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Wendy Houvenaghel: British Cycling had 'medal at any cost' culture - BBC Sport
British Cycling subsequently admitted it did not pay "sufficient care and attention" to the wellbeing of staff and athletes at the expense of winning medals, an approach Houvenaghel attested to in her BBC interview.
IOC  UCI  Olympics  Doping  British  Cycling  UK  well  being  mental  health  public  London  2012  Sport  business  of 
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Nicole Cooke ‘sceptical’ of Bradley Wiggins and hits out at ‘sexist’ cycling | Sport | The Guardian
Her next words, though, were even more damning. “The chronological coincidence of the TUEs just before major events raises suspicions with me based on my experience of patterns and ways that I’ve seen other riders try and beat the system.”

Cooke was also fiercely critical of the efforts to tackle doping, saying that Ukad held a “chocolate sword” because of its lack of resources. But she also attacked the body for not doing enough to investigate wrongdoing. She said that several times she had gone to the authorities, including after being asked to dope by a team manager, yet been fobbed off.
Doping  Business  Of  Sport  IOC  Cycling  UCI  Olympics 
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Daniel Agger: ‘Maybe my story will make other athletes take fewer pills’ | Football | The Guardian
The former Liverpool defender opens up on his overuse of anti-inflammatory drugs and the day in 2015 when his body had simply had enough
business  of  sport  soccer  Doping  NSAID 
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Joe Rogan & Brendan Schaub Discuss Conor McGregor, GSP, Nate Diaz & UFC 200
deaths in MMA ... MMA is Extreme Sport. Direct, unprotected contact. NFL w neurological consequences (, same.
MMA  Extreme  Sport  NFL  Boxing  UFC  business  of  PED  Doping  Entertainment  Entertainment 
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Maria Sharapova must 'pay' for meldonium use, says Rafael Nadal – video | Sport | The Guardian
send in the specialist that analysed Lance Armstrong's body language and facial expression vs what he says. And or those who did Bill Clinton. Probable result: his body language and facial expression is telling a different story. //&! Murray suspicious of 'strange' meldonium use - - manny athletes have been caught since the ban. //&! Nadal on Sharapova: 'Now she must pay for it' - //&! Meldonium developer - - inadvertently admits it is PED!
Doping  PED  business  of  sport 
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Maria Sharapova Admits Doping The Last DECADE! - YouTube
bread, water and entertainment. //&! Follow-up - - WADA a decade behind the professional dopers for $$$ millions.
business  of  sport  Doping  PED  entertainment 
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Maria Sharapova & meldonium: Which drugs are on Wada's watch list? - BBC Sport
For a substance to be added to Wada's prohibited list involves a three-stage consultation process, which lasts several months and includes input from Wada experts, its health, medical and research committee (HMRC) and its executive committee.

According to Wada, a substance may be "considered" for the prohibited list if it meets two of the following three criteria:

Enhances performance
Poses a threat to athlete health
Violates the spirit of sport
A substance can be added to the prohibited list without first featuring on the watch list.

Meldonium - or mildronate as it was known to 28-year-old Russian Sharapova - is no longer on the 2016 watch list, but several other substances remain on it. //&! aria Sharapova's failed drugs test was "reckless beyond description", according to former World Anti-Doping Agency president Dick Pound. -
WADA  Doping  PED 
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Meldonium in Baku 2015: Weit verbreitetes Sportlermedikament - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Bei den Europaspielen in Baku 2015 stand Meldonium noch nicht auf der Dopingliste - und wurde großzügig zur Leistungssteigerung eingesetzt. Forscher entdeckten es bei Sportlern fast aller Disziplinen.
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15 and On Steroids: Bignattydaddy - BBC Three
15 year olds can get their hands on gear, duh.
