a decade of an older person's life, the extra economic cost of loneliness is calculated as £6,000. [...] "Everyone's on their phones, they're closed off."
public  health  mental  Social  Media  loneliness  Einsamkeit  obesity  chronic  sick  population  overweight  coping  mechanism  self-medication  dopamine  serotonin  food  junk  Alcohol  Gesellschaft  Society  Zivilgesellschaft  Tobacco  Depression  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  stigma  prejudice  isolation  NHS  Dementia  babyboomers  baby  boomers  care  demand  GP  Austerity  mobile  homescreen  Facebook  Instagram  Selbstdarstellung 
september 2017 by asterisk2a
Facebook’s war on free will | Technology | The Guardian
In reality, Facebook is a tangle of rules and procedures for sorting information, rules devised by the corporation for the ultimate benefit of the corporation. Facebook is always surveilling users, always auditing them, using them as lab rats in its behavioural experiments. While it creates the impression that it offers choice, in truth Facebook paternalistically nudges users in the direction it deems best for them, which also happens to be the direction that gets them thoroughly addicted. It’s a phoniness that is most obvious in the compressed, historic career of Facebook’s mastermind. [...] The problem is that when we outsource thinking to machines, we are really outsourcing thinking to the organisations that run the machines.
Facebook  Newsfeed  Google 
september 2017 by asterisk2a
End austerity – and kickstart Martin Luther King’s revolution of values | Richard Kozul-Wright | Opinion | The Guardian
Hyperglobalisation has concentrated massive wealth in a few hands, boosting the cult of materialism that the great civil rights campaigner warned us about // Byung-Chul Han // The real threat now is to the underlying trust, cohesion and sense of fairness that markets depend upon in order to function effectively. Against this, insisting that “there is no alternative” is yesterday’s political slogan. People everywhere desire much the same thing: a decent job, a secure home, a safe environment, a better future for their children and a government that listens and responds to their concerns. They want a different deal from that offered by hyperglobalisation. Prosperity for all cannot be delivered by austerity-minded politicians, rent-seeking corporations and speculative bankers. What is urgently needed now is a global new deal. Three elements – recovery, regulation and redistribution – remain at the heart of any such deal. Book Richard Kozul-Wright is director of the globalisation and development strategies division in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Its annual report, Beyond Austerity: Towards a Global New Deal, is published today
MLK  Martin  Luther  King  materialism  Consumer  Consumerism  consumerist  Selbstdarstellung  Social  Media  Facebook  Instagram  Snapchat  YouTube  Celebrity  Kim  Kardashian  Capitalism  globalisation  globalization  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Society  Gesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft  Anarchism  Chomsky  Sociology  Philosophy  Soziologie  mental  health  Depression  anhedonia  dysthymia  self-medication  chronic  sick  population  Community  Austerity  GFC  bank  bailout  working  poor  poverty  trap  Precariat  Deprivation  Values  TINA  Alternativlos  Trust  TBTF  tax  evasion  avoidance  history  Economics  book  Foreign  Aid  double  standard 
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