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Pando: #AdamBainIsSoFucked
[ Ego's and no (over) communication what Twitter is, wants to be and can't be. It can't be Facebook or anything else. Twitter can only be Twitter (plus Vine + Persicope + X (say date, business tools) + ads). And no (over) communication how they are going to satisfy Wall Street (profit). No 1-2 year plan. Dick was and is Ops Guy. No obsessive passionate visionary putting it all on the line about the product and its potential yada yada yada that gets listeners hooked and thus can ask for patience, ask for time. Dick was hired to fix the chaos and mess. Get it to IPO. He did that ... ]
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Pando: Leadership? As Jack Dorsey was buying $875k in Twitter stock, Evan Williams offloaded more than $10m
&! - Dorsey has sold nearly 380,000 shares of Twitter stock since November 2014, according to SEC filings. That means he has bought back less than 10 percent of the shares he’s been offloading since that time. Some of those sales happened through Dorsey’s various trusts, all of which he controls. Also, most of his stock activity has gone through a trading rule that allowed him (and other Twitter executives) to sell stock at regular intervals to avoid the appearance of any insider trading. (Dorsey and others stopped using that program after investors questioned the founders’ apparently freewheeling stock sell-offs.) [...] Still, while the company was dealing with major growth concerns and a looming CEO search (the company claims Dick Costolo’s departure was in the cards since last year), its board was selling stock.
Twitter  Ev  Williams  jackdorsey 
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LadyBits’ First and Last Year on Medium — LadyBits on Medium — Medium || Ev & Biz bankrolling writers. ""A rare insight into Medium-the-terribly-run-magazine as opposed to Medium-the-impressive-publishing-platform + ""The most surprising part of the Ladybits story about working with Medium is that Medium offered terrible analytics + """Nobody knew where the money was coming from to pay writers." On working as an editor at Medium. + ""If you're wondering about the @Medium biz model, LadyBits' @arikia explains — just as she's walking out the door. + ""The best sign Medium is YouTube for text: contributors quitting over discovery and rev share! || +++ ppl talk about going so fast that you think you have nearly no control. otherwise you are not moving fast enough.  Ev  Williams  Biz  Stone  Wordpress  publishing  2.0  self-publishing  business  model  execution  project  management  YouTube  Revenue  Share  content  creator  digital  content  digital  artist  digital  economy  digital  natives  Women  in  Tech  communication  management  Start-Up  Playbook 
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Silicon Valley's Esteemed CEO Coach Comes Out Looking Pretty Bad In The Twitter Book - Business Insider
Twitter was in upheaval. The CEO at the time, Ev Williams, was about to be fired by the board for bad, and slow, decision making. || It came even to light at that Ev Williams is slow to lead product development and release ( ... in todays time of viral apps that can slip under your radar like WhatsApp, Snapchat & Co. ... it is all about ""EXECUTION !!! and quick product turnaround - ~90 days max step by step - while the head of product still got to be focused and have the big picture and have to drive the ship towards the big picture, keeping all on board on the same page.
Silicon  Valley  Twitter  management  product  management  The  Guy  project  management  people  management  leadership  CEO  Ev  Williams  Bill  Campbell 
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VC Stewart Alsop: How I pissed off Steve Jobs - YouTube
Steve Job's last big gig was designing and figuring out the Apple TV, where TV is an app and the Device, what is known as TV is a super-size iMac. A Personal Computer. Plus they probably will make the iPad and Apple TV / iTV connect to each other so you can use the iPas and iPhone as 2nd Screen and do social media and surfing and sharing while watching TV. // Google acquisition of Nest Lab is also talent acquisition - Tony Fadell - a former Apple Execs. But he is a Product Guy and those are valuable, and Apple competed with Google for Nest Labs and thus Tony Fadell. Larry Page needs Fadell to improve Google's product line and future products and teach other Googlers 'product development, management and how to think about it correctly.' >> Android, Nexus, Google Chrome, Google Glasses, Google Car, Google ChromeCast. The big things that bring in the money. // // bn dollar companies have an asshole at their helm, that one that steps on people to get his way, get things done, rolling.
Google  Apple  Nest  Labs  design  designer  Steve  Jobs  history  Personal  Computer  PC  Microsoft  Kickstarter  Apple  TV  TiVo  Larry  Page  Product  Guy  Power  does  Corrupt  Product  Google  Glasses  Nexus  Android  Google  Chrome  Google  ChromeCast  Google  Car  Amazon  AWS  jeffbezos  Palm  larryellison  markzuckerberg  Ev  Williams  Twitter  Facebook  IBM  Personal  Product  Sonos  Tesla  iPhone 
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Ev Williams on Twitter's Early Years |
At the time, he said his rule is "do less," reflecting on the focus and restraint he and his fellow Twitter co-founders showed in the company's earliest days. Much of that interview was left on the cutting room floor. [...] "At Twitter, we had this mindset that we were going to do lots of different things. We probably would have moved on before there was any evidence of success. It didn't take off right away, and many of the most important things don't take off right away, they only take off after working on them for a long time and pursuing a vision that gets you to the essence of something, which is often only boiled down after lots of hard work and noodling on something... and maybe having doubts about it."
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