PED  Doping 
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Bas Rutten Takes a Stand on Steroids in MMA - Inside MMA - YouTube
Inside MMA tackles the steroid problem in MMA - "leads to testicular atrophy" &! National Geographics documentary on steroids - &! Bigger, Stronger, Faster - Bodybuilding Steroids Documentary - &! Bas Rutten on when people said he was on PED's - &! Bas Rutten on Overeem getting Caught on Steroids - &! Ken Shamrock Comes Clean About Steroids - 'getting around testing ie custome T or micro dosing and unannounced testing' &! MMA Legend Bas Rutten talks steroids - &! Kevin Randleman UNCENSORED (Tito Ortiz, Steroids, American Fans) - (min 14) "every sport has 'em" &! Alistair Overeem - 2012 'random drug testing is relativly new' - - "using is using" - "99% use something" &! pic of Overeem 2012 vs 2014 -
MMA  UFC  Doping  PED  business  of  sport 
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Mixed Martial Arts legend Kevin Randleman has died aged 44 - BBC Newsbeat
look at the picture of him in his late 20s and 30s - roid days. looks nothing looks like a different person in his 40s // &! fav moment of bas rutten w Kevin Randleman - &! - didnt go to hospital died of pneumonia complication (infection?/septicemia) heart gave out //&! one fight late into his career. 2009 still on the juice - - vs pictures on his social media when he is off the juice w 41-42-43-44 &! //&! Bas Rutten Pays Tribute to Kevin "The Monster" Randleman - &! Bas Rutten Takes a Stand on Steroids in MMA -
premature  death  premature  ageing  Doping  boxing  UFC  MMA  business  of  sport  heart  disease  chronic  diseases  diet-related  disease  PED 
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Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo talk Conor McGregor's loss at UFC 196 vs Nate Diaz - YouTube
(alt ) Conor McGregor type brings views ... UFC PPV income at all time high w him. //&! 5:15 - //&! - Doping! Nate Diaz //&! post-match discussion - &! 'weight classes are there for a reason. [...] tactically Conor tried to knockout which tired him out. may have been a mistake. he also mentioned that himself underestimated the stamina and able to take the hits w higher weight class.' //&! Bryan Callen predicts Nate Diaz victory on Conor McGregor | UFC 196 - \w Brendan Schaub & Joe Rogan - - "Conor has to change his boxing [...] nates boxing is very good" //&! out of the horses mouth "battle of energy [...] he went into auto mode and I went into panic mode. [...] they can take it. [...] he was simply more efficient with his energy." - ( alt & $8m PPV ) - UFC 196: Post-fight Press Conference
UFC  business  model  pageviews  advertising  advertisement  marketing  Doping 
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Here’s What to Know About Meldonium | TIME - Maria Sharapova: Nike suspends contract with Russian over drugs test & Also, Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer announced that it will not be renewing its contract with the tennis star. // Meldonium was added to banned substances list on Jan 01st 2016. Did not read the updated list when she got the e-mail in her inbox. // &! //&! Maria Sharapova's failed drugs test is a "game-changer for life, not just for tennis", says her former coach. - - [ in the video, it seems she know she might get away mildly! her manner and facial expressions speak not of deep regret and remorse or having let people down, being disappointed in one self. ] //&! Australian Olympic hopefuls were warned about 'Maria Sharapova drug' meldonium three months before the tennis star tested positive -
Doping  PED  Maria  Sharapova  Tennis 
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Gamze Bulut: Olympia-Zweite unter Dopingverdacht - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Das Olympiafinale von London 2012 über 1500 Meter scheint sich im Nachhinein als Farce zu erweisen: Nach der damaligen Goldgewinnerin ist auch eine weitere Medaillenläuferin nun unter Dopingverdacht geraten.
Doping  IAAF  IOC  Olympics  Turkey  national  identity  Nationalism  business  of  sport  biological  passport  London  2012  Rio  2016 
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Joe rogan talks about why conor mcgregor beat jose aldo - YouTube
micro dosing //&! &! Jeff Novitzky - - //&! Interview: UFC anti-doping rep Novitzky says NAC got Diaz case wrong (5 years for grass, 1 year 2 years for other stuff where grass does not improve performance - &! &! Full Hearing - &! own statement - ) - //&! Following the implementation of the UFC’s ban on intravenous rehydration (IV) in October, the amount of weight lost by UFC contenders in the final week prior to a bout is now beginning to decline, according to UFC Vice President of Athlete Health & Performance, Jeff Novitzky. - // and USADA/WADA do not do the >$400 carbon isotope t test?! //&! Joe Rogan and Roganology - - Joe Rogan Vs. Brian Dunning!
UFC  MMA  Steroid  Doping  business  of  sport  PED 
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Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews took steroids 'to look good in the shower' - BBC Newsbeat
And admits he took them because he "wanted to look as good as possible". He says it was because he wanted to be bigger and stronger while training for the match. Newsbeat recently revealed one in 10 men training in UK gyms struggle with a body anxiety known as "bigorexia", or muscle dysmorphia. It's been compared to anorexia in reverse - where men become obsessed with putting on muscle. Depression, steroid abuse and even suicide are effects of bigorexia.
