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(10607) Chris Pratt Defends Gunn, KSI Logan Paul Pasts Dug Up, Roy Moore "Detected", & More - YouTube
so, PizzaGate guy unearthed old unsavour tweets from Gunn, right-wing alt-righ far-right neo-nazi sites twitter pushed that, Disney felt they had to react, gave the Gunn the boot. That the right-wing cybernazis are behind that, is well known, Cast of movie franchise feel confident enough to stand up to it. Question is, after the Star Wars Community backlash against the new Star Wars movies and some not being well received critically and $$$ as expected, and the head of the franchise had to go, who will Disney side with - in this situation? ... seems like this was a Faux outrage machine - more like organised cybernazi mob mass emailing against Gunn. Was _NOT_ MSM as debate, Gunn and his Tweets/past, Disney came out of the blue with the boot for Gunn. //&! - Sacking people for their political opinions expressed online is a worrying trend
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Will Deadpool lead to a deluge of hard-R comic book movies? | Film | The Guardian
Despite its adults-only rating, the film has been a smash – a sure sign that we can expect more sex, violence and swearing in the next crop of superhero movies [...] Trends all begin with one huge success, and today that success is Deadpool. You can almost hear the Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad cutting room floors being minutely swept for an excised F-bomb, stray nipple or non-PG-13-friendly punch in the neck that can be reinserted now that R-ratings are all the rage. “Giving the fans what they want,” is what they’ll say. [...] But, as with previous trends like 3D, the immediate followers are likely to, as Gunn noted, miss the point entirely, not realising people have taken so keenly to Deadpool because it’s different, smart and self-aware, not because of the staccato deployment of dick jokes and exploding heads.
Hollywood  Marvel  Disney  Fox 
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Star Wars: Episode VIII is delayed until December 2017 - BBC News
Disney did not say why the film had been delayed until 15 December 2017, but there had been speculation that the script was being rewritten. [ written by consortium / committee ] Production is set to begin next month at Pinewood Studios, west of London. The new release date means it could come up against another long-awaited blockbuster, Avatar 2, which is set for Christmas 2017 but could be further delayed. Despite the bad news concerning the postponement, Star Wars fans have the consolation of the spin-off Rogue One, which is due out in December this year. The film, starring Felicity Jones, is set in the Star Wars universe, but with new characters.
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Credit rating: why George Osborne has got his name on Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Film | The Guardian
[ still, after all the cuts to culture and arts. this is a Politicians Prestige 'celebrity-like' Object, for Disney Company (who bought Star Wars franchise for 4bn) which avoids taxes through several loopholes and deals; & & & ] [ competitive devaluation - tax - for jobs. it is always jobs. easy claim to create jobs ] The prominent credit that George Osborne and Ed Vaizey received in the final roll of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has turned into something of an embarrassment for the government – not only because of the government’s persistent attempts to associate itself with the record-breaking Hollywood blockbuster – which led to Osborne getting booed at the premiere for the film in London’s Leicester Square – but also because of large-scale reimbursements the film is expected to receive from HMRC under the government’s film tax-relief scheme.
lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  white  elephant  corporate  welfare  subsidies  subsidizing  Hollywood  Career  Politicians  culture  austerity  crony  capitalism  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  capitalism  Wall  Street  Disney  George  Osborne  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  No  Representation  fairness  Generationengerechtigkeit  Policy  Makers  folly  short-termism  corporate  tax  rate 
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Interview ǀ „Man muss entscheiden – wie Luke Skywalker“ — der Freitag
Interview Die Vikare Ulrike Garve und Lucas Ludewig entdecken in Star Wars viele christliche Motive. Die wollen sie in einem Gottesdienst in Berlin aufgreifen [...] die wichtigen Fragen anzusprechen, um die es in dem Film geht: Zum Beispiel, wie gehen wir mit einem Imperium um? [...] Das Gute und Böse? Ludewig: Zum Beispiel diese Dialektik. Wie geht man damit um, dass man von der Sünde befreit ist, aber ja weiter fehlerhaft durchs Leben läuft. Die Situation, die Luke Skywalker im Film erlebt, betrifft uns alle. Wir sind nicht per se böse oder gut, wir müssen uns entscheiden, was wir sein wollen. Luke weiß, dass es einen dunklen Teil in ihm gibt. Er macht eine Entwicklung durch – und entscheidet sich, seinen Vater nicht zu töten, also böse zu sein. Er wirft sein Lichtschwert weg und nimmt den Tod in den Kauf. [...] "Wir müssen den Staat immer wieder danach fragen, ob er sein Handeln verantworten kann."
