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Why Brexit could hurt the US, too
Washington fears that a decision to abandon the European project, in which Britain has been an often-reluctant participant since 1973, would threaten to unravel the union, a vital ally, as it struggles with disunity and unleash a new instability in an already dangerously volatile world.
While advocates of a British departure say the country will be stronger freed from the shackles of Brussels bureaucracy, opponents fear it could dismember the U.K. should Scotland decide its future still lies in the E.U. and demand a fresh independence vote. [...] And throughout his presidency, Obama has expressed irritation at the neediness of European leaders competing for the attention of the American president. He's grumbled that European nations won't do more for NATO and even publicly rebuked Cameron in a recent Atlantic magazine interview for not doing more to bring peace to Libya after a NATO intervention in 2011 pushed by him and other Europeans.
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BAE Systems workers issue job cuts warning
[ we are all in this together ] They say the problem comes from slower release of Ministry of Defence (MoD) funding for Type 26 warships.
That means work on them will start later than planned, and will be carried out more slowly, probably requiring fewer workers.
Hundreds of jobs have been lost on the Clyde in the past 18 months as BAE reduced shipbuilding capacity.
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Pando: Sec. of Defense to Silicon Valley: “There is no limit to what we can achieve together"
Ash Carter announces a new public-private project and delivers a recruitment pitch. [...] a hawkish focus on his goal: to develop stronger private partnerships in Silicon Valley. // [ defence contractor ] // &! Andreessen: Pentagon Wants to Work With Silicon Startups - &! "nation state wars" &! // &! IT Security needs time in stealth before production ready - // &! The Takeaway - - attracting talent & repair relations post-Edward Snowden & 'state-subsidies' for Valley firms (defence/defense contracts) // &! - rebuilding bridge between SV and Pentagon //
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