bigorexia  Doping  Steroid  Selbstdarstellung  superficial  Selfie  beauty  sickness  self-respect  confidence  Self-esteem  self-medication  coping  mechanism  well  being  mental  health  Social  Media  gossip  culture  gossip  Tabloid  Glossy  Magazine  Reality  TV  Hollywood  Television  Music  Industry 
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Joe Rogan Discusses Steroids in the UFC - YouTube
Joe Rogan Talks about Steriods, Alistar Overeem, Cyborg Santos -
UFC  Doping  business  of  sport 
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Former UFC Champion Kevin Randleman Dead at 44 |
Randleman died of heart failure, multiple outlets report. (<< from FB summary) // Sims told that an apparent heart attack claimed Randleman. [...] “It’s true,” Sims told, barely able to speak as his voice was wracked with emotion. “He had a heart attack. I’m floored.” Randleman’s family later issued a statement to, saying, “With saddened hearts, the Randleman family confirms the passing of Kevin ‘The Monster’ Randleman. While traveling on business, Kevin became ill un-exectedly and passed due to complications from pneumonia.” [ << complication? embolism? ] [...] “I can’t believe it. He looked the best I’ve seen him in years,” [ Sudden Death - ]
Doping  premature  ageing  diet-related  disease  chronic  diseases  heart  disease  coronary  artery  disease  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular  disease  dietary  cholesterol 
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Adidas to end IAAF sponsorship deal early in wake of doping crisis - BBC Sport
Earlier this month, the commission's chairman, Dick Pound, delivered a second, damning report, which revealed that "corruption was embedded" within the IAAF under former president Lamine Diack. Within days, a decision at the highest level in Adidas was taken to terminate the relationship. It is understood the German multinational believes the doping revelations in Pound's reports constitute a breach of its agreement with the IAAF. The 11-year sponsorship deal was signed in 2008 and was due to run until 2019. At the time of signing, it was reported the deal would be worth about $33m (£23m). But sources have told the BBC the figure is much higher, and that in terms of cash and product, it is worth about $8m (£5.6m) per year. This would mean the projected lost revenue for the IAAF over the next four years will be more than $30m (£21m). //&! Unglaubwürdig. -
IAAF  IOC  Olympics  business  of  sport  marketing  advertising  FIFA  corruption  bribery  Doping 
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No cover-up, pledges Coe, as new report on athletics doping threatens more pain | Sport | The Guardian
IAAF president says he understands gravity of the issue as senior figures say crisis engulfing sport is worse than Fifa scandal
IAAF  business  of  sport  Doping  corruption  bribery  FIFA  UCI  IOC  Olympics 
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Iron Mike Webster: Patient Zero in the NFL's "League of Denial" (Part 1 of 9) | FRONTLINE - YouTube
Film review-Concussion. Will Smith great but too much distraction from story. Watch PBS "League of Denial" instead:
NFL  business  of  sport  Doping  Doping  Opfer  NBA  soccer  World  Cup 
january 2016 by asterisk2a
IAAF has betrayed athletes but law to jail doping cheats carries risks | Sean Ingle | Sport | The Guardian
Doping in athletics has deprived many honest athletes of income as well as medals but any criminal law against it may bring unintended consequences
IAAF  Doping  IOC  Olympics  Soccer  World  Cup  business  of  sport  FIFA 
january 2016 by asterisk2a
BBC Radio 4 - PM, Ex cyclist reveals how in 2009 the IAAF knew athletics was "riddled" with doping
After getting caught blood doping, former cyclist David Millar joined the World Anti Doping Agency. He told PM what he learnt back in 2009 about the scale of doping in athletics. ... IAAF and WADA knew about epidemic of doping.
WADA  USADA  Doping  IAAF  IOC  Olympics  business  of  sport  UCI 
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BBC One - Panorama, Fifa, Sepp Blatter and Me
Andrew Jennings, investigative journalist who was for years on the tail of FIFA; "FIFA covers all the tick boxes to describe a organised crime syndicate." [...] "all empires collapse eventually." // USA Investigators "used the Soccer World Cup to serve their interest and enrich themselves. [...] racketeers. [...] organised crime." // Cronies to care of themselves. That is why they re-elected Blatter even during the US investigation, because they didn't want to give up their Godfather who gives them their job, their lavish life. Exploiting their positions in soccer in their local country to enrich themselves. FIFA was a money making machine. // US officials got only deep into FIFA deals with help of investigative journalist. Same w WADA getting on Russia's case with help of investigative journalists who gave informants new life's in return for insider information and audio tapes. // Mary Papenfuss - American Huckster, Chuck Blazer (< could make a comedic crime drama, w Seth Rogan)
FIFA  UEFA  Soccer  World  Cup  IOC  Olympics  business  of  sport  corruption  bribery  investigative  journalism  journalismus  journalism  Sepp  Blatter  Michel  Platini  hubris  white-collar  crime  Doping  WADA  USADA  Russia  Qatar  2022  Russia  2018 
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Athletics doping crisis: Secret plan to delay naming Russian cheats - BBC Sport
A senior figure at athletics' world governing body was planning to delay naming Russian drug cheats in the run-up to the 2013 World Championships. The plan is outlined in an email from IAAF deputy general secretary Nick Davies to Papa Massata Diack. Diack, who worked as an IAAF marketing consultant at the time, is the son of former IAAF president Lamine Diack. Davies wrote he needed to "sit down" with the anti-doping team to discuss "Russian skeletons in the cupboard".
IAAF  Doping  business  of  sport  IOC  Olympics  Soccer  World  Cup  FIFA  UCI 
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Gentechnik: Babys wunderbar genormt - Berg-Kolumne - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Alles, was anders aussieht, was defekt und nicht dem Durchschnitt zu entsprechen scheint, wird abgelehnt. Wir sehen keine Menschen mit Behinderungen im öffentlichen Leben, zu dünne oder dicke Menschen werden offensiv in den wunderbaren sozialen Medien verachtet und gehasst. Deine Nase ist zu groß, dein Kiefer zu sperrig: Mach was, Mensch! Mach dich zum Teil der grauen Masse, der Jogger, der Kieferknochenmahler. Was also spricht gegen wunderbar perfekte Babys, wunderbar genormte Menschen?
gene  editing  ethics  genetics  gene  doping  Transhumanism  gene  therapy  medical  advances  culture  Disabled  cystic  fibrosis 
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- anabolic steroids + NSAID's (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs)
Doping  business  of  sport 
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Video "Kostet Doping-Doku Russland das Olympia-Ticket?" | Zapp | ARD Mediathek
Investigativ-Journalist Hajo Seppelt hat mit seiner Doku "Geheimsache Doping" systematisches Doping in Russland belegt. //&! Reaktion auf Anti-Doping-Doku "einzigartig" - - Die Doku von Hajo Seppelt über systematisches Doping in Russland könnte die Sperrung des Landes für Olympia zur Folge haben. Ein Coup, der auch zwei Whistleblowern zu verdanken ist. //&! Rest of report on doping in Russian athletics likely to be January - &! Russian Athletics bannes. All-Russia Athletics Federation (Araf) choose not to contest sanction and will co-operate with IAAF in hope of being reinstated for Rio - &! Dick Pound: Kenya’s doping problem should be major concern for athletics. [E]vidence of use of performance-enhancing drugs is ‘pretty clear’ - &! Sponsors hold the key to stopping corruption in sport, says Dick Pound - &! Dick Pound: ‘We will never end doping, despite our small victories’ -
IAAF  Rio  2016  Russia  IOC  Olympics  Doping  WADA  investigative  journalism  journalismus  journalism  USADA  Nationalism  business  of  sport  UCI  patriotism  Whistleblower  corporate  media  advertisement  marketing  corruption  bribery  Lance  Armstrong  FIFA  DFB  Soccer  World  Cup  Kenya  ethics  China  Sebastian  Coe  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  zombie  consumer 
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BBC Radio 5 live - In Short, Victor Conte: Banned substance use in sport is rampant
“The tests they have for growth hormones are relatively weak,” claims Conte. “My understanding from talking to lots of people in lots of different sports is that there is a rampant use of this substance, and it’s not being detected by the water testers.” The full interview with Victor Conte can be found in the 5 live Sport Specials podcast page.
IGF-1  Doping  business  of  sport 
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Hamburgs Nein zu Olympia 2024: Die Quittung - Kommentar - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Hamburger haben in einem Referendum die Olympia-Bewerbung für 2024 verhindert. Wundern muss man sich darüber nicht - es gibt zu viele gute Gründe für ein Nein. //&! // Kann man sich Olympia leisten in Zeiten von Austerity, Fiscal Pact, Schuldenbremse und Sozialem Abstieg? // Wer macht den Schotter? Advertisers und die Kumpanene der Kumpanei. // Wasser, Brot und Entertainment! Und dann ist das ganze garnicht echt und gerecht dank Doping. ///&! "Hamburg hat sich sehr damit geschmückt, eine Bewerbung abzugeben, die durch Etiketten wie Nachhaltigkeit, Umweltfreundlichkeit, auch Kosteneffizienz bestechen sollte." Wie London 2012?
IOC  business  of  sport  Olympics  FIFA  Soccer  World  Cup  corruption  bribery  corporate  scandal  accountability  oversight  transparency  Public  Good  austerity  Sozialer  Abstieg  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  society  GFC  crony  capitalism  capitalism  exploitation  Doping  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  London  2012  London2012  Wertegesellschaft  Gesellschaft  Wegwerfgesellschaft  Zivilgesellschaft 
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‘Disgraced’ IAAF has failed its athletes, say embattled anti-doping scientists | Sport | The Guardian
‘Disgraced’ IAAF has failed its athletes, say embattled anti-doping scientists. Dr Michael Ashenden and Dr Robin Parisotto were criticised by IAAF. ‘Let’s wait and see who is sitting on the right side of history’ //&! Sebastian Coe must feel his dream IAAF job is already turning into a nightmare. The furore over his connection with Nike has provided an unwelcome distraction at a time when the IAAF’s new president has a crisis to solve -
IAAF  IOC  Doping  business  of  sport  Olympics  FIFA 
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Future of human gene editing to be decided at landmark summit | Science | The Guardian
Jennifer Doudna, an inventor of a gene editing tool called Crispr-Cas9, said Asilomar was much in mind when the summit was organised. “I think it’s this generation’s version of Asilomar,” she says. “It’s a very exciting time, but as with any powerful technology, there is always the risk that something will be done either intentionally or unintentionally that somehow has ill effects.”
DNA  genetics  gene  doping  humanity  ethics  gene  editing  medical  profession  medical  advances  medical  research  GMO  evolution  complexity  unknown  unkown  unintended  consequences 
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▶ BBC Radio 5 live - In Short, Cram: We are all to blame for Russian doping
Former world champion Steve Cram believes all those involved in athletics are to blame for the doping scandal in the sport in Russia. A World Anti-Doping Agency commission report has accused Russia of running a “state-sponsored” doping programme. Russia has said it is “fully committed to the fight against doping in sport." Cram said: “We are all complicit, we are all to blame. We know what’s being going on.” //&! WADA report author: 'My sadness over report findings' - - evidence of cheating, drug abuse, cover-ups and extortion throughout the sport in the country. //&! "Long road to redemption." Lord Coe: I’m determined to rebuild trust in athletics - //&! NIETZSCHE ON: The Superman - & Losers and Tragic Heroes -
WADA  Russia  Doping  Opfer  IOC  IAAF  UCI  corporate  scandal  Olympics  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Anti-Doping  Doping  China  FIFA  Soccer  World  Cup  business  of  sport  elite  sports  elite  athlete  DFB  corruption  bribery  profiteer  marketing  advertising  advertisement  Entertainment  Escapeism  trust  trustagent  distrust  Wertegesellschaft  sociology  celebrity  culture 
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Jakob Augstein über VW, WM und deutsche Werte - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Vergabe der Fußball-WM 2006 nach Deutschland war nach SPIEGEL-Recherchen mutmaßlich gekauft. Was sind die Vorwürfe, wie sind die Reaktionen? Unsere wichtigsten Beiträge im Überblick. - // Schwarze Kasse, Schuldscheine, ... //&! adidas - - der Fall zeigt, wie eng die Bande zwischen dem Fußballverband und seinem Ausrüster sind. "business of sport."
Wertegesellschaft  VW  Volkswagen  DFB  business  of  sport  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  Wall  Street  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Gesellschaft  Super  Rich  1%  Germany  values  corporate  values  corporate  culture  personal  values  Soccer  World  Cup  IOC  Olympics  Doping  national  interest  Greed  abuse  of  power  Machtspiele  Machtgehabe  Play  adidas  corporate  scandal 
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'Amateur Armstrongs' Fuel Illegal Steroid Boom - YouTube
BBC Panorama also reported about micro dosage doping in amateur sport, impossible to detect. // min 5:30 insulin, able to eat more. insulin is anabolic. what creates bigger insulin response than grains (whole food)? meat. animal protein. // min 12 - huge turnover of customer base. the quick fix. // 15:40 there is no national (and international) political will (career politicians) to create a national anti-doping information network (or European) to share intelligence and coordinate. justice, police, customs, politics. nobody solely responsible. --- vs --- the War on Drugs! policies. // Its about public awareness! Perception! Reflective of society being guillble that there is always a quick fix for your problems. Without hard word and persistence. // Underground counterfeit drug/PED market is greatest risk to public health. // ELITE SPORTS IS BUSINESS! - - talked lots about it. Docu Bigger Stronger Faster --- "ITS A DRUG CULTURE" in sports & society at large!
Doping  amateur  amateur  sports  bigorexia  muscle  dysmorphia  insulin  insulin  resistance  pre-diabetic  diabetes  metabolic  syndrome  USADA  WADA  IOC  Olympics  national  identity  national  interest  Soccer  World  Cup  FIFA  elite  sports  professional  sport  Career  Politicians  War  on  Drugs  PED  public  awareness  public  perception  Gesellschaft  substance  abuse  society 
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Lance Armstrong Oprah Confession Interview Reaction - YouTube
- believing in the unbelievable. feel good factor. storytelling. makes great headline. ... vs ... gullible. // Nadal Facial Expression - Body Language about Drugs - // LieStrong - Lance Armstrong's Body Language Decoded -
Lance  Armstrong  lancearmstrong  doping  PED  Olympics  IOC  UCI  crony  capitalism  bribery  USADA  WADA  capitalism  Entertainment  Industry  elite  sports  elite  athlete  character  Entertainment  Sponsoring  Tennis 
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Inside Bayern Munich: Business of Sport Special - YouTube
brand awareness advertising/marketing (mass eyeballs.pageviews) - vs - user experience, engagement, empowerment, remix use, word of mouth, shared experience, sharing, social media, customer acquisition, net promoter score, )
business  of  sport  soccer  World  Cup  FIFA  UEFA  Premier  League  DFB  elite  sports  elite  athlete  IOC  doping  capitalism  brand  awareness  marketing  advertisement  advertising  TV  pageviews  eyeballs  user  engagement  customer  empowerment  customer  experience  customer  acquisition  user  experience  user  acquisition  user  churn  Gary  Vaynerchuk 
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BBC Sport - Leaked IAAF doping files: Wada 'very alarmed' by allegations
The business of (elite) sport $$$ over legacy. Needs legislation as well as regulation of compensation because of (1) lost income & (2) lost business by sponsors. // "Wada [...] was "very disturbed by these new allegations... which will, once again, shake the foundation of clean athletes worldwide". The files belong to world governing body the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), but have been leaked by a whistle-blower. The Sunday Times and ARD/WRD used two of the world's "foremost anti-doping experts", scientists Robin Parisotto and Michael Ashenden, to review the data. [...] Athletes are increasingly using blood transfusions and EPO micro-doses to boost the red cell count. [...] the files show that athletics is now in the same "diabolical position" as cycling during the Lance Armstrong era. He said it was "a shameful betrayal of [the IAAF's] primary duty to police their sport ..." &! &! 'there are no amateur dopers at work'
WADA  USADA  elite  sports  elite  athlete  Anti-Doping  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Doping  Opfer  Anti-Doping-Law  IAAF  corruption  bribery  IOC  FIFA  UEFA  DFB  NFL  NBA  NCAA  MBL  Soccer  World  Cup  Soccer  UCI  medical  advances  science  FINA  biological  passport  Thomas  Bach 
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Alberto Salazar's response: What questions remain? - BBC News
Salazar has demanded the BBC retracts its allegations. The BBC says it stands by the journalism in the programme. Within two hours of his open letter going online, it was reported that the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) had been investigating allegations that Salazar had skirted anti-doping rules. The reports suggested USADA had taken statements from more than 12 witnesses. The BBC now understands that at least six former Oregon Project members have been contacted by USADA in the past month, and that an inquiry into Salazar is being led by chief USADA investigator Bill Bock. USADA does not confirm investigations. [...] The BBC understands USADA is also investigating allegations that Salazar skirted anti-doping.
USADA  Alberto  Salazar  doping  Galen  Rupp  elite  sports  elite  athlete  WADA  Oregon  Project 
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How I became a drug cheat athlete to test the system - BBC News
Despite taking EPO for seven weeks, seeing steady rises in my haemoglobin & haematocrit counts & gaining a significant performance benefit, I was clean. He said he could see "traces" of what I had done but "not of a sufficient magnitude to elicit an adverse analytical finding" in the passport. "There is no evidence that you have injected yourself with EPO," said Lundby. "If you were an athlete, you would have gotten away with it." This confirmed my fears that the passport had put a stop to the worst excesses of the Lance Armstrong era but was not sensitive enough to pick up a careful programme of micro-dosing. [...] EPO having such a short detection time the testers have to get pretty lucky to get a positive from a urine sample. I thought the passport was supposed to be the answer but, like Howman told me, it is not a cure for all sport's ills. [...] athletes who choose to compete clean deserve our utmost respect and admiration.