Hollywood  Religion  Star  Wars  Theology  Disney  Politics  Policy  Makers  science  folly  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Wall  Street  economic  growth  trickle-down  economics  neoliberalism  neoliberal  economic  model  Unrechtsstaat  injustice  economic  justice  System  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  revolving  door  double  standard  white-collar  crime  tax  evasion  tax  avoidance  philosophy 
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Disney’s $4 Billion Steal — 500ish Words — Medium
Since Iger took over, Disney has made a number of key acquisitions. The three biggest are arguably the three most important deals any company has done over that span. In 2006, Disney bought Pixar for $7.4 billion. In 2009, Disney bought Marvel for $4.3 billion. And in 2012, Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion. [...] Based on nothing other than internet reaction, pent-up demand, and the fact that this new Star Wars cannot possibly be as bad as the last three, I’m going to go not-so-far out on a limb and predict that The Force Awakens makes over $2 billion worldwide at the box office. Yes, that would put it third all time behind the James Cameron tentpoles Titanic and Avatar, and ahead of both Avengers films. But I can just see it happening.
Disney  M&A  intellectual  property  IP  Star  Wars 
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Maker Studios May Not Hit Disney Earn-Out Goals | Re/code
The most significant issue for Kreiz and other Maker executives and investors will likely come down to money. There’s no dispute about the fact that Maker has continued to grow under Disney, but it appears that Maker hasn’t hit goals it thought it could clear in May 2014 (I don’t know how the specific earn-out goals are structured). It’s not unusual for acquired companies to miss earn-out goals — it may be more common than not. But at the time of the deal, Maker backers seemed unusually confident about their ability to get all or most of the extra $450 million Disney might pay out. [ ... ] [ apparently, income ] generated per view has decreased.
Disney  Maker  Studios  M&A  Mark  Suster  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  acquisition  YouTube  Facebook  Video  Newsfeed  Facebook  Video  content  discovery  content  distribution  business  model  pageviews  CPM  The  Wars 
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How Jonah Peretti and BuzzFeed Got to $850 Million | Re/code
BuzzFeed +500 people. Even if you want to slight the company as nothing more than a Reddit repackager, someone has to do that repackaging. But if you’re only looking at BuzzFeed as a media company, then that $850 million might seem optimistic. Last year, people around the company pegged BuzzFeed’s 2013 revenue at $60 million, and now they’re supposedly on track for $120 million. Which means Dixon and his co-workers at Andreessen Horowitz are likely valuing Jonah Perreti’s company at something like 10x trailing 12-month sales. Investors value the New York Times at 1.2x sales. Time Inc. is at 0.77x. Time Warner, which mints money, is at 2x. + Are There Internet Dialects? Transporting Internet language, dialects, memes etc and ideas how to present stuff in an enlightening manner to mainstream. Still, thank god, there is a gap and lets hope there will always be a gap. ++ !! "most revenues come from creating ads for other brands" !! ++
disrupting  markets  disruption  Social  Media  BuzzFeed  Venture  Capital  Reddit  viral  virality  Listicle  Signal  vs.  Noise  content  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  youthification  youth  culture  internet  culture  gifs  gif  mobile  homescreen  mobile  first  creativity  creative  creative  destruction  Huffington  Post  Disney  Maker  Studios  content  creator  content  curation  content  distribution  content  discovery  curation  curator  Twitter  Facebook  instant  gratification  short-form  content  interactive  content  micro  content  native  content  Niche  native  advertising  marketing  journalismus  Journalism  VICE  barriers  to  entry  SEM  SEO  mainstream  mainstream  meme  4chan  communication  language  Tumblr  values  identity  participation  speech  communities  speech  community  Pinterest  Newsfeed  Digg  domain  expertise  domain  knowledge  Creatives  Millennials  generationy  multi-product  company  Remix  value  creation  job  creation  Yahoo!  AOL 
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Bob Iger Explains Why Disney Bought Maker Studios | Re/code
“We look at it, first and foremost, as a successful distribution platform,” Iger said. “One that can command more eyeballs, more consumption and more advertising revenue.” + Beyond that, Iger said, the Maker team has a depth of expertise in creating short-form video that Disney lacked internally. +++ Big Data ( each channel has an audience (interest, location, age) = better targeting of advertising campaigns. >> “We think there’s a huge marketing opportunity for this company,” Iger said.
Maker  Studios  YouTube  content  distribution  advertisement  advertising  content  network  Sales  Funnel  PR  communication  waltdisney  Disney  acqui-hire  acquisition  customer  acquisition  acquihire  war  for  talent  Top  war-for-talent  skill-biased  technological  change  skills  short-form  content  content  creator  micro  content  audience  Big  Data  attention  span  marketing  Millennials  generationy  digital  natives  analytics 
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