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Das Ende der Gesellschaft. Von den Folgen der Vernetzung
Das Ende der Gesellschaft von den Folgen der Vernetzung aller. // // Strohfeuer - Book Tausche Seele gegen Erfolg. Sascha Lobos packender Debütroman über die Lebensgier in den Zeiten der New Economy. // margaret thatcher - there is no such thing as society. // massenmedien (soziale medien, u eigenes umfeldgeben) illusion von spektrum of normativen verhalten; ie consumerism! du bist wast du kaufst. ... < illusorisches gesellschaftsbild. // der lack blaettert ab! an der zivilisierten gesellschaft (brexit) // strenght of weak ties (kraft des netzwerks) // no self-censorship, thus more and more people see that racism and xenophobia and misogyny is an acceptable opinion and one is not alone. far-right conservatives tell that political correctness has gone too far. // nun findet keine maessigung mehr statt (dies political correctness); racism/xenophobia ist nicht mehr extrem. // nachrichten bekamen gefuehlsgetrieben (emotions) [...] gesellschaft in wallungen. gefuehlten wirklichkeit. // zeit des schnellen wandels der welt - 24/7 news cycle - coping mechanism = emotions.
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Gillmor Gang: Dog Days | TechCrunch
the personal assistant is the new smartphone! can't live without it once you (technology; augmented intelligence and artificial intelligence) mastered it. // GoButtler in Germany. And Operator in SV - - << both take a cut/commission fee. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook could have it as features. Just as Facebook can have Meerkat as feature, for the celebrities. And the personal assistant - will be JUST A FEATURE - on your phone. iOS, Android ... & Facebook's 'empire' Platform to keep you inside Facebook continuing scrolling that god damn newsfeed. // // noise is lower on FB newsfeed (learning algorithm - your personal filter bubble) vs Twitter and vs RSS. ... Google News is a different thing. // // &! and there is a business in manual (editor, personal brand, leader) content curation/editing as well as in algo (Newsfeed)
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