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Syria conflict: German MPs vote for anti-IS military mission - BBC News
France also invoked an EU Treaty clause on mutual defence - Article 42.7 - to get help from its EU partners in the fight against IS. [...] Germany will boost to 150 its 100-strong contingent of troops in northern Iraq. They are helping to train Kurdish Peshmerga forces who are fighting IS. Germany is also providing arms and ammunition for them. //&! Ursula von der Leyen ueber Abgruende - "Ausbreitung verhindern." & 'Wird Aufklaerungs teil uebernehmen.' & 'Kein richtiger plan. [...] kein EXIT plan.' - //&! &! - Kein Ziel, Kein Kommando, Kein Exit Plan, Kein UN mandat weil Russia veto's shit.
UK  USA  Germany  France  War  on  Terror  ISIS  NATO  United  Nations  Security  Council  Syrien  Syria  Assad  Russia  Turkey  European  Union  Iraq  PKK  Ursula  von  der  Leyen  Angela  Merkel  military–industrial  complex  military  intervention  Völkerrecht  human  rights  crime  Middle  East  civil  Arab  League  geopolitics  vladimirputin  Putin 
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Spare Me Your Sh*tty Advertising - YouTube
"advertising business model doesn't make sense." for publishers! Business insider makes 50cent per user per year. ARPU. OUCH! It's like worse than brand awareness banner advertising. They recently started long-form reports to buy on vertical/topics like gigaom did. // news is free. analysis isn't (in-depth, maybe personal brand, industry standing (like TechCrunch turned out to be: worked for it many long nights for years. and then it all came crashing down rather quickly because the figure-head overstretched himself and wasn't in it for the long-run to do it as independent business) ... but don't to cottage cheese Wall Street a-like factory). // &! We are on the eve of war of ad blocking/content blocking: The End of Advertising as We Know It -
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Advice for newspaper editors: Pay attention to BuzzFeed | Poynter.
succeeding across platforms by shifting from the product business to the platform business. [...] “You do not have a ‘mobile audience’ or a ‘print audience.’” They aren’t distinct audiences, he said, because most Americans are cross-platform news consumers. A majority of them use four devices or technologies to access news per week. “Technology is a user behavior, not an audience,” he said. The web rewards specialization, Rosenstiel said, so the old “general store” model is outmoded for newspapers. He said editors should ask themselves what it is that makes them indispensable.
BuzzFeed  mobile  first  mobile  homescreen  Vox  VICE  Platform  Open  Platform  content  journalism  journalismus  business  model  differentiation  differentiate  PandoDaily  TechCrunch  audience  user  experience  shared  experience  delightful  product  experience  customer  experience  NYTimes  Der  Spiegel  Stern  G+J  Gruner  +  Jahr  Washington  Post 
september 2014 by asterisk2a | katharina borchert (Geschaeftsfuehrung Spiegel-Online/CEO) & Mozilla board member. - Katharina Borchert wurde am 10. Oktober 1972 in Wattenscheid geboren. Sie studierte Jura und Journalistik in Hamburg und Lausanne und schrieb bereits seit Mitte der 1990er Jahre über Internetthemen, u.a. für die FAS, WamS und "c’t". Ihr 2002 gegründetes Blog "Lyssas Lounge" war eines der bekanntesten deutschsprachigen Blogs. 2006 wurde sie Chefredakteurin Online der Essener WAZ Mediengruppe und entwickelte das Regionalportal Seit 2008 war sie zudem Geschäftsführerin von WAZ New Media und verantwortete als Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung das Online-Geschäft der WAZ Mediengruppe. 2011 wurde sie vom Weltwirtschaftsforum zum "Young Global Leader" ernannt. Seit 1. März 2010 ist sie Geschäftsführerin von SPIEGEL ONLINE. // !!! !!!
content  journalism  journalismus  Der  Spiegel  Twitter 
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Zerreißprobe: Der "Spiegel" und die Digitalstrategie | ZAPP | NDR - YouTube
business structure [KG] (structural impediments/fault line) stops change to connect print and online edition // print people are against change. print people have short-term interest.
Der  Spiegel  journalism  journalismus  Multimedia  Social  Media  content  distribution  content  discovery  management  communication 
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The most ridiculous quotes from NYMag’s feature on the future of Time Inc. | PandoDaily
That said, it hasn’t stopped Time from at least talking like a startup. The company’s CTO Colin Bodell, a former Amazon executive, sounds almost like a parody of a fail-fast entrepreneur, spouting off Silicon Valley koans to Sherman like, “I don’t care if it’s the janitor who comes up with the next big idea,” and “We know we have to iterate very, very fast.” [...] Time seems as confused on the editorial side of the company as it is on the business side. Ripp tells Sherman he brought in Pearlstine, a longtime staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal, because he understands the magazine’s “traditions.” And yet Ripp supports both native advertising (hell, who doesn’t these days) and, perhaps more troublingly, Forbes’ contributor model, which basically lets any hack publish under a Forbes byline no matter how compromised by special interests the writer is. [...] Time is talking the entrepreneurial talk, but not walking the walk.
Forbes  Time  Inc.  Time  Magazine  journalism  journalismus  business  model  native  advertising  advertorial  G+J  Gruner  +  Jahr  Der  Spiegel  Stern  entrepreneurial  entrepreneurship  Social  Media  creative  destruction  Mobile  Mobile  Creatives  creativity  creative  added  value  Core  Product  Proposition  value  creation  Proposition  shareholder  value  Leadership  Vision  BuzzFeed  VICE  VOX  Start-up  Huffington  Post  publishing  2.0  interactive  content  content  discovery  digital  content  content  distribution  throwaway  content  engagement  attention  attention  span 
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Plötzlicher Chefwechsel: quo vadis "Stern"? | ZAPP | NDR - YouTube
print is not dead, print should turn itself into a aspirational high end ish product with better quality concerning every detail and asking for it a sales price and margin while # of sales are lower overall, but with the higher margin - you are making +/- 0 at the year end. plus the digital version is a goody on all digital platforms. and the year end edition is for free, for subs only.
journalismus  Journalism  advertorial  native  advertising  advertisement  advertising  marketing  Germany  Stern  (Magazine)  Der  Spiegel  integrity  Principle  ethical  machine  corporate  values  corporate  culture  Gruner  +  Jahr  G+J  publishing  2.0  publishing  print  magazine  print-is-dead  print  is  dead  business  model  freemium  premium  branding 
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