Anti-Doping  doping  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Anti-Doping-Law  biological  passport  blood  doping  EPO  elite  sports  elite  athlete  amateur  athlete  amateur  sports 
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Top athletics coach Alberto Salazar faces doping claims - BBC News
David Howman, chief executive of Wada, said he was "disturbed" by the allegations. He added: "I would be not only disturbed, I would be very disappointed and that's why I think it needs to be scrutinised by us as an independent body." // "Insiders from Oregon camp question testosterone use under Alberto Salazar, Farah’s training partner and friend Galen Rupp implicated, Farah not accused of any involvement; Rupp and Salazar deny all allegations." // - Alberto Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project &!
Alberto  Salazar  Mo  Farah  Galen  Rupp  Kara  Goucher  Nike  Oregon  Project  Nike  USADA  WADA  Travis  Tygart  Anti-Doping  doping  Anti-Doping-Law  Opfer 
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The NFL’s Uneven History Of Punishing Domestic Violence | FiveThirtyEight
On Thursday, Goodell announced a new discipline policy. In a letter to all 32 team owners obtained by ESPN, Goodell wrote that the league fell short in its treatment of the Rice case. “Effective immediately, violations of the Personal Conduct Policy regarding assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault that involve physical force will be subject to a suspension without pay of six games for a first offense, with consideration given to mitigating factors, as well as a longer suspension when circumstances warrant.” (This will not affect Rice’s current suspension.) A second offense will result in a ban from the league, with the opportunity to apply for reinstatement after one year. // for too long, officials looked away - on purpose.
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Re that double standard, Floyd Landis puts it... - The Science of Sport - // half way in: elite sports & entertainment factor of drama, winners and loosers - nobody wants it to be complicated, knowing all the factors that play in to what is happening, what happened, what is likely to happen.
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Netherlands to Continue In World Cup Despite Doping Scandal - National Report | National Report
On Saturday and Sunday, FIFA officials administered random drug tests to all of the participants in the 2014 World Cup, and during those tests, it was revealed that six players from the Netherlands and one player from Belgium have tested positive. “These seven players, whom we will not identify, have tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.  It is a shame, a real shame,” says Dr. Giorgio Bertolucci, the FIFA official in charge of drug testing. “We have privately issued fines to each of the players, and will monitor them closely to ensure they do not cheat in the future.  The clubs have also been fined, and three fitness staff, two from Netherlands and one from Belgium, have been expelled from these games.”
FIFA  Doping  Soccer  World  Cup  Brazil 
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BBC News - Steroids can benefit athletes for a decade after use
Norwegian scientists had previously published work that showed the existence of a "muscle memory". This suggested that if people exercised when they were young, their muscles grew more easily when they exercised later in life. Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote In science if you cheat you are out for life, and my personal view is that it should be similar for athletes” Prof Kristian Gundersen University of Oslo The same team has now looked at the impact of a brief exposure to testosterone on mice. They found that three months after the drug was withdrawn, their muscles grew by 30% after six days of exercise. A control group of mice saw growth of just 6% in the same time period.
Science  Sport  Science  Doping  Doping  Opfer  Anti-Doping-Law  Anti-Doping  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  gene  epigenetics  muscle  memory  genetics  WADA 
may 2014 by asterisk2a
"BBC" - Horizon 2014 The Power of the Placebo - YouTube
ie neurotransmitter PGE2 downregulation to exert oneself further. ie own opiate production to reduce pain. ... we have the receptors in our brain, and the ability to produce neurotransmitters/hormones to connect to those connectors. and thus ie reduce pain reception by producing own chemical in the brain - a opiate. ... how people do with their condition has a lot to do with their attitude. and it is all about our expectation. feelings. and knowledge. bc our thoughts and expectations can trigger chemical releases / or inhibition in our body/brain. if we expect the placebo to do something, it can make our brains to release the appropriate chemicals to be able to achieve/attain those expectations. Even hypnosis can act as a placebo. Extra strength, non deceptive. Even the Practitioner - Patient relationship/interaction does matter about the outcome, a more positive outcome of the treatment.
Placebo  Placebo  Effect  neuroscience  neurology  neurobiology  medical  research  Sport  psychology  elite  sports  elite  athlete  Doping  expectations  Hypnosis  mental  health  psychology  Psychiatry 
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BBC News - Gene doping: Sport's biggest battle?
This could be a battle like no other in sport. The authorities are so concerned, they have been preparing for it for more than 10 years. But it is still unclear whether they have the tools to test for it - or whether anyone has done it successfully. It is gene doping. [...] The authorities, the athletes, the fans may need to agree a whole new definition of what we want sport to mean.
gene  doping  doping  Anti-Doping  WADA  Price  of  Gold  elite  sports  elite  athlete 
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Winter Olympic Snub Casts Shadow on Elite Sport in Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"The Olympics are too big and too expensive, and decisions about them are made from the outside. The athletes and officials may not care that it's the general public that has to pay. But the general public definitely cares." Winter Olympics are an expensive and risky undertaking. In 2006, in Turin, the Olympics proved a financial disaster, with the region ultimately having to pick up the tab for a budget shortfall of €25 million. Olympic planners in Vancouver, in 2010, were only able to narrowly stay within their budget because the province of British Columbia, the Canadian government and the IOC all chipped in with extra financial support. [...] Olympics "no" vote in Bavaria shocking, because he believes it amounts to "an ominous message" that people simply feel elite sports are "no longer important."
Olympics  Sport  elite  sports  Soccer  I.O.C.  Politics  DOSB  Thomas  Bach  corruption  transparency  accountability  bribery  doping  Anti-Doping  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Doping-System  West 
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Dopingkontrollen - Mehr Sport -
"Spuren von Oral-Turinabol wurden zum Beispiel bei den Vor-Wettkampfkontrollen anlässlich der Leichtathletik-Weltmeisterschaften 2013 in den Urinproben entdeckt", erklärte der Moskauer Laborleiter Rodchenko.
Anti-Doping  Doping 
november 2013 by asterisk2a
Eine Studie über Doping in Westdeutschland entfacht Diskussionen: Der Sport, der Doper und die Strafe - Übersicht Nachrichten -
Forscher belegen den staatlichen Einfluss auf westdeutsche Dopingpraktiken. Doch statt darüber zu diskutieren, welchen Sport sich Deutschland leisten will, fordern Politiker in Berlin ein Strafgesetz.
Society  Anti-Doping  Doping-System  West  DOSB  Politics  Sport  Doping 
october 2013 by asterisk2a
Prozess im Eisschnelllauf: Claudia Pechstein will Schadenersatz - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Wir greifen den Internationalen Sportgerichtshof Cas als Institution an, wir halten ihn für kein geeignetes Schiedsgericht", sagt der Münchner Anwalt schon vor Prozessbeginn und schiebt damit die Angriffslinie nach vorn. Im Prozess will er ein Urteil erzwingen, das es Sportlern künftig ermöglichen soll, auch zivilrechtlich in ihren Ländern gegen ein Urteil des Cas vorzugehen. [...] In der Schweiz sei man "nicht gut aufgehoben, wenn man Gerechtigkeit will". Das sehe man ja daran, wie ungeschoren die der Korruption verdächtigen Herren des Weltfußballverbands Fifa davonkämen.
DFB  FIFA  ISU  Anti-Doping-Law  I.O.C.  Power  Play  Claudia  Pechstein  accountability  Sportgerichtsbarkeit  doping  transparency  Anti-Doping  genetics  DESG  corruption  UCI  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  Machtspiele  CAS  Machtgehabe  gene  doping  Court  of  Arbitration  for  Sport 
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Doping-Geschichte: Der Unfug des Innenministers | ZEIT ONLINE
>> Welchen Elite Sport will Deutschland? so wie es schaut keinen Sauberen. Und keine Aufklaerung. "Kurzum, es war eine unwürdige Show, die im Sportausschuss aufgeführt wurde. Wenn irgendwann Historiker die Protokolle dieser Sitzung lesen, werden sie sich gehörig wundern, auf welch erbärmlichem Niveau die Aufarbeitung der westdeutschen Dopinggeschichte im Parlament stattgefunden hat. Die Volksvertreter haben zwar Aufklärung gefordert. Gewollt war diese Aufklärung, von wenigen Ausnahmen abgesehen, tatsächlich nicht." + "In den Doping-Strukturen spiegeln sich die politischen Systeme der DDR und der BRD. Im Osten diktierte der Staat, im Westen betrog man föderal und autonom." ... Ist kein Doping Sumpf das ist ein Deutschland ist ein Doping Treibsand Gebiet gewesen. Und wer weiss wer noch alles aktive is in welcher Position auch immer. Mitwisser, mit geritten.
DFB  Doping-System  West  DOSB  FIFA  society  Politics  I.O.C.  Power  Play  accountability  Thomas  Bach  Doping  Olympics  transparency  Anti-Doping  Willi  Daume  corruption  Machtspiele  Machtgehabe  Sport  Germany  culture  governance